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Hey there! My name is Crazybeard1234, you can call me CBeard, CB, or anything you like, really (just don't call me Brenz even though I put it up there for show).

I don't get on this wiki too often, unfortunately, though I can be found on its sister site, Ultrafan Wikia. There, I create mediocre stories, tales and fanfictions about Ultras and lore for my continuities. Check out my much more detailed profile, as well.

So, what do I do here? Nothing much actually. Sometimes I do edit certain pages I see unfit for the readers' viewing, though generally I just browse through certain articles and what not. In the real world, my hobby is collecting the Ultra Hero Series line of figures, occasionally the Ultra Monster Series as well, though this has been downgraded to Spark Doll size since Bandai decided it was a-okay for cheap, mass production. Will add a section for my figures in the future, whenever I decide to get to it.

The profile down below is garbage but is what I've kept for documentation purposes. Don't take it too seriously.


  • Height: ??
  • Nothing else to say: Seriously, stop.
  • Usually an active member, but on my phone. Can't make constant edits much, my apologies.
  • I just finished watching Go-Onger, and it was pretty good, but the special effects were horrible.
  • Toei's special effects are just bad, in general (though Ex-aid steps it up a notch, good job).

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