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This article contains a full translation of the novel Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow (トレギア物語/青い影 Toregia Monogatari / Aoi Kage).

NOTE: New names and terminologies may not be accurately translated due to there not being a known official Romanization for them. The ones seen on this page are approximations.


In seven universes, the name "Tregear" has become synonymous with disaster, temptation, contradiction, and so on. This is the story of when he was still in the Land of Light as an Ultraman.

Chapter 1: 'The Blue One' (第1章 青い彼 Dai Isshō 'Aoi Kare')

The Nebula M78 is located 3 million light years away from the galaxy containing the Solar System where the Earthlings live, and contains about 69 million planets. One of those planets is the Land of Light, which is 60 times larger than Earth. It has about 300 cities.

The artificial sun, known as the Plasma Spark, was created after the Land of Light lost its original sun from a supernova explosion 270,000 years ago. Within the basement of the Plasma Spark Tower (プラズマスパークタワー Purazuma Supāku Tawā), the central control tower housing the energy core, lies 5000 units of Plasma Spark devices. The abundance of light energy emanated from the Plasma Spark Tower is delivered across the entire planet as light and heat by means of the crystalline structures standing in the city, and the layered artificial surface of the planet, which serve as reflectors. The Differator Rays (ディファレーター光線 Difarētā Kōsen) contained in the light of the Plasma Spark turned the residents of the Land of Light into super-beings. Hence, the guardians of space, Ultraman, were born.

The residents are divided into the known Silver, Red and Blue Tribes, each excelling in different fields. The Land of Ultra (ウルトラの国 Urutora no Kuni) where many people of Nebula M78 live, is a central city where the Inter Galactic Defense Force Headquarters (宇宙警備隊本部 Uchū Keibitai Honbu), Space Science and Technology Bureau (宇宙科学技術局 Uchū Kagaku Gijutsu-kyoku), Ultra Clinic 78 (ウルトラクリニック78 Urutora Kurinikku Nanajū-Hachi), Space Information Center (宇宙情報センター Uchū Jōhō Sentā) and others are clustered together.


The artificial sun, the Plasma Spark, shines brightly today as well.

Standing up and sparkling in the clear blue sky are a group of skyscrapers made from emerald-colored plasma crystal minerals.

"Today will be yet another fun day!"

The young boy from the Red Tribe, Taro, with his small horns, runs towards the Ultra Elementary School (ウルトラ小学校 Urutora Shōgakkō) next to the Space Information Center.

"Good morning, Taro!"

Taro cheerfully exchanges greetings with his classmates.

like a child who is like the sun, Taro turns his surroundings into a bright atmosphere.

The Father of Ultra serves as the Top Commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. The captain of the Silver Cross Aid (銀十字軍 Gin Jūji-gun), the gentle Mother of Ultra who worked at Ultra Clinic 78. Taro, who has great parents, never gets arrogant and his innocence is a trait liked by many. On the other hand, he cannot forgive dishonesty and has an intense temper.

In the Land of Light, "Taro" means "a courageous person who loves justice" (勇気があり正義を愛する者 Yūki ga ari seigi wo ai suru mono) and he's exactly a child by what that name implies.

The homeroom teacher Florbella (フローベラ Furōbera) is a kind person and conducts her classes politely, but she was slightly boring.

"The Differator Rays gave our bodies wonderful capabilities. We can live in outer space, fly in the air and use telepathic abilities. However for places without Differator Rays, in other words operating outside the Land of Light, there's a need to use Color Timers. Next time, we'll learn about the mechanisms of the Color Timer."

Then the chime at the end of the class rang.

"Alright! What are we going to play today?"

The cheerful Taro was surrounded in a ring of classmates.

"Why don't we go to the Space Zoo (宇宙動物園 Uchū Dōbutsu-en) in the Silver Plaza (銀の広場 Gin no Hiroba) to see Miclas' baby?"

His friends enjoyably chat among themselves. Taro suddenly finds a blue boy standing alone by the window.

Taro asked "Who's that kid?"

"Oh, that blue one? He's always staring at the sky alone."

"Even if you invite him to play, he will always be gone halfway."

The classmates unanimously replies "That's right....."

Taro was curious about that blue one.

The next day during the Ultra Elementary School lunch break.

Taro bravely called out the "blue one", who was thinking of something while looking up at the sky today.

"Would you like to play together after school?"

The Blue Tribe boy looked back and stared at him. Taro was perplexed by his gaze. Eventually, the Blue Tribe boy spoke. "Apologies, but I'm going to the Ultra Archive (ウルトラアーカイブ Urutora Ākaibu) (library) today. Also, I don't know you."

Taro said. "My name is Taro... umm, my dad works at the Inter Galactic Defense Force."

"I know that."

The Blue Tribe boy flatly said it.

"You're the most popular person in the class. Everyone greets you even outside of the school. "Hello, Top Commander's son", "Silver Cross Aid captain's child". Everyone sees great parents behind you, not yourself. I want to know more about yourself."

Taro taught about it. By the way, who am I?

I always have fun playing everyday, but I never knew who I am and never thought about it. I never noticed it in a blessed home environment, has there been anything I accomplished by myself?

Taro was interested in the blue boy. "What's your name?"

The Blue Tribe boy answered. "My name is Tregear."

In the language of the Land of Light, "Tregear" means "mad curiosity" (狂おしい好奇心 Kuruoshī Kōkishin). Taro thought of it as a strange name, he swallowed and said.

