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Ultraman Rosso (ウルトラマンロッソ Urutoraman Rosso) is one of the two main Ultra Heroes of Ultraman R/B, and is the elder brother of Ultraman Blu and Ultrawoman Grigio. In the past, he used to have a human form of the same name, but the power of Ultraman had been passed onto Katsumi Minato in the present day. He specializes in long and mid-range combat.



His name means "Red" in Italian, which refers to his main form's body color being red.


Pre-Ultraman R/B

While Rosso, Blu, and Grigio were escaping from the Balsas Gang (バルサス一味 Barusasu Ichimi), they crash land on Planet O-50, near the Crusader's Peak, which Grigio believes is fate. They meet Frau (フラウ Furau) in a hut at the base of the mountain, and she tells them they would need oxygen inhalation devices (酸素吸入装置 Sanso Kyūnyū Sōchi) to climb up the mountain. The Balsas Gang appears and takes Frau hostage, but the three siblings beat them. Unfortunately, they unleash Margodon, who they have no chance of beating. They decide to put the only oxygen inhalation device on Frau, not wanting any third party to get hurt because of them, and climb up the Crusader's Peak, but were stuck in a dilemma whether to attack from there or climb down the other side. Suddenly, the Ring of Light appears to them, giving them the Gyros and R/B Crystals, which they use to transform into Ultraman Rosso, Ultraman Blu and Grigio Bone to defeat Margodon, the Balsas Gang and rescue Frau.

They go on more adventures and gather more R/B Crystals, and eventually become recognized by the Interstellar Alliance. However, Grigio cannot understand why she transforms into a monster. They are sent back to Planet Sanja to inspect on Bakubarba, but discover that the House of Bakubarba has become a child trafficking hub. Bakubarba tries to guilt-trip the siblings, saying that after Mr. Largo acquired Planet Dontak, he sold it off to the Interstellar Alliance, who are also profiting off it. Grigio gets fed up and kills Bakubarba after being taunted. The Balsas gang hears about this and unleashes the monster Fearmonger (フィアモンガ Fiamonga) to kill the siblings. The brothers try to fuse the crystals of light and darkness into a new power, but they fail because they do not connect with Grigio's wishes. Eventually, Rosso, Blu, and Grigio defeat Fearmonger without making any sacrifices.

The siblings are then dispatched to Planet Gion (惑星ギオン Wakusei Gion) to help Zarra Tribe (ザーラ族 Zāra-zoku). Alien Egon Ciel (エゴン星人シーレ Egon Seijin Shīre) created the Murderous Robot Weapons Barrigator 1 and 2 (殺人ロボット兵器バリゲー ター1号・2号 Satsujin Robotto Heiki Barigētā 1-gō 2-gō) to kill everyone there so that he could take the rare metals for himself. The siblings try to convince the people to evacuate, but they do not listen, saying their god will protect them. The boy Verte (ヴェルテ Verute) shows Grigio a book about a legend of a red dragon, who is said to bring destruction. Grigio becomes Grigio Bone to scare everyone away just before Barrigator 1 arrives to fight Ultramen Rosso and Blu. Barrigator 2 suddenly appears before the escaping people, who fight back after seeing Verte step up. Grigio created the Attack crystal from this event through their combined will and became Grigio Regina, who easily defeated Barrigator 2 and Ciel along with it. Grigio is exhausted and turns back into herself, and is taken care of by the Zarra people, who bow to her after she awakens. Rosso and Blu meet up with their sister after defeating Barrigator 1.

The Ring of Light calls the siblings to Urban Planet Nepta (都市惑星ネプタ Toshi Wakusei Neputa) to defeat the rampaging Leugocyte, who had its genes tampered with by a certain blue Ultraman. The siblings used their Gyros to turn the gaseous monster into a solid, but their Gyros' output is weak and the monster is stuck in an intermediate form, which destroys the planet. Unable to sit and watch, Blu attacks, ruining the plan. Rosso and Grigio have no choice but to attack as well. Freezing the monster using the Water and Wind crystals, they throw Leugocyte into space but it regains its gaseous form. Grigio Regina is knocked back down into King and then to Bone. Due to their intense battle, a wormhole was opened and they were all sucked into it, and they ended up near the planet Earth, which Leugocyte sought to drain the life energy out of and then destroy.

