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Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy (ウルトラセブン 太陽エネルギー作戦 Urutorasebun Taiyō Enerugī Sakusen) is the first of the NTV Specials of Heisei Ultraseven.


A gravely injured Ultraseven fell from outer space into Earth’s orbit. His arrival was dismissed by Anne’s son, Dan as a meteorite.

30 years since Seven had fought Pandon, the Ultra Guard was reorganized into a four men group consisting of Togo, Kaji, Risa and their leader, Furuhashi. Furuhashi was assigned on a TDF conference discussing the monster and alien threats they had faced so far, such as the Alien Baltan, Guesra, Oil Drinker and eventually summing up to the fact that mankind’s activities caused the deterioration of Earth’s environment. To solve this, they decided to use environmental-friendly alternatives such as the solar energy. The The Hyper Solar System suddenly blew up due to the excess energy. Dr. Kusuhara’s who was in charge of the facility, happened to be Anne’s brother in law and the latter thanked the Ultra Guard for saving him.

Dan was outside the whole night as he encountered a strange girl who pointed him to a human-sized Eleking. Dan found the Ultra Guard, but his claim of seeing the monster was dismissed. At that same time, Furuhashi and Kaji discovered the same mysterious girl being the very perpetrator of the incident, moving at a blinding speed. The girl also intruded Kusuhara’s office to erase Eleking’s data from TDF’s databank, but was forced to abandon her attempts in assassinating him when the Ultra Guard visited his home. Furuhashi visited the 17th Branch hangar to visit the comatose Seven, reprimanding his former friend for selflessly defending Earth despite his declining health over the years. Togo and Risa left after a tour in Anne’s house while Dan was kidnapped by the Alien Pitt out of fear that his interference would threaten their plans. Their deployed Eleking demonstrated its power to emit heat and carbon dioxide as a demonstration to their scheme to accelerate the global warming on Earth. Using his experience, Furuhashi ordered Kaji to aim for one of its horns, causing the Pitts to reclaim their monster for a retreat. Seeing the monster’s current state, Kusuhara hypothesized that the destruction of Hyper Solar System was to prevent it from being used against Eleking, which the aliens had foreseen as a threat to their plans.

Using their surveillance drone, the Pitts spied on the Ultra Guard’s attempt in recharging the comatose Seven and managed to find his location, intending to the solar energy to kill the Ultra. Still restrained by the handcuffs, Dan managed to stall their plans and Seven reawakened, absorbing enough solar energy to recharge himself to fight Eleking. Using the repaired Hyper Solar System, Kusuhara ordered his men to absorb Eleking’s energy, allowing Seven to turn the tables and destroy the monster. Spotting the Alien Pitts’ saucer, Seven went inside to rescue Dan before he killed it and the alien occupants with Wide Shot. Seven once again departed to outer space as the spectators thanked him for his assistance.


  • Shigeru Furuhashi (フルハシ・シゲル Furuhashi Shigeru): Sandayu Dokumamushi (毒蝮三太夫 Dokumamushi Sandayuu)
  • Kaji (カジ Kaji): Shigeki Kagemaru (影丸茂樹 Kagemaru Shigeki)
  • Togo (トーゴー Togo): Takashi Matsuyama (松山鷹志 Matsuyama Takashi)
  • Lisa (リサ Risa): Ami Suzuki (鈴木亜美 Suzuki Ami)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Nareta): Kohji Moritsugu (森次晃嗣 Moritsugu Kōji)


  • Anne (アンヌ Annu): Yuriko Hishimi (ひし美ゆり子 Hishimi Yuriko)
  • Professor Kusuhara (クスハラ博士 Kusuhara-hakase): Shinichi Ogishima (荻島真一 Ogishima Shin'ichi)
  • Dan (ダン Dan): Umi Aoki (青木海 Aoki Umi)
  • Toshiko (トシコ Toshiko): Haruka Sawaguchi (沢口遥 Sawaguchi Haruka)
  • Deputy Secretary Sagami (サガミ副長官 Sagami fuku chōkan): Nobuyoshi Matsukuma (松熊信義 Matsukuma Nobuyoshi)
  • Chief Otaki (オオタキ主任 Ōtaki Shunin): Ohtaki Akitoshi (大滝明利 Akitoshi Ohtaki)
  • Sumiyoshi (スミヨシ Sumiyoshi): Hiroshi Ito (伊藤紘 Itō Hiroshi)
  • Defense Force staffs (防衛軍隊員 Bōei-gun taiin): Masakazu Migita (右田昌万 Migita Masakazu), Nobue Kuramitsu (倉光伸枝 Kuramitsu Nobue)
  • 17th Branch Hangar team (第17支部格納庫 Dai-17 shibu kakunōko): Eiji Matsuoka (松岡稜士 Matsuoka Eiji), Toshio Miyake (三宅敏夫 Miyauke Toshio)
  • Alien Pitt (Human Disguises) (少女(ピット星人) Shōjo (Pittoseijin)): Mika (実佳 Mika)
  • Kenji Sahara (佐原健二 Sahara Kenji)
  • Hitochi Takeuchi (松熊信義 Takeuchi Hitochi)
  • Susumu Kurobe (黒部進 Kurobe Susumu)
  • Yasuhiko Saijou (西條康彦 Saijou Yasuhiko)
  • Hiroko Sakurai (桜井浩子 Sakurai Hiroko)
  • Terumi Yoshida (吉田照美 Yoshida Terumi)
  • Masanari Nihei (二瓶正也 Nihei Masanari)
  • Noboru Tsuburaya (円谷皐 Tsuburaya Noboru)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun): Ohtaki Akitoshi (大滝明利 Akitoshi Ohtaki), Kazushi Takahashi (高橋和司 Takahashi Kazushi)
  • Alien Pitt (ピット星人 Pitto Seijin): Akiko Yoshio (吉尾亜希子 Yoshio Akiko), Motoko Nagino (梛野素子 Nagino Motoko)
  • Eleking (エレキング Erekingu): Kazunori Yokoo (横尾和則 Yokoo Kazunori), Hiroyuki Okano (岡野弘之 Okano Hiroyuki), Toshio Miyake (三宅敏夫 Miyauke Toshio)




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