"I ask that you chant my name! Ultraman Z!"

―Z's introduction

Ultraman ZZett (ウルトラマンゼット Urutoraman Zetto)[2][3][4] is the titular Ultra Hero of the series Ultraman Z. He is Ultraman Zero's self-proclaimed disciple. To protect the Earth against rampaging monsters, Z bonded with STORAGE member Haruki Natsukawa during the fight against Genegarg.



Despite being Z's base form, Original was actually made by simplifying the design of Alpha Edge.[5] Each of the other forms are designed with the concept of combat uniforms and drastically changing the main silhouette.[5] LEDs on the eyes and Color Timer can be adjusted in accordance to the brightness of the filming locations. In production stills, the Color Timer appears to be whitish, but its actually dark blue.[6]

  • Alpha Edge: The first form to be designed. The black and thin lines of the suits were made with laser, which is the first time this was ever implemented to a suit. Materials with different thicknesses were implemented on each parts of the body so as to emphasize a three-dimensional movement.[5]
  • Beta Smash: The mask was initially meant to be silver, until director Kiyotaka Taguchi came up an idea to paint the mask in red as well.[7]

In an interview for Tsuburaya Galaxy, Taguchi revealed that Z's first three Ultra Fusion forms are meant to represent three most recent eras of Japan's monarchy:

  • Alpha Edge: Reiwa
  • Beta Smash: Showa
  • Gamma Future: Heisei


Z is the last letter in the English alphabet, and invokes a sense of finality. In-universe, Z's godfather Ultraman Ace gave him this name in hopes that Z would be the "Last Hero" who might bring peace to the universe one day.

All the names of Z's Ultra Fusion forms start with a Greek letter, including the order of their appearances in-series.


Z is a hot-blooded hero who greatly looked up to Ultraman Zero, who became his mentor. Although Zero recognizes his talent and potential, he says that in his current state Z is only "half or maybe one-third" of a fully-fledged hero. Tough and athletic, Z always operates at full power. Z also has a humorous side, as he is unaccustomed to Earth's culture and sometimes uses words incorrectly. While Z is inexperienced and still developing, he's also a passionate hero who loves peace and justice.

He tends to use the word "Ultra" as a prefix to adjectives (such as "Ultra Awesome!" and "Ultra Strong!").

The voice drama episodes show that he does not take his classes very seriously and that he prefers to use his instincts against his enemies instead of studying them.


Z admired Ultraman Zero and joined the Inter Galactic Defense Force hoping to become his student. He was rejected at first, but somehow "succeeded" in following Zero's footsteps later on.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Ultraman Z will appear in this mini-series.

Ultraman Z

Landing on Earth

Z fights Genegarg on Earth

At some point, he and his master chased down Genegarg, who was affected by the Devil Splinters, to Planet Earth, though Zero was thrown into another dimension by a Bullton. Just as Zero was falling into the wormhole, Z received from him the Z Riser and Ultra Medals, continuing on without Zero. Z bonds with STORAGE member Haruki Natsukawa, who died piloting Sevenger against Genegarg. Z revived the young man and used the items he received from Zero to perform Ultra Fusion, transforming into Alpha Edge to defeat Genegarg. After the battle, Z instructs Haruki to collect the Ultra Medals that Genegarg scattered upon its destruction. Chant My Name!

Z with the Z Lance Arrow

Facing several other threats alongside Haruki and STORAGE, Z eventually obtained the Z Lance Arrow, a "gift" from an ancient Ultraman, during Peguila's rampage. Sensing Z and Haruki's determination to save lives, the artifact reacted to them and unveiled its true form, which Z used to defeat Peguila. Shota Hebikura, who had been watching them the whole time, unveiled his true identity to face them as Zeppandon, which he transformed into after copying Haruki's Z Riser. Still, Z manged to defeat Zeppandon. First Juggling

