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"This giant, I felt like I've seen it before. The giant from the legends, Tiga's statue."

―Tsukasa Tamaki

The alternate version of Ultraman Tiga (ウルトラマンティガ Urutoraman Tiga)[1] is one of the ancient Ultra Warriors in The World Where The Ultra Flare Occurred that sealed Zaigorg in the past. Like the original, he left behind his original power for future generations to use.


Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman!

Long ago, Tiga and several past Ultra Warriors fought against Zaigorg, a monster who managed to turn Earth into a living hell. After sealing it in an ancient pyramid within the Baradhi civilization, Tiga and the ancient giants leave the Earth but before he would do so, he left his original powers (both a giant statue of him and a Sparklence) for future generations to use.

In the present day, with Zaigorg being released because of Carlos Kurosaki, Yuuto Tamaki, the son of archaeologist Tsukasa Tamaki found Tiga's Sparklence. When both him and his mother were sent to the Operation Base X, Yuuto revealed the Sparklence to Dr. Gourman after the scientist gave him a closer look at the Type-U Cyber Cards. The scientist borrowed the item for a while and used it in conjunction with the data of Tiga's statue to create the Ultra Warrior's Cyber Card. Witnessing his mother Tsukasa in danger, Yuuto's will to rescue her resonated with the Sparklence, prompting Gourman to have Rui send the boy to his mother's location and gave him back the item. The Sparklence first resonated with Yuuto to help him rescue Tsukasa by temporarily giving him super strength to lift up the steel beam that entrapped her.

"That's it... So that's what it suppose to mean! When everyone's emotions and heart united, that bond unites the Earth and the sky. From that united light, it refers to us, the giants of light."

Ultraman X referring to himself and Tiga.

Later on, when a wall was about to trample the two, the Sparklence resonated once more, which brought forth Tiga and repaired the damaged X Devizer for Ultraman X to appear. Joined by Ultraman, all three Ultra Warriors and Xio forces fought against Zaigorg and its Clone Beasts. Tiga takes on Gorg Antlar in an aerial combat via Sky Type. Hayato intended to use the Sky Musketty as a sacrificial bullet by using Cyber Birdon's powers, damaging one of Gorg Antlar's wings and therefore removing its aerial proficiency. As Tiga landed, he assumed Power Type and broke one of its mandibles before resuming Multi Type and fired the Zeperion Beam to finish off the monster.

As the fight seemingly ended, Zaigorg is revealed to have survived X's Xanadium Beam and strangled both Tiga and Ultraman, absorbing their energies to create 5 Tsurugi Demaaga which landed in worldwide countries. When X used Tiga and Ultraman's cards the utilize Beta Spark Armor, he freed the former two before fighting Zaigorg, with 5 Ultra Warriors that X previously encountered before joining the battle as well. Tiga and Ultraman soon combined with Exceed X to form Cyber Wing, simultaneously providing power boost to the worldwide Ultras before utilizing Beta Spark Arrow to finish Zaigorg. After the battle, Tiga vanished and returned Yuuto to his mother, with his job finally ended.



  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 44,000 t

Body Features

  • Tiga Crystal: The crystal on Tiga's forehead, it is required for Tiga's type changes. It is also used to manipulate light energy for various other techniques.
  • Eyes: Tiga possesses natural night vision as he can see just as clearly in the dark as he can in bright light.
  • Protectors: The yellow bands on his upper body, they are indestructible pieces of armor, the sturdiest portions of his anatomy. They are also used to perform the Tiga Slicer implying they can charge and manipulate energy.
  • Ultra Armor: Tiga's skin can withstand high heat environments and low temperatures. It is does not show scratches and is resistant to fire and beams.


This alternate version of Tiga transforms in a similar with the use of a petrified Sparklence. Yuuto Tamaki raises the Sparklence to the sky and activates it. When gripped tightly the Sparklence' wing-like "appendages" then unfold and light shines from it, transforming Yuuto into Tiga. Outside the Ultraman, the Sparklence can also provide its user with immense strength, which Yuuto uses to lift a steel beam to rescue his mother.


Multi Type

Multi Type

Multi Type (マルチタイプ Maruchi Taipu) is Tiga's default form, which has equal parts of strength and mobility. Despite the fact that Tiga is a physical fighter, this is where his energy manipulation abilities were best demonstrated. It is designed for melee combat despite his psychic abilities.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 800 m
  • Grip Strength: 50,000 t
  • Zeperion Beam (ゼペリオン光線 Zeperion Kōsen): Ultraman Tiga's signature move in Multi Type, used as a finishing skill against most monsters. It is performed when Tiga makes V-shaped arm cross arm formation, charged using the arms and then fired off as a white, incinerating laser. It can destroy monsters in one shot.

Power Type

Power Type

Power Type (パワータイプ Pawā Taipu) is Tiga's strength form, where he becomes more red in coloration. This form is called upon when Tiga wishes to exert more physical power, but the cost is speed and agility. It is designed for high power and combat in high pressure environments.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 500 m
  • Grip Strength: 70,000 t
  • Super Strength: In Power Type, Tiga's body boasts incredible brute strength, being able to pick up and toss monsters with little difficulty. His endurance is also increased.
  • Tiga Blitz Punch (ティガ電撃パンチ Tiga Dengeki Panchi): Straight punch using unleashed stored up energy. There is an explosive discharge on impact. Used to break off one of Gorg Antlar's mandibles.

Sky Type

Sky Type

Sky Type (スカイタイプ Sukai Taipu) is Tiga's speed form, where he trades much of his strength for great speed and agility making him much faster than any of his other Types. It is lavender in coloration theme. It is designed for high speed melee combat and aerial combat.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,000 m
  • Grip Strength: 30,000 t
  • Super Speed: In Sky Type, Tiga's body boasts incredible super speed, being able to get out and run from any tight situation with little difficulty. Tiga also can combine his attacks with the form's speed.
  • Runboldt Beam Shell (ランバルト光弾 Ranbaruto Kōdan): Sky Type's finishing move. This alternate Tiga requires no charging process and can fire it in rapid succession. Used in the aerial combat against Gorg Antlar.[2]

Standard Abilities

  • Type Change (タイプチェンジ Taipu Chenji): Through the Tiga Crystal, Tiga can switch between any of his three other Type: Multi, Power and Sky.


Cyber Cards

  • Cyber Card Set Vol.02 (2015)
    • Release Date: August 8, 2015
    • Price: 1,200 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4543112973146
    • Cards included:
      • Ultraman Tiga (Type: U)
      • Ultraman Ginga (Type: U)
      • Ultraman Mebius (Type: U)
      • Ultimate Zero (Type: U)
      • Cyber Gazort (Type: G)
      • Cyber Thunder Darmbia (Type: G)
      • Cyber Inpelaizer (Type: M)
      • Cyber Bemstar (Type: B)
Ultraman Tiga is one of the cards included in the 2nd volume of the Cyber Card Set, compatible with the DX X Devizer accessory. Originally released in 2015, the card initially represent the original Tiga in general, until Ultraman X: The Movie established that this card was created by Gourman through analysis of the alternate Tiga's stone statue.

Sofubi Hero VS

  • Ultraman Orb Appears (2016)
    • Release Date: July 26, 2016
    • Price: 450 yen per box
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660058670
    • Materials: PVC
Released as part of the "Ultraman Orb Appears" assortment, this Ultraman Tiga is a translucent redeco of the Play Hero VS mold. Unlike previous releases, he features minimized paint operations on the back and the arms for the most part. Tiga is packaged with Ultraman Orb.
The boxes with Tiga and Orb comes with the figure. He also doubles as the Ultra Flare version of the character due to the film being released 2 months ago and the inclusion of the Orb figure.

Ultra Replica

  • Transformation Item Sparklence (25th Anniversary Ver.) (2021)
    • Release Date: October, 2021
    • Price: 11,000 yen
    • Materials: PC, ABS, MABS
    • Accessories: Display Stand
The second Ultra Replica Sparklence comes the transformation sound based on Yuuto's transformation to Tiga. While in Mode C ("The Second Coming of Light"), pressing the...
  • Right button for 1 second activates the SFX of the petrified Sparklence restoring it its original state.
  • Middle button activates Yuuto's transformation into Tiga. pressing it for the second time activates Tiga's disappearing sound + Color timer SFX.
  • Left button for 1 second plays Tiga's portion of the music seen in Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!, complete with Tiga's grunt and a punching sound effect in the Ultraman X movie.



  • In an original plan:
    • Yuuto's mother, Tsukasa Tamaki was meant to use the Sparklence to transform into Ultraman Tiga instead due to her actress, Takami Yoshimoto playing Rena Yanase in Ultraman Tiga before Kiyotaka Taguchi changed the plans.
    • Tiga was meant to fight against Gorg Fire Golza instead of Gorg Antlar. His aerial combat was also meant to be against Dorako before it was scrapped for Antlar.
  • As revealed from the scanning made by Gourman, the Color Timer organ on his statue seemed to have some sort of energy stored in it. This may be theorized by the fact that its statue would be materialized into the original Tiga should the petrified Sparklence be activated. Still, not much evidence can be found to support this theory.
  • In episode 1 of Ultraman X, when Daichi was searching through Demaaga, the Pacific Records revealed that said monster was sealed by the giant of light. The figure in question may be Tiga, although Tsukasa revealed that there are more than one ancient Ultra Warrior in existence.
  • Ultraman Tiga's grunts are different from the original series, such as when Tiga grunts when he fires Zeperion Beam at Gorg Antlar. Tiga reused the grunts when Tiga fired Deracium Beam Torrent in Power Type.
  • Aside from Tiga, an alternate version of Evil Tiga was meant to appear under suggestion by Takao Nakano. In a proposed plot, said Ultraman would be used by Carlos Kurosaki, the very same man who was responsible for freeing Zaigorg but was rejected after Kiyotaka Taguchi finding the plot too similar to that of the original one.
  • Despite appearing to be transformed from Yuuto, this Ultraman Tiga is hinted to be in control of his own, as Tiga knows how to return Yuuto to his mother and the boy somewhat lacks a small recollection of his deed as the Ultraman.


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