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"You even copied my MonsArmor?!"

―Ultraman X (Daichi Oozora)

Ultraman X Darkness (ウルトラマンエックスダークネス Urutoraman Ekkusu Dākunesu) is a dark clone of Ultraman X that first appears in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. He is presented as a member of the League of Darkness.[1][2][3]


Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

X Darkness was created by Ultra Dark-Killer, who stole Ultraman X's light and merged it with his Killer Plasma.[4] X Darkness and Geed Darkness first dealt with their original counterparts on Planet Sundowin before going to Planet O-50 to fight Ultraman Orb. Geed Darkness and X Darkness eventually overpower Orb after a short battle, who tried battling them in his Fusion Up forms, and proceeded to absorb Orb's light energy. They were interrupted with the arrival of Ultraman Victory, who held the two of them off long enough for he and Orb to escape.

Ultraman X fighting X Darkness

When the New Generation Heroes storm Planet Tenebris, X Darkness once again fight his template and managed to keep up with all of his MonsArmors even when he utilized only a dark copy of Gomora Armor. He was killed after X utilized the Ultraman Zero Armor to perform Final Ultimate Zero, causing the twisted doppelganger to explode upon contact. In a desperate attempt to gain advantage over the New Generation Heroes, Dark-Killer recreated X Darkness and the other three Darkness warriors, only to consume them and grow even larger. Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes



  • Height: 45 m
  • Weight: 45,000 t
    • w/ Darkness Gomora Armor: Presumably the same as Ultraman X Gomora Armor.

Body Features

  • X Color Timer (エックスカラータイマー Ekkusu Karā Taimā): Being a copy of Ultraman X, X Darkness also has his version of a Color Timer. Unlike the former however, this Timer constantly shines red even when X Darkness initiates his Xanadium Darkness Beam.


Ultraman X Darkness


  • Xanadium Darkness Beam (ザナディウムダークネス光線 Zanadiumu Dākunesu Kōsen): X Darkness can utilize the same finishing ability as his original counterpart. He does this by raising his right hand to absorb energy, then swings it to his left hand while drawing a line with his left foot and perform an "X" hand position to fire the attack.
  • X Double Slash (Xダブルスラッシュ Ekkusu Daburu Surasshu): X Darkness rapidly fires purple energy bullets from his palms.
  • Attacker Darkness X (アタッカーダークネスX Atakkā Dākunesu Ekkusu)[5]: X Darkness coats himself in a purple flame and releases an "X" shaped fire construct at the enemy. Unlike his counterpart, he fires it directly, instead of maneuvering to the air first.
  • Ultraman X Darkness Kick: A kick attack coated with dark energy.
  • Ultraman X Darkness Punch: A punch attack coated with dark energy.
  • Light Absorption: X Darkness can absorb the light energy from other Ultras and contain it within his body.
  • MonsArmor (モンスアーマー Monsuāmā): In the same way as the original X, X Darkness can equip himself in MonsArmor, giving him the capabilities of a Cyber Kaiju. Although he has only been shown using the Darkness Gomora Armor, it is unknown if he can access other forms as well.

Darkness Gomora Armor

Darkness Gomora Armor

Darkness Gomora Armor (ダークネスゴモラアーマー Dākunesu Gomora Āmā) is an armament utilized by Ultraman X Darkness, based on Cyber Gomora.

  • Gauntlet Claws: Ultraman X Darkness gains Cyber Gomora's claws, which help him in melee combat.
  • Darkness Gomora Oscillatory Wave (ダークネスゴモラ振動波 Dākunesu Gomora Shindō-ha): X Darkness charges energy into the claws and unleashes it on the enemy.


Ultra Galaxy Fight; New Generation Heroes



  • Alongside Ultraman Geed Darkness, X Darkness was chosen and modeled by Koichi Sakamoto after Ultra Dark-Killer's Ultra Dark Killer Brothers.[6]
  • The Twitter account of Tamashi Nations revealed that since Ultraman X Darkness' S.H.Figuarts is simply a repaint of the original Ultra, therefore it is compatible with the MonsArmor Option Parts Set, allowing users to recreate the original X's MonsArmor forms or even a variation of Hybrid Armor with X Darkness' Darkness Gomora Armor.[7][8]
  • According to Ultraman Fusion Fight!'s promotion of X Darkness, his use of MonsArmors lack the bonds and desire to coexist with monsters that Daichi and X have when utilizing said armors.[9]


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