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"Listen, Earth is a single giant life form! Ultroid Zero is an over-technology and could destroy Earth itself! That's why Earth is rejecting it! The monsters must be acting on the will of the planet!"

Yuka Ohta commenting on Ultroid Zero's existence

Ultroid Zero (ウルトロイドゼロ Urutoroido Zero)[1] is an Ultra-like robot manufactured by SAAG, STORAGE's successor as the fourth SC Unit, incorporating the combat data of the Ultra Warriors they encountered up to that point (including Z) and King Joe STORAGE Custom, hence it was declared as "The Strongest Robot Weapon" (最強ロボット兵器 Saikyō Robotto Heiki).[1]

Initially perceived as "an existence where mankind protect themselves with their own hands" (人類の手で人類を守護する存在 Jinrui no Te de Jinrui o Shugo Suru Sonzai),[2] the humans who built Ultroid Zero were unaware they were playing into Celebro's hands, who intended to use the robot as a pivotal piece in his final plan to eradicate mankind by hijacking the machine, mutating it into Destrudos (デストルドス Desutorudosu) once it absorbed the Kaiju Medals and a set of seven monsters around the world.[3] Celebro declared it as "the King of Death and Destruction" (死と破壊の王 Shi to Hakai no Ō) in order to bring about the end of humankind and its civilisations.


  • Ultroid Zero: Special Airborne Armor 4 (SAA-4) (特空機4号 Tokkū-ki Yon-gō lit. Special Aircraft #4)[1][2]
  • Destrudos: Annihilation Armor Monster (殲滅機甲獣 Senmetsu Kikō-jū)[3]



Destrudos is named by Celebro, which reflects to his Civilization Self-Destruction Game. The name is derived from the term "Destrudo", a term first used by the Italian psychoanalyst Eduardo Weiss in 1935 to describe the energy of the 'death instinct' or 'death drive', in a way analogous to Sigmund Freud’s concept of Libido, the 'life instinct', usually mentioned in reference to reproduction. Whereas Libido is described in Freudian psychoanalysis as 'the urge to create', Destrudo is 'the urge to destroy', and encompasses concepts discussed under the death instinct such as aggression, compulsion and self-destructive behaviors.


The original plan for Ultroid Zero's suit was to modify the Darklops Zero suit, as well as incorporating parts from the Tector Gear, but at the end the production team decided to create an original suit from the ground up.

In addition to the main body, Ultroid Zero's suit is divided into separable parts; mask, vest, gloves, gauntlets, shoes, spine, and hip armor. The "Beam Lamp"-like feature on the mask is the only section with wiring for LED lights, while the visor serves as a "peephole" for the suit actor.[4] The D4 Ray core has circuit-like designs which were not implemented in the design picture, but were an addition by the modelling team. Through trial and error, the tubular circuits on its bodies were crafted from materials similar to those used for wetsuits.[5]

Destrudos was designed by Kengo Kusunoki. Parts of the monsters absorbed by Ultroid Zero appear on Destrudos's body in an ossified state.[6][7] The Red King B's head being attached to the right shoulder is a reference to the asymmetrical Red King design drawn by Tohl Narita to emphasize distortion on the monster's image.[8] The decision to include Dancan and Majaba among the other component monsters was due to them fading into obscurity over the years. The design of Ultroid Zero's cracked "mask" halves were produced separately. In his interview, Kiyotaka Taguchi described this monster as a Reiwa Era version of Tyrant.[9]


Ultraman Z

Ultroid Zero was manufactured by GAFJ in the duration of three days after disbanding STORAGE and claiming their assets. Mai Yuki is the development leader of this project, and in order to stabilize the D4 superweapon on its chest, she and her staff gathered data on Ultraman Z's Zestium Beam after it hit King Joe STORAGE Custom. After the death of the third Alien Barossa, Mai personally selected Yoko to be assigned to be its pilot. Individual Tomorrows

A month after the destruction of the Kelbims on Earth, Ultroid Zero was launched publicly for its test run. Per Yuka's warnings, Takkong, King Guesra, Demaaga, Gomess and Pagos all appear at once to destroy the machine due to the presence of the D4 on its chest. Despite Ultraman Z's attempt in interfering, only Takkong and King Guesra were spared when the rest of the monsters were obliterated by the D4 Ray. Prelude to a Nightmare The abandoned Ultroid Zero was targeted by both Juggler and Celebro alike to further their respective agendas, but Celebro managed to reclaim it by using Haruki as a leverage against Juggler.

