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Unitang (ユニタング Yunitangu) was a Terrible-Monster that appeared in episode 11 of Ultraman Ace.

Subtitle: Female Ninja Terrible-Monster (くの一超獣 Kunoichi Chōjū)


Ultraman Ace

Unitang appeared one day to destroy TAC's radar. She brought down two TAC planes and totaled a radar dish. After she disappeared, 10 cycling women suddenly appeared. TAC wanted to watch over their leader, Aya. One night, Hokuto discovered that the 10 women were the Terrible-Monster. They controlled Hokuto's mind and prevented him from becoming Ultraman Ace. After a skirmish with Minami, The cycling girls turned into Unitang and she attempted to destroy TAC 's radar once more. Minami convinced Hokuto to become Ultraman Ace,so they transformed. Ace was taken down by the snapping claws of Unitang but he did manage to get the upper hand. Ultraman Ace split the monster into segments. However,at a nearby town, the segments reformed. Before Unitang could attack, Ultraman Ace stopped her from going on. Ultraman Ace finally killed her off with the Ultra Shower. The Terrible-Monster Is Ten Women?

Later, Unitang, Mazaron Man, Cowra, and Mazarius returned as ghosts and were combined into the strongest, final Terrible-Monster Jumbo King by Yapool. Tomorrow's Ace Is You!


  • Design: Yoshio Suzuki
  • While not stated to be created from combining a Space Monster with an Earth material, Unitang is however designed after a spider.
  • Unitang's roar is a slightly modified Gomora roar.
  • Unitang makes up part of Belyudra's body in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.
    • Alongside her counterparts, this is a strange move by Tsuburaya - for her combined chimera counterpart, Jumbo King, also appears as part of Belyudra.
  • Unitang is one of the few female monsters in Ultraman Ace, and one of the even rarer female Terrible-Monster.
  • Unitang is the first Terrible-Monster to survive decapitation.


Powers and Weapons
  • Webs: Unitang can create several streams of sticky, rope-like webbing. She can launch streams from her mouth and both of her claws.
  • Horn Flash: When the horn on Unitang’s horn flashes, it can create large explosions that rival her own size on the ground.
  • Horn Launch: When needed, the horn on Unitang’s head can launch from her skull, much like a horn, and fly at an opponent before returning.
  • Reform: Should Unitang’s body be cut into pieces, she can reform within minutes.
  • Human Disguises: Unitang is capable of transforming herself into ten separate young girls to blend in with normal human society.
  • Mind Control: Unitang in their human disguises can control a person's mind, via a transmitter on the victim's neck. The ability was only shown on Hokuto.


Ultraman Ace


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