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The Ultraman Zearth: Parody Chapter (ウルトラマンゼアスパロディー篇 Urutoraman Zeasu Parodī Hen) is a 1996 comedy skit released as part of Tonneruzu no Minasan no Okage deshita, a Japanese television variety show and game show. This skit was released before the premiere of the first Ultraman Zearth film, which also serves as a parody of said film.





  •  While Yuka Takaoka retains her role as Tohru, several of the main male cast had swapped roles: 
    • Katsuto is played by Noritake Kinashi, who portrays Butsukichi Konakai.
    • Alien Benzene is played by Takaaki Ishibashi, who portrayed Shinpei Ohkohchi.
    • Ohkohchi is played by Masaharu Sekiguchi, who portrayed Katsuto Asahi in the original film dualogy.
  • The Ultra Brothers and Tobei Tachibana (which is played by the late Akiji) from Kamen Rider served as guest stars for the skit.
    • Likewise, Akiji also portrayed as Shouchiku in the first film.
  • Katsuto's third attempted transformation is a parody of Kamen Norida's, who is also portrayed by Noritake Kinashi.



ゼアスパロディー 篇