"Grigio...you must... live..."

―Rosso's and Blu's last words to Grigio

Three warriors fighting Leugocyte

Rosso, Blu and Grigio Bone

Rosso and Blu defended Grigio by entering a beam lock with Leugocyte. However, the siblings lost the battle and crashed down towards Earth as a meteor, in a place that became known as Ayaka City, spreading Ray Energy throughout 1300 points of the Earth as a result of the impact. Grigio grieved over the loss of her brothers, who had died and become scattered as R/B Crystals. Ultraman R/B Novel: The Blue-Eyed Girl Whose Name is Gray

Ultraman R/B

The Beginning of Ultraman and Orb Dark's Attack

Rosso and Blu vs Orb Dark

In the present day, Rosso and Blu's powers were sent to Katsumi Minato and Isami Minato via their mother Mio Minato, who was trapped in another dimension, to protect Ayaka City from Grigio Bone and other monsters that had been summoned by Makoto Aizen. Beginning of Ultraman The villain then made his true intentions and identity known to the brothers, exploiting the power of the Orb Origin Crystal to create the Orb Ring NEO and transform into Ultraman Orb Dark, and defeated the both of them at first. After training in the mountains and obtaining the Victory Crystal, the brothers avenge their initial defeat with Rosso's new form, Ground, while Blu delivers the finishing blow. The World is Waiting for MeIn the Name of Ultraman

Battle Against Horoboros

Rosso and Blu vs Horoboros

Their next great challenge came in the form of Horoboros, who was able to deflect every finisher fired at it, despite now having the power of the Orb Ring NEO. Despite their efforts, Rosso and Blu were outmatched by the monster. Defeated, the Orb Ring NEO was taken from the brothers by Makoto Aizen, who transformed into Orb Dark once again. After Orb Dark's seeming victory against the monster, and Makoto's unleashing of Bezelb, the brothers transform again and destroy the Bezelb and prepared to fight Orb Dark, but were interrupted by the return of Horoboros, who was then evolved into its Bipedal form by Saki Mitsurugi. Horoboros managed to defeat all three Ultras before returning to its R/B Crystal. The next day, Horoboros returned and the brothers faced yet another tough battle, with all their tactics failing. They were on the losing end until Asahi arrived. She cheered them on and, hearing her prayers, the Orb Ring NEO returned itself back to the two Ultraman brothers, who used the Triple Origium Beam to finally defeat Horoboros. The Minato Family HolidayAizen's FrenzyWhat We Should Protect

The Power of Brothers Become One

Ruebe vs Grigio King

After that, they were faced by a vengeful Cereza, who transformed into Grigio King via Saki's Gyro. The brothers try their best but they are unable to defeat Grigio King, exhausting all of their techniques. As a final resort, they tried to use Ultraman's and Ultraman Belial's Crystals, but to only be rejected by them. The brothers return the next day after a short recovery period, but even with a new strategy, they were unable to defeat Grigio King until Asahi reminded them of their mother's words - that when the two of them are together, they can do anything. With that, they managed to unlock the power of Ultraman's and Belial's Crystals, which allowed them to fuse into a more powerful being known as Ultraman Ruebe, who fought Grigio King and finally destroyed it. Who Are You? Enshrined by Extremity

Leugocyte's Arrival

Rosso and Blu Vs Grigio Regina

Unable to convince Saki out of her plan to destroy the Earth along with Leugocyte, Katsumi and Isami transform into Rosso and Blu to stop her from going back to Aizen Tech, having transformed into Grigio Regina to do so. Not wanting to kill her, Rosso and Blu were careful not to hurt her too much, though Saki did not reciprocate their sentiments. Unable to do much individually, the brothers fused into Ultraman Ruebe. Surprisingly, even the Ruebe Vortex Buster was ineffective against Grigio Regina and he was defeated. The Crystal of Destruction

After regaining their Gyros from Ushio, the Minato brothers transformed into Rosso and Blu to defend Grigio Regina from being shot by Leugocyte, countering the Genesis Requiem by firing their signature Ultra Beams, though they were overcome. As Leugocyte prepared to fire at them once more, Grigio Regina stepped in the way and was instantly killed before them. I Am Happy Rosso and Blu charge at Leugocyte and transform into Ruebe but they are soon overpowered and split.

