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"He is... an Ultra-Ancient warrior who builds a future of smiling faces. A Giant of Light... Ultraman Trigger."

Mitsukuni Shizuma's description of Ultraman Trigger.

"We are... The light of hope... To build the future. I am... Ultraman Trigger!"

―Present Kengo and Past Kengo/Trigger Dark merging into Ultraman Trigger, The 30-Million-Year Miracle

Ultraman Trigger (ウルトラマントリガー Urutoraman Torigā) is the titular Ultra Hero of the series Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. He is an ancient Ultraman who once fought against darkness 30 million years ago and was revived in the modern era after his long slumber.[2][3]



Trigger's name was picked form a word that started with the letter 'T' and sounded close to Tiga's name.[4]


Masayuki Gotoh was requested to design an Ultraman based on Tiga for the modern era, and decided to go with a simple design. To enhance the "Ultra-Ancient" image, Gotoh added relief-like details on his Protector that change with each form; round in Power Type, angular in Sky Type and mixed in Multi Type. Golden parts were added onto Trigger's arms and feet to make him more modern and distinguished from Tiga.[4]

According to director Koichi Sakamoto, Ultraman Trigger is designed to resemble American comic book superheroes, citing the evolution of their costume designs over the years, while at the same time trying to turn Trigger into an Ultra worthy of the image of Reiwa Era. The decision for Trigger's Type Change to resemble Tiga is that aside from adapting his predecessor's elements, it was also an attempt at distancing past Ultra's ability to assume new forms by incorporating their predecessor's powers. His use of Circle Arms is an inherited element from his New Generation Heroes predecessors, but Sakamoto also added that said weapon will play an important plot in the future.[5] Suit modeling of Trigger's Type Changes were made to ensure that each forms has their distinctive attributes; Power Type is made to be muscular, while Sky Type is portrayed as stylish.[6]

Glitter Trigger Eternity's overall design is a remnant for a previous plan for the series where three Ultramen combined into one, and thus he has three Color Timers. The form was also designed keeping in mind that the Tokyo Olympics were coinciding with the airing of Ultraman Trigger, and Gotoh decided to color the form based on the gold, silver and bronze medals, with orange replacing bronze.[4]



"It wasn't just three Giants of Darkness who fought Yuzare?! [...] That giant's name is... Trigger!"

Akito Hijiri, Wavering Heart.

Trigger Dark and the Giants of Darkness in ancient times

30 million years prior, Trigger was originally Trigger Dark, the strongest and fourth member of the Giants of Darkness, as well as Darrgon's sparring partner and Carmeara's lover. His past as a dark giant was originally unknown and recorded on a hidden part an ancient stone tablet that depicted Trigger's battles against the Giants of Darkness. Wavering Heart Trigger and the other Giants of Darkness captured Yuzare and took her to an altar to open the gate to the Eternity Core. Under Carmeara's instruction, Trigger Dark was the first of the Giants of Darkness to approach the object. Before he could do anything to it, Kengo Manaka, who had traveled back in time through a vortex, entered Trigger's Inner Space and convinced him to turn to the light and fight for everyone's smiles. They eventually realized that they are one and the same being. Trigger Dark became Ultraman Trigger, and banished his former comrades into deep space with help from Yuzare and the Eternity Core. Trigger then went to sleep in an upside-down pyramid ruin on planet Mars, and was forgotten to time. His stone statue was located on the bottom floor, while the Circle Arms was on the top floor.

