The Ultraman Suits (ウルトラマンスーツ Urutoraman Sūtsu) are suits of powered armor worn by certain people to become 'Ultramen' in the absence of the authentic Ultraman. Originally developed by Mitsuhiro Ide of the SSSP, more models have since come into existence through various means.



A creation of Ide, though some of their technology was provided by Yapool, the suit is a device made to be worn by a bearer of the Ultraman Factor, allowing them to use a greater potential of their Ultra DNA than before. It has two known wearers, Shin Hayata and his son Shinjiro. The two wore them to fulfill their roles as 'Ultraman' for the SSSP, helping to battle evil aliens and act as a deterrent for other aliens who may commit similar atrocities.


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Hayata Armor



The Protosuit (プロトスーツ Purotosūtsu) was the first suit was worn by Shin Hayata, this black and grey armor is without a helmet or any extra features. It was used by Shin for some ten years, its first use being against the being calling itself Bemular.

It was later enhanced into the Convenience Prototype, featuring a facemask like the Ultraman Suit and a modernized power core. Worn by Shin to fight Ace Killer and his goons.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Focus: The suit focus the wearer's strength allowing them to make better use of their natural strength.
  • Protection: While both provide protection, the newer model seemed to hold superior defense as it took Bemular's heat ray at point-blank range and was relatively unscathed while Shin's armor was damaged by Bemular's own strength and extra arms.
  • Color Timer: On the suit, there is a mechanical Color Timer. When the suit's energy output or consumption of Specium energy from the user drops below certain levels the light turns red and begins to flash like a real Color Timer.


Ultraman Suit Zoffy[1] is a further upgrade of the Protosuit. Its design is based on Zoffy.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Focus: The suit focus the wearer's strength allowing them to make better use of their natural strength. Ver. Z takes this function a step firther via the glowing lights on the chest and shoulders, which enhance the Specium energy the suit absorbs from Shin.
  • Protection: Like the other suits, this one also provides it wearer with extra protection against attacks.
  • Color Timer: On the suit, there is a mechanical Color Timer. When the suit's energy output or consumption of Specium energy from the user drops below certain levels the light turns red and begins to flash like a real Color Timer.
  • Specium Ray: The Ver. Z suit allowed Shin to fire a Specium Ray, much like Shinjiro's suit.

Ultraman suit


Ultraman Suit Live

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The newer Ultraman Suit (ウルトラマンスーツ Urutoraman Sūtsu) worn by Shinjiro, this suit more closely resembles Ultraman. It has all the same abilities as the first one but has a helmet and added armaments such as the Specium Blades and the Specium Ray. Its first use was also against Bemular in the same battle that saw the end of the prototype's use. The suit was described by Ide as a reinforced version of the prototype version, meaning greater protection and more features.

It is eventually upgraded into the B-Type suit, with more features added as well as more red coloring, and a reduction in weight. Ide upgraded the suit after noticing that the old suit could no longer keep up with Shinjiro's evolving fighting style.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Ultraman Helmet: Shinjiro's suit comes with a helmet with a retractable face plate for his mouth. The helmet was obviously designed to resemble Ultraman and has a communication device installed so Ide can talk to Shinjiro when ever he needs to.
  • Focus: The suit focuses the wearer's strength allowing them to make better use of their natural strength.
  • Protection: While both provide protection, the newer model seemed to hold superior defense as it took Bemular's heat ray at point-blank range and was relatively unscathed, Shin's armor was damaged by Bemular's own strength and extra arms. Shinjiro was still injured from the heat ray, but it is unlikely he would've even survived that blast without the armor.
  • Color Timer: On both father and son's suits there is a mechanical Color Timer. When the suit's energy output or consumption of Specium energy from the user drops below certain levels the light turns red and begins to flash like a real color timer.
    • Limiter: When Shinjiro's armor is forced to its limits he can release the limiter. This gives him a speed and power boost and enhances his Specium Ray, however he has a short time before he is left completely drained of energy. When activated it appears that Shinjiro is glowing red and red streams of energy flow from his helmet's eyes and Color Timer.
  • Specium Blades (スペシウムブレード Supeshiumu Burēdo): Shinjiro's suit is armed with Specium Blades, which are multipurpose energy blades.
    • Blades: Like their names suggest they are are used for cutting and slicing through objects.
    • Acceleration/Thrusters: The blades can be used as thrusters to propel Shinjiro forward or into the air.
    • Defense: The blades can defend against energy attacks such as Bemular’s lasers. They cannot stop large beams however.
  • Specium Ray (スペシウム光線 Supeshiumu Kōsen): On Shinjiro's wrists are connectors for the control units, when the left and right connectors are joined together, Shinjiro puts arms in the classic arm position the beam is automatically fired. The beam is fired from his horizontal arm and when the beam is being prepared and used the Specium Blades are deactivated. It is fired slightly differently in the anime adaptation, whereby Shinjiro pulls down a tab on the vertical right arm to reveal a port that fires the Specium Ray.
  • Specium Slash (スペシウムスラッシュ Supeshiumu Surasshu): Shinjiro can conjure twin rings of energy, one on each hand, and use them to slice through things. They can also be thrown.
  • MARS-133 Revised (MARS-133改 Marusu Ichi San San Kai): A Specium Rifle that was designed for Shinjiro's use, to conserve the Ultraman Suit's energy. Its name is based on an old SSSP weapon, one that worked on the same principle as Ultraman's Specium Ray.
  • Cloaking: The B-Type suit is capable of cloaking to stay out of plain sight. It takes on a far darker color scheme, mostly being black and grey, while the light-up parts turn a dark red.

