aka The Gloved One

  • I live in Palm Springs, California
  • I was born on March 26
  • I am Male
Ultraman Smurf

The Sunwalker Zowfee from the Smurf Me Up series, who is a spoof of Zoffy.



I am user Enriquearreguin777, but most people call me The Gloved One. To be honest, I became a fan of Ultraman about a year ago when my dad introduced him to me. I was more of a Godzilla fan. Since I was little, I watched Godzilla fight many kaiju beasts and thought it was really cool. My dad told me about Ultraman being the hero he saw fight the kaijus when he was young. I really loved Ultraman and thought he was very cool. I started to watch the original series my dad wattched and was left amazed. I began collecting episodes, figures, and imported videogames. I have my own Smurfs fan fiction stories which may sound off topic, but some characters were inspired by the Ultraman franchise. I mainly come to this wiki to try and find information, research, and some really rad ideas for cool stories.
Return Of Glovey Smurf Title Card

Spoof of Ultraman Jack on the Smurf Me Up series.

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