The stone tablet chronicling Trigger's defection to the light

These events were witnessed by Zabil and recorded on a tablet that he carved out of the stone from the pillars that the light of Trigger's Type Changes merged with, warning future generations of the three Giants of Darkness' eventual return. The tablet was unearthed at some point in time and placed in Akito Hijiri's lab the Nursedessei, where he studied its contents and managed to extract Trigger's light to create his Type Changes' Hyper Keys.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Revival of the Ancient Giant

In the present day, Trigger Dark frequently appeared within Kengo's recurrent dream, in which Yuzare gave the young man a cryptic message, before Trigger Dark would appear, shrouded in shadows. Connection of Light In one instance, Kengo dreamed himself into the Ultra-Ancient era, witnessing the Giants of Darkness destroying the ancient civilizations from Trigger Dark's perspective. For Smiles

The statue of Ultraman Trigger within the ruins on Mars

Trigger's ruins and petrified weapon were discovered by Reina Manaka and her team, who had been investigating there. Eventually, starting with Carmeara, the Giants of Darkness revive in the modern era. Kengo Manaka, a botanist on Mars, inherited the power of light from Ultra-Ancient times. Trigger's light flowed into a blank GUTS Hyper Key, allowing Kengo to become one with Trigger in the ruins to fight against Golba and Carmeara when they attack the ruins. Connection of Light[2][3] Kengo then went to Earth and joined GUTS-Select, who helped Trigger in his battles against various enemies includng Darrgon and Hudram, as well as the other monsters they control.

Team-up With Ultraman Z

Z and Trigger fight Alien Barossa

Ultraman Z and his human host Haruki Natsukawa were brought to Trigger's universe by Bullton while chasing an Alien Barossa who stole King Joe STORAGE Custom. Haruki's Z Riser was damaged by Barossa and a Baby Zandrias tried to steal Haruki's Ultra Medals. GUTS-Select discover Haruki while investigating King Joe, and while he bonded with Kengo over their experiences as Ultramen, Akito Hijiri transferred Z's power into a GUTS Hyper Key and lent a GUTS Sparklence to Haruki, allowing him to transform into Z Original. When Alien Barossa grew into a giant, Z and Trigger teamed up to defeat him, recovering Z's Ultra Medals soon after. Inter Universe

With the Z Riser still broken, Akito transferred the Ultra Medals' power into GUTS Hyper Keys, allowing Z to access his other forms, which he did against Dada PDO-3, who had hacked into King Joe. After the battle was over, Beliarok informed Z that they could go home by cutting a hole in space and time. Kengo bid farewell to Z and Haruki as they left, bringing the broken King Joe with them. The Propagating Invasion

Darkness And Light

Trigger's light vanishes

Cameara attacked Trigger and performed her Curse of Darkness on him, causing his light to drain away. In desperation, Kengo fired the Zeperion Beam at the dark vortex above him, and somehow caused a time rift to open and pull him 30 million years into the past. While he met with Yuzare and the Giants of Darkness, he also saw Trigger Dark, and attempted to convince him to turn to the light and fight for everyone's smiles. In the present, the lifeless body of Ultraman Trigger rose up. Now drained of light, Trigger Dark returned in the modern era, going on an aimless rampage. After the Giants of Darkness in the past used Yuzare to open the gate to the Eternity Core, Yuzare handed an Ancient Sparklence to Kengo, who used it to enter Trigger Dark's Inner Space to convince him some more, but instead found himself attacked by the Giant of Darkness. The Encounter of Light and Darkness Eventually, Kengo managed to reach Trigger's heart, and found out that he and Trigger are one and the same. They became one and Trigger Dark turned from the darkness, becoming Ultraman Trigger Multi Type.

Three Triggers fight the Giants of Darkness

Multi Type, Power Type and Sky Type, somehow split into three and fought against Carmeara, Darrgon and Hudram respectively. When Power Type and Sky Type were defeated, they were converted into light that was absorbed by the nearby ruins. Yuzare sent the Eternity Core's power to Kengo at the cost of her own life. The light started to petrify Trigger and the Giants of Darkness until Trigger pushed his opponents into space while they turned into stone, with Trigger's own petrified remains landing on Mars and thus completing the time loop that started all these events. The ruins that absorbed Power and Sky Types were at some point used to construct the stone tablet recording these events. 30 million years later, Akito was able to extract the Type Changes' light out of the tablet to create Trigger's other Hyper Keys.

