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I am a huge fan of Ultraman, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, and all the Toho Kaiju. The 70's Toei stuff is also great, like Inazuman, and Kikaida. I am excited to add pics to this wiki, because I have some images of oddities, such as stage show only ultras, as well as manga ultras. I find the stage show, and  manga ultras especially interesting due to the lack of data on them. The Ultraman franchise has always been a favorite of mine, so i'm excited to help out.

Favorite Ultras

  1. Ultraman Leo                               
  2. Evil Tiga
  3. Ultraman Ace
  4. Ultraseven X
  5. Hudra

Favorite Kaiju

  1. Ace Killer
  2. Valkie Seijin
  3. Baltan Seijin
  4. Babalou Seijin
  5. Yapool