Suit V7 Color



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Ultraman Suit Ver. 7 (ウルトラマンスーツ Ver.7 Urutoraman Sūtsu Ver.7), also called the Seven Suit (セブンスーツ Sebun Sūtsu), is a newer model made to be worn by ordinary people, who do not have the Ultraman Factor, it is armed with a blade and other edge weapons to compensate for the wearer's lack of an Ultraman Factor/Superhuman Strength. Despite it being made to be worn by a normal human, it places a great deal of strain on the user, meaning not just anyone can wear it. As it is constantly being upgraded from combat data gain through use, it is commonly referred to as just Version 'Seven'.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Ultraman Helmet: Moroboshi's suit has its own version of the Ultraman Helmet, this one bears a great resemblance to Ultraseven and also Mirror Knight. His helmet has a green light on the forehead that may be the suit's equivalent of the mechanical Color Timer seen on the previous models, further increasing the resemblance to Seven, via his Beam Lamp. Unlike Shinjiro's, this one can be connected to the suit and slides down over the wearer's face as the mouthpiece rises.
  • Strength: Since he does not have the Ultraman Factor, Moroboshi's suit gives him greater strength than he would normally possess.
  • Extra Armor: The version 7 suit was built with normal humans in mind, thus it has more armor than Shinjiro's model, particularly the chest and the shoulder region.
  • Specium Sword (スぺシウムソード Supeshiumu Sōdo): Morboshi's suit comes with a high-tech katana. The blade is capable of devastating amounts of damage and using Specium Blade technology improve its cutting ability to the point that it can make a shockwave when swung. Because it is using Specium Blade technology, it is powered by Specium energy. Moroboshi wields two of these when the suit gets upgraded into Version 7.3 and beyond.
  • Throwing Knives: Moroboshi's suit is armed with throwing knives that resemble Ultraseven's Eye Slugger. They are stored in pockets on the back of the suit.
Version 7.3
  • EX-Rifle (EXライフル EX Raifuru): A modification of the rifle used by the SSSP Extermination Squads, they fire Emerium Bullets (エメリウム弾 Emeriumu Dan) tipped with crystallized alien energy. Moroboshi uses two of them.
  • Wide Shot (ワイドショット Waido Shotto): A heavy Specium cannon, its power is close to that of Shinjiro's ray. It can be used as a beam blade by continuous fire, but that consumes energy quickly. Moroboshi carries two.
Version 7.5
  • Eye Sluggers (アイスラッガー Ai Suraggā): Twin combat knives that are used by Seven. Ide made them capable of combining into a single larger weapon at Moroboshi's request. This is done by simply connecting the two blades to a intermittent connector. Despite their name and user, they are closer to the Zero Sluggers in function than the original Eye Slugger.