Glitter Trigger Eternity appears

Kengo was brought back to the present by another time vortex after hearing Akito and Yuna Shizuma's voices calling for him. He transformed into Ultraman Trigger to fight against the Giants of Darkness including Trigger Dark, but was overwhelmed. Yuzare's spirit came forth from the ring she left behind and through it, Yuna granted Trigger a fragment of the Eternity Core, allowing him to become Glitter Trigger Eternity. While his new power was too much for him to handle, Trigger forced the three Giants of Darkness to retreat, and destroyed the rampaging Trigger Dark, reducing him into dark essence that merged with Ignis. The 30-Million-Year Miracle

Invasion of the Absolutians

Trigger has his energy absorbed by Absolute Diavolo

Two Absolutian warriors, Absolute Diavolo and Absolute Tartarus, came to Trigger's Earth looking for the Eternity Core. They sent Darebolic to draw out Ultraman Trigger and in the ensuing battle, Trigger's shoulder was hurt by gunfire. Despite knowing the risk, Kengo was forced to use Glitter Trigger Eternity once again to end the battle, but its overwhelming power injured Trigger and Kengo. Diavolo then appeared shortly after, leaving Kengo with little time to recover from his wounds. Trigger was outmatched by the Absolutian and had to rely on the Eternity Core's power again. However, Diavolo took the chance to restrain Trigger and absorb his energy. Suddenly, Ultraman Ribut appeared and fought Diavolo, giving Trigger the chance to escape. Diavolo left after being told off by Tartarus to remember their objective of securing the Eternity Core. The Golden Threat

Trigger's Cross Touch with Ribut

Ribut, in his human form, decided to train Kengo so that he can learn to control Glitter Trigger Eternity's power, with Yuna taking part as well so that she can face her destiny as Yuzare's descendant. First, Ribut sparred with Kengo, telling him that he was out of focus. Ribut then got the other two to dance in sync with him to get them to empty their minds. When they succeeded, Ribut knocked out Kengo and got Yuna to reawaken him using Yuzare's powers. Kengo realized that while he was the incarnation of Trigger's light, he was also human, and stopped pushing himself so hard. After Diavolo appeared and had his energy drained, Trigger, Ribut and the Nursedessei, now in Battle Mode, fought against Diavolo. Trigger was now able to control the Eternity Core's power, unleashing several finishers successively on Diavolo. With the help of Ribut and GUTS-Select, Diavolo was defeated. Trigger performed the Cross Touch with Ribut, thanking him for his help and sending him off back to the Galaxy Rescue Force. Operation Dragon

Battle Against the Darkness

Trigger and GUTS-Select continued to fight against other threats to the Earth, including Metsu-Orga and its evolved form, Metsu-Orochi. Trigger Dark, re-emerging through Ignis, also battled Trigger with the power of the Kaiju Keys that Ignis had stolen. Sneering Destruction The other Giants of Darkness also intervened in their battles, but ultimately, Trigger Dark was defeated and the Giants of Darkness could not keep up with Trigger. Raging Feast Later on, Trigger was tested by a Kyriel which caused him to have to fight a Golba that seemingly came out of nowhere. Smile Operation No.1 Under the effects of Morpheus R, the Giants of Darkness also began to fight among themselves until Trigger dealt with them and in the process, Kengo noticed that Carmeara was upset and that she used to be happy when she was with Trigger in the past.

Tiga and Trigger battle against the Kyrieloid

After driving them away, the Kyriel transformed into a Kyrieloid and challenged Trigger, who was already running out of energy. Fortunately, Yuna was abe to use Yuzare's power to awaken the "light" inside Mitsukuni Shizuma, allowing him to summon Ultraman Tiga, who recharged Trigger's energy. They utilized their Type Changes and various finishers to chase down and destroy the Kyrieloid, ending the battle with their Zeperion Beams. Tiga then disappeared into light as he flew back into space. What Makes a Savior