Celebro's Plan

Z, Zero and Geed

Z was later assisted by Ultraman Geed/Riku Asakura, who had gained a Z Riser after his Geed Riser had been damaged while fighting Gillvalis, who was revived by a Devil Splinter. He was ecstatic to be fighting alongside Geed as he told Haruki that Geed was not only a fellow student of Zero's, but the one who destroyed Ultraman Belial. The Man Returns! Later on, Shinya Kaburagi/Celebro took control of the Valis Raiders through Gillvalis' remains and had Riku abducted to extract the Belial Factor from him, which he used to successfully create the Belial Medal. Unable to stop the Vallis Raiders, Z took control of Haruki and fought them off alongside Yoko Nakashima, at human size. Celebro then used the Belial Medal to transform into the Belial Fusion Monsters Skull Gomora, Thunder Killer and Pedanium Zetton. Z and Geed attempted to fight them off, but were being overwhelmed by their power until Ultraman Zero reappeared, helping them win the battle against Celebro. Because of other cases of monsters rampaging due to the Devil Splinters, Zero and Riku left the Earth in Haruki and Z's care while they flew off into space. His Majesty's Medal

Haruki's Breakdown

After destroying a Red King and letting its mate and their egg go, Z's bond with Haruki started deteriorating as Haruki started to have an emotional breakdown due to Haruki having lost his own father, whose death anniversary it was that day. Not understanding why their bond was breaking, Z grew worried. What Must Be Defended 

In the midst of fighting Grigio Raiden, Z, in Alpha Edge, was about to fire his Zestium Beam when Haruki was overcome by his guilt, which stopped Z from destroying it. This caused Z to revert to his original form. Later, during the final battle, a similar event happened when Haruki saw that Grigio Raiden was crying out in pain, again causing Z to revert to his original form and become unable to defend against the monster's Destroy Cannon, forcing King Joe STORAGE Custom to take immediate action. The Cry of Life 

After Haruki talked about his time with Z to Kanegon, who had eaten Haruki's Ultra Medals, Z finally understood why his host was feeling the way he was and promised they'd work together, re-establishing their bond. I'll Feast on Medals!

Haruki later fully reconciled with his emotions after they were interpreted by Bullton's Four-Dimensional Willpower to transport him to the past, during a time when his father was still alive. After meeting his father and asking him how he would approach saving people, even if this meant others would be brought to harm, Haruki learned the value of protecting those within his reach. With his guilt relieved, Haruki resolved to protect those he could, and remember those he couldn't, fully restoring Z's strength. The evening after Z defeated Bullton, a strange dimensional rift appeared in the sky, heralding Greeza's arrival. Four-Dimensional Capriccio

Power Beyond Logic

On the day after the fight against Bullton, Greeza had devoured eleven disaster disposal workers, making it as if they vanished into thin air. Riku contacted Haruki when he detected void vibrations on Haruki's Earth, saying that Bullton's destruction caused a hole to be formed in the universe as it was no longer around to bear "irrationalities" to sustain the universe. Just then, Greeza fully materialized and started to attack the city. Z and Geed transformed to fight against the void monster, and were then joined by Jugglus Juggler, transformed into Tri-King and then Five King. Still, their efforts were not enough to bring Greeza down. Geed decided to sacrifice himself by fusing with Greeza to trap it between reality and unreality, sealing it in its first form. He had told Z that a "needle" existed beyond the void, and gave Z his Ultra Medal for later use.

Delta Rise Claw appears

Having been completely overwhelmed, Z informed Haruki that the only way they could defeat Greeza was with a "power beyond logic", which meant fusing the powers of Zero, Geed and Belial, the latter of which they did not have. Fortunately, Juggler decided to help Haruki obtain the Belial Medal by attacking Celebro at his hideout and forcing him to give up the medal. The three medals reacted with each other to create the Rise Ultra Medals, which Z and Haruki used to transform. After forcing the Belial Atrocious Rise Medal into the Z Riser, Z transformed into Delta Rise Claw, a form that had the power to withstand getting absorbed by Greeza.

Z managed to free Geed from the void and pull out the Beliarok from within Greeza, which was the proverbial "needle" that was required to sew the hole in space and destroy Greeza. After a brief fight, Z and Haruki managed to convince the Beliarok to fight along side them and finished off Greeza with the Deathcium Slash. A Warrior's Duty

Godfather and Godson Reunited

Ace and Z after triumphing over Baraba

One day, a strange portal appeared in the sky during a battle between STORAGE's units and the space monster Bemstar. This portal eventually opened fully to reveal the Terrible-Monster Baraba, which had come to Earth to seek out and kill Ace, but due to the energy being given off by Haruki's Ace Medal, it mistook Haruki and Z for being Ace himself - Yapool's eternal grudge against the Ultras had not faded, and though he had yet to revive, his Terrible-Monsters lived on, as this was the alien mastermind's plan.

