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Hai thar, my real name is Kevin. I am probably the only Ultraman fan on Puerto Rico, I am 16 years old. If you want to tell me something, go on and tell me. Personally, I like to put more pictures than add information, and I don't like to put pictures that are straight from Google Search, I always look for an episode(either on DVD or Youtube or whatever) and I always take a snapshot (or Print Screen). I think its more original and it adds more creativity, better picture definition, prevents copyright stuff, and it's very fun to pause the video and play with it until you get a perfect shot.

I have been lately be unable to make new articles or add information, as Megaupload was closed, and it was my central place to download Ultraman episodes and series, but I will try what I can.

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I don't wanna lose this beauty created by our friend Vegito!

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