Trigger and Trigger Dark face Megalothor

Eventually, Carmeara gained additional power of darkness from both Hudram and Darrgon after their deaths, allowing her to defeat even Glitter Trigger Eternity. She kidnapped Yuna and made her open the way to the Eternity Core, and managed to access it, transforming into Megalothor. Last Game My Friend After Carmeara used the energy of the Eternity Core to transform into Megalothor, Ignis transformed into Trigger Dark again to come to Trigger and GUTS-Select's rescue, aiding Trigger in fending off Megalothor long enough for GUTS-Select to escape from its overwhelming darkness. Together, the two Ultras seemingly defeated Megalothor, but Carmeara had survived, and began absorbing and releasing vast quantities of darkness. Aware that the darkness was about to swallow up both himself and Trigger Dark, Ignis quickly reverted back to normal.

Later, after Kengo revealed his identity as Trigger to the rest of GUTS-Select, he and Ignis transformed into Trigger and Trigger Dark once more to confront Megalothor, now evolved into its second form, for the final battle. The Ruler of Shadows Despite their best efforts, both Triggers were unable to keep up with Megalothor and to make matters worse, the Eternity Core's increasing instability had caused its energy to erupt from the ground, endangering everyone. Trigger transformed into Glitter Trigger Eternity and plunged the Glitter Blade into the ground to make use of the overflowing energy, hoping to blow away Megalothor with the Eternity Zerades. Still, Megalothor survived and both Triggers were defeated.

Trigger's light and darkness fuse into Trigger Truth

After some reconciliation, the team had come to the conclusion that a power equal to Megalothor's was needed in order to blow it away. Kengo and Ignis were reminded that Trigger was once a giant of darkness, and that Trigger Dark was once able to use Glitter Trigger Eternity's power, which gave them the idea of restoring Trigger to his "true" self by combining light and darkness. Betting everything on this last gamble, Ignis gave Trigger Dark's power to Kengo's Multi Type key, changing it into the Trigger Truth key. With this new item, Kengo transformed into Trigger Truth, who wielded the powers of both light and darkness within him, to fight Megalothor again, with Carmeara inside the monster cursing at him for his new form. While Trigger was able to put up a better fight this time, he was still overwhelmed, and knocked into the sea.

Even in this dark time, the children of the world refused to give up hope, and cheered for Trigger despite his seeming defeat. Their cheers resonated with the people around them, and soon, they gave their light to Trigger, restoring his energy. Trigger held off Megalothor while Yuna gathered the excess Eternity Core energy into the Nursedessei, with her teammates protecting her from copies of Darrgon and Hudram spawned from Megalothor's darkness. When enough energy was gathered, the copies were banished by the golden light, which was fired at Trigger, boosting him up further for his final attack, True Timer Flash, which pierced through and destroyed Megalothor.

Trigger sacrifices himself to control the Eternity Core

With the Ruler of Shadows destroyed, the sun's light returned to the Earth. Kengo had one last conversation with Carmeara before she died, realizing the warmth of the light as she disappeared. However, the Eternity Core was still on the verge of collapsing, which could cause a Big Bang in the worst case scenario. To protect everyone's smiles and futures, Kengo had bid farewell to his friends while promising Akito that he would return eventually. He transformed into Trigger and reached the Eternity Core, sacrificing himself by becoming one with it to stabilize its energy. To the Ones Who Believe in Smiles / Pull the Trigger

Unknown to everyone, Zabil was watching all of Ultraman Trigger's battles from the shadows, having anticipated and prepared for all of these events.

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

After stabilizing the Eternity Core for two years, Trigger's life started to burn away and should that happen, his light would be gone forever and Kengo would have no hope of returning. GUTS-Select decided to cooperate with the Leyrah cultists to find a way to stop the process, and agreed on using the Sol satellite to displace Trigger from the Eternity Core by feeding it with the Sun's pure and powerful energy to take his place. The plan succeeded and Trigger was successfully removed from the Eternity Core, but his light was spread out as a result, and his Hyper Keys were scattered.

