Ultra Hero Series

  • Ultraseven 21 (1995)
    • Release date: 1995 (Vintage), 2000 - 2004 (Reissue)
    • ID Number: 21 (1995), 16 (2000)
    • Materials: PVC
    • JAN/ISBN: 4902425768106

Ultra Hero Series Ultraseven 21 is a toy based on his appearance in the Ultraman Neos pilot Episode. He is casted in red ATBC-PVC plastic, and sports silver, and some yellow & metallic blue paint operations. Like every Ultra Hero Series figures, he sports 3 points of articulation.

Along with Neos, he was first released in a bagged packaging during a pre-sale at Mitsui Greenland. The boxed release also comes with a collectible data card, and the picture depicts him fighting Alien Zamu.

Amusingly, the 1995 retail release's ID number shares the same name with the said Ultra.


  • Ultraseven 21 (Immortal Ultra Warriors)
  • Ultraseven 21 (Ultra Head Collection)
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