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Who am I?

Just some old flub on the internet who happens to have a bad taste in movies.

To be more specific, I am hugely into "B-Rated" films and TV shows, and the website I spend the most time on is for obvious reasons. However, my liking for dreadful cinema mostly goes for monster movies, particularly ones that feature rubber monsters as well as tokusatsu.

But this interest isn't just me watching their respective films. No, not at all. When I find a show or movie that captivates my interest, I tend to spend way too much time researching them and trying to study their history and other random miscellaneous facts about them. I go through almost every existing source to find all the info I can about whatever film or program that happens to catch my interest.

As a hobby, I am also a programmer and kaiju figure collector. Though I'm still working to expand my skillset on the former and I switch on and off in terms of activity on the latter.

Okay, I'm done talking about me. I'm not that interesting anyways. Feel free to message me in my talk page, but I may not respond quickly as I am often busy and I had to disable Wiki E-Mails because they were getting out of hand after I was automatically following articles I had little interest in, just from editing their gallery. Anyways, I am always happy to chat with fellow community members and always appreciate someone to talk to.

Kaiju Figures

As I mentioned before, I am a kaiju vinyl figure collector, and as unusual as it may be, it is one of my favorite hobbies. Although I don't usually invest a whole lot of time into purchasing figures, and the size of my collection isn't necessarily humongous, I have quite a hodgepodge of different characters from a varying number of brands.

I usually tend to purchase figures that are sizable but don't borderline statues (such as X-PLUS figures), and I normally try to avoid the Spark Doll (* Series 500) toys as well as mini-figures/Gashapons, but I'll sometimes get one anyways, especially if it's the only existing figure of that particular character.

I normally collect Ultra Kaiju, but I also have a moderate number of Ultras, Godzilla Kaiju, Gamera Kaiju, a couple of Doruge Majin, and one Pacific Rim figure. I plan to get some more variety in there in the future, but at the moment, that's all I have.

Figure List

Ultra Kaiju



Bear Model:









Godzilla Kaiju



S.H. Monsterarts:

Gamera Kaiju


Pacific Rim Kaiju


Superhuman Barom 1 Majin:


Other Accounts

Steam Profile - This will probably change in the future, but as of right now, Steam is currently the easiest way to contact me. With this as one of the few exceptions, I tend to stray away from more popular social media platforms.

Dailymotion - My Dailymotion account. I post fight scenes from obscure tokusatsu programs on there, but it isn't necessarily active, and I recommend you use adblock because I've heard that the site sometimes hosts adware.

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