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Urugon (ウルゴン Urugon) is a minotaur-like Kaiju that first appeared in episode 19 of Captain Ultra.

Subtitle: Mythology Monster (神話怪獣 Shinwa Kaijū)


Captain Ultra

Contained in the mountains of planet similar to ancient Greece, Urugon retained its sentience, destroyed the city and caused citywide panic. When Captain Ultra, Akane, Huck and Uris, a resident of the town that they saved, fly around Urugon, he begins to wake. Later, Urugon wakes fully after the people of the city pray to him. He then proceeds to rampage. But with the combination of the citizens' and Captain's weapons, the beast is defeated. It then shrinks to a human sized skin of itself.


Powers and Weapons
  • Horn Lasers: From its horns, Urugon can fire destructive lasers


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