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"Light cannot defeat darkness. For that sake, I will show you!"

Ultra Dark-Killer.

Ultraman Zero Darkness (ウルトラマンゼロダークネス Urutoraman Zero Dākunesu), or simply Zero Darkness (ゼロダークネス Zero Dākunesu), is a corrupted version of Ultraman Zero. He is portrayed as numerous incarnation of his template in various media, while the live action version has him either as Zero possessed by Belial's spirit or as a clone serving the League of Darkness.


Ultra Zero Fight

"His Excellency's soul has obtained the ultimate body. No one can stop him now. Would you like to come and watch the beginning and the end of this universe?"

―Sly to Pigmon.
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After Ultraman Zero clashed against Kaiser Darkness and defeated him, Belial's soul left the Armored Darkness it was possessing, and went inside Zero to possess him. Now using the body of his arch nemesis, Belial had gained more power than he ever had by himself. He then proceeded to kill every member of the Ultimate Force Zero and destroy the Mighty Base. Now unopposed, Zero Darkness, or rather, Belial, could do as he pleased.

However, the spirits of Zero's fallen comrades had reached out to Zero from within, and gave him the strength to exorcise Belial's spirit from his body via the use of his new form Shining Ultraman Zero. With that, Zero Darkness was no more. Awakening of Zero

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

"Think a copy can win against the original? Not in a 20,000 years!"

―Ultraman Zero Beyond

Ultraman Zero and Ultrawoman Grigio fighting Zero Darkness.

Zero Darkness was created by Ultra Dark-Killer using the energy from Ultraman Zero drained through the Dark-Killer Zone as a demonstration of darkness triumphing over light. This copy was sent to fight against the intensely drained Zero and Ultrawoman Grigio before the latter musters her strength to resist the twisted doppelganger and recharge her brothers. Zero Darkness joined his creator in fighting Ultraman Ruebe, where the Super Ultra shrugged off its Wide Zero Shot and retaliates with his Ruebe Vortex Buster. The beam sends Zero Darkness backwards before he exploded. However, Ultraman Tregear revives him and Dark-Killer, the latter growing to gigantic size. Geed, Orb, X, Victory and Ginga lend Zero their energy, allowing him to assume Beyond without Leito's help and finishes his doppelganger off with the Twin Giga Break. In a desperate attempt to gain advantage over the New Generation Heroes, Dark-Killer recreated Zero Darkness and the other three Darkness warriors, only to consume them and grow even larger. Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes


Zero Darkness

As Zero Darkness is initially a possessed Ultraman Zero, his body features are none the different from the former, with his coloration themed after Belial.


  • Height: 49 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Age: N/A
  • Home World: Monster Graveyard (original), Dark-Killer Zone of Planet Tenebris (Darkness Copy)
  • Weaknesses: Since the first Zero Darkness is a possession, he is prone to internal conflict within his body, which resulted in the aquirement of Shining Ultraman Zero.

Body Features

  • Beam Lamp (ビームランプ Bīmu Ranpu): Zero Darkness sports a red Beam Lamp on his forehead but serves no purpose as he is not bounded to an operational time limit due to being a Dark Ultra. Whether he can use Emerium Slash like the original is yet to be seen.
  • Protectors (プロテクター Purotekutā): Like Seven and his son, Zero Darkness bears a set of Protector on his chest, which only served as protection.
  • Dark Zero Sluggers (ダークゼロスラッガー Dāku Zero Suraggā): Likewise with the original, Zero Darkness has a pair of black-colored Sluggers and can use them proficiently. Instead of their normal green aura, they glowed purple.
  • Color Timer (カラータイマー Karā Taimā): A standard device used by Ultra Warriors, his possess connectors that allow him to connect his Dark Zero Sluggers and perform Dark Zero Twin Shoot.
  • Ultra Armor: Zero Darkness's Armor is standard, being resistant to fire and lasers.
  • Eyes: As a result of Belial's influence, Zero Darkness has Zero's yellowish eyes, with reddish outlines.
  • Ultimate Bracelet (ウルティメイトブレスレット Urutimeito Buresuretto): Zero Darkness has a dark version of the Ultimate Bracelet that glowed every time he used his energy slash attack. It is unknown if he can use it to take on Zero's other forms.


  • Strength: Either as a result of Belial, Zero or a combination of both, Zero Darkness is already a gifted warrior and is able to defeat the members of Ultimate Force Zero.
  • Dark Ultra Powers: Zero Darkness displayed frightening dark Ultra powers such as when he took out Jean-Bot and Mighty Base in one attack. He clearly possesses all corrupted versions of Zero's natural abilities, in addition to Belial's own set of powers.



  • Deathcium Shot (デスシウムショット Desushiumu Shotto): Zero Darkness, with a flick of his hand, creates a crescent shaped burst of energy that not only took down Jean-Bot in one hit, but also destroyed the Mighty Base and Mirror Knight. When using this technique, the corrupted Ultimate Bracelet flashes with dark energy, implying it may be the source of the attack.
  • Dark Zero Twin Shoot (ダークゼロツインシュート Dāku Zero Tsuin Shūto): A purple version of Zero Twin Shoot, used to cut Jean-Nine in half.
  • Dark Zero Flash (ダークゼロフラッシュ Dāku Zero Furasshu): A light bullet attack used to counter Mirror Knight's illusions.
  • Wide Darkness Shot: Zero Darkness can fire a dark version of Zero's Wide Zero Shot. This ability is exclusive to the doppelganger in Ultra Galaxy Fight.


  • Dark High Spin: Like the original Ultraman, Zero Darkness can spin his body at high speeds. He did this to counter Jean-Nine, Glen Fire, and Mirror Knight knocking them before they could react.
  • Dark Slash Kick: A copy of Zero's Slash Kick that is empowered by dark energy.

Other Media

Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 Revenge of Baltan Stage Ⅰ

In the 2016 stage show, Zero Darkness is named as Ultraman Zero Dark, the son of Ultraseven Dark and part of the army of evil Ultras that Alien Baltan contacted to aid him in his mission to attack Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before the Ultras arrived and fought against their respective evil counterparts. In the third stage show, Zero Dark participated in the fight lead by Belial, joining forces with a pair of Zamsher swordsmen in against Zero before all of them were sliced by the Ultra Zero Lance.[1]


Ultra Zero Fight

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes



  • Unlike the other "Darkness" clones in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, Zero Darkness already existed and thus, its suit was reused. It was even acknowledged in-universe that Dark-Killer choose him to resemble this form based on Zero's trauma of being possessed.[2][3]
    • He was the final villain to be introduced in New Generation Heroes, which director Koichi Sakamoto admitted to have included him to provide an emotional dilemma to the real Zero.[4]


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