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'''Jean Nine'''
* Height : 50 m
* Weight : 30,000 tons
Beat star celestial sphere is Jean bot artificial intelligence robot copy and strength and ability, was created by fusing a further characteristic of the various robot. For this reason, it has a figure that was very similar to Jean bot , there should be called brothers for Jean bot. First appearance at the time but both eyes were red, and when it became a fellow of ur tee mate Force zero has changed in the same yellow and Jean bot . Space strongest robot, and is also referred to as the ultimate mechanical robot. Do not differ in its nickname, very has a high combat force and abundant weapons, the whole body is said to masses of weapons from scratch us. Alone flight also possible.
Launch by beat star sensed entry into the celestial sphere inside ur tee mate Force zero as Jean killer, takes hit in ur tee mate force zero, is overwhelmed by single machine said that the state party has been Soga significantly the forces in the fog of internal celestial sphere It was. Then artificial intelligence is also affected by the voice of Emerana because it is one that you copied the thing of Jean bots, you wake up her persuasion and ur tee mate Force zero, Ray, to justice in that it was preached the meaning of life in Hyuga, et al., We will cooperate with ur tee mate Force zero. And rushed to the bottom of the zero that struggled to beat Stars topped with Hyuga, but to convince beat Stars defeated out and not stop because it was not accepted.
After the battle was over, "four of Ur tee mate Force zero from Emerana, Ray, Hyuga, Gomorrah, ninth hero following the retry joined the fellow zero who is named Jean Nine is a meaning that, ur tee mate Force zero has also been reunited as "Shinsei ur tee mate Force zero". And later it became well rounded personality, I began to show even a little cheeky face.
* Origin of the name "Jean killer" is the original text of Jean bot " Jean Vogue A but he from the same name of the enemy robots defeated the A that appeared in "The name is retrofitted, it has been set from the original as" Jean Nine " It was. The name and design of Jean Nine, setting also appearing in "Jean Vogue A", " Jean Borg 9 it is "has become a model, made ​​in the design of the robot likeness is emphasized compared with Jean bot same original. The back caterpillar but are equipped with, this is the initial setting of the relic that deformation in tank form.
* First appearance of the design is "Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE super decisive battle! Belial Galactic Empire" ultra complete works of Appendix posters that have been published by Shogakukan, this time it was the color ring tones and blue.
== Power & Weapon ==
'''Jean Buster'''
* Buckle-shaped portion of the abdomen is fired to expand, super strong beam break to pieces in one shot at a huge meteorite. Power exceeds the wide zero shot of Ultraman Zero, but the energy beam of beat Star was offset. Original story Jean Borg 9 has been used from the "killer Nine leather".
'''Jean flasher'''
* Induction light bullets to be fired from six of the light-emitting portion of the breast.
'''Jean attack'''
* That the whole body is rotated at a high speed in to ignite the booster of the right knee and Hidarihizaura, to continuous firing Jean flasher. Is possible to attack together the whole orientation of the enemy, it was blown off together ur tee mate Force zero.
'''Jean Cannon'''
* Cannon emerging from the right arm of the shield pocket. Shoot a dual beam.
"Ultraman Ginga" has been the design and performance changes, we are also using live ammunition in addition to the conventional beam. In addition, available even when Jean Star form.
'''Jean Thunder'''
* Emitted electromagnetic shower from both hands. I was tormented and peppered ur tee mate Force zero trying to persuade.
'''Jean Leather'''
* Is fired from both eyes, completely dissolved by high fever would beam in any hard object. Shoot against Emerana, but did not hit because it had refused to attack unconsciously. Original story also use Jean Borg A, Jean Borg 9 was shot from the eye from the "Golden leather".
'''Jean knuckle'''
* Similar technique to that of Jean bot. Rocket punch to attack in the left arm.
'''Double Jean knuckle'''
* "Ultra Zero Fight" coalescence technique with Jean bot that was first used in the second part. Two of the Jean knuckle at the same time I shoot opponent.
'''Jean Stardust'''
* First used in the "Ultraman Ginga". Holding a huge Ganpaddo gun mode that was materialized, continuously firing red light bullets.
When the trigger is poised as well as Jean Nine the Tomoya is Ganpaddo, to say the skill name.
'''Transfer ray (official name unknown)'''
* Used in "Ultraman Ginga". To transfer Tomoya in the cockpit with light shoot from the eye.
==Ultras / Other Heroes==
==Ultras / Other Heroes==
*[[Ultimate Force Zero]]
*[[Ultimate Force Zero]]

