The manga version of Taro, this is a younger and much more brash and arrogant version to the one seen in the TV series.


Ultraman Story 0

The son of Father and Mother of Ultra, Taro was the first Ultra born after his people mutated into giants of light. Taro was first seen fully formed by his father and future teacher Colorless, after Ultraman's light ray found its way to the Ultra Tower, its fire was being used to power his gestation tank. Upon freeing himself, Taro gave off an intense light that surprised his teacher, noting that it may have been the end result of two powerful Ultras having a child together.

Later on Taro and Colorless watched as Seven, Zaji and members of the Silver Cross flew off to help Ultraman after his battle with the Baltans. While Taro was anxious to go with them, Colorless told him they had another task to perform.



Taro Human Form

Taro's human form

Taro UltraBadge Story0

Ultra Badge's manga counterpart

Taro transforms the same way he does in the TV series. He uses the Ultra Badge which materializes on his left shoulder whenever he is ready to transform. He uses the same movements and shout as his TV counterpart's human host and the light of his transformation is much more intense than that of other Ultras, burning away all evil entities nearby if he allows it.


  • Strium Ray (ストリウム光線 Sutoriumu Kōsen): Taro's signature beam which he shares with his master, unlike his master who places his hand in an 'X' position his resembles a 'T'. At full power is it shown to be highly destructive, creating an explosion similar to a small nuclear bomb.
  • Draw energy from nature: Through the combination of his master's teaching and his own revelation during his near death experience, Taro learned to draw life energy from around him and convert it into light energy for him to use.
  • Relive Beam: As part of his revelation, Taro can also convert his light energy into life energy and revive the injured, the recently killed and restore the strength of another.
  • Swallow Kick: A powerful flying kick, devised after watching several swallows in flight.
  • Multiple Flips: Taro can flip about in mid air to dodge projectiles.
  • Ultra Barrier: Taro can erect a very powerful barrier made of light.
  • Ultra Dynamite: Taro's strongest move, he envelopes himself in flames and rushes his opponent, exploding on impact, he then reforms himself.



  • In this manga, Taro has a teacher named Colorless.
  • In the manga, it is explained that Taro's movements before firing his signature beam, is him gathering light energy from nature to empower his beam, explaining why it is so strong. Oddly enough, his beam is already powerful as an unrestrained blast can cause a nuclear level explosion.
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