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Characters, including Kaiju and other creatures, who appear in the Tri-Squad VoiceDrama series from Ultraman Taiga.

Remembering the Future


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Taiga's friend, who he confides in. Filis works as an archivist, taking care of various artifacts such as a Triger Shot given to Mebius by Crew GUYS.

The★Ultraman Titas


Mattia (マティア Matia) is the son of U40 Fleet Commander Zamias (ザミアス Zamiasu) and Titas' childhood friend. The★Ultraman Titas - Part 1 The★Ultraman Titas - Part 2 His death at the hands of Kishiader triggered Titas' resolve to perform the Ultra Change despite his heritage. The★Ultraman Titas - Part 3

He is voiced by Keito Matsumura.


Grigorios (グリゴレオス Gurigoreosu) is a U40 inhabitant and the captain of a division joined by young Titas and Mattia. He is killed during Kishiader's attack. The★Ultraman Titas - Part 2 The★Ultraman Titas - Part 3

He is voiced by Kanato Watarai.


VD Kaiju.png

Synthetic Beast Kishiader (合成獣 キシアダー Gōsei-jū Kishiadā) is a monster that appeared in The★Ultraman Titas - Part 3. It was brought to Planet U40 by the Heller Empire to cause destruction. Kishiader killed Captain Grigorios and Titas' friend Mattia. Titas grew to giant size and slew Kishiader.

A Loser's Son


Gerg (ゲルグ Gerugu) is an alien who wanted to go to the Crusader's Peak to obtain the power of light. A Loser's Son - Part 1 His race are four-armed amphibians who lived in an entirely aquatic planet that was destroyed from a civil war. As he taught the young Fuma self defense and running an odd job together, Gerg returned to the Crusader's Peak as a monster that terrorized the climbers, forcing the Interstellar Alliance to trick Fuma into fighting each him, only to striking both of them at once. A Loser's Son - Part 2 In order to save Fuma, Gerg climbs up the Crusader's Peak and wished to the Voice of Light to save Fuma's life, to which it complied by turning his student into an Ultraman. What happened to Gerg afterwards was unknown, but Fuma remains in his Ultraman form as a token of respect to his teacher. A Loser's Son - Part 3

He is voiced by Kohei Chiba.

For Whom is That Fist For?

Andro Ares

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Fierce Battle On the Golden Planet

Ausar XIII

Ausar XIII (アウサル13世 Ausaru Jūsan-sei Ausar the Thirteenth) is the current king of Planet G (惑星ジー Wakusei Jī). The then-prince had traveled to several planets and stopped by on Planet Sorkin, where he was possessed by the Parasite Lifeform Paraidar. The king then returned home early and, shortly afterwards, his father had died, putting him in power. Due to Paraidar possessing Ausar, his personality seemed to have changed from a gentle individual with a strong sense of justice, to someone who had become ambitious. Paraidar used him to rally his armies and commissioned the creation of his own personal giant robot, Dairaoh Mobile Royal Soldier, for the purpose of invasion though he would state that they are for protection against races such as the Bader Group and Inbedians. The king's sister Nephty noticed these changes and plots, and sought out Titas to put an end to Ausar, without knowing that he had been possessed. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 1 After Titas had a personal conversation with the king during his diplomatic trip to Planet Maiji, Paraider exited the king's body and challenged Titas to battle. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 2 After Parader's defeat, Ausar XIII's sanity returned to him. Giving his thanks, he dubbed Titas the Sage of Power. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 3

Years later, Planet G formed diplomatic ties with Planet U40. While traveling to meet with the Galaxy Rescue Force, Ultraman Joneus stopped off at Planet G to meet with the king. Ausar detailed his interest in assisting the group with their missions, and how he planned to deploy several Dairaoh units to them for their own use.

He is voiced by Koichi Toshima.


Nephty (ネフティ Nefuti) is king Ausar XIII's sister. She notices the changes within her brother and asks Titas to kill him. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 1 Titas promises her that he would do something about Ausar, but vows not to kill him as he knows how it feels to lose someone, and does not want Nephty to experience that because of him. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 2 After Paraidar is trapped in the stone he fused with, Dairaoh finishes him off, with one of its pilots being Nephty herself. She becomes infatuated with Titas after the battle is over, but he does not realize her feelings for him. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 3

She is voiced by Ayaka Nanase.