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"Ultraman Zero Gaiden Killer The Beat Star" is 2011 November 25 (Stage I), December 22 was released in (Stage II) original video work.


Ultraman Zero VS Dakuro TOPS zero following the "original video work that the protagonist zero. 2010 public movie, Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE super decisive battle! Belial Galactic Empire in the sequel of ", in 2012 of the public movie " Ultraman Saga hit the previous day story of ". First as OV Blu-ray version was also released.

Celebrated its 10th anniversary original Ultraman Cosmos work was the main the, or it had been considering such a composed work bottom line of "Monster Battle series" is a Abeyuichi director was responsible for "Belial Galactic Empire", also because cosmos that was supposed to appear in the way of "Saga", while character is also allowed to continue to co-star of "Monster Battle", has been changed ur tee mate Force zero to work was the main .

Also faced at the time of planning the Great East Japan Earthquake In response to, "than the battle itself, that fellow increase, in the direction that the splendor of the things to keep in hand, the theme we want to shift the" also Abe director in Shibuya producer of the opinion that approval. Emerana princess appeared, leading to the production of the story to be born Jean Nine.


After one year from the fierce fight with Belial Galactic Empire, and but ur tee mate Force zero tried to reunited with Emerana princess, Emerana and Jean bot captured by the mystery of artificial celestial sphere, it would have been transferred to another universe.

In another universe celestial sphere has been transferred, ZAP examples and Hyuga is, but to infiltrate the inside of the celestial sphere that appeared in front of the planet Bram, their robot monster who tormented the Ultra warriors of history before the appearance. Identity of artificial celestial sphere is a beat star attempt to "kill organic life" by the robot, in addition to the robot monster to zero who was rushed in order to save the Emerana us, robot Jean killer that was very similar to Jean bot attacked.


Ultras / Other Heroes


Robot Monster corps

BS (beat Star) is attached for the distinction between the past of individuals.

  • Celestial sphere robot King Joe
  • Celestial sphere superman ace killer
  • Celestial sphere iron God impeller homogenizer
  • Celestial machine soldiers Regionoido

Rei of partners monster

  • Ancient Monster - Gomora
  • Primitive Kaitori - Litra


  • Rei - Minami Shota
  • Princess Emerana Luludo Esmeralda - Tao Tsuchiya
  • Kumano - Shunfuji Mitsutoshi
  • Hyuga - Hiroyuki Konishi

Voice of appearance

  • Ultraman Zero : Miyano Mamoru
  • Mirror Night : Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Glen Fire : Seki Tomokazu
  • Jean bot / Jean Bird : Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Ultraman : Kurobe Susumu
  • Ultra Seven : Moritsugi Koji
  • Ultraman Zoffy : Hideyuki Tanaka
  • Jean killer / Jean Nine : Miyu Irino
  • Beat Stars : Ishizuka Unsho

Suit actor

  • Ultraman Zero : Iwata Sakaekei
  • Mirror Night : Rikimaru Kei-dai
  • Glen Fire : Terai Daisuke
  • Jean bot : Fukushima RyuNaru
  • Gomorrah : Yokoo Kazunori
  • Other : Suenaga Hiroshi , Daisuke Fukuda

Theme song

Recommended! Ultraman Zero

  • Lyrics : fields tree, Yamaguchi Tomohiro
  • Composer / Arranger : Konishi Takao
  • Song : voyager

Original OP song of "Ultraman Zero The Movie". In this work it has been used a new version to sing in the system that Shota south of Ray role is applied to the new members.


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