Kengo was able to transform into Ultraman Trigger again after Haruki Natsukawa tackled a Leyrah cultist and passed the Multi Type Key to Kengo, just in time to fight against a Gazort who had possession of the Sky Type Key, and managed to recover it by forcing Gazort to regurgitate it. He then changed into Sky Type and destroyed Gazort using the Sky Arrow. A Genegarg and Deathdrago suddenly appeared, and Trigger fought them with the help of Ultraman Z. They were struggling until Yuna and Akito manage to find the Power Type Key in a haunted house, and passed it back to Kengo so that he can Type Change to Power Type, and finish off the two monsters.

However, Ultraman Z went berserk as a result of Celebro possessing Haruki, who then defeated Trigger. He had his GUTS Sparklence and Hyper Keys taken by the Leyrah cultists, who were working in cooperation with Celebro so that their leader Zabil, who was Captain Tokioka in disguise, can create the "light" for himself and become Evil Trigger. While Ignis came back and fought both Z and Evil Trigger, Kengo and Akito break through the barrier they set up and reclaim the devices, allowing Trigger to join the battle. He managed to get Haruki to overcome Celebro's control, and the three Ultras ganged up on Evil Trigger.

Zabil started to succumb to his desires, tainting his "light" with his own darkness, becoming more powerful at the cost of his own sanity. Celebro also took over the Leyrah leader, and summoned Destrudos, giving the three Ultra Warriors a difficult time. Yuna then decided to sacrifice Yuzare's powers, and the entrance to the Eternity Core, so that she can take a fragment of the Eternity Core and give it to Trigger, allowing him to become Glitter Trigger Eternity. They defeated Destrudos easily and then confronted Evil Trigger, who had grown to giant size because of the darkness inside him. Still, Evil Trigger was no match for the three of them, and shattered to pieces after being hit by a combined beam attack.

Afterwards, Kengo went on living with his comrades at GUTS-Select, accepting that he was both light and darkness, human and Ultraman. Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

Ultraman Decker

Ten years after the battle against the Giants of Darkness, Trigger rises once again when the Spheres attack. He somehow obtained the Ultra Dual Sword, which he passes to Ultraman Decker.[7][8]



Body Features

  • Color Timer: A diamond-shaped Color Timer.
    • Triangle Crystal (トライアングルクリスタル Toraianguru Kurisutaru): The three crystals on Glitter Trigger Eternity's chest, which hold the powers of his other Type Changes.[9][11][12]
  • Protectors: Golden protectors on his chest. They glow when Trigger performs a finisher attack.
  • Light Crystal: A glowing crystal on his forehead.


Kengo Manaka converts the GUTS Sparklence into its Sparklence mode, loads it with an Ultraman Trigger GUTS Hyper Key, and by pulling the trigger held skywards he transforms into Ultraman Trigger.[2][3]


Multi Type

"Build the future, the light of hope! Ultraman Trigger!"

―Transformation phrase

Multi Type

Multi Type (マルチタイプ Maruchi Taipu) is Trigger's natural form that balances both speed and power. Whether on land, sea, or air, he can engage with a multitude of fighting styles.[2][3][9] This form debuts in episode 1.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 800 m
  • Arm Strength: 70,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 50,000 t
  • Zeperion Beam (ゼペリオン光線 Zeperion Kōsen)[2][3][9]: A white Ultra Beam fired from Trigger's arms arranged in the L-style.
  • Trigger Slicer (トリガースライサー Torigā Suraisā): A large energy arc unleashed from Trigger's hands.
  • Multi Spacium Beam: Trigger can fire the Spacium Beam in the form of multiple energy blasts.
  • Spiral Beam: Trigger fires a spiraling energy beam from his right hand.
  • Hand Beam: A thin beam with slicing properties, fired from the hand.
  • Trigger Multi Punch (トリガーマルチパンチ Torigā Maruchi Panchi)
    • Energy Punch: A punch attack performed after charging up energy into his fist.
  • Trigger Multi Chop (トリガーマルチチョップ Torigā Maruchi Choppu)
  • Trigger Multi Kick (トリガーマルチキック Torigā Maruchi Kikku)
  • Timer Flash: Trigger emits a flash of light from his Color Timer, used to knock enemies away.
  • Double Zeperion Beam (ダブルゼペリオン光線 Daburu Zeperion Kōsen): Tiga and Trigger fire their Zeperion Beams at the same time.[14]

Power Type

"Seize the victory, the light of strength! Ultraman Trigger!"

