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"In my heart, I feel no shame for what I've done. For protecting one's loved ones is the ultimate divine rule of the universe. I fought for the Earthlings I love. I have no regrets."

―Ultraseven, at the end of I Am an Earthling.

This Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun) is from Heisei Ultraseven, taking place in an alternate reality where his titular series was the only occurrence of an Ultra visiting Earth, as opposed to the majority of the other continuities, which place him as being the third Ultra in the Ultraman Series.


At first, the entire Heisei Ultraseven franchise were solely meant to be the Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy special in 1994. This program was made in order to spread the awareness of Solar Day (太陽の日 Taiyō no Hi) in Japan, and was initially planned to be an original animation program. However then-producer of Yomiko Advertising, Toshihiko Fujinami decided to do a different approach. He choose Ultraseven as the image to promote the Solar Day due to the Ultra's own Protector being comparable to that of solar panels, as well as the fact that Seven tend to rely entirely on solar energy to recharge himself. Because the TV Specials contradicted a lot of elements from succeeding Ultra Series, this Seven was made into an alternate reality version of the character, alongside the entire Heisei Ultraseven being an alternate universe.[1]

The TV Specials for Heisei Ultraseven were originally meant to be ended with Seven's apparent death from explosions caused by the Alien Metron base's destruction, but his return for the 30th anniversary trilogy was suggested due to director Kamisawa wanting a continuation for the character.


Ultraseven's design has no alteration, but the character had different suits being used per each segments of Heisei Ultraseven. As revealed by the Heisei Ultra Video Complete Works magazine:[2]

  • In Operation: Solar Energy, his suit was diverted from that of attraction suits. One of these two suits had a removable Eye Slugger. This suit was reused in the Planet of the Earthlings with a thicker Protector being replaced over the previous one.
  • A new suit was made for the 1998 trilogy, featuring a flexible Protector. The mask is produced using an attraction suit as a base model.
    • A flying doll was also created for Sevens flight scenes, but had rough details and balance.
  • Yasuyuki Fukui was in charge of the 1999 hexalogy version of the suit. It was made using the image of Seven's original suit in the past. The prototype for the mask was made through a Seven mask that was under exhibition, which also featured an Eye Slugger gap. Each of his eyes has two light bulbs, positioned at the top and bottom.
    • A new flying doll was produced to faithfully resemble the original suit.


Main article: Ultraseven (character)#Ultraseven

This Ultraseven follows the exact same continuity as the original TV series did, while disregarding any of his future appearances in the succeeding media of Ultraman Series, such as those of Return of Ultraman and Ultraman Leo.

1994 TV Specials

"He's completely exhausted and worn out. He doesn't even get time to rest. But he loves humans, so he flew all the way here from the end of the universe. He never stopped defending Earth's peace. He loves Earth even more than humans! You fool!"

―Shigeru Furuhashi, Operation: Solar Energy

A comatose Seven under TDF's protection.

30 years after his fight against Re-Pandon, Seven crash-landed on Earth after being attacked by the Alien Pitt saucer. Upon his crash landing, Seven's comatose body was protected by the TDF and UG under Furuhashi's request, having faith that his old friend, Dan, is still alive despite his injuries. While Eleking attacked the Hyper Solar System, the Alien Pitt targeted Seven's comatose body, but their attempt to kill the Ultra with solar-powered beam was interrupted by Anne's son, Dan, under their captivity. Seven was resurrected in time to fight against Eleking, wherein Hyper Solar System managed to weaken the monster for him to destroy it using the same tactic in his past fight. After saving Anne's son and killing the Alien Pitt, Seven would left for the outer space again, this time as the spectators thanked him for his assistance. Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy

After defeating an Alien Metron in a remote planet, Seven chased the alien's two remaining brethren, a pair of siblings who decided to take advantage of Earth's deteriorating environment for their own invasion purposes. Seven took the form of an elderly Dan Moroboshi, but decided to avoid interaction with UG as possible, especially any means of interaction with Furuhashi. Fighting against the remaining giant Metron, Seven regained his access to sunlight energy through Furuhashi's effort and managed to put an end on Metron's invasion plan on Earth. However, the victory came at its price as Seven was surrounded by explosions and seemingly disappeared from the scene. Ultraseven - Planet of the Earthlings

Ultraseven 30th Anniversary Trilogy

Seven survived the explosion from Metron's base, but the incident left him as an amnesiac Dan Moroboshi, taking refuge under the Murata family while taking a job at an archaeological site. A string of incidents perpetrated by Alien Viyell led Dan to regain his memories and transformed into Seven once again to stop his invasion plan on Earth. Lost Memory

Seven continue to assist the new batch of Ultra Guard in against the threat of Alien Guts, Sulfas and Banderas. He also occasionally switched places with Masaki Kazamori to ensure his participation a secret. Seven departed from Earth after a reunion with Furuhashi. Eternal Earth Betrayal Sun

Ultraseven 1999 The Final Chapters Hexalogy

Seven with a heavily injured Kazamori.