Z came to fight Baraba in Ace's stead, aware of his godfather's battle against Yapool and his legion of Terrible-Monsters in the past, but was sorely outclassed against the monster's weaponry, as he had never fought a Terrible-Monster before. Baraba moved in for the kill, and very nearly executed Z with his sword, before Ace arrived just in time to save his godson's life. Reunited, the two Ultra Warriors fought valiantly on, and eventually Z managed to destroy Baraba with the aid of Ace's Space Q, which was incorporated into Z's brand new Space Z ability created from a combination of his own energy and that of Ace. After the battle was over, Ace commended Z on how much stronger he was, and also that he was incredibly proud of everything Z had done so far.The Last Hero



  • Height: 52 m
  • Age: 5,000 years old
  • Time Limit: 3 minutes
  • Weakness: Z will degrade into his Original form from his Ultra Fusions if he is significantly injured, or if Haruki becomes overwhelmed and loses his will to fight. In such a case, Z will be severely weakened and his Color Timer will go off immediately.

Body Features

  • Color Timer: Z has a Z-shaped Color Timer.
  • Eyes: Unlike most Ultras, Z's eyes have a crystal-like texture.
  • Slugger: Z's head crest can be used to launch energy constructs.

  • Z Slugger: In his Alpha Edge and Delta Rise Claw forms, Z has two Sluggers on his head, inherited from Zero.
  • Beam Lamp: In his Alpha Edge and Delta Rise Claw forms, like its components, Z sports a Beam Lamp.
  • Protectors: In his Beta Smash and Gamma Future forms, Z possesses Protector armor on his chest.
  • Light Crystal: In his Gamma Future form, Z gains a light crystal on his forehead.
  • Ultra Holes (ウルトラホール Urutora Hōru): In his Original and Beta Smash forms, Z can open up series of holes on his crest by focusing energy into them. Z can then focus his energy on the Ultra Holes in combination with energy from another Ultra to gain access to the Space Z techique.


Haruki's Ultra Access Card

Haruki Natsukawa sets his Ultra Access Card into the Z Riser before sliding the blade and pressing on the trigger. Transforming in this manner allows Z to possess Haruki's body and fight human-sized opponents. However, Z can only remain transformed for roughly 50 seconds as the transformation puts a heavy burden on Haruki's body.[8]

Haruki Natsukawa sets his Ultra Access Card into the Z Riser and then places three Ultra Medals in the slots before sliding the blade and pressing on the trigger. He says his signature catchphrase for each form before transforming.

"Space Martial Arts, the Inherited Fighting Technique!
Master Zero! Master Seven! Master Leo!

―Activation announcement for Alpha Edge

The rise scene starts with Z emerging from a blue and red background with sparks circulating around him, similar to Ultraseven's transformation scene. As he gets closer, a splash of cyan light appears like in Leo's rise scene before red and blue ribbons of light appear like in Zero's transformations.

"Burn in Scarlet Flames, the Power of Courage!
Brother Ultraman! Brother Ace! Brother Taro!

―Activation announcement for Beta Smash

The background is torn open to reveal a red one like in the opening of Ultraman, which then periodically flashes white similar to Ultraman's rise scene. It is replaced by a fiery background with Taro's ring of light appearing before changing to a blue background with streaks like Ace's rise.

"Phantasmagoria, the Mystic Lights!
Mr. Tiga! Mr. Dyna! Mr. Gaia!

―Activation announcement for Gamma Future

Gamma Future's rise consists of the backgrounds from the title cards for each component's respective show: a purple background with rotating shards from Ultraman Tiga, then a swirling purple and pink background from Ultraman Dyna, ending with the fiery spiral from Ultraman Gaia.

"Swallow the Darkness, Golden Storm!
Master Zero! Mr. Geed! Belial!

