"I am Ultraman Tregear. I have come to realize your dream."

―Self introduction.[1]

"Don't act like some galactic guardsman! Who decided the light is justice?!"

―Tregear to Taro in Ultraman Taiga episode 1

Ultraman Tregear (ウルトラマントレギア Urutoraman Toregia) is a Dark Ultra who made his first appearance in Ultraman R/B The Movie as the main antagonist. He later becomes the main antagonist of the succeeding series, Ultraman Taiga.


According to a cryptic note on writer Takao Nakano's Twitter, Tregear's name may have originated from a combination of two ancient Greek words.[4]

  • τρέλα (tréla) ラ: Madness
  • περιέργεια (periérgeia) テリエルギア: Curiosity

These two words are fitting of his personality and former occupation as a scientist.



"If your heart is weak, you'll fall into the darkness just like Belial did, even as an Ultraman. Just like my old friend..."

―Taro subtly hinting Tregear to Taiga.

"He appeared as an Ultraman, but his heart is dark cold. He meddled with various universes, exploiting the weakness of the hearts of its inhabitants and led their stars to destruction."

Ultraman R/B Novel description.


Tregear and Taro, before he leaves the Land of Light

Tregear was a scientist from the Land of Light, and a close friend of Ultraman Taro. The two developed the Taiga Spark together before Tregear fell to the dark side. Long before the events of Ultraman R/B, Ultraman Tregear was stated to be responsible for the destruction of several planets. The way he achieved this was by meddling with the hearts of said planets' inhabitants, leading them to their own destruction.

Over 1,300 years ago, Tregear had altered the DNA of Reugosite, forcing the peaceful creature to go rampant, leading to its first battle with the three siblings from Planet Sanja.

Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond


Tregear influencing Katsumi

Tregear was responsible for bringing Riku Asakura and Pega into R/B's Universe, leading to their meeting with the Minatos and summoning Bemstar and Gan Q to wreak havoc on Ayaka city. Tregear then contacted Yukio Toi, helping him realize his dream of destroying the world he hates, corrupting him into Snake Darkness in the process and sending him to Planet Hostar 21. Later on, Tregear approached Katsumi Minato, tempting with his desires and identity, transporting Katsumi to the same planet after showing him a scene of Mecha Gomora rampaging. Tregear then left Katsumi alone while Snake Darkness arrived on Earth through one of his portals.


Tregear and Snake Darkness Vs Groob and Geed

During the final battle, Tregear finally shows up to back up Snake Darkness and was surprised with Ultraman Rosso's return though he easily drives everyone into a corner even when Ultrawoman Grigio appeared. Tregear and Snake Darkness continued having the upper hand until the Minato siblings fused into Ultraman Groob, joining Riku who transformed into Ultimate Final once more. After the battle, Tregear was apparently destroyed by Geed's Wrecking Nova. However, in the post-credits, Tregear has survived this experience and left Earth afterwards. Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes


Tregear approaches the League of Darkness

Tregear approached Ultra Dark-Killer at some point and requested him to create the Darkness Copies of the New Generation Heroes, for the sole purpose of "proving" the point that Darkness and Light are one and the same. While observing the ensuing fight of New Generation Heroes and League of Darkness in his magical space (魔法空間 Mahō Kūkan), Ultraman Ribut approaches him and prepares to apprehend the fallen Ultra. After a fight, Tregear revives the fallen Dark-Killer and Ultraman Zero Darkness, the former growing to gigantic size and going berserk due to his overflowing power. Tregear leaves Ribut to fight two Red Kings, saying that he will at least do him the favor of remembering his name. Once the New Generation Heroes had permanently destroyed Dark-Killer and regrouped with Zero, Tregear confronts the group and revealed that he was the mastermind behind these events, having orchestrated Grigio's capture so that Ultraman Groob could not be formed. He lets the New Generation Heroes know that he is going to destroy the Land of Light and Taro. Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Pre-Ultraman Taiga


Tregear vs the New Generation Heroes

Tregear faces off against the New Generation Heroes near the Land of Light and easily defeats all of them before fighting Taro. The Tri-Squad arrived later and struck at Tregear several times, though he reduced them into particles before charging at an enraged Taro.

