Ginga no Tameni

  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on November 1
  • I am Male

Hello there everyone. My name is Ginga no Tameni. I'm  an Ultra fan that lurks around the shadows. I can read katakana and hiragana. And I guess that's all I can give for now.

My favorite Ultra Designs

  • Ultraman Joneus
  • Ultraman Powered
  • Ultraman Cosmos Space Corona Mode
  • Ultraman Justice
  • Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue
  • Ultraman The Next
  • Ultraman Max
  • Ultraman Mebius Infinity
  • Ultraman Ginga Strium
  • Ultraman X
  • Ultraman Orb Burnmite
  • Ultraman Orb Sky Dash Max
  • Ultraman Orb Lightning Attacker
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UltraGrenburr12678 - The light of Ultra will stop the darkness from painting everything black:
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Chara 51
Ginga no Tameni - The future can be changed. It can be either for the better or for the worse. The ones who will decide that is all of you:
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