Main article: Seiji Hokuto (ULTRAMAN)

Ultraman Suit Ver. A was designed by Yapool to be worn by Seiji Hokuto. The 'A' in its name stands for 'Alien' due to its origins, but Seiji personally calls it the Ace Suit (エーススーツ Ēsu Sūtsu). It is similar in appearance to Ultraman Ace.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Ultraman Helmet: Seiji's helmet appears to be very similar to Ultraman Ace's head, complete with the forward pointed crest and hole.
  • Mechanical Color Timer: Like Shin's and Shinjiro's suits, Seiji's has a mechanical color timer that serves the same main purpose.
  • Specium Blade (スペシウムブレード Supeshiumu Burēdo): Seiji's suits also sports arm mounted Specium weapons, but unlike Shinjiro's, they connect with each other to create a blade similar to Ultraman Ace's Ultra Guillotine technique.
  • Flight: Seiji's suit is somehow able to provide flight via thrusters on his back, but they are not designed for long range flight.
  • Beam Gauntlet: The suit's arm somehow reconfigures itself to become a giant beam cannon.
  • Teleportation: When Seiji puts his fists together, a modified Mimicry System teleports the suit onto him. when he expects to go into battle.

Main article: Jack (ULTRAMAN)

The Jack Suits (ジャックスーツ Jakku Sūtsu), also called the American Suits by some, were made directly by Yapool in America. The suits are larger and bulkier due to the lack of resources Yapool worked with and because he was asked to make them look more imposing. However their size is for more than show, as they house several pieces of technology. Among them is the suit which Jack wears, from whence the name comes, while the other two sport simplified heads and chests.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Forcefield: A normally unseen shield of energy that can be deployed at will to protect the user.
  • Retractable Mask: The mask can be retracted and stored within the back armor.
  • Forearms: In its forearms are several weapons.
    • Railgun: An electromagnetic high powered gun.
    • Sword: The suit sports a retractable sword stored in its forearm.

Main article: Kotaro Higashi (ULTRAMAN)

The Taro Suit (タロウスーツ Tarō Sūtsu) is a suit made by Yapool for Kotaro to replace his handmade suit, it resembles Ultraman Taro. It is based off the Seven suit, being an Ultraman Suit that does not have any combat functions and instead serves to protect the wearer, while acting as a power limiter to keep Kotaro's explosive power in check.

Suits that exist in materials outside the story's canon.


Ultraman Suit Tiga (Alternatively Tiga Suit or Three-Colored Ultraman (3色のULTRAMAN San-iro no Urutoraman)[2]) is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Tiga. Unlike the other suits, it was not created by the SSSP or their affiliated, and thus does not bear their marking and instead has the marking of GUTS printed onto it.[3]

The suit is featured in the story ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE, written by veteran tokusatsu writer Keiichi Hasegawa.[4] It was first revealed via Twitter that it would be made into a figure.[5]

Its wearer is Daigo (ダイゴ), who is based on Daigo Madoka.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Spark Lence (スパークレンス Supāku Rensu)[3]: An arm gauntlet that houses the Tiga Crystal (ティガクリスタル Tiga Kurisutaru). It allows Daigo, who was originally not affiliated with the SSSP, to transfer the Tiga Suit onto him without using their equipment. The device is also used as a multi-purpose weapon.
    • Zeperion Spear (ゼペリオンスピア Zeperion Supia)[6]: A spear made of energy produced from the Spark Lence.
    • Beam Bullets: Energy bullets fired from the Spark Lence.
  • Zeperion Ray (ゼペリオン光線 Zeperion Kōsen)[6]: A finisher beam fired from the vertical right arm.
  • Type Change: The Tiga Suit can change its shape and color for various combat options.[2]


"Evil Tiga"

Nazo no Kuroi Ultraman

"Black Ultraman"[7]

Ultraman Suit Evil Tiga is an Ultraman Suit based on Evil Tiga, featured in the story ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE, written by veteran tokusatsu writer Keiichi Hasegawa.[8] It was first revealed at an event showing the prototype Tiga Suit figure, as concept art.[9]

It used to be a jet-black suit dubbed as Black Ultraman (黒いULTRAMAN Kuroi Urutoraman), but changed into its current form when its Evil Crystal (イーヴィルクリスタル Īviru Kurisutaru) was embedded into the ruins of R'lyeh, changing it to its current appearance.[10]

Its wearer is currently unknown, but he is a person who views the Ultraman Suit as a necessity for mankind's evolution and created one for himself, similar in mannerism to Keigo Masaki.[10] Furthermore, the suit that he wears does not bear any designations and gained its name "Evil Tiga" by the SSSP.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Evil Fork (イーヴィルフォーク Īviru Fōku)[11]: Similar to the Tiga Suit's Spark Lence, it emits a purple energy spear instead.[12] This weapon can be used as to stab, slice and fire plasma bullets.[10]
    • Evil Resonance (イーヴィル・レゾナンス Īviru Rezonansu): From its two bladed tips, it can launch mental attacks on others by resonating like a tuning fork.[10]
  • Evil Shot (イーヴィルショット Īviru Shotto): Evil Tiga's beam attack.[11] Like Tiga, it fires a beam of Zeperion isotope.[10]
  • Gravity Fluctuation Attack (重力変動攻撃 Jūryoku Hendō Kōgeki)[2]: An attack using gravitational waves. It seems to be very powerful, as it defeated Seiji Hokuto easily.