Ultraman Taiga


Taiga and Tregear's first fight on Earth

Twelve years later, Tregear reappeared as the arch-nemesis of Ultraman Taiga and relentlessly targets him. While hunting down Taiga on Earth, he assumes the form of a man named Kirisaki, who calls down monsters such as Hellberus to do his bidding. Buddy Go! He personally attacks Taiga simply to spite him and his human host Hiroyuki Kudo after Hiroyuki's former pet Guesra Chibisuke was spotted in Japanese waters. Tregear kills Chibisuke to further enrage Hiroyuki, before taking his leave. Tregear Tregear also turns Rento Kujo into his puppet to cause destruction as Galactron MK2, and hinders Ultraman Titas upon his return. Avenger of the Star Other than that, Tregear takes the chance to taunt and meddle with Ultraman Fuma after Deavorick (MB) is destroyed. Requiem of the Wolves At some point, he also hired Alien Gapiya Abel to get rid of Taiga and the Tri-Squad. The Flying Saucer is Not Coming


Tregear and Taiga Photon Earth

Tregear was surprised by Taiga's transformation into Photon Earth and went to challenge him, finding out that Taiga had improved into a much more competent fighter. After a short battle, Tregear left, expecting nothing less of the son of Taro. Defeat the Demon

Secretly, Tregear had been allowing Taiga to collect and use the Kaiju Rings, which slowly corrupted his soul. As the darkness floods him, Taiga becomes more reckless in battle, as seen during his battles against Gigadelos and Skull Gomora. The Power to Protect and the Power to Fight When enough darkness had accumulated within Taiga, Tregear takes the chance to corrupt him, shutting out Hiroyuki, Titas and Fuma in the process. Taiga becomes an unresponsive puppet which Tregear claims as his own partner, all just to spite Taro. I Can't Hear Your Voice


Tregear corrupts Taiga

Hiroyuki sees Taiga in the darkness after he is knocked out by Kirisaki. Tregear suddenly appears and convinces Taiga to go further down the path of darkness, leading him to expel Hiroyuki from within himself. When Titas and Fuma tried to save him, Kirisaki summoned Hellberus and Night Fang from their Kaiju Rings to stop them, but Hiroyuki manages to get through and save Taiga, granting him his new form Tri-Strium. Enraged at the failure of his plan, Kirisaki transforms into Tregear to fight Taiga, but disappears after being hit by the Tri-Strium Burst. Descending into a fit of madness, he develops a hatred towards Hiroyuki and starts targeting him directly. We Are One

Kirisaki infiltrates the EGIS base and launches a mental attack on Pirika Asahikawa. He somehow sees a meteor-like monster flying through space by reading her mind, and sets out to bring it to Earth. Withstand the Lightning Strike! Tregear awakens the soul of the planet, Ether, by using the drill on Alien Ghos' ship. This caused the Earth to give off a signal that brought the monster towards it. Friend in Earth

Tregear revels in the destruction brought on by Woola, and admits to Pirika that he cares not for 'light' and 'darkness' and simply wants everything to be destroyed. I'm Pirika Pirika, now within Woola's core, sympathizes with it. EGIS forms an alliance with Maguma and Markind to save Woola and the planet, relying on Taiga to fire his Ultra Beam at the monster as the final step. However, Tregear interferes and fights against the Tri-Squad, obstructing them and their last window of pulling the plan off. Woola tried to help the Tri-Squad after recognizing them as allies, but easily gets shoved aside by Tregear. Tregear makes the mistake of firing a dark energy sphere at Taiga, which he redirects to Woola using the Taiga Wide Shot. Woola eats both attacks and its body is destroyed, while its core floats upwards and dissipates into a glittering light that spreads across the Earth, simultaneously redeeming and ending the once world-threatening Kaiju.


Tregear fighting Taiga-Tri Strium in the finale

"This warm...."
"That would have been impossible only with my own power. It was the power of light from both of us Ultramen that saved that monster's heart. No matter how much you deny are an Ultraman; something that exists to protect the light! Weren't you my father's friend who left the Land of Light? You can become a guardian of light once more!"
"How many times do I have to tell you? This world has neither light nor darkness!

