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Ultraman The Animation is a 3D-animated television series produced by Tsuburaya Chaiyo.

Due to the legal disputes between Tsuburaya and Chaiyo Productions at the time, the show was never broadcasted. However, to date, several episodes of Ultraman The Animation have resurfaced on video streaming sites.


In early 2001, in the time of the legal disputes between Tsuburaya Productions and Chaiyo Productions, Perasit Saengduenchai, son of Sompote Saengduenchai and the managing director for Tsuburaya Chaiyo at the time, was reported by The Nation claiming that their company owned the copyright of the Ultraman characters and that they "would now develop and financially benefit" from it.[1]

One of these ventures, as reported by news site Asiaweek, was a 26-episode animated Ultraman television series that would precede the then-planned Ultraman Millennium show and feature film, stated to be in post-production and would see a February 2002 release. However, none of these ventures ever saw the day of light.[2] While there is no direct confirmation, strong evidence (e.g. credits roll) makes it safe to assume that Ultraman The Animation and the animated series reported by Asiaweek are one and the same.


The Land of Light in Nebula M78, home to the giants of light, the great heroes who have saved Earth time and time again: Ultraman. You have seen them in action, but have you seen them before the action?

Before they embarked on their journey to defend intergalactic peace, the Ultramen were once adolescents like us. Join Ultraman Taro, Ace and the rest of the Ultra Brothers in this animated series, as they grow from fresh student-recruits into experienced space rangers who learn valuable life lessons and what it truly means to be an Ultraman.




^ indicates cameo appearance


  • Classmates
    • Pink furry classmate monster
    • Blue aquatic classmate monster



Voice Actors

  • Chantana Tarajang
  • Sri-arpa Rueannak
  • Suluksana Tephussadin
  • Supicha Parnprateep
  • Peerapat Rojanant
  • Jeerasak Keawaun
  • Garrin Uksorndee


  • Producer: Sompote Saengduenchai
  • Executive Producers: Sathien Amornkasemwong, Peerasit Saengduenchai, Paiboon Narakanta, Thana Wichaya-atiporn
  • Directors: Patinya Hongsawat, Paiboon Narakanta
  • Assistant Directors: Supaporn Jettanajit, Auttachai Siriwatanawongchai
  • Art Director: Kriangsak Kiaya
  • Assistant Art Directors: Sitcha Tansakul, Patiwat Kankor
  • Painter: Sorapong Chaypho
  • Screenwriters: Surawit Ongkanchana, Auttachai Siriwatanawongchai, Panithan Petchglub
  • Screenplay: Nikorn Saetang, Sakchai Kiatpanyaophat, Jarunun Phantacchat, Pavinee Samakabudra
  • Lead Animator: Songphol Issarawong
  • Key Animators: Supaporn Jettanajit, Songphol Issarawong, Panya Natekobkue
  • Animators: Wichinasa Sakdee, Chanidapa Yingvorrakansuk, Akkadej Anuyahong, Polkrit Chunsangtong, Narasak Palakla, Sasawat Rattanawannakul
  • Lead Modeler: Thirayut Phasorn
  • Modelers: Pongsaton Tommachart, Sukanya Krutsomplee, Krerk Boonyanukraha, Chaiya Takviriyanu
  • Editor: Auttachai Siriwatanawongchai
  • Compositor & Special Effects: Auttachai Siriwatanawongchai, Wirat Roopyai, Sarayut Patchchochuey, Jatupon Soisungwan, Panithan Petchglub
  • Graphic Designers: Chaipitug Hannarongsug, Ramon Sriboonraung, Jitrapat Soontornpatikom
  • Co-ordinators: Parichart Tadjaiphong, Supachai Uarittitanasarn
  • Music Composer: Arpichat Sawatwannagi
  • Sound Director/Designer: Montree Jitgomoot
  • Sound Recorder: Thaweechai Tehchawanit


Ending Theme
  • Power of Light[3]
    • Artist: Unknown
    • Composed by: Montree Jitgomoot
    • Lyrics by: Montree Jitgomoot, Chaiyant Pisansongkarm
Alternate Theme
  • We are Ultraman[4]
    • Artist: Unknown
    • Composed by: Montree Jitgomoot
    • Lyrics by: Montree Jitgomoot, Chaiyant Pisansongkarm

Legal Disputes

Main article: Ultraman Series/Licensing Disputes


  • As a sponsor/manufacturer of Tsuburaya Chaiyo products, Thai snack producer Fisho is prominently featured throughout the show.
  • Interestingly enough, Zoffy does not appear in the show, probably because of the age gap between him and the other Ultra Brothers.
  • The Land of Light depicted in the show is more reminiscent of its depiction in Ultraman Story and Showa-era supplementary material than its current iteration while adding its own spin on the homeland of the Ultras, featuring:
    • natural flower and fauna, including alien tree forests and giant capped mushrooms;
    • human-like structures and landmarks like a baseball stadium, electronic billboards and fast food restaurants;
    • human entertainment, with disco-dancing as an example;
    • oddly-inclusive classrooms consisting of not only Ultras, but other alien creatures;
    • not three, but four tribes (Red, Blue, Silver and Yellow), and mixed blood before the introduction of Ultraman Zero.
  • Ultraman The Animation violates the 1976 agreement by:
    • introducing a whole cast of original characters e.g. Ultra students, teachers and defense force members, when the agreement does not permit the creation of new characters based on the Ultraman image;
    • bringing in Kaiju from other shows in the franchise not mentioned in the agreement.


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