"How can I make friends with you?"

A smile appeared on Tregear's face. "Well then, would you listen to my desires?"


After school, they went to the border of the Crystal Town (クリスタルタウン Kurisutaru Taun).

The second Ultra Tower (ウルトラタワー Urutora Tawā) is blowing up flames in the distance.

There was thick forest of silver-colored Silver Grass (シルバーグラス Shirubā Gurasu).

Tregear invited Taro into the Silver Grass forest.

Within the forest were tall super-alloy fences erected to prevent entry. It appears that only a child can slip through the gap of the fences, but a little more and they can't get out.

Tregear said "I'm a Blue Tribe, so I'm not strong enough to bend this super alloy fence. Can you do it?"

Taro put his hand on the fence.

"But there's a signboard with a mark I've never seen."

"It's an "no trespassing" mark."

"By "no trespassing" means we're not allowed to enter, right?"

Tregear suddenly became talkative.

"Don't you want to know the reason why shouldn't we be inside it? What's beyond this? It takes courage to know the unknown. Don't you have that courage? Aren't you a child of the brave Red Tribe?"

Those words struck Taro.

Taro's strength entered his arms.

Geiiik! The super-alloy bars were bent.

Tregear said

"As expected of a Red Tribe."

Tregear passed through the bent fence and went inside.

Taro followed behind him. For some reason his heart was throbbing.

"This place is....."

Taro and Tregear were dumbfounded and petrified.

Once they passed through the bushes of Silver Glass, it was a dreamlike world where crystal flowers bloomed and a stream of holograms flowed.

Tunes from the galaxy's stars can be heard. It also sounded like small birds from unknown planets singing in chorus. Perhaps 270,000 years ago, before the people of Ultra became the way they are today, the world illuminated by the sun before it exploded into a supernova, was like this?

The Plasma Spark cast a soft light.

Tregear murmured unintentionally.

"It's warm...."

"Hyahho!" Taro waved.

"More! Let's go further in." said Tregear.

In addition once they went further-------------there were a number of obelisks emitting a silvery light.

A lot of small letters were engraved on the surface.

"What is written here?"

The letters on the surface were difficult for Taro to read.

Tregear draws his face closer to the letters.

"..........I read it in a history book. 30,000 years ago, an evil being named Alien Empera invaded and waged war upon the Land of Light. That is what was written."


Taro pats on the surface of the obelisk.

Byun! Countless silvery lights appeared in the air.

The light changed shape and projected numerous humanoid figures.

Taro shouted.


Tregear was also startled, but his curious side won out.

"These are stereoscopic images. They are the figures the Heroes of Land of Light during the Ultimate Wars."

Upon looking closely, there were Silver, Red and Blue Tribes------the ancient warriors of the Land of Light in the video.

Taro and Tregear were stunned as they watched the stereoscopic images.

"Did you know? The primitive races living in the desert of Planet Pasadda (惑星パサッダ Wakusei Pasadda) have a custom of burying their deceased comrades in the soil in order to return the body received from the stars to the ground. And then carve the name of their deceased friend on a stone tower they construct. They seem to call it a "tomb". So this place, must be a "tomb" as well."

"I see....."

Taro suddenly felt guilty and went back.

"It's getting late. My parents will worry if I don't go home."

Taro suddenly started running.

"W-wait, Taro!"

Tregear followed.

The next day at the Ultra Elementary School.

Taro and Tregear had been called by teacher Florbella.

"Do you know why you were called here?"

The face of the always kind teacher Florbella was unusually stern.

Tregear quickly realized that he and Taro were in the "tomb" yesterday.

Teacher Florbella quietly opened her mouth.

"That is where the heroes sleep quietly. It's a place to think about peace. It's not a good place to play."

The actions of the two of them were seen by the adults.

"Who told you to go in?"


Taro took a step forward of the restless Tregear and took a glance at him.

"It's me. At first I invited Tregear. If you want to scold anyone, then scold me."

Tregear took a serious gaze at Taro.

"I didn't know it was an important place. I'm sorry."

The teacher said to Taro "It is important to honestly admit mistakes. Be careful from now on."

There was Taro and Tregear's figures walking slowly in the plaza where the Plasma Spark Tower was erected.

Taro suddenly stopped, turned around and talked to Tregear.

"Can you play with me again tomorrow?"


In confusion, Tregear slowly nodded.


"I did it! We'll be friends from now on, won't we?"

Taro flew up.

The silhouette of Taro, which was backlit by the Plasma Spark, was imprinted on Tregear's mind.

"See you tomorrow, Tregear! Bye-bye!"

Taro went off energetically.

Now left alone, Tregear murmured.


Chapter 2: 'Days of Adventures' (第2章 冒険の日々 Dai Ni-shō 'Bōken no Hibi')

Tregear’s monologue.

How many days have passed since then? I am now in space, far away from the Land of Light. In the darkness of the freezing universe, I only think about those days.

Taro's back receiving the light of the sun as he flew up. The warm sunshine.

It's still burned in my heart like it was yesterday.

From that day on, Taro and I started going out as good friends.

Taro and I went on to the middle class and senior class of the Space Information Center.

We also did extremely stupid things.

We did some interstellar hitchhiking and went to an unexpectedly remote planet. While playing with a child monster, I was chased by the unexpectedly ferocious mother monster. Just looking at Taro laughing happily made me feel cheerful. Speaking of which, I also touched up on Taro's love letter which had disorganized words. I could ask for some thanks, can't I?