―Transformation phrase

Power Type

Power Type (パワータイプ Pawā Taipu) is Trigger's form that focuses on raw power. It works well in hand-to-hand combat against a heavyweight foe.[2][3] This form debuts in episode 2.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 500 m
  • Deracium Beam Torrent (デラシウム光流 Derashiumu Kōryū)[2][3][9]: A stream of light shot from Trigger's palm. Though it uses a lot of energy, its power is extraordinary.
  • Trigger Power Punch (トリガーパワーパンチ Torigā Pawā Panchi)
  • Trigger Power Kick (トリガーパワーキック Torigā Pawā Kikku)
  • Trigger Power Buster (トリガーパワーバスター Torigā Pawā Basutā)[15]: Trigger lifts up the opponent overhead and throws them.
  • Trigger Giant Swing (トリガージャイアントスイング Torigā Jaianto Suingu)[15]
  • Double Deracium Beam Torrent: Tiga and Trigger fire their Deracium Beam Torrents at the same time.

Sky Type

"Dominate the sky, the light of speed! Ultraman Trigger!"

―Transformation phrase

Sky Type

Sky Type (スカイタイプ Sukai Taipu) is Trigger's most agile form, he becomes able to utilize quick movements to attack. It is best used against monsters that can fly, battles in the air, or high-speed combat.[2][3] This form debuts in episode 3.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1000 m
  • Runboldt Beam Shell (ランバルト光弾 Ranbaruto Kōdan)[2][3][9]: A powerful energy bolt fired from Trigger's hand. Can also be fired as a continuous energy beam.
  • Trigger Freezer (トリガーフリーザー Torigā Furīzā)[15]
  • Trigger Sky Chop (トリガースカイチョップ Torigā Sukai Choppu)
  • Trigger Sky Kick (トリガースカイキック Torigā Sukai Kikku)[15]
  • Energy Punch: A punch attack performed after charging up energy into his fist.
  • Double Runboldt Beam Shell: Tiga and Trigger fire their Runboldt Beam Shells at the same time.

Trigger Dark

Trigger Dark

Main article: Trigger Dark

Trigger Dark (トリガーダーク Torigā Dāku) is Ultraman Trigger's original form as a member of the Giants of Darkness. Trigger had since lost access to this form after he defected to the side of light, with Carmeara's attempt at restoring it further severing his connection to darkness when Trigger Dark splits into a separate being.

  • Dark Zeperion Beam (ダークゼペリオン光線 Dāku Zeperion Kōsen)[10]: A dark red beam fired from Trigger Dark's arms arranged in the L-style.[16]
  • Dark Hand Slash: A small bolt of energy fired from Trigger Dark's hand.
  • Dark Lightning: Trigger Dark emits black bolts of electricity from his body in all directions.

Glitter Trigger Eternity

"Illuminate the universe, the Ultra-Ancient light! Ultraman Trigger!"

―Transformation phrase

Glitter Trigger Eternity

Glitter Trigger Eternity

Glitter Trigger Eternity (グリッタートリガーエタニティ Gurittā Torigā Etaniti) is Trigger's most powerful form, granted to him by a fragment of the Eternity Core. It combines the three strengths of Multi Type, Power Type and Sky Type.[11][12] This form uses a lot of energy and thus, Trigger can only fight for one minute, and the excess energy can be dangerous to Kengo, potentially harming his human body. However, he managed to gain mastery over the Eternity Core's power within him, thanks to Ribut's training. This form debuts in episode 12.

