I am an Administrator of Tokupedia ....and due to the ire of your editors I will no longer bother any of you.

Where I work on:

  • Devilman Wiki Warning: Contains graphic content. I just do spellcheck here and maintenance for the admin staff.
  • Cutie Honey Wiki: "Honey Flash!" An ongoing startup project with Zeromaro and Spellbinder666 to build this abandoned wiki into a glorious database on the first of the magical girl superhero subgenre!
  • TMNT Wiki: The wiki about the Nickelodeon series.
  • Gatchaman Wiki: I am the head adminstrator of this wiki and willing to hire more admins to aid me in keeping it running. This wiki is for the anime classic Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman (aka Battle of the Planets or G-Force) and its sequels, as well as its recent remake/reboot Gatchaman Crowds
  • Ultra Series Wiki: The project that partially caused a feud. Don't care anymore what anyone thinks about it, I just want peace and quiet now. Ultra Series Wiki strives to be this ones rival, having former outcasted admins as part of its staff. If you have any complaints about any copied files, please discuss it civilly with the staff and we will try to rectify it.
  • Garo Wiki- A lonely little project upon which I am sole editor of most of the time. A wiki dedicated to the adult tokusatsu franchise, Garo. The series is currently in its sixth installment and celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015.
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