I spent most of my days in Ultra Archive.

Why is the Land of Light the guardian of light? Alien Empera was said to be an existence opposing the Land of Light's Ultramen. Why did Alien Empera come here? What dark energy did Alien Empera grasp?

Even with the existence of a bright best friend, my curiosity of "light and shadow" can never be satiated.

There is neither night nor darkness in the Land of Light. There aren't even bad people here.

What is fear? What is loneliness? What is the void? What is darkness?

I have no choice but to learn about those things in the Ultra Archive.

Why am I attracted to such things in the first place? Even I have no idea.

If anything, Taro was the one who guided me when I was hesitating in the maze of my mind. To me, Taro was the symbol of the Land of Light.

Taro said that it's not good to see things only from the dark side. There is no extent of collecting all of the M78 Nebula people's wisdom. But isn't it a hard fact that darkness exists, even if they say not to go into or look at it?

Taro came to me while I was lost in my thoughts.

Taro was somehow in a state of excitement.

"What's with the long face. Let's go on an adventure!"

I said.

"No way, the report submission deadline is approaching..."

"Since you're smart you can write it right away. Too much study isn't good for your body. I heard that there's an unidentified giant creature in the caves of Planet Tika-Du (惑星ティカ=ドゥ Wakusei Tika=Du). Let's go see it!"

Taro tried to pick up what I wrote on a primitive piece of paper.

"Stop it!"

A piece of paper spilled from a stack of documents. As soon as I knew what it was, I was afraid.

"No, that... that was"

It became a scuffle while Taro and I try to catch the note.

"What, aren't we friends, just show me!"

Taro started to read aloud the text I had scribbled on that piece of paper.

English Translation Original Japanese Text Japanese Transliteration

A long, long night is coming
Even if I can't see the starlight
As long as you shine like the sun beside me
I will have no fear
So please stay by my side


Nagai nagai yoru ga yattekite
Hoshi no akari sura mienakute mo
Taiyō no you na kimi ga soba ni ite kuretara
Boku wa kowakunai
Dakara soba ni ite okure

"Please don't read that out loud!"

"Is this poem? You have the talent of a poet, it's a good poem."


Planet Tika-Du

Since the sun rays of this planet are very close to the light of the Plasma Spark, an Ultraman can stay active for a long time.

There were many steep cliffs and the footside formed a giant rainforest. Countless holes had been drilled on the surface of the cliff and no one knows who or when they were made. There was no sighting of the unidentified giant life form in that cave.

The natives of this planet believed that a giant monster was contained in this cave, so no one approached it. The natives call the legendary monster Gagoze. The rumors of Gagoze sparked the curiosity of the adventurous Taro.

"Temperature is 150 and humidity is 92. Wind direction is southwest."

Tregear sat on the cockpit of a small spacecraft and communicated with Taro. With the neutrino scan transmitted from the spacecraft, the inside of the complicated cave was displayed on the console panel. Tregear was Taro's navigator.

"Did you find something, Taro?"

"At this point, I can only see protists. They are crab-like and bat-like creatures. Both are timid and quiet......hmm?"

Taro noticed a side road in the tunnel.

"There is another path from here."

It's a thin tunnel for one person.

Taro went into it.

Tregear was worried about the noise on the panel display.

"The geology here is magnetic. The scan isn't working properly. Please be careful."

Taro's voice came from the speaker.

"There's a giant dome-shaped space here. My feet are slimy with pink mud. Hmm, what's that?! Wah!"

The next moment moment he heard Taro's shout, the display on the panel disappeared.

"Taro? Taro!"

Tregear quickly prepared to go outside of the ship.

A few minutes later, Tregear was inside the Tika-Du caverns carrying a probe. Crab-like creatures crawled at his feet and bat-like creatures crowded the ceiling.

In the unbearable humidity and high temperature, Tregear followed Taro's traces.

Tregear finally reached the side road that Taro had spoken of.

Tregear struggled when going through a narrow tunnel.


He suddenly fell from his feet.

The slimy mud became something like a natural water slide and Tregear slid down.

Tregear slipped into the mud pool.


As he looked up, it was a huge dome-shaped space.

"Here it is. Taro's transmission was cut off at the end here."

There was an indecipherable ancient cosmic script densely carved on the wall.

"What is written here?"

Tregear scanned the ancient script.

The next moment, something big and rotund rose from the mud.

It was a giant creature made up of crabs and bats.

It was Tika-Du's monster, Gagoze!

Gagoze vomited a phlegm-like substance towards Tregear, and Tregear was robbed of his field of vision.

"Hey, can you hear me? It's me, Taro! Can you hear me?"

Tregear woke up.

In the darkness, Tregear's portable probe was sending out Taro's voice.

Tregear realized that he was hanging from the ceiling by mucous fibers.

"Taro! Where are you now?"

Taro stood outside the cave at the back of the natives' village.

He was confronting the Tika-Du's monster Gagoze.

Taro shouted.

"I was attacked by Gagoze in the cave and ran away. The monster is about to attack the village at the mountain's foot! I have to help them somehow! What are you doing right now?"

Tregear shouted.

"I'm currently stuck in some mucous substance. I don't know what the monster's intention is, was it trying to turn me into a preserved food, or...."

Suddenly, another Gagoze appeared in front of Tregear.

A pink-colored object with a wriggling goose-neck appeared from the edges of the insides of the fused crab/bat's flesh.

".....perhaps an even worse reason."

