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A fan of tokusatsu in general but specifically Ultraman. Writing is a hobby of mine, so I found this wiki to be a good outlet for that and I've also met new people. I started on this wiki by doing edits on the Ultraman Nexus page and joined when the Ultra pages were locked to protect against vandalism. I also focus my efforts on the Ultra N Project Ultras such as Nexus, Noa, Zagi etc, since that they are some of my favorite Ultra and Nexus was one of the earliest series I saw in full after Ultraman Tiga

For anyone looking for tips when editing the Wiki:Tips for Editing the Wiki.

I am now head Admin for Ultra Fan Wiki, an Ultraman fan fiction (we also welcome similar fiction) and the founder of Super Robot Fanon Wiki, another Fan Wiki but for Super Robots.

Please note

There are two Wikis I would like to bring to the attention of anyone reading the first is..

  • Ultra-Fan Wiki: A wiki by Gaia100, for fans of the Ultra Series to write their own fan fiction, I have started a series of my own called Ultraman Orion.
  • Battle World Wiki: A Wiki based of the Battle World Writing Project we had on the site a while back. Two Users: Stephan222 and ScorpionTail started it, it is another FanFiction and it expands on some of the characters seen in Battle World.
  • Super Robot Fanon Wiki: My personal wiki for robot and science fiction fiction of your own creation.
  • Deviantart: I have this account for years, I only started posting on it more recently

To Do List


  • Theory Blogs
  • ULTRAMAN Manga Pages
  • General Admin Duties.

My Favourite Ultras

Favourite Showa Ultras

Favourite Heisei Ultras

Favourite Dark Ultras

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