Seven returned several years later when Kaji proposed the Friendship Plan to TDF. Upon arrival, he was too late to save Furuhashi from death and was even forced to arrive on Earth to intercept the Alien Valkyrie's attempt at discrediting UG. Due to Kazamori sustaining heavy injury in order to force the alien out of his body, Seven decided to save the young man by placing his comatose body in a Capsule Kaiju. For an entire year of Kazamori's recuperation, Seven alternated through both his disguises as Dan Moroboshi and Masaki Kazamori, the latter was used as a cover to work alongside the Ultra Guard in their fight against the alien invaders. Legends and GloryI Am an Earthling

A year after the Valkyrie incident, Seven's disguise as Kazamori was exposed to TDF by a Nonmalt who sought to uncover the secret behind the Omega File. "Kazamori" was rescued by the Ultra Guard members after they decided to rebel against Kaji's cronies and the Ultra unleashed his Capsule Kaiju to stall Zabangi. After passing through Kaji's defenses, Seven reunited with a revived Furuhashi, who confirmed that humanity's ancestors were invaders who expelled the Nonmalts (the true Earthlings) into the depths of the ocean. Through Furuhashi's reassurance to have faith in mankind, Seven killed Zabangi in an act of interfering a civil war between a planet's native species. After his deed was done, Seven returned a fully healed Kazamori to his teammates and reunited with Furuhashi for the last time. Despite Furuhashi reassuring Seven that he has his place on Earth, the Ultra decided to return to Nebula M78 to face his punishment. I Am an Earthling

Ultraseven 35th Anniversary Evolution Pentalogy

Seven fighting against Gaimos.

Branded a criminal by his own kind, Seven was to be exiled to a small planet in the Horsehead Nebula in the constellation of Orion, a planet which would effectively serve as his prison.Dark Side However, unbeknownst to anyone, a trace of Seven's essence was in Kazamori's body, remaining dormant until five years later when Alien Garut started to put his plans for Earth domination into motion. While imprisoned, Seven was able to utilise Muon particles to establish a faint contact with Kazamori, who began to exhibit superhuman abilities on his own. Perfect World

Through Satomi's spirt and the Dragonic Saucer's help, Seven was rescued from his prison to bond with Kazamori as his host. Neverland He first fought against Neo Pandon and rescued the Plant Life form from being hunted by both TDF and aliens alike. Innocent With the knowledge that Alien Garut had been tampering with the Akashic Records, Seven killed the alien and his monster companion Gaimos. Seven's merger with Kazamori had become permanent, but the duo resolved to protect the Earth at all costs. Akashic Records


1994 ver.

1998 ver.

1999 ver.

Since this Ultraseven has the same history as his original self, he is also presumed to share all of the attacks demonstrated in his titular series.


  • Aliases: Fixed Point Observer 340 (恒点観測員340号 Koten kansoku-in Sanbyakū Yonjū-gō)
  • Height: 40 m (According to the analysis of Alien Guts, he can grow up to 50 meters)
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Age: 19,000 years old
  • Home World: Nebula M78 (Alternate universe)
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Running Speed: 800 km/h
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: 240 knots
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 400 m
  • Arm Strength: Ultraseven can lift 100,000 tons.
  • Kick Strength: Power of 2000 sticks of dynamite.
  • Activity Time: Undefined (If there is solar energy he can recharge)
  • Weaknesses: In addition to cold (as established in episode 25 of his original series), Seven is empowered by the solar energy during his time on Earth. Severing him off from the sunlight tends to weaken his strength.

Body Features

  • Beam Lamp (ビームランプ Bīmu Ranpu): The green stone on Seven's forehead, it is the equivalent of a Color Timer. Unlike a normal Color Timer the Beam Lamp does not change color but simply flashes. It flashes when Seven's solar energy is low or his physical strength is depleted and/or he is gravely injured, basically any physical situation where his life in endangered will cause it to react.
  • Protectors (プロテクター Purotekutā): The armor on his chest and shoulders, it is the method by which he recharges his energy. The protector works continuously but can be activated at will to increase energy absorption.
  • Ultra Armor: Seven's armor is resistant to fire and laser blasts even when he is depleted of energy, but is highly susceptible to cold weather.


Like in the original series, Dan Moroboshi applies the Ultra Eye to his face by planting it over his eyes like a pair of eye-glasses without temples (which it resembled), spinning lights would appear in the lenses, and Ultraseven would emerge seconds later. This transformation pose is also repeated with Masaki Kazamori (either as his disguise or the real person himself).