―Taiga's attempt at redeeming Tregear

Taiga attempts to convince Tregear to return to the path of light, but he finds those claims rubbish and attacks Taiga, forcing him to fight back. Taiga changes to Tri-Strium, which reminds Tregear of Taro. Taiga, Titas, Fuma and Hiroyuki put their powers together to fire the Quattro Squad Blaster. Tregear makes no attempt to defend himself and laughs maniacally as he is apparently defeated. Buddy, Steady, Go!

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax



Tregear is a sadistic and remorseless manipulator and/or trickster who deceives people by offering to "fulfill their dreams" as demonstrated on Yukio Toi; he had used the man's hatred towards the world to turn him into the kaiju Snake Darkness. Tregear demonstrates more of these qualities when disguised as Kirisaki. He sometimes prefers to watch from the sidelines as he triggers a chain of events that lead to despair and suffering in others, rather than outright cause them.

Tregear seems to have a contrary belief towards the idea of justice, given his amoral viewpoint of light and darkness. He takes neither side and would rather see everything be destroyed.

Tregear also enjoys mocking the Tri-Squad, meddling with them with every chance he gets. He even taunts Taiga multiple times during their first fight on Earth and took his Flame Blaster head on, knowing that it would not hurt him. Tregear also calls him "son of Taro" instead of acknowledging his name, which serves to further fuel Taiga's anger.

In lesser aspects, Tregear has also shown himself to have fun with his villainy as if only playing the part up to humor others. An example of this is when he gives a balloon to a little girl only to pop it a bit later.

He also shows some amount of disgust towards physical contact with aliens, at least with Alien Gapiya Abel. After shaking hands, Tregear immediately had to conjure a handkerchief to clean himself.

Tregear also does not believe in the power of bonds, which the New Generation Heroes have frequently relied on. He mocks the idea and is quite clearly sickened by even the mention of the word "bonds".

The only other individual that Tregear considers a true opponent is his former friend Taro. When in his presence, he drops his cocky attitude and becomes much more serious in both attitude and fighting style. However, that changes when Taiga's Tri-Strium form emerges. It enrages Tregear that Taiga was able to overcome the darkness through the power of bonds that, as previously mentioned, Tregear despises.




  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 37,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 9.9
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Underwater Traveling Speed: Mach 3.8
  • Underground Traveling Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Jumping Power: 850 m
  • Brute Strength: 90,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 75,000 t

Body Features

  • Eyes: Tregear's red eyes are unusually small for an Ultra, which may be because they are mostly covered by the mask-like object on his face.
  • Armor: Tregear's body is covered in black and gold armor plating. This armor is strong enough to withstand many attacks without any sign of damage.
  • Color Timer: Tregear, like most Ultra Warriors, possesses a Color Timer. However, it is kept concealed behind an X-shaped golden armor plate.
  • Claws: Tregear possesses gold claws on his fingers.


Tregear Transformstion 4

Kirisaki using the Tregear Eye

Kirisaki presses the button at the top of the Tregear Eye to open it up, changing its design from Tregear's chest to his mask. He holds the device near his face and presses the button at the bottom, which causes the Tregear Eye to release a dark aura while his eyes shine a red light. Kirisaki then morphs into Ultraman Tregear and grows to giant size if he chooses to. Alternatively, he can also transform without the use of the Tregear Eye.