"You're here, Ultraman Z! You have my gratitude. You played a good pawn in my game! Thanks to you, the humans have made such a wonderful weapon for me! Now let me introduce you to the final boss for the climax of this game! The king of death and destruction, Destrudos!"

Yoko Nakashima (Celebro), Ultraman Z episode 24, The Game to Extinction

After leaving Director Kuriyama and taking possession of Yoko Nakashima as his third host, Celebro used her as a means to hijack Ultroid Zero, activating the machine with his Belial Medal before breaking out of the STORAGE HQ. The robot Ultraman absorbed seven hibernating monsters across the globe before returning to Japan to attack Red King B and her egg. Although the mother was absorbed, Ultraman Z managed to protect the egg and keep it away from the battle long enough to place it out of the way in a gap in a rock face. With the energies and genetic material from the absorbed monsters and the Kaiju Medals fed into it by Celebro, Ultroid Zero evolved into Destrudos and made a short work of the Ultraman by using the D4 Ray, forcing Z to split from Haruki due to the immense damage dealt to both of them, which would have surely resulted in both their deaths had Haruki attempted to transform again. By the time Haruki regained consciousness, Destrudos had laid waste to several major cities on Earth. The Game to Extinction

As STORAGE reformed by rebelling against the SAAG team, Destrudos returned to Japan for the final fight against the SC Units. Yuka discovered the location of Yoko's cockpit behind Majaba's head, where Haruki/King Joe SC brute forced his way to reach her by punching through Destrudos's body. Celebro was forced to take direct control of Destrudos through parasitizing the chimera when Yoko regained control of herself, at the cost of the Belial Medal. After regenerating its D4 Ray, Destrudos and Celebro made their final stand against Z, but was reduced to pieces by an empowered Zestium Beam (while in Original form no less). Celebro survived Destrudos's destruction to be captured by Yuka and Kaburagi for dissection. Warriors Shining Beyond


  • Ultroid Zero is the second artificial Ultraman constructed by humanity as a defender, the first being Terranoid in Ultraman Dyna. Both were also transformed into monstrous forms by alien forces for use against humanity. This situation is acknowledged by Ultraman Zero in Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey, who not only pointed out their similarities, but the mere sight of his robot doppelganger also ticked him off.
  • Ultroid Zero's weapons make use of Magnerium energy. A substance sharing the same name was once used by the Ultra Guard to revive Ultraseven after being defeated and crucified by Alien Guts. The relation between the two beyond the name is unknown at this point.
  • In addition to King Joe SC's combat data, Ultroid Zero also incorporated the Pedanium Engine (ペダニウムエンジン Pedaniumu Enjin) as its power source.
  • The DX Z Riser toy pronounces Destrudos' name as "Destordos".
  • Destrudos sometimes emits a lower pitched Seabozu roar.
  • Destrudos's Destrudo Phalanx & Destrudo Hellfire, given their nature as anti-aircraft cannon fire and missile projectiles, are references to two examples of real-world weaponry, being the Phalanx CIWS close-in weapon system and the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missile.
  • Designer Kengo Kusunoki mentioned that the Destrudos suit was different in coloring compared to his original drawing, the latter ended being the coloration of said monster's soft vinyl figurine. He also noted that the Red King head in said figurine appeared to be similar in design of its Powered counterpart from Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.[10]