―Activation announcement for Delta Rise Claw

Haruki places the Zero, Geed and Belial Medals next to each other, causing them to power up into the Rise Ultra Medals.

The rise background initially consists of a golden background with a blue, red, and white whirlpool of light from Zero Beyond's rise; which then switches to an inward swirl of blue light and black lightning on a red background from Geed Primitive's rise. The background then changes into the Sturm Organ's green swirls and Carellen Element-like sparkles from Belial Atrocious' transformation.



"Ultraman Z!"

―Transformation announcement

Original (オリジナル Orijinaru)[9][10] is Z's default form. As he is still a rookie, Zero compared his strength to barely 1/3 or half of an experienced Ultra, but nevertheless sees potential in the young warrior.

  • Weight: 33,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7[12]
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 900 m
  • Arm Strength: 90,000 t[13]
  • Grip Strength: 62,000 t
  • Energy Kick: Z charges energy into his foot and kicks the enemy.

Alpha Edge

"Zero! Seven! Leo!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Z: Alpha Edge!"

―Transformation announcement

Alpha Edge

Alpha Edge (アルファエッジ Arufa Ejji) is Z's martial arts-oriented form, which uses assets of Ultraseven, Ultraman Leo, and Ultraman Zero. This speedy form fights with Space Martial Arts inherited from his master and specializes in quick moves using karate. This form debuts in episode 1.

  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 10[12]
  • Arm Strength: 100,000 t[13]
  • Enhanced Senses: After following Shota Hebikura's advice, Haruki and Z's increased concentration allowed them to detect Neronga when it was invisible. It was later used to counter Zeppandon's teleportation.
  • Barrier: Z can erect a barrier to block attacks.
  • Zestium Maser (ゼスティウムメーザー Zesutiumu Mēzā)[10]: A high-temperature beam of pinpoint accuracy fired from Z's Beam Lamp. Based on Seven's Emerium Beam, Zero's Emerium Slash, and Leo's Ultra Shot.[15]
  • Space Martial Arts (宇宙拳法 Uchū Kenpō): Z Alpha Edge uses the same fighting style as Zero, who learned it from Leo, who in turned trained under Ultraseven.
  • Alpha Burn Kick (アルファバーンキック Arufa Bān Kikku): A flaming kick attack.
  • Z Slugger (ゼットスラッガー Zetto Suraggā): Z can generate a pair of holographic Zero Sluggers from his head. These can be connected by energy to be used in a similar fashion to nunchucks and bolas, thrown as projectiles, or a barrier.

Beta Smash

"Ultraman! Ace! Taro!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Z: Beta Smash!"

―Transformation announcement

Beta Smash

Beta Smash (ベータスマッシュ Bēta Sumasshu) is Z's strength-oriented form, which uses assets of Ultraman, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro. This powerful form has a dignified fighting style, and specializes in courageous and impressive pro-wrestling type battles. This form debuts in episode 3.

  • Weight: 42,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5[12]
  • Arm Strength: 150,000 t[13]
  • Beta Crescent Slash (ベータクレセントスラッシュ Bēta Kuresento Surassshu): A slicing energy attack, based on Ace's Vertical Guillotine.
  • Energy Rope: Z creates a rope of energy which can be used to swing around and throw the opponent, based off Taro's Ultra Chain.
  • Beta Laser (ベータレーザー Bēta Rēzā): An energy beam fired from Z's crest, based off Ace's Punch Laser.
  • Space Z (スペースZ Supēsu Zetto):[17] By focusing energy on his Ultra Holes to open them and receiving energy from a fellow Ultra, Z forms a powerful sphere of energy that he throws at the enemy, based on Ace's Space Q.
  • Zestium Upper (ゼスティウムアッパー Zesutiumu Appā): Z performs a powerful uppercut punch on the opponent while his body glows with energy, usually after throwing the enemy into the air and jumping after them. It can destroy a monster in one blow. Based on Ultraman's Ultra Punch, Ace's Ace Kick, and Taro's Flying Atomic Punch.[18]
  • Swallow Kick: A flying kick attack performed after several mid-air somersaults, based on Taro's signature kick attack.