Rosso and Blu fighting Leugocyte

Seeing that they were about to be finished off, Mio locked the Gyros and canceled their transformation in the nick of time to dodge the Genesis Requiem. Rosso and Blu reappeared again after the brothers talk to their mother but they were once again beaten and almost finished off, but just as they were hit, they fused into Ruebe and changed the future that Mio saw, giving her faith in her sons and convinced her to stop her plan. Eventually, Ruebe won by destroying Leugocyte using the Shin Vortex Buster. Home of Sunrise

Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

The Minato siblings teaming up with Geed

Rosso first appears fighting Bemstar and Gan-Q, alongside Blu and Ultraman Geed and finishing off both Kaiju while saving an imprisoned Pega. After Katsumi gave in to Tregear’s temptations, Rosso arrived at the Hostar 21 Star System and easily defeated a rampaging Mecha Gomora before losing to the now corrupted Yukio Toi as Snake Darkness. During the final battle, the Minato brothers become Ruebe and join forces with Geed and Grigio Regina against Snake Darkness, but were interrupted and defeated by Tregear even with Grigio Regina evolving into Ultrawoman Grigio. Refusing to give up, the Minato siblings fused into Ultraman Gruebe through the Makoto Crystal’s power and join forces with Riku, who transformed into Ultimate Final once more. Eventually, Gruebe destroyed Snake Darkness via the Gruebing Beam and freed Yukio's from Tregear's dark influence. Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

The Minato Brothers, finding themselves at the Land of Light

Katsumi and Isami suddenly find themselves transported to the Land of Light in their Ultra forms, performing their handshake while being unaware of what was even going on. They met the 6 Ultra Brothers, who welcomed them to the Inter Galactic Defense Force Headquarters. Taro explains that the Inter Galactic Defense Force sent Zero to protect Ultrawoman Grigio, who was being targeted by Ultra Dark-Killer, who Taro once defeated. He says that contact with Zero was lost, so they had guessed that Grigio had been kidnapped. Hearing this, the Minato brothers immediately fly off to search for their sister, without giving a chance for Taro to explain further. Because of this, Taro had to send an Ultra Sign to Ultraman Ribut to help them. Rosso and Blu were attacked by Etelgar and fell down to Planet Penol They try to fight him, but his armor is too tough. Just as Etelgar was about to hit them with an energy ball, Ribut appears and defends them with his Blocker Effect. Ribut puts Etelgar in his Strong Net so that the three of them can escape and regroup with the other New Generation Heroes at the Land of Light. When everyone was gathered, they had a group talk to discuss what had happened to them.

Rosso and Blu, fighting against Ultra Dark-Killer

Ultra Dark-Killer uses a projection to inform the New Generation Heroes that Ultraman Zero and Ultrawoman Grigio are being held in the Dark-Killer Zone on Planet Tenebris, and to come and face him if they want to rescue their comrades. Upon arriving, Rosso and Blu face off against Ultra Dark-Killer in the Dark-Killer Zone, but are unable to defeat him. The situation is made worse by Dark-Killer creating Ultraman Zero Darkness from the light absorbed from Zero. Grigio heals her brothers, who fuse into Ultraman Ruebe, who defeats both Zero Darkness and Ultra Dark-Killer. The Ultras regroup and transform into their strongest forms to battle a gigantic Ultra Dark-Killer, who had been revived by Ultraman Tregear, with Rosso, Blu and Grigio fusing into Ultraman Gruebe. The New Generation Heroes and Zero regroup after Ginga finishes off Dark-Killer with the New Generation Dynamite, but were confronted by Ultraman Tregear, who admits he was the mastermind behind these events. The New Generation Heroes decide to go after Tregear. Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Ultraman Taiga

The New Generation Heroes Vs Tregear

The New Generation Heroes faced off against Tregear near the Land of Light, but were defeated easily. When the Tri-Squad arrived, Rosso, Blu and Orb gave Ultraman Taiga their lights as a gift, which manifested in the form of Bracelet-type Ultra Taiga Accessories. Buddy Go!

