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Ultraseven Volume 1: The Targeted Star (ウルトラセブン VOL.1 狙われた星 Urutorasebun VOL. 1 Nerawareta Hoshi) is a novel set during the events of Ultraseven. Originally released in 1994, it was written by Akio Jissoji, who also wrote and directed the episode the novel is named after.


A fantastic Ultra Seven original story by director Akio Jissoji.

Mysterious disappearances occur one after another in the city that never sleeps. However, the disappeared have returned again. They have something strange in common...

Ultra Seven is a special effects show that still has many fans. The director of the show at the time, Akio Jissoji himself, wrote this completely original story, "Targeted Planet," based on a fantastic scenario that could be called a sister story to "Targeted City," a masterpiece that is especially popular among fans. Seven and the Ultra Guard take on the aliens and monsters that are trying to invade the earth in this hero novel that has finally made it to e-book format!




  • Alien Permunde (ペルミュンデ星人 Perumyunde-boshi)
  • Golthos (ゴルトス Gorutosu)
    • Neo Golthos (ネオ・ゴルトス Neo Gorutosu)
  • Alien Alberich (アルベリッヒ星人 Aruberihhi Seijin)
    • Starship Alberich (アルベリッヒ星宇宙船 Aruberihhi-boshi Uchūsen)


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