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"Ultraman Series" 50th Year Anniversary Broadcast (「ウルトラマンシリーズ」放送開始50年記念 "Urutoraman Shirīzu" Hōsō Kaishi Gojū-nen Kinen), shortened as Ultra 50 is a project launched by Tsuburaya Productions in celebration to the 50th anniversary of the Ultra Series' broadcast. The project was held in 2016.

Highlights and Important events


What's next

What's Next...?

  • January 22nd
    • Tsuburaya Productions announced the Ultra 50th project and launched a dedicated website alongside its promotional video on YouTube, which unfortunately was region locked.[1]
    • In Twitter, the hashtag Ultra 50th was made to pinpoint tweets regarding the series' anniversary by Twitter users.
  • January 27th
    • The Ultraman exhibition would be held in the Broadcast Library from February 19th to April 3rd.



Peko-chan cosplaying as Ultraman.

  • February 17th
    • Milky, a famous milk ball candy under Fujiya Co. celebrates its 65th anniversary. Said company collaborates with Tsuburaya Production's Ultra Series in lieu to their coincidental milestone celebration. Milky (by extent Fujiya Co.)'s iconic character, Peko-chan can be seen cosplaying as Ultraman, performing the famous Specium Ray stance alongside the original character. Aside from Ultraman, other characters also joined the collaboration such as Mother of Ultra, Alien Baltan and Gomora. It is noteworthy that this is not the first time Tsuburaya collaborates with Fujiya Co.. Back in the 1990's, Fujiya Co. release a chocolate confection based on Ultraman, packed with said titular character with ten Ultra Kaiju cards.[2]
Ultra O Koero
  • February 26th
    • Go Beyond the Ultra. (ウルトラを超えろ。 Urutora o Koero.) is a special message sent by Shinichi Oka, Tsuburaya Productions' current president. Said message as well had been given a dedicated website with Zetton's roar on the background. This message as well in tribute to Tetsuo Kinjo (born July 5th, 1938), one of the writers of Ultraman whom died in February 26th at the age of 37 years old.[3]

50年前、素晴らしい才能たちの手により生まれたウルトラマンは、 日本を超えて、世界に誇るヒーローとなり、 いまなお多くの人々に愛されています。

円谷プロは、ウルトラマンをこれからも盛り上げて行くと同時に、 次の50年、その先の未来を託すことのできる作品を生み出すべく、 新たな才能を探すプロジェクトを、2016年7月から始めます。

求めるのはウルトラマンを超える作品を創ることのできる人材です。 ゼットンのような強力な才能を待っています。

本日、没後40年を迎えた金城哲夫氏をはじめ、 ウルトラマンシリーズを支えた全ての人々への敬意を込めて。

2016年2月26日 株式会社 円谷プロダクション 代表取締役社長 大岡新一

  • NOTE: The translations below are majorly from rough translations by Google Translate. Feel free to improvise the translation.

50 years ago, Ultraman was born by the hands of great talents, beyond Japan, its a hero that spreaded beyond the world, yet still loved by people.

Tsuburaya for now, still burn up the spirits of the Ultraman, in the next 50 years, in order to produce a work that can entrust the future of the former, the project to look for new talent, will begin from July 2016.

We are looking for great people that exceeded the potential of the Ultraman. Waiting for a powerful talent like Zetton.

Today, we also celebrate the death of Tetsuo Kinjo since 40 years prior, with great respect for all of those who supported the Ultraman series.

February 26, 2016 Tsuburaya Production Inc. President Shinichi Oka

  • February 28th
    • Bandai Premium and Bandai Fashion Net launches the Ultra Kaiju Silver Ring product. The first wave features the head of Alien Baltan, made from Silver 925 and sold at the price of 48,000 Japanese Yen.[4][5]


Ulden timeslot change

Promotional schedule change poster.

Ultraman 99 album

Ultraman Theme Song Complete Works 1966-2016

  • March 2nd
    • Ultraman is getting a most impressive CD box set for its 50th anniversary Nippon Columbia. The five-disc set has over six hours of music with a total of 99 themes from the tokusatsu TV show and films. Ultraman X, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Retsuden, Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Cosmos and more are included. The set costs 6,480 yen (US$57.50) and is currently available.[6][7]
  • March 3rd
    • Tsuburaya Prod. collaborated with clothing brand GU to release several shirts with the caricatures of the Ultra Series characters drawn by artists.[8]
    • N-3638-01
      Ultraman Live Peace For the Earth festival is announced and will be held in August 6 and 27 at the Kanagawa Prefecture hall. Tickets were sold earlier to members of Tsuburaya Fan Club.[9]
  • March 4th
    • Marusan Ultraman
      In March 12 and 13, Yokohama Doll Museum would display the Marusan company's action figure of the Ultraman line. Said figures as well are also at the same age as the Ultra Series, 50 years old.
    • S.H. Figuarts line of Ultra Series had been announced and is slated for release in July 2016. The products are below:[10]
  • March 16th
    • Ukiyo-e Ultraman
      The Ultra Series receives its own version of Ukiyo-e sculpture art.[11]
    • Garamones
      Garamones, a band which consist of its members themed after Ultra Kaiju made their CD Debut.[12]

  • March 22nd
    • An art gallery which involves the Ultra Series would be held at April 13 in Shinjuku Takashiyama.[13][14]
  • March 24th
    • Weekly news magazine Sunday Mainichi would release a bumper with Ultraman being portrayed at the front cover of the magazine's April 10th issue.[15]
  • March 25th
    • A mural of the Ultra Series would be held in April 11 at Osaka, drawn by artist Yuji Kaida.[16]


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