When Kengo/Trigger merges with the Eternity Core and splitting off from it two years later, he lost access to this form until Yuna sacrifices Yuzare's ring to restore it in the middle of the fight with Evil Trigger.

  • Glitter Blade (グリッターブレード Gurittā Burēdo): Glitter Trigger Eternity's weapon, an arm-mounted blade. It is summoned from the Triangle Crystal on his chest. It is so powerful that Trigger can barely master its use.[9][11][12]
    • Energy Slash: In Ultraman Fusion Fight!, Trigger can fire a golden energy cutter with a swing of the Glitter Blade.
    • Multi Mode (マルチモード Maruchi Mōdo): The violet crystal faces downwards.[17]
      • Multi Photon (マルチフォトン Maruchi Foton): Trigger splits into three and each clone attacks with the Glitter Blade before merging back together.
      • Eternity Zerades (エタニティゼラデス Etaniti Zeradesu)[18]: Trigger covers himself in a gold aura and creates a giant blade of purple energy from the Glitter Blade, which is launched at the enemy, cutting them in two.
    • Power Mode (パワーモード Pawā Mōdo): The crimson crystal faces downwards.[17]
      • Power Photon (パワーフォトン Pawā Foton): A powerful impaling attack.
      • Eternity Bomber (エタニティボンバー Etaniti Bonbā)[18]:
        • Trigger creates a shockwave across the ground, exploding as it reaches the opponent.
        • Trigger fires an energy beam from the blade.
    • Sky Mode (スカイモード Sukai Mōdo): The cobalt crystal faces downwards.[17]
      • Sky Photon (スカイフォトン Sukai Foton): Trigger rapidly slices his opponent at high speed.
      • Eternity Banish (エタニティバニッシュ Etaniti Banisshu)[18]: Trigger spins around in circles while slashing the enemy.
  • Glitter Zeperion Beam (グリッターゼペリオン光線 Gurittā Zeperion Kōsen)[9]: Glitter Trigger Eternity's signature Ultra Beam.
  • Energy Wave: A golden energy wave fired from Trigger's fist.
  • Body Spark: Trigger unleashes light from his whole body, which travels up the opponent and damages them.
  • Purifying Wave: A wave of light unleashed from Trigger's palm. It can neutralize harmful substances.
  • Double Zeperion Beam: Glitter Trigger Eternity and Trigger Dark fire Zeperion Beams at the same time.
    • Triple Ultra Beam: Glitter Trigger Eternity and Trigger Dark fire their Zeperion Beams alongside Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw firing his Zestium Beam, merging together into a powerful ray that even defeated a giant-sized Evil Trigger.

Trigger Truth

"Ultraman Trigger!"

―Transformation phrase

Trigger Truth

Trigger Truth (トリガートゥルース Torigā Turūsu)[9] is Trigger's final form gained by combining the power of both his own light and Trigger Dark's darkness in preparation for his final battle against Megalothor. Due to possessing both Trigger's light and darkness, Trigger Truth is dubbed the "true Trigger". This form of Trigger can naturally harness the energy of the Eternity Core without exhaustion, a feat that proved vital during the final battle against Megalothor.

  • True Zeperion Beam (トゥルーゼペリオン光線 Turū Zeperion Kōsen)[9]: A Zeperion Beam infused with the power of light and darkness.
  • True Timer Flash (トゥルータイマーフラッシュ Turū Taimā Furasshu)[9]: A powerful stream of energy fired from Trigger's Color Timer, with the energies of light and darkness, as well as the hope of people all over the world, and that of the Eternity Core.
  • True Bomber Strike (トゥルーボンバーストライク Turū Bonbā Sutoraiku): Trigger Truth summons gold energy to empower his knifehand strike attack.
  • Energy Kick: Trigger Truth summons gold energy to empower his roundhouse kick attack.