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


After Tregear was defeated by Taiga, a part of Grimdo escaped from his body. The New Generation Heroes tracked down Grimdo in space and sealed it away in a crystal, at the cost of their Ultraman powers. In their human forms they descended to Earth to protect Hiroyuki Kudo from the approaching Grimdo. When Grimdo broke out of its seal, Hiroyuki returned the power of Rosso and Blu to their owners via the Rosso-let and Blu-let respectively, but Taiga, Rosso and Blu were still beaten by Grimdo despite their efforts. They were saved by Taro, but were defeated by him as well once he was possessed by Grimdo. Once the other New Generation Heroes regain their powers, they face off against Tregear, the Grimdo-possessed Taro and Tregear's monsters, with Rosso and Blu fighting against Gorothunder. After their opponents receive power ups from Grimdo, Rosso and Blu fuse with Grigio into Ultraman Gruebe to finish off Gorothunder. Initially being trounced by Grimdo after it had absorbed Tregear, the New Generation Heroes fused with Taiga into Ultraman Reiga and defeat Grimdo. The New Generation Heroes give their parting words to the Tri-Squad and Hiroyuki and return to their home worlds. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

Following Tregear's defeat, the New Generation Heroes were dispatched across the universe to track down the Devil Splinters, the fragmented remains of Ultraman Belial, which could be used for nefarious purposes in the wrong hands. In their hunt for them, Orb, Rosso and Blu arrived on Planet Liquitor in the nick of time to save their fellow O-50 Ultra Fuma from Gina Spectre. Despite their efforts, Gina proved to much for all of them, escaping with a Devil Splinter in hand.



  • Height: 52 m
  • Weight: 45,000 t
  • Home World: Planet O-50
  • Weakness: Like all Ultras, Rosso is subjected to the three-minutes limit. On occasion, he will revert back to human form even when the time is not up. It also appears that, like the Riser, the R/B Gyro has to cool down before Katsumi can transform again, however, it is not as long from the former.

Body Features

  • Color Timer (カラータイマー Karā Taimā): Rosso possesses a circle shaped Color Timer.
  • Ultra Armor: Rosso has the standard Ultra Armor.
  • Protectors: Rosso possesses protectors on his chest, arms, and shins, which represent the element of the form he is in.

Transformation[Note 1]

"Select! Crystal!"

―Crystal selection announcement

Katsumi takes a R/B Crystal from the R/B Crystal Holder and flips out the side horns of the crystal. He then inserts the crystal and the R/B Gyro opens. The Gyro is placed at chest level and the handles are pulled twice. Katsumi then thrusts the Gyro forward and pulls the handles one last time and places the Gyro on his chest, before transforming utilizing the elemental power of the crystal. When swapping crystals with Isami, instead of getting the crystal from the holder, the new crystal will appear and fall from above. The same sequence continues afterwards.

"Enshrined by Fire! Crimson Flame!"

―Activation announcement for Flame

"Enshrined by Water! Azure Ocean!"

―Activation announcement for Aqua

"Enshrined by Wind! Violet Cyclone!"

―Activation announcement for Wind

"Enshrined by Earth! The Amber Terra!"

―Activation announcement for Ground



"Ultraman Rosso: Flame!"

―Transformation announcement

Ultraman Rosso Flame

Flame (フレイム Fureimu) is Rosso's main balanced form that focuses on endurance and powerful strikes. It uses Ultraman Taro's R/B Crystal, granting him the element of fire. This form debuts in episode 1.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1.6
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 0.7
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 720 m
  • Arm Strength: 80,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 45,000 t
  • Flame Mirror Wall (フレイムミラーウォール Fureimu Mirā Uōru): A fiery barrier with reflective properties.
  • Ultra Taiga Accessory Creation: Rosso can create a Bracelet Type accessory. He gave this to the Tri-Squad.
  • Sealing Barrier: The New Generation Heroes can create a barrier to seal a monster such as Grimdo. However, this comes at the cost of their transformation ability, with their devices turning white and unusable.
  • Flame Sphere Shoot (フレイムスフィアシュート Fureimu Sufia Shūto): Rosso Flame's finisher attack. He uses his hands to create a giant fireball, before assuming a "+" arm position to launch it at the opponent.
  • Flame Darts (フレイムダーツ Fureimu Dātsu): Rosso can shoot fireballs by putting his fingers in a gun shape.
  • Strike Sphere (ストライクスフィア Sutoraiku Sufia): Rosso hurls a fireball that causes a moderate-sized explosion.
  • Ultra Beