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Ultraman Tiga: To the Shining Ones (ウルトラマンティガ 輝けるものたちへ Urutoraman Tiga: Hikarumono no tachi e) is a novelization of Ultraman Tiga, written by scriptwriter Chiaki Konaka, released in 2019. It focuses on the events of the series from the perspective of Megumi Iruma.


In the 21st century, contact with an unknown extraterrestrial intelligence is becoming a reality. All nations on Earth have relinquished their armaments, including nuclear weapons, and have united under the Earth Peace Union (TPC).

At the same time, a meteorite falls on the northeastern region of Japan, and a giant creature that roars appears on the Mongolian plains and Easter Island...! The woman in white who appeared from the analyzed meteorite speaks.

"Only the giant, Tiga, can protect the Earth from cataclysmic events."

From the cataclysmic events that have struck the Earth since super ancient times and the rampage of the Dark Giants, to the prehistory of the Earth Peace Union TPC starting in the 1980s, to the days of GUTS's passionate struggle for life.

The epic poem that started the Heisei Ultraman series is now a complete novel!




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