Taro delivered a punch and a chop to the Gagoze.

Even when Taro launched his Arrow Beam from his horns and his Shooting Beam, Gagoze's injuries would regenerate.

"Just how do these things do this?"

The crab shell cracked and a pinkish amorphous substance popped out from inside.

"Uwah! What's this?"

"Don't touch that!"

Said Tregear.

Tregear said after scanning the pink object with his mobile probe.

"This pink substance is an amorphous creature resembling a leech. It attaches to an opponents' DNA arrangement and enters it. It connects genetic information of multiple organisms. These things were in the cave fusing those bat and crab-like creatures. Now they're aiming for the DNA of us people of Nebula M78."

Tregear shot a beam towards an approaching pink leech. The leech recoiled for a moment, but new leeches appeared one after another.

Tregear's Color Timer started to blink.

"I'm a non-combat appropriate Blue Tribe. I don't think I can last much longer."

While Taro was fighting the Gagoze, he was fending off against the leeches crawling out from inside its body and shouted towards Tregear.

"This is bad, I have to save you."

There was Tregear's voice.

"Just go save the villagers first."

Tregear shouted while fighting against the leeches.

"These leeches will eventually capture all life forms on the planet. And then, it will use our space craft to expand the their tentacles to other planets."

Taro's shout can be heard from the spacecraft.

"But I can't just sacrifice you!"

Tregear calmly told Taro.

"We are a powerful race. But we're not gods and we have limits. When you can't help two people at the same time, it's time to choose which one to help. Before you're unable to do either."

"Don't be ridiculous!"

Taro shouted. His Color Timer also began to flash.

He needed to hurry.

"Just because the need to avoid larger sacrifice, do we have to overlook on smaller sacrifices? I can't do that. I'll save you both!"

Flame erupted from Taro's entire body! The pink leeches that crawled out from Gagoze's body were instantly burnt to death! The Gagoze exploded and disappeared without a trace.

Taro turned into a fireball and plunged into the cave Tregear was in. After unleashing the Taro Barrier towards Tregear and protected him, Taro fired his Strium Beam to kill the other Gagoze.

"Are you alright?"

"Taro......that was dangerous."

"That's great. That was really great..."

Taro exhausted his physical strength and fell on the spot.

Taro, you're a real hero.

Then what about me? Do I have the qualities of being a hero? Tregear asked those questions while holding the control stick of the space craft.

Taro woke up.

"What are those leech-like organisms?"

Tregear turned around and said.

"I don't know either. They could be creatures that used to live back in the age of primordial chaos before the creation of the universe. Could it be described as a pool of primitive life forms?"

Tregear was lost in thought. A pool of primitive life forms? When, where, and how life was born.

The information possessed by proteins is woven into DNA and RNA to convey genetic information and connect it to the next generation. Things live, and then they die.

From the perspective of other life forms, we Ultramen seem to have infinite lifespans, and sometimes transcend even dimensional walls. We can solidify life to revive ourselves and others, and multiple individuals can even compile their life energies into one individual. Have the people of the Land of Light come a long way from their way of life? Are we really integrated into the cycles of the universe?

"Now let's return to the Land of Light."

After listening to Taro, Tregear returned to his normal self.

The spacecraft sped up towards the Land of Light.


Before they knew it, the end of their days of youth was approaching.

The training period at the Ultra Information Center (ウルトラ情報センター Urutora Jōhō Sentā) where Taro and Tregear attended was very short. From now on, an infinite universe is spreading beyond the two of them. It can be said that infinite unrest is spreading.

Taro spoke.

"My dream is to become a member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force and work as a guardian of light."

That would be true, as Tregear thought.

"I wonder if I can be a guardian of light with you?"

Tregear muttered as he looked at the side of Taro's face.

Taro smiled cheerfully.

"If you can, don't give up on your dream."

In order to enlist in the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Taro and Tregear needed to take part in an exam.

Inter Galactic Defense Force members members are super elites with outstanding intellect, physical strength, and skill. Out of 18 billion people of Nebula M78, only one million can join the Inter Galactic Defense Force. It is an extremely great hurdle.

Tregear is from the Blue Tribe. It is a race that produces many scientists, historians, philosophers, engineers and others, but were not very well-off terms of physical fitness.

Tregear's days of bloody self-training went on.

At the Ultra Coliseum, the Red Tribes were up against Silver Tribes in a one-on-one freestyle fighting. In the training room, there was a target vision that requires shooting accuracy with beam techniques. It was a hellish training for Tregear who lacked physical strength.

Still, Tregear put in all of his effort. As an ardent believer in the Land of Light. No, with a heart that doesn't want to separate from Taro.

At the Silver Square where the Second Ultra Tower (ウルトラ第二タワー Urutora Dai-ni Tawā) was visible from the distance.

Taro was there staring at the emblem, the sign of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.

"Congratulations, Taro."

He looked back as those words were spoken by Tregear.

"I wasn't able to join the Inter Galactic Defense Force."

Tregear wasn't able to become a member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force as his exam result didn't reach the passing point at the last minute. It was the first setback in his life. It was an unacceptable event for even the excellent and prideful Tregear.

After a while, Taro opened his mouth.

"Fighting in the Defense Force is not the only way to contribute to the Land of Light. There are other ways to contribute to the universe through science such as research, analysis and development."

Taro told me to join the Space Science and Technology Bureau.

That's right, there's no other way.

After all I am not a hero like you.

I don't have the power to break my limits.

