1. Chant My Name! (ご唱和ください、我の名を! Goshōwa Kudasai, Ware no Na wo!) DEATH (temporary)

Synopsis: Haruki Natsukawa is a pilot for Global Allied Forces Japan’s robot unit, STORAGE. As he fights day and night to keep the peace on Earth, a new Ultra Hero alights before him! That hero’s name is Ultraman Z. He’s a hot-blooded hero who introduces himself as the disciple of Ultraman Zero. In the face of the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg’s onslaught, the two imperiled heroes become one, and the story of Ultraman Z begins!

Kaiju: Gomess, Sevenger, Genegarg, Bullton, Celebro

2. A Warrior's Principle (戦士の心得 Senshi no Kokoroe)

Synopsis: The Invisible Monster Neronga appears to consume electricity while appearing and disappearing at the same time. STORAGE were sent to deal with the monster. Haruki struggles with Neronga, which absorbs the electric power of Sevenger. STORAGE devises a new strategy to defeat Neronga. Will Haruki and Z be able to capture Neronga?

Kaiju: Neronga, Sevenger, Majappa (Flashback), Bemstar (Flashback), Segmeger (Flashback), Genegarg (Flashback)

3. Live Coverage! The Monster Transport Operation (生中継!怪獣輸送大作戦 Nama Chūkei! Kaijū Yusō Dai Sakusen)

Synopsis: STORAGE was ordered to transport the ancient monster, Gomora to an uninhabited island after a construction company discover it in a mountain. Haruki heads out in Sevenger, but Gomora suddenly awakens! Haruki has no choice but to stop its rampage!

Kaiju: Windom (Cameo), Guigass, Sevenger, Gomora

4. Robot-2 Activation Plan (生二号ロボ起動計画 Nigō Robo Kidō Keikaku)

Synopsis: Anti-monster robot force STORAGE's new asset, Special Craft No. 2, Windom, is finally complete. However, a problem with its energy charge prevents it from being launched. Meanwhile, the Subterranean Monster Telesdon rampages on the surface! Even worse, Telesdon is given a boost by a mysterious power! Can STORAGE and Ultraman Z overcome this challenge?!

Kaiju: Telesdon, Erimaki Telesdon

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