  • Capsule Monsters (カプセル怪獣 Kapuseru Kaijū): When unable to fight, Dan will often produce a small capsule that releases a giant-sized monster to fight in his place. Although he is shown to have four or five capsules, only three Capsule Monsters are shown in the series, WindomMiclas, and Agira. In Heisei Ultraseven, Seven used it to store an incapacitated Kazamori to disguise as the young man. It also doubles as a healing chamber, especially to treat an injured Kazamori over the course of an entire year.
  • Size Change: Seven can change his size from microscopic to his proper giant size. His stance for this is to cross his arms in front his waist and bring them up, having his upright arms to his sides in a flexing pose.
  • Sunlight Absorption Ability (太陽光線吸収能力 Taiyō Kōsen Kyūshū Nōryoku): Ultraseven constantly absorbs solar energy through his Protector, but if he is weakened from battle, he can simply turn to the sun and gather up more energy. Therefore, whenever he is severed from the sunlight, he works under a time limit.
  • Flight Ability (飛行能力 Hikō Nōryoku): Like all Ultras, Ultraseven can fly through the air under his own power, often at great speeds.
  • Human Disguise: On Earth, Seven still retains the ability to assume his human form, Dan Moroboshi, now being aged as with the former members of Ultra Guard. In addition, he also took on Kazamori's form in multiple occasions, especially when the real person himself was recuperating from a fatal gunshot in the Capsule Kaiju.
  • Assimilation: Seven is capable of merging with a human host, but doing so unified their minds, with Seven appearing to be the dominant one.
  • Muon Communication: Seven is able to fire muons, a type of elementary particle, from his Beam Lamp as a means of extreme long-distance communication with Kazamori.


  • Eye Slugger (アイスラッガー Ai Suraggā): The crest on Ultraseven's head can be detached and used as a throwing weapon. Seven usually hold the weapon in reverse grip.
    • Ultra Knock Tactics (ウルトラノック戦法 Urutora Nokku Senpō): Ultraseven can direct energy into the Eye Slugger before firing the weapon towards enemies. It has a combustible effect and can destroy enemies in one hit.



  • Emerium Beam (エメリウム光線 Emeriumu Kōsen): Various concentrations of energy rays could be fired from the Beam Lamp on his head as one of Ultraseven's finishers.
  • Wide Shot (ワイドショット Waido Shotto): Ultraseven's most powerful attack. By gathering energy in the armor plates on his shoulders and chest, Ultraseven could unleash a powerful stream of energy by crossing his arms in an L-shape (his left arm upright, his right arm bent). The Wide Shot was later turned into an ordinary attack where Ultraseven can just pose his arms into an L-style and not have his energy drained.
    • Neo Wide Shot (ネオ・ワイドショット Neo Waido Shotto): If his normal Wide Shot is not enough, Seven can charge it for a more powerful one.
  • Ryu Shot (リュウショット Ryū Shotto): Seven gathers energy with his protectors and firing a yellow energy bomb from his both hands. Used against Alien Metron in Heisei Ultraseven.
  • Ultra Cross Attacker (ウルトラクロスアタッカー Urutora Kurosu Atakkā): Seven crosses his arms in an X formation before he pulls both arms out stretched to his sides horizontally. This creates a horizontal line of energy. He then puts his left arm in front of him palm open faced down, while his right arm goes to his side fist clenched. The horizontal line of splits and turns into a plus sign, He then precedes to punch it with his right fist hitting his opponent with great force. Used in against Neo Pandon.


  • Ultra Punch (ウルトラパンチ Urutora Panchi): A powerful punch and basic technique.
  • Ultra Kick (ウルトラキック Urutora Kikku): A powerful kick that is several times more destructive than the Ultra Punch. There is a jump kick version, roundhouse kick and straight kick version of this technique.
  • Ultra Chop (ウルトラチョップ Urutora Choppu): A powerful chop performed by concentrating energy into Seven's hand.


  • Ultra Water Flow (ウルトラ水流 Urutora Suiryū): A water mist from both hands, used to put out a fire.
  • Ultra Barrier (ウルトラバリヤー Urutora Bariyā): Seven can create a wall of light to defend himself. It takes the form and shape of his choosing.
  • Perfect Freezer (パーフェクトフリーザー Pāfekuto Furīzā): Seven once fired a beam similar to the Tiga Freezer, cupping his hands to the side and extending one hand to fire.


  • During fight scenes, Seven can be seen holding the Eye Slugger in a reverse grip, resembling the iaido martial art.
  • His fighting skills are also faithful recreations of the suit actor Koji Uenishi, including the orthodox boxing style arm position.
  • His suit actors in the year 1994 (Kazushi Takahashi, Akitshi Otaki and Hiroyuki Okano) were former participants of Gridman the Hyper Agent (including the entire filming staffs as a whole). The team would also go on to participate in the production of Ultraman Tiga.


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