Muhammad Amir

aka フィライト

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  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is Degree Student
  • I am Male


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"Next Planet of invasion is,... PEKOPON!"

Dororo Sgt F

"Nobody cares about me..."


"KUUU, KU, KU, KU, KU!!"


You could say... (てゆーか... Teyuka...)

Koro sensei by thecruelangel-d6qcrwl


The song starts here~

  • First you take the Earth~
  • Then put a bean in Tokyo~
  • And another bean in Sichuan, China~
  • Leave Contrails as you fly from Dubai to Hawaii~
  • Back to Dubai over the Philippines~
  • And Then! North-South between Hawaii and Dubai every 25 degrees~
  • And voila: Koro Sensei!


Before you destroy Earth... I'll kill you.

48982418 p0 master1200

I'm the younger sister of Aguri Yukimura. Get it yet, murderer?


Even if the questions change, it makes no difference to me.

Not so far to be known, although just an average admin of this wiki. Need a help, just ask. Let's see if I can help. Although I might be busy planning on my adult life since I would be 18 by the year 2015.


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