Parasite Lifeform Paraidar (寄生生命体 パライダー Kisei Seimeitai Paraidā) is a energy-based organism and spirit parasite-like Sorkin Monster who possessed Ausar XIII on his trip to Planet Sorkin. He orchestrated the assassination of the previous king to put himself, or rather Ausar XIII, in power in order to use him to fulfill his own ambitions. He rallied the planet's armies and had a super robot named Dairaoh created to increase their military might, and intended to launch invasions on other planets. However, the king's sister Nephty realized he had changed and sought out the help of Titas, who had visited the planet on a diplomatic mission. After a one-on-one conversation, Paraidar reveals himself to Titas and challenges him near the pyramids. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 2 Titas is unable to hit Paraidar due to his energy-based biology, but Paraidar's attacks are also ineffective against Titas. Titas taunts Paraidar to take on a solid form, telling him his attacks are useless without one. Paraidar merged with a pyramid and became a stone golem, but had not realized that Titas had been studying his energy composition. He signaled Captain Nicks to fire a beam from the Ultra Great Saucer, trapping Paraider within the stone. Titas enraged Paraidar by blowing his arm off using the Astro Beam, causing him to retaliate by pinning Titas down. Fortunately, Dairaoh arrives and destroys Paraidar, condemning him to an ironic death. Ausar XIII's sanity returned to him after Paraidar was defeated. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 3

He is voiced by You Murakami.



Dairaoh Mobile Royal Soldier (機動王兵 ダイラオー Kidō Ōhei Dairaō) is a giant humanoid robot that was built for the use of King Ausar XIII, who had been under the possession of Paraidar. In a twist of irony, it is Dairaoh that destroys Paraidar after he had become merged with a pyramid. Fierce Battle on the Golden Planet - Part 3

Wind and Flowers


Ilia (イリヤ Iriya) is a young alien girl, from a race of plant-like humanoids.

After defeating a monster on one of his travels, Ultraman Fuma met Ilia, who was supposedly ill, and had never left the house. However, she had a dream of going into space based on the stories that people would tell her. One day, Fuma secretly brought her on a trip to another planet, implied to be Planet Juran. Wind and Flowers - Part 1 Much to their horror, the small animals around Ilia suddenly died of poisoning. When they returned, they learned the terrible truth from Ilia's father Balt (バルト Baruto). He told them that their species' natural scents turn into poisonous gas outside their home world's atmosphere. Feeling guilty for what he had done, Fuma left the planet.

A long time passes and Fuma stops counting the number of missions he has completed. By some chance, somewhere in the universe, he found a picture book titled "the Champion of Wind", telling the tale of a blue hero who was as fast as the wind. The book also depicted many things that Fuma talked to Ilia about, and his heart was touched, even though he was unsure whether or not Ilia was the author. From then on, he decided to call himself the Champion of Wind, hoping that Ilia would hear of it one day. Wind and Flowers - Part 2

She is voiced by Ayaka Nanase.

The Miracle of Christmas Night

Unnamed Hornworm-like Monster


A species of hornworm-like monsters that attacked the Tri-Squad while they were on Remote Planet Rashuwa (辺境の惑星ラシュワ Henkyō no Wakusei Rashuwa). Coincidentally maturing into their imago form in the winter, they attacked Taiga and Titas who wanted to help the inhabitants celebrate Christmas by handing out presents. As Fuma fought one of them, another two emerged and forced Taiga and Titas to fight as well. The Miracle of Christmas Night

Deafeat the Godmes


Toki (left) and Koseidon (right)

Toki (トキ) is the captain of the Koseidon Corps on Planet Chrono (惑星クロノ Wakusei Kurono). He has a tyrannosaurus-like robot called Koseidon (コセイドン) which he can board and transform into Koseider (コセイダー Koseidā), and has the ability to release powerful flames from its entire body.

Initially, he helped Ultraman Titas, who had transformed into his human form and was attacked by the Alien Godmes. Toki attacked Ultraman Taiga and Ultraman Fuma thinking they were enemies, before Titas clarified that they were his friends. Together, Toki and the Tri-Squad then defeat the invading Alien Godmes. Defeat the Godmes

He is based on Go Toki, the main character of Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon, who transforms into Koseider the Time Warrior.


Himugashi's mecha, Hakuas

Himugashi (ヒムガシ) is a member of the Koseidon Corps on Planet Chrono, and Toki's subordinate. Initially assuming Ultraman Taiga and Ultraman Fuma were enemies, Himugashi attacked them using his pteranodon-like mecha called Hakuas (ハクアス Hakuasu), until Ultraman Titas convinced the team's captain Toki that they were allies. The Koseidon Corps and the Tri-Squad then defeat the Alien Godmes that invaded Planet Chrono. Defeat the Godmes

He is based on Tetsu Himugashi, a supporting character in Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon.

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