  • Projection: Tregear can project himself through computer or television screens to communicate, and is even able to transport at least part of his body through. He does not have to be inside the device to do so.
    • Trera Phantasma (トレラ・パンタスマ Torera Pantasuma): Tregear can project scenes and events that are happening elsewhere, and show them to others and capable of deceiving foes with a vision.
  • Teleportation: Tregear can disappear and reappear somewhere else.
  • Trera Thyra (トレラ・スラー Torera Surā): Tregear can distort space and create a wormhole that can be used to transport himself, parts of his body or other beings through it. When transporting other beings, a giant blue hand is shown. A second variant is seen with the appearance of a five-pointed insignia. It is able to transport beings to a location more than 7000 lightyears away.[5]
  • Ischyros Heba (イキュロス・イーバ Ikyurosu Ība): An energy shield, durable enough to withstand Grigio Regina's Erga-Trio Cannon. A smaller circular version can also be generated.
  • Mental Corruption: Tregear is able to influence the mental state of other beings, which can cause kaiju to rampage.
  • Reflexes: Tregear's reflexes are honed to the point where Fuma's speed is nothing to him.
  • Energy Transfer: Tregear transfers energy. This allows him to heal others.
  • Energy Release: Tregear can release vast amounts of darkness energy from his body, which allows him to revive the dead and empower them.



  • Trera Ultigeyser (トレラアルティガイザー Torera Arutigaizā): Tregear's strongest ray technique, where he gathers energy from his whole body into his hands, firing a blue lightning-like ray. It is capable of sending foes flying across a city. On some occasions, Tregear conjures a swirling energy rift that forms a five-pointed insignia, from which powerful electrical bolts are released.
  • Trera Cheir Phos (トレラケイルポス Torera Keiru Posu): A dark blue electrical beam fired from Tregear's finger. "Cheir Phos" is Greek for "Hand Lightning".
  • Trera Ardiga (トレラアルディガ Torera Arudiga): Rays of lightning fired from both of his hands. It has the same strength as Groob's Delta Breast Lancer if combined.
  • Opto Dacrys (オプトダクリス Oputo Dakurisu): A red beam fired from each of Tregear's eyes.
  • Ischyros Dynamis (イスキュロス・ダイナミス Isukyurosu Dainamisu): A ray of violence released from Tregear's hand, which can increase a human's inner anger and corrupt them into a monster. A second dose of this can empower the monster, but its 'inner darkness' will swallow up the host. Can also be used to unleash the power of darkness within other beings to corrupt them.
  • Dark Fireball: Tregear can release dark fireballs from his hands.
  • Hand Slash: Tregear can fire a blast of energy from his hands.
  • Stun Bolt: An electric bolt used to stun and knock out others.
  • Cutting Waves: Tregear unleashes multiple cutting energy waves from his hands.
  • Dark Sphere: Tregear forms a large sphere of energy in front of him before hurling it towards a target.


  • Geargy Dirge (ギアギダージ Giagi Dāji): Tregear's energy drill attack. Strong enough to revert Ultras in powered up form back to their normal form.
  • Energy Punch: A punching attack engulfed with blue energy.
  • Energy Kick: A kicking attack engulfed with blue energy.
  • Claw Slashing: Tregear performs a slashing attack with his claws. The effects are yellow in the R/B Movie and purple in Taiga.
  • Ultra Dynamite: A dashing attack in which Tregear is engulfed in flames, and explodes on contact. Its power seems to rival Taro's Ultra Dynamite. Unlike Taro's Dynamite, which takes the form of conventional red fire, Tregear's flames are bright blue.
  • Palm Strike: Tregear discharges energy through the palm of his hand. It can send another Ultra flying.

Other Media

Ultraman New Generation Chronicle

Tregear NGC

Tregear appeared in episode 13, introducing himself to Pega and Booska from another dimension and mentioning villains who appeared in the past. Ultraman New Generation Chronicle


  • In an interview with Yuma Uchida, he mentions that his first voice over as Tregear was the first commercial for the film. It wasn't until the actual recording of the film that Yuma managed to capture the impression of his character, which he portrayed someone who is "neither good nor evil".[6][7]
  • From the pamphlet of Ultraman R/B The Movie, Masayoshi Takesue (the main director of Ultraman R/B) confirmed that Tregear was going to be the next recurring Evil Ultra Warrior, succeeding Ultraman Belial.[8]
    • While Masayoshi's words were proven true, they were taken almost too literally, giving Tregear an origin which very similar to Belial's (both were former residents of Land of Light and were estranged from Father of Ultra and Taro).
  • From the August monthly issue Terebi-kun magazine, it is explained that Tregear's true strength is sealed behind the gear that covers his Color Timer.


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