Ultroid Zero


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: STORAGE headquarters
Powers and Weapons[1]
  • Flight: Ultroid Zero can fly trough the use of rocket propulsions from its back, legs and feet.
  • Energized Punch: Ultroid Zero stores energy in its arm before releasing a powerful punch.
  • D4 Ray (D4ディーフォーレイ Dī Fō Rei): An energy beam fired from the chest. It was manufactured through studying the extradimensional energy of Yapool via Baraba's sword.[1][2] SAAG was able to stabilize the weapon thanks to the data acquired from Z's Zestium Beam, but the robot still suffered from the backlash of the attack, rendering its pilot unconscious.
  • Magnerium Gatling (マグネリュームガトリング Maguneryūmu Gatoringu): Autocannons fired from the arm. Its official name is Quadruple 35mm Multi-barreled Rotating Autocannon (4連装35mm多砲身回転機関砲 Yon Rensō Sanjūgo-mirimētoru Ta Hōshin Kaiten kikanhō).
  • Magnerium Blade (マグネリュームブレード Maguneryūmu Burēdo): Energy blade weapons on the forearms. Its official name is High Frequency Melee Attack Blade (高周波近接攻撃ブレード Kōshūha Kinsetsu Kōgeki Burēdo).
  • Magnerium Shield (マグネリュームシールド Maguneryūmu Shīrudo): An energy barrier erected to defend itself from attacks. Its official name is Anti Monster High Energy Defense System (対怪獣高エネルギー防御システム Tai Kaijū-kō Enerugī Bōgyo Shisutemu).
  • Magnerium Slasher (マグネリュームスラッシャー Maguneryūmu Surasshā): Energy blades fired from the crests resembling Zero's Zero Sluggers. Its official name is Medium-range Multi-purpose High-energy Cutter (中距離多目的高エネルギーカッター Chūkyori Tamokuteki-kō Enerugī Kattā).
  • Magnerium Maser (マグネリュームメーザー Maguneryūmu Mēzā): A concentrated laser beam fired from the Beam Lamp-like part on the forehead. Its official name is Anti-monster High-power Maser Cannon (対怪獣高出力メーザー砲 Tai Kaijū-kō Shutsuryoku Mēzā-hō).
  • Kaiju Absorption: Through the Belial Medal,[11] Ultroid Zero can drain Kaiju of their life force after stabbing them with its hand, adding their power to its own and absorbing their genetic material, the latter of which later manifests when Ultroid Zero transforms into Destrudos. This process appears to completely 'consume' the target, which dissolves away and leaves no trace.



  • Height: 80 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Mountainous area near Fukuma City
Powers and Weapons[3]
  • Strength: As a result of being created from no less than seven monsters, plus Ultroid Zero, Destrudos is immensely strong, easily capable of overpowering opponents in close quarters.
    • Durability: As a result of its strength and composition, Destrudos is able to contend with attacks that would leave normal monsters injured or in pain, merely being stunned by some of Z's strongest attacks.
  • Destrudo D4 Ray (デストルドD4ディーフォーレイ Desutorudo Dī Fō Rei): A remaining piece of Ultroid Zero kept after its transformation into Destrudos, Destrudos can fire the D4 Ray from his chest through Majaba's eyes. The D4 Ray seems to be stronger than its previous uses and vastly outranks Ultraman Z's Zestium Beam in terms of sheer power, to the point that it left Z instantly defeated and critically injured with just a single shot.
  • Destrudo Breath (デストルドブレス Desutorudo Buresu): An energy breath attack.
  • Destrudo Thunder Blast (デストルドサンダーブラスト Desutorudo Sandā Burasuto): Lightning bolts charged and fired from its body spikes.
  • Claws: In addition to its wings, Destrudos acquired Birdon's fingers for melee combat.
    • Destrudo Reaper (デストルドリーパー Desutorudo Rīpā): An "X"-shaped energy slash formed from its hands.
  • Flight: Thanks to Birdon's wings, Destrudos is capable of flying across the globe despite its own body weight.
  • Destrudo Phalanx (デストルドファランクス Desutorudo Farankusu): Anti-aircraft cannons rapidly fired from its eyes.
  • Destrudo Hellfire (デストルドヘルファイヤ Desutorudo Herufaiya): Destrudos fires out its spikes, which become a barrage of homing missiles.
  • Regeneration: Destrudos can regenerate the destroyed D4 cannon.


Ultra Monster Series (500)

Ultroid Zero Figure.jpg

  • Ultroid Zero (2020)
    • Release Date: December 5, 2020
    • ID Number: 133
    • Price: 600 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660511434
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster Series Ultroid Zero is a 5.5 inch (14 cm) soft vinyl figure. Molded in silver-gray PVC plastic, Ultroid Zero features an amount of red, blue, gold, and silver (head) paint operations. He features articulation on the arms and waist.


  • Destrudos (2020)
    • Release Date: December 12, 2020
    • ID Number: 134
    • Price: 600 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660511441
    • Materials: PVC
A figure of Destrudos is also available as an Ultra Monster Series figure. Like the rest of the toys based on larger-sized kaiju, Destrudos is completely out-of-scale.

GUTS Hyper Key


  • Ultroid Zero Key (2021)
    • Release Date: July 22, 2021
    • Key Number: M-14
    • Price: Varies on each product purchased
    • JAN/ISBN: Varies on each product purchased
The GUTS Hyper Key Ultroid Zero is a role-play item that is meant to go with the DX GUTS Sparklence or the Circle Arms.
The toy is available as an exclusive giveaway item for the customers who purchased the following Ultra Hero Festival 2021 exclusive items:


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