Gamma Future

"Tiga! Dyna! Gaia!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Z: Gamma Future!"

―Transformation announcement

Gamma Future

Gamma Future (ガンマフューチャー Ganma Fyūchā) is Z's psychic-oriented form, which uses assets of Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Gaia. This psychic form fights with mysterious powers. He is skilled at versatile beam attacks and fights trickily like a wizard. This form debuts in episode 8.

  • Weight: 32,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 8[12]
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 720 m
  • Arm Strength: 92,000 t[13]
  • Size Change: Z can change his size.
  • Barrier: Z conjures a purple barrier to block attacks.
    • Z Aias (ゼットアイアス Zetto Aiasu): Z creates a series of circular barriers. It is named after Aias, who had a seven-layered shield.
  • Energy Cape: An energy cape on Z's back, which can be used both offensively and defensively.
  • Zestium Drive (ゼスティウムドライブ Zesutiumu Doraibu): Z forms twin energy whips from his hands to strike the opponent. Based on Tiga's Tiga Slicer, Dyna's Dyna Slash, and Gaia's Photon Edge.[20]
  • Gamma Illusion (ガンマイリュージョン Ganma Iryūjon): Z summons glowing projections of Tiga, Dyna and Gaia to join him in battle and fire their signature beams.
  • Gamma Freezer (ガンマフリーザー Ganma Furīzā): A freezing ray, based on Tiga's Tiga Freezer.
  • Energy Sphere: Z can create energy spheres in his hands to attack opponents with.
  • Energy Projectiles: Z is able to fire a large variety of energy projectiles.
  • Energy Chop: A chopping attack where Z's hands are charged with energy.
  • Energy Kick: A kicking attack where Z's foot is charged with energy.
  • Gamma Through (ガンマスルー Ganma Surū): Z creates a portal to go to another location. This can also transport him into the body of another being.
  • Gamma Miracle Hold (ガンマミラクルホールド Ganma Mirakuru Hōrudo): Z conjures rings of light to bind the enemy.
  • Psychic Wave: Z releases an energy wave from his hand which allows him to telekinetically move objects.

Delta Rise Claw

"Zero Beyond! Geed! Belial Atrocious!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Z: Delta Rise Claw!"

―Transformation announcement

Delta Rise Claw (デルタライズクロー Deruta Raizu Kurō)[21] is Z's most powerful Ultra Fusion form, using the assets of Ultraman Zero Beyond, Ultraman Geed Primitive and Ultraman Belial Atrocious.[22] This form debuts in episode 15.

  • Weight: 37,000 t[23]
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 9[12]
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 5[24]
  • Arm Strength: 135,000 t[13]
  • Zestium Slash (ゼスティウム光輪 Zesutiumu Kōrin)[25]
  • Energy Storm: Z is able to generate a gold colored energy storm.
  • Energy Beam: A powerful energy beam fired from Z's left palm.
  • Delta Cross Shot (デルタクロスショット Deruta Kurosu Shotto): A yellow beam fired from Z's Beam Lamp.
  • Beliarok (ベリアロク Beriaroku): A sword with an arm guard themed after Belial's head. It is capable of speech and intelligent thought.[26]
    • Reversal: The Beliarok can be used to absorb an enemy's attack before redirecting it back at them.
    • Energy Slash: Z can unleash a purple energy slash from the Beliarok.
    • Eye Beam: A beam fired from the Beliarok's eyes.
    • Deathcium Slash (デスシウムスラッシュ Desushiumu Surasshu): Z slashes a "Z" through the opponent's body with the Beliarok.
      • Another variation has Z trace a "Z" in the air, then thrust the sword to generate an energy drill with which he impales the opponent.
      • A third variation is a slashing energy wave from the sword, powerful enough to split an alien from its host and tear open a dimensional rift.
    • Deathcium Fang (デスシウムファング Desushiumu Fangu): An apparition of Belial's head chomps down on the opponent.
    • Deathcium Claw (デスシウムクロー Desushiumu Kurō): Z impales the Beliarok into the ground. It summons two giant claws to attack the enemy.
      • Another variation has the claws form a binding ring of energy.

Sigma Breastar

"Zoffy! Mebius! Tiga!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Z: Sigma Breastar!"