Ultraman Suit Zero, or Zero Suit, is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Zero.[12] Like the Tiga Suit, it is featured in the story ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE.[13]

It was originally developed as Ultraman Suit Ver.0, an early prototype of Moroboshi's current suit, but was stored away in favour of simply building a new suit because it had too many functions and points to improve, and wasn then kept for research. However, the suit rebooted for reasons unknown.[14]

Abilities and Equipment
  • Zero Lance (ゼロランス Zero Ransu)[15]: A lance weapon, similar to the Ultra Zero Bracelet's transformed state. Its blade can be imbued with Specium Energy, though it had difficulty in its control.[14]
  • Zero Sluggers (ゼロスラッガー Zero Suraggā)[16]
  • Wide Zero Shot (ワイドゼロショット Waido Zero Shotto)[16]

Ultraman Suit Darklops Zero

Ultraman Suit Darklops Zero is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Zero. Like the Tiga Suit, it is featured in the story ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE.

Just like the character he is based on, the wearer of the Darklops Zero suit sees himself as a rival to Zero Suit's wearer.[17]

Abilities and Equipment
  • Lance-Type Weapon (ランス型武器 Ransu-gata Buki): A lance weapon that is recolored from the original Zero suit.[18]

Juggler Suit

A Jugglus Juggler themed suit was shown for an Ultraman Suit modeling contest exhibit.[19] This model was created by modeler Kei Tadano by painting the entire figure of Shinjiro's Type A suit while adding Ver.7's Spacium Sword.[20]

These are Ultraman Suits that appear only in the mobile game ULTRAMAN: BE ULTRA.


Ultraman Suit Ken is an Ultraman Suit based on Father of Ultra.[21]

Abilities and Weapons


Ultraman Suit Marie is an Ultraman Suit based on Mother of Ultra.[23]


Ultraman Suit King is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman King.[21]

Abilities and Weapons
  • Hammer: A gold-colored weapon based on Ultraman King's King Hammer.


Ultraman Suit 80 is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman 80.[23]


Ultraman Suit Yullian is an Ultraman Suit based on Yullian.[23]


Ultraman Suit Neos is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Neos.[24]

Abilities and Weapons
  • Ultra Metamorphose (ウルトラメタモルフォーズ Urutora Metamorufōzu): The Neos Suit is capable of materializing and shaping light energy.[25]
  • Speed: The Neos Suit is stated to have amazing speed.[25]


Ultraman Suit Zearth is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Zearth.[24]

Abilities and Equipment


Ultraman Suit Dyna is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Dyna Strong Type[27] to make it more identifiable on a mobile device.[13]


Ultraman Suit Gaia is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version[27] to make it more identifiable on a mobile device.[13]

Abilities and Weapons
  • Boomerang: A melee weapon themed after Ultraman Gaia (V2)'s Gaia Breaster.[28]


Ultraman Suit Agul is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Agul V2.[27]

Abilities and Equipment
  • Agul Saber (アグルセーバー Aguru Sēbā): Agul Suit's main weapon is a multi-segmented whip-sword with a cyan-colored blade. The cross-guards bears resemblance to the Agulater.[29]


Ultraman Suit Nice is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Nice.[24]


Ultraman Suit Nexus is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue.[27]

Abilities and Equipment
  • Gauntlets: Based on the Armed Nexus and Arrow Armed Nexus.


Ultraman Suit Max is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Max.[24]

Abilities and Weapons


Ultraman Suit Mebius is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Mebius.[31]

Abilities and Equipment
  • Gun Winger (ガンウィンガー Gan Wingā): A weapon stored on the back. It is named after the mecha of Crew GUYS.
  • Mebius Brace


Ultraman Suit Hikari is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Hikari.[32]

Abilities and Equipment

Belial Suit Be Ultra

The Belial Suit is an Ultraman Suit based on Ultraman Belial.[33]

Abilities and Equipment
  • Sharp Claws
  • Deathcium Ray (デスシウム光線 Desushiumu Kōsen)[34]
  • Giga Battle Nizer (ギガバトルナイザー Giga Batoru Naizā)[35]



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