It means that the days of our adventure are over, Taro.

The Plasma Spark Tower was shining brightly on those two.

Tregear took Taro's recommendation and volunteered for the Space Science and Technology Bureau centered on the Blue Tribe.

And Taro would spend his days as a Inter Galactic Defense Force member carrying out various duties.

Chapter 3: 'Taiga Spark' (第3章 タイガスパーク Dai San-shō 'Taiga Supāku')

When Tregear entered the Space Science and Technology Bureau, the chief of the department was Ultraman Hikari. Hikari was a trueborn technocrat awarded with the Star Marks like the Inter Galactic Defense Force Captain Zoffy as a result of his Research on Life Solidification Technology (命の固形化に関する技術研究 Inochi no Kokei-ka ni Kansuru Gijutsu Kenkyū). Hikari's technology was beneficial in saving the original Ultraman and the Earthling Hayata.

Hikari quickly identified Tregear's excellent qualities and appointed him to the Invention and Development Department (発明・開発の部門 Hatsumei Kaihatsu no Bumon).

Hikari spoke to Tregear, who was recording data in front of a complex device.

"Tregear. This looks like a machine that binds Astral Particles (アストラル粒子 Asutoraru Ryūshi) together."

"That's right, chief. This is an Astral Particle Conversion System (アストラル粒子転化システム Asutoraru Ryūshi Tenka Shisutemu). We must remain active throughout the Multiverse, in other worlds with different quantum structures than us. So once we transform our bodies into an astral form, they become fixated into the Inner Space of those planets' organisms. That's the device I'm researching on."


Hikari was impressed with Tregear's idea.

At the same time, he also sensed the blue youth's uneasiness. Inside the calm Tregear, like himself, he felt "some kind of a blue flame" burning quietly.

Even if Taro fell into various plights on the Inter Galactic Defense Force's missions, the Ultra Brothers and Father and Mother of Ultra were there to support him while Tregear was stuck simply observing.

It's alright. He's the child like the sun. These things are nothing to him.

While his classmates worked in the Inter Galactic Defense Force and various parts in the Land of Ultra, Tregear continued researching by himself while pondering on Taro.

When the research approached its final stage, Tregear filed for access to information that is only permitted to limited members of the Land of Light. In order to complete the Astral Particle Conversion System, he needed the data of Ultramen's friends who had been expanded across various universes.

However, for some reason, permission is not readily granted.

Tregear went to the chief's office to meet chief Hikari.

Hikari wasn't there. He quit his job as a chief.

Tregear heard various rumors. Hikari's invention, the Life Solidification Technology (命の固形化技術 Inochi no Kokei-ka Gijutsu) was targeted by many invaders including Alien Bat, and quit his job because he felt responsible for starting the war. A lot of people see it this way.

Hikari is now on the planet of life, Arb, and is said to protect the peace of that planet.

Even a guardian of light awarded with the Star Marks like Hikari will suffer or retire. There was a shadow of grief in Tregear's heart.


"I'm back."

It was Taro's figure that appeared in Tregear's eyes.

"You've returned, Taro?"

One day, Taro unexpectedly returned to the Land of Light. He is a thoroughbred who has the bloodline of Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra, and is now known as "Ultraman No.6" (ウルトラマン・ナンバー6シックス Urutoraman Nanbā Shikkusu).

Honored with a bright title, "The Sixth Member of the Legendary Ultra Brothers" (伝説のウルトラ兄弟・6番目の勇者 Densetsu no Urutora Kyōdai 6-banme no Yūsha).

"It's been a while, Tregear."

The sunken heart of Tregear has finally been brightened again. Taro was still an unpretentious and friendly man. No, the feelings of meeting his parents' expectations disappeared and had put on a gentle expression.

Those nostalgic days. He remembered how dangerous they were, but when will those exciting days return? Tregear thought about it.

"The source of light is the friendship and bonds with others."

In front of Tregear, Taro enthusiastically spoke of the various experiences he had, particularly on the planet named Earth in a certain star system, and the bond he fostered with the Earthlings throughout his mission there.

"No matter what's destroyed or taken from them, the humans will surely rise up. No matter what. Ultraman doesn't save humans. We combine our strength and fight alongside them. Humans are our irreplaceable friends."

Tregear was just overwhelmed by Taro, who seemed to be excited and suddenly under pressure. He wondered what was so important on the small planet called Earth, and the light of the living beings from these tiny humans.

Tregear voiced out the information he had heard about Earthlings.

"But I heard that Earthlings pollute the environment and repeatedly engage in wars and discrimination."

Taro's smile did not disappear.

"Some of them have hateful desires. But many humans have beautiful hearts. We cannot forsake many innocent people just because of a handful of bad people."

Taro, you always see only the bright side of things. That's how you are, Taro.

Taro looked into the Astral Particle Conversion System being developed by Tregear.

"Is this the device you are developing now?"

"Ah, all I have to do is enter the data and make adjustments."

Taro smiled more from his face.

"Wonderful! This will be a great device for the Ultramen and Earthlings to form a bond."

Tregear was somewhat skeptical.

"But an item that uses bonds will become unusable if the bond is severed. If the enemy knows its relationship with the Earthlings, there's a higher risk of being exploited."

"Believe in the power of bonds, Tregear."

Taro turned to Tregear.

"How about I help you with your research?"

Then how about Taro? The data of Taro, the guardian of light who had been fighting many battles all over the universe? It will be the missing piece to finish this invention.

Tregear nodded to Taro.

"Well then, I'm counting on you too."

With the approval of the new chief, the development of the Astral Particle Conversion System has started.

The machine has been downsized and a new device that can be worn on the wrist has been created.

Tregear said with the new device in hand.

"We Ultramen would turn into Astral Particles and that information is embedded in a key-shaped terminal. If the key is read into the Astral Particle Conversion System, we can fight for a certain period by borrowing the bodies of life forms with different quantum structures."

Taro said.

"That's great! But isn't the "Astral Particle Conversion System" a long name?"

"I guess you're right."

"Does it has a good name?"

A nostalgic image appeared in Tregear's mind.

It's the appearance of Taro flying against the background of the Plasma Spark Tower.

Tregear suggested.

"How about Taro Spark (タロウスパーク Tarō Supāku)?"

Taro said with shyness.

"It's absurd to have my name on a new invention. It should symbolize the bond of the next generation."

Taro thought a little.

"How about the name "Taiga"? It means "a brave one who embraces the Sun" (太陽を抱く勇気あるもの Taiyō wo daku yūki aru mono).

Tregear examined the word Taiga.

""Taiga"..... it's a good word."

Taro said with the device on his hand.

"Taiga Spark (タイガスパーク Taiga Supāku). The device that I worked on with you. I'm pleased."

Taro thought of something. If he had a child, then he need to give them a name. He's been thinking about various ideas for a long time, but "Taiga" isn't a bad one.

Ultraman Taiga. Hmm, not bad.

"Alright then, Tregear. Take care."

As Taro set off to a new mission given by the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Tregear smiled and looked away with loneliness. This time, it appeared that remnants of the Alternate Dimension Man Yapool were planning something on Planet Gorey (ゴーリー星 Gōrī-sei) of the Altair System (アルタイル星系 Arutairu Seikei).

"Goodbye, Number 6."

Perhaps he should've sent Taro off at the Ultra Space Port (ウルトラスペースポート Urutora Supēsu Pōto). But Tregear can't do that. It was time to finish his work, and he had a principle of not doing overtime.

Tregear started humming to the poem that he wrote in the past.

English Translation Original Japanese Text Japanese Transliteration

A long, long night is coming
Even if I can't see the starlight
As long as you shine like the sun beside me
I will have no fear
So please stay by my side


Nagai nagai yoru ga yattekite
Hoshi no akari sura mienakute mo
Taiyō no you na kimi ga soba ni ite kuretara
Boku wa kowakunai
Dakara soba ni ite okure

Chapter 4: 'The Other Side of Light and Darkness' (第4章 光と闇の向こう側 Dai Yon-shō 'Hikari to Yami no Mukō Gawa')

Tregear's monologue.

Taro. Without you, the Land of Light is a dim and lackluster world for me.

I was asked to the position of Deputy Chief of the Space Science and Technology Bureau, but I declined.

When we invent new inventions and improve our defenses, the enemy would attack with even greater power. The battles will only intensify. Now I feel like I can understand Ultraman Hikari's concerns.

Yet we are the guardians of light. Light is justice. We must keep walking towards the light.

Then what is the "Land of Light"'s own light in the first place?

The light itself is invisible. Only when it is reflected by something, it is recognized as light.

"Light" is dazzling because there is "darkness" around it.

Without darkness there is no light. Anything that can't face darkness can't face the light either.

I always isolate myself within the Ultra Archive to spend more and more days studying the history of the Land of Light.

Following the supernova explosion 270,000 years ago, the Plasma Spark Tower was built and Alien Empera attacked. After that, an M78 Nebulan was banished from the Land of Light following his failed attempt to touch the core of the Plasma Spark.

His name is Ultraman Belial.

I was immersed while reading his data.

An excellent warrior of light and a friend of Father of Ultra, Belial failed to obtain a sufficient position and reputation during the Inter Galactic Defense Force's formation after the invasion of Alien Empera.

Belial was exiled in an attempt to touch the Plasma Spark's core. While drifting through space, Belial became an evil Ultraman after being infused with the genes of Alien Reiblood.

Belial led a monster army and attacked the Land of Light. The so-called "Revolt of Belial".

After losing the battle, Belial was imprisoned in the Space Prison by Ultraman King.

An evil Ultraman was born from the Land of Light, which supposedly has no criminals nor a police organization...... Is it possible that even the residents of the Land of Light, which should be "flawless lights" (完全無欠の光 Kanzen Muketsu no Hikari), can fascinated by the darkness?

When an Ultraman is fascinated by the darkness, all superhuman abilities are used for the purpose opposite to the light, and it becomes the worst threat. Because of the danger, is it possible to say that the Land of Light is an unclouded justice for the universe?

Anyone in the Land of Light knows of the Revolt of Belial. But if nobody approaches his in-depth psychology and the reason for said incident, then nobody truly understands it.

"Beware when you gaze into the abyss. The abyss also gazes into you."

This is a certain Earthling's words I heard from Taro, but such words did not stop me.

When you encounter a dangerous place, everyone says, "Do not enter." But what's behind it? Madness? Endless chaos? It takes courage to know the unknown.

Don't you all have that courage?-------

I was absorbed into that research.

A rumor about the respected Ultraman Hikari reached my ears.

Arb, the planet of life where Hikari was staying, was attacked by the higher-dimensional predator Bogarl. Despite Hikari's brave fight, Arb was destroyed by Bogarl.

Hikari had turned into a vengeful demon. Hikari wore the legendary armor Arb Gear that was given by Arb, and turned into Hunter Knight Tsurugi. In order to eradicate his sworn enemy Bogarl, he became a ruthless warrior who neglected some of the surrounding sacrifices.

That intelligent Ultraman Hikari, who was skeptical about fighting!

The superior I used to respect, the proud Blue Tribe scientist, had "fallen to darkness" and degenerated into someone seeking vengeance.

Ultramen aren't gods. Although we're not gods, we worked to maintaining the balance of the universe, good and evil, light and shadow.

The existence of Belial and Hikari were cracks that ran into the Land of Light. Born as an Ultraman, there are some who have enormous power and fascinated by the darkness.

Other than our gigantic proportions, the Ultramen are exactly the same as the Earthlings. So, aren't we immature creatures?

We wield the fist called justice with great power simply because we have power. Won't that be extremely dangerous to the universe?

After all, light and darkness are just two sides of existence, must we go on with this endless battle?

To me, the Land of Light can only be seen as a land of deception.

And so I left the Land of Light in a stupor of frenzy.


Tregear went to Planet Tutuola (惑星チュツオラ Wakusei Chutsuora).

It was under management from Interstellar Alliance (星間連盟 Seikan Renmei) and was used as a trash disposal planet by interstellar civilizations.

Tregear murmured alone.

"A planet of disposed garbage, huh? It's a planet suitable for me who is no longer a useful Ultraman."

Here, he can slowly indulge in thought.

Tregear turned his attention to organic matter in the discarded trash. Is it possible that this is a pool of primitive life? What if the information of this organic matter could be converted to DNA? Is it possible to create life?

Ultramen aren't gods. However, they have the same ability as gods. It was ironic for Tregear, who abandoned the Land of Light, to try to live in what was abandoned. He was about to touch on the roots of bioethics, an area that should never be touched. However, "don't enter" means "enter". That was his rule.

From the organic matter, Tregear created a mollusk similar to one from "Tika-Du's Space Leeches", which he had adventured with Taro on their younger days.

The leech had grown, little eyes were born and it had little front legs. Its appearance was very similar to Namegon, a soft-body monster that lives on Mars, the fourth planet in the solar system.

Tregear named the creature "Snark". "Snark" is the a word in the Land of Light that means "Little One" (小さきもの Chiisaki mono)="Chibisuke" (チビスケ)/Little runts. He didn't want to admit it, but its purpose was to heal Tregear's loneliness.

Snark get along very well with Tregear.

However, the monster took in the garbage produced infinitely by the Interstellar Alliance and grew tremendously.

Snark grew into a several hundred meters giant and raided the Tutuola city to attack its inhabitants. Tregear could no longer control it.

Tregear confronted Snark.

"Stop it. Snark!"

However, Tregear couldn't stop Snark's invasion due to his weak fighting ability.

But Tregear had a secret. There was a bug in its DNA information. Tregear activated the bug.

Snark screamed while struggling with its DNA sequence reconfigured by Tregear into various forms of creatures. Snark eventually shrank into a single flower.

Tregear held the flower in his hand.

"Both you and I should never have lived on this planet."

The flower withered and disappeared into dust. Another dark veil fell within Tregear's heart.

Tregear left Planet Tutuola.


Tregear's monologue.

And now I'm here. In cold outer space. Staring at the eyes of tens of thousands of stars. In the loneliness of the vacuum, I repetitively ask myself.

Will those circling days continue tens of thousands of years from now?

I heard a rumor in the galaxy that Taro had a son.

His son's name is supposedly "Taiga". Within the dark universe, Tregear imagined Taiga's appearance. On that day, the "Taiga Spark" that the two had created had its name given to his son! Then, that makes me partially Taiga's godparent. Well, that was just a joke.

I thought I had found another way to get closer to what is called "light."

"If Taro masters the light, then I shall master the darkness. Isn't it the same point to reach?"

While wandering across the galaxy, I started investigating the ruins when light and darkness were still mixed, before the Land of Light took on the burden of the security of the universe.

Especially traces of the era of the universe's creation, it was called "chaos".

The ancient space letters I discovered in the cave of the planet Tika-Du on that adventurous day seemed to be useful for that.

Final Chapter: 'The Planet of Ruins' (最終章 遺跡の惑星 Saishū Shō 'Iseki no Wakusei')

During a long and lonely journey through space, Tregear's ideas changed.

He could no longer find value in light or darkness.

"There is no day or night in space. Light and darkness are just illusions. There is only a vacuum. A void."

Finally, Tregear arrived at Planet Borges (惑星ボルヘス Wakusei Boruhesu), a planet with legendary ruins that sealed the ancient chaos.

He had finally deciphered the ancient space letters he found in the cave of Planet Tika-Du.

It was a dangerous place that must not be approached due to the distorted space-time. This was also the graveyard of "a certain existence" who threatened the balance of the universe.

Once, there was no light or darkness in the universe, everything was swirling in chaos.

It was a magnificent sea of subconsciousness, and the subconscious sea is contained in the depths of the "Abyss". It was to preserve your sanity.

People have dreams. Dreams are the gateway to the abyss. Sometimes it's a nightmare, and sometimes it's a hint of inspiration. People are subconsciously accessing the "Abyss".

The exposed ruins all around had been weathered for hundreds of millions of years. This is a well of souls that leads to the Hell of the universe. Tregear began to recite mantras that revived the ancient gods he studied for many years. They are trying to break the seal of the ruins.