―Transformation announcement

Sigma Breastar (シグマブレスター Shiguma Buresutā) is Z's thermal-oriented form, which uses assets of Zoffy, Ultraman Mebius, and Ultraman Tiga. In addition to thermokinesis, he can also exert Tiga's ability to harness power and speed.

So far, it is exclusive to Ultraman Fusion Fight! Z Heat, but the form was also mentioned in a passing by Z himself when discussing with Zero over their hypothetical Ultra Fusions. Ultra Medals

  • Weight: 36,000 t[27]
  • Fire and Super Strength: Z's upper body is capable of exerting both the power of fire and super strength.
  • Ice and Super Speed: Z's lower body can unleash a gust of cold air and moving at an incredible speed.
  • Zestium Ray Burst (ゼスティウムレイバースト Zesutiumu Rei Bāsuto): Z simultaneously unleashes a freezing wave from his right palm and a flaming beam from his left palm.
  • Energy Bullet: A light bullet fired from Z's hand.

Standard Abilities

  • Zestium Beam (ゼスティウム光線 Zesutiumu Kōsen): Z's signature Ultra Beam, fired from his arms in a "+". It can be used by all of Z's forms.
  • Energy Projectile: Z shoots energy projectiles from his crest. This is Z's standard energy attack for all his forms in Ultraman Fusion Fight!.
  • Z Riser: Z can use his transformation device as a weapon.
    • Lightning Generade (ライトニングジェネレード Raitoningu Jenerēdo): Using Cosmos, Nexus, and Mebius' powers, Z summons lightning bolts to strike down the enemy.
    • M78 Style Shining Tornado Slash (M78流・竜巻閃光斬 Emu Nana Hachi Ryū Tatsumaki Senkō Zan): Using Zoffy, Jack, and Father of Ultra's powers, the Z Riser unleashes an energy blade to fight with. Later on, Z creates a whirlwind to blow the opponent away, and throws a buzzsaw disc at them.
  • Z Lance Arrow (ゼットランスアロー Zetto Ransu Arō): A lance weapon that Z uses in combat.
    • Lance Cutter (ランスカッター Ransu Kattā): A slicing attack.
    • Arrow Shot (アローショット Arō Shotto): An energy projectile fired from the lance's tip.
    • Z Lance Fire (ゼットランスファイヤー Zetto Ransu Faiyā): Z draws the letter Z with flames, which he then sends flying towards the opponent, combusting them alive.
    • Z Ice Arrow (ゼットアイスアロー Zetto Aisu Arō): Z creates a large energy bow, which launches an arrow that freezes its target.


Like Orb and Geed, the Ultras used in each of Z's fusion forms share something in common with each other.

  • Ultraman Zero + Ultraseven + Ultraman Leo = Alpha Edge: They share a chain of mentor and disciple relationships, with Seven training Leo and then Leo training Zero, who in turn trained Z. In addition to being trained in terms of physical resilience, they can also perform combination attacks together. Seven and Leo are also the most important Ultras in Zero's life, as the former is his father and the latter is his mentor. Both Seven and Leo (under their human guises of Dan and Gen respectively) were also members of MAC.
    • They are also related somewhat related to Geed in that while Zero periodically fought alongside Geed, Seven and Leo are components for Geed's Solid Burning form.
  • Ultraman + Ultraman Ace + Ultraman Taro = Beta Smash: Taro is Ace's adoptive brother, and the three are all part of the Ultra Brothers. They also each had a human host they were forced to separate with, either due to massive injury on the former or by personal choice in the latter party.
  • Ultraman Tiga + Ultraman Dyna + Ultraman Gaia = Gamma Future: They revived the franchise in the late 90's and are officially the first three Heisei Ultras. They are also often placed together during crossovers and popularize the concept of Human Ultraman (人間ウルトラマン Ningen Urutoraman), wherein the human hosts are in control of their Ultraman alter-egos.
  • Ultraman Zero + Ultraman Belial + Ultraman Geed = Delta Rise Claw: All three of them are powerful Ultras with great potential in their youthful age. Zero and Geed are in fact foils of Belial and the two would have fallen to the same dark path as Belial had if someone had not interfered. Aside from that, these three share an intimate, complex relationship, direct beings on the path the others took. Belial was defeated by both Geed and Zero, making them both heroes. Zero was bitter enemies with Belial, and guided Geed as an Ultra, becoming like a big brother to him. To Geed, Belial is his father, a part of his life. Another thing in common is the fact that the form of Zero Beyond, Geed Primitive, and Belial Atrocious are accessed with the Riser in Ultraman Geed.
    • Zero was as power-hungry as Belial, but he was prevented from touching the Plasma Spark by his father and eventually matures into a heroic Ultra Warrior that eventually saved the Land of Light.
    • Being a clone of Ultraman Belial, Geed was pressured by the public opinion due to the uncanny resemblance of his father and would have joined his father had Laiha not interfered. Geed as well saved the World of Side Space by destroying his father once and for all and was eventually honored as a hero.
  • Zoffy + Ultraman Tiga + Ultraman Mebius = Sigma Breastar: Zoffy, Tiga and Mebius had their powers shared to Ultraman Orb during his mission to eradicate Lord Monsters that they previously sealed on Earth. All three of them are related to the original Ultraman in many important aspects, down to the point of adopting his design archetype. In-universe however, this form was conceptualized by Zero and Z due to Zoffy and Mebius' thermal-based attacks, while taking into account Tiga's ability to balance the fighting skills. Ultra Medals