Standard Abilities

  • Type Change (タイプチェンジ Taipu Chenji): Trigger can change forms to suit each combat situation. His body changes color before changing in appearance.[2][3]
  • Trigger Hand Slash (トリガーハンドスラッシュ Torigā Hando Surasshu): A small energy bolt fired from Trigger's palm.
  • Barrier: Trigger puts up an energy barrier to block attacks.
  • Circle Arms (サークルアームズ Sākuru Āmuzu): Trigger's signature weapon. While each of the weapons' forms reflect Trigger's Type Change and the most suitable form to use, he can also ignore its forms' correspondence.[2][3]
    • Multi Sword (マルチソード Maruchi Sōdo): The Circle Arms' default form, a sword that corresponds to Trigger's Multi Type.
      • Zeperion Sword Finish (ゼペリオンソードフィニッシュ Zeperion Sōdo Finisshu):
        • Trigger swings the Multi Sword to release a giant energy wave.
        • A giant blade of light emerges from the Multi Sword, which Trigger swings downward, bisecting the enemy.
      • Deracium Sword Finish (デラシウムソードフィニッシュ Derashiumu Sōdo Finisshu)[19]
      • Runboldt Sword Finish (ランバルトソードフィニッシュ Ranbaruto Sōdo Finisshu)[19]
      • Energy Slash: Trigger can perform an energized slash with the Multi Sword.
      • Shield: The circle of the Circle Arms can be used as a shield to protect Trigger from attacks. It can also absorb this energy for use in the Runboldt Arrow Strike.
      • Rapid Slash: When assuming Sky Type, Trigger accesses his form's speed to slash and stab the enemy multiple times to overwhelm them.
    • Power Claw (パワークロー Pawā Kurō): A scissor claw-like form that corresponds to Trigger's Power Type.
      • Deracium Claw Impact (デラシウムクローインパクト Derashiumu Kurō Inpakuto):
        • Trigger impales the Power Claw into the ground, causing a line of shockwaves to erupt towards the opponent.
        • Trigger slams the weapon onto the opponent and destroys them directly.
      • Zeperion Claw Impact (ゼペリオンクローインパクト Zeperion Kurō Inpakuto): Trigger charges the weapon and delivers a horizontal bisection to his opponent in mid-air.
      • Runboldt Claw Impact (ランバルトクローインパクト Ranbaruto Kurō Inpakuto)[19]
    • Sky Arrow (スカイアロー Sukai Arō): A bow-like form that corresponds to Trigger's Sky Type.
      • Energy Arrow: The Sky Arrow can fire out arrows of light.
      • Energy Slash: The limbs of the Sky Arrow can be energized for use as a slashing weapon.
      • Runboldt Arrow Strike (ランバルトアローストライク Ranbaruto Arō Sutoraiku): Trigger fires a more powerful arrow of light from the Sky Arrow. In addition, this attack can be charged up by absorbing energy from an opponent's beam while using the Circle Arms as a shield.
      • Zeperion Arrow Strike (ゼペリオンアローストライク Zeperion Arō Sutoraiku)[19]
      • Deracium Arrow Strike (デラシウムアローストライク Derashiumu Arō Sutoraiku)[19]
  • Ultra Dual Sword (ウルトラデュアルソード Urutora Dyuaru Sōdo): A sword that can harness the power of Ultra Dimension Cards.[7][8]


  • Trigger is considered a "New Generation Tiga", similar to how Ultraman Jack was called the "New Ultraman" at the time of his debut. It should be noted that Trigger's series coincides with both Ultraman Tiga's 25th anniversary and Return of Ultraman's 50th anniversary. Other similarities include:
    • Having the same height and weight as their predecessor.
    • Having the same finisher names as their predecessor.
    • The successor wielding a multiform weapon that their predecessor lacked.
    • Having similarly-styled series title logos.
    • Having the same Color Timer sounds.
    • Both of their debut series eventually link themselves to their original versions.
  • Trigger is:
    • The first Ultra since Ultraman X whose form changes occur in real time, rather than each form having their own rise scene.
    • In Glitter Eternity form, the second Ultra whose face is not silver in color, after Ultraman Zearth.


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