"Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer The Beatstar" is a 2011 direct-to-video side story. The first episode ("Stage I") was released on November 25th, with the second episode ("Stage II") released on December 22nd.


One year after the battle with Belial's Galactic Empire, the members of Ultimate Force Zero returned to Planet Esmeralda to see Princess Emerana. They arrived to see her and Jean Bot captures by a mysterious artificial planet which then took of for another universe.

In the Universe where the sphere fled to, Zap Spacy members Rei and Hyuga are forced to infiltrate it, as it is on a collision course with Planet Bram. Inside they encounter various robot monsters, that the Ultramen have fought in the past, all under the control of Beatstar, with one mission: "Destroy all organic life". After saving Emerana, they encounter a robot very similar to Jean Bot, Jean Killer.

During their fight with Jean Killer, Zero learns from Jean Bot that Jean Killer is actually his twin brother. Ultimate Force Zero must now put a stop to Killer's rampage and defeat Beatstar in the process.


  • Rei
  • Princess Emerana Luludo Esmeralda
  • Kumano
  • Hyuga

Ultras / Other Heroes



  • Rei - Minami Shota
  • Princess Emerana Luludo Esmeralda - Tao Tsuchiya
  • Kumano - Shunfuji Mitsutoshi
  • Hyuga - Hiroyuki Konishi

Voice Actors

  • Ultraman Zero : Miyano Mamoru
  • Mirror Night : Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Glen Fire : Seki Tomokazu
  • Jean bot / Jean Bird : Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Ultraman : Kurobe Susumu
  • Ultra Seven : Moritsugi Koji
  • Ultraman Zoffy : Hideyuki Tanaka
  • Jean killer / Jean Nine : Miyu Irino
  • Beatstar : Ishizuka Unsho

Suit actors

  • Ultraman Zero : Iwata Sakaekei
  • Mirror Night : Rikimaru Kei-dai
  • Glen Fire : Terai Daisuke
  • Jean bot : Fukushima RyuNaru
  • Gomorrah : Yokoo Kazunori
  • Other : Suenaga Hiroshi , Daisuke Fukuda

Theme song

Recommended! Ultraman Zero

  • Lyrics : fields tree, Yamaguchi Tomohiro
  • Composer / Arranger : Konishi Takao
  • Song : voyager

Original OP song of "Ultraman Zero The Movie". In this work it has been used a new version to sing in the system that Shota south of Ray role is applied to the new members.


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