Other Media

Ultraman Day 2020

On Ultraman Day (10 July) 2020, the Ultraman series Twitter account roleplayed as Z.[28] Z had a conversation with Zero over a messaging app written in Ultra Language on what Ultraman Day is.[29]

At first, he struggled to use a hashtag (using 丼[30] and then 井[31] instead) for Ultraman Day but eventually got it right.[32] He then set out to collect the feelings of appreciation (in the form of glowing orbs with their Ultra Signs in them) for Ultraman, from the other 5 Ultra Brothers. Z first went up to Taro and Zoffy, then met with Ace looking at the stars, then trained with the Ultra Lance with Jack. Z then met with Seven, who threw the orb at him. With all five gathered, Z mustered up his courage to deliver them to Ultraman, who accepted him and his offering. Ultraman performed the Cross Touch (クロスタッチ Kurosu Tacchi) with Z to signify their bonds.[33]


  • Z is:
    • The second primarily blue Ultra to have his own series, after Ultraman Cosmos.
    • The first Ultra from the Land of Light known to have natural black markings, besides non-canon characters.

Z's Color Timer

  • The surface of Z's Color Timer is engraved with a pattern of letter Zs.
  • In the Ultraman Z Premiere Online Event[34] held on June 5th, the show's director Kiyotaka Taguchi mentions that the reason behind Z's catchphrase was because he noticed that having Haruki, a complete novice at being an Ultraman, call out the name of Z, just like his predecessors who proclaimed their Ultra personas during their transformation sequences, would be rather unnatural. After much discussion with the cast and crew, they settled on the current catchphrase, where Z himself tells Haruki to chant his name.
  • The classes Z takes in the Inter Galactic Defense Force include space meteorology, ancient space literature, and monster ecology. If You Face A Transparent Monster
  • The black markings on Z Original's body has been a source of mystery, even in-universe, because Residents of the Land of Light do not have natural black colors on them. When Zero was about to ask Z of them, he dodges the question and says that his mysterious side must be kept a secret. Ultramen in Other Space-Times
  • The similarity between Beta Smash and Redman are pointed out by many fans and is also acknowledged by one of the series' writers, Takao Nakano.[35] However, designer Masayuki Gotou admitted that it was never meant to resemble the red figure in any way or another.[36]
    • This gets a recognition in-universe when a lost Kanegon quickly compared this form to a certain "red guy". I'll Feast on Medals!
  • Suit actor Hideyoshi Iwata revealed that Beta Smash's moves were inspired by pro-wrestlers from 1990, especially the Super Generation Army team. His use of a cutter was inspired by Japanese wrestler Satoshi Kojima's Koji-Koji Cutter. Z's performance of this technique in against Telesdon even caught the interest of Diamond Dallas Page.[37]


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