Buon! A magic circle written in ancient space scripture appeared above the well!

"O the darkness of the universe lying between the twinkling stars. I appeal to you. Now, awaken from your eternal slumber!"

Gogogogogogogo! The well vibrated and the ground ruptured.

Smoke rose up, and a huge blue sphere emerged from the crack on the ground.

Countless shadows can be seen writhing inside the translucent blue sphere. Those were hundreds of evil gods squirming in the darkness long before the creation of the universe. The ancient "chaos" that had been contained was materialized.

What the heck. It's like a blue balloon. Tregear put his fingertip on his lips and blowed at it.

Pachin! That huge blue balloon burst and countless evil gods appeared from inside.

Tregear rushed forwards and welcomed the evil gods with open arms.

"Now, ancient evil gods whose names are unknown. I alone shall be your sacrifice. Devour me to your heart's content."

KYAAAAAHHHHH! The "chaos" roared as if it were tearing up.

When the horde of evil gods swirls like a tornado, they were absorbed into Tregear's Color Timer.

Using a combination of sorcery and Ultraman powers, Tregear contained the mighty and horrifying evil gods in the depths of his Color Timer. Tregear had to seal the color timer with a sturdy restraint belt to prevent the power of the evil gods from spewing out.

By taking in the evil power of the abomination, Tregear had obtained invincible fighting power.

Trera Cheir Phos is a destructive electromagnetic wave launched from his fingertips. Ischyros Dynamis can send any life forms into a frenzy. The power of the evil gods also gave Tregear the ability to transcend dimensions. Its name is Trera Thyra. It's a technique that allows him to move from one dimension to another using the magic circle that appeared at the time of the evil gods' advent.

There's no need to rely on the Differator Rays anymore. The Color Timer no longer rings. Tregear had stopped being an Ultraman.


Tregear's monologue.

Now I have transcended light and darkness. Light and darkness are nothing but illusions. Everything is a void.

Having the ability to move freely in the multi-dimensional universe, I interfered with universes here and there. Anything is fine as long as the light and bonds of Ultraman can be denied.

A bond can only be established for the first time with those who can't make bonds. Stupidity is only multiplied by 100 when 100 fools gather.

I landed on Planet Cobol (惑星コボル Wakusei Koboru).

There was the Space Witch Thief Murnau. The antiquated witch was in a bad condition because of her appearance.

"Who are you?"

"I'm called in various universes by various names. For the time being, just call me Tregear."

"What do you want from me?"

"I came to make your dream come true. What is your dream?"

"I am now a old woman. I don't have dreams anymore."

"So that's how it is? The flow of the sun and moon is cruel. Before you know the value of youth, it disappears in no time. What if I can fix your youth, beauty and the days that you loved forever?"

"... can you do that?"

"It's possible together. By turning everything into a gem, they can sparkle eternally."

I held out my palm.

"If you want that ability ... take my hand."

The female thief reached out her hand. Power is poured through the blue-violet light.

Eventually Murnau begun collecting all living things as gems. What happens after that? I don't know. I have a principle to not work overtime.

I've been up to some mischief on these sorts of fates and destinies in universes here and there. The evil gods in me bring in various powerful things.

"You are Leugocyte. The Space White Blood Cell, aren't you? I'll play around with your instincts a little so you can sterilize indiscriminately."

"Oh Greeza, your existence is "nothingness", right? As expected, even I can't do anything about "nothingness". You're good to go now."

One day, one night, I was on Planet Earth in a certain dimension. Here, a boy who draws Belial's blood acts as Ultraman Geed. The boy had an Alien Pegassa friend who wouldn't leave him like a shadow.

That's fascinating. Truly fascinating.

If I seal this Alien Pegassa within a monster, that boy will have no choice but to kill that monster along with his friend.

And then, that boy might might fall into a lost path = darkness just like his father Belial. So I abducted that boy and the Alien Pegassa.

Also, in another dimension.

There are a pair of Ultraman brothers. The older brother seems to transform using a crystal with that darn Taro's power. I decided to interfere with this elder brother, who's shaken from the inability to find his career path in his family.

First of all, let's start with this man's best friend.

His best friend continued to live the life of a shut-in after his dream was crushed. Aspiring to be a game designer, he was frustrated and continued to draw monsters all day long. The monster in his own mind. Yes, I understand that feeling. Now, what is your dream? With great power, how can you exact revenge on this world that didn't recognize you? You will name the monster you transform into. ...Gorefang (ゴアファング Goafangu)...... World Ender (ワールドエンダー Wārudo Endā)?.... Hurry up, I don't have all day long. Snake Darkness. That's great, Snake Darkness, even when it's read backwards (a palindrome). Ultraman Rosso. Can you kill your best friend who's transformed into a monster?

Life is a choice. You have no choice but to choose between two paths. I'm only waiting for the tragedy at the place I choose. Or a comedy.

Taro, I have a life opposite to yours. Finally I was able to become your "shadow".

In as many dimensions there are there are also as many of myself. No matter how many times my body is destroyed, I'm in revived through another me in a different dimension. I'm in a state that exceeds life and death. I have become an Ultraman who surpassed Ultraman.

No, let's make it this way. Tregear. Mad curiosity.

I will use this power to attack the Land of Light.

Taro will be there. Would your son Taiga be there as well? I'm looking forward to see you. I'm going to go beyond the "wall" that you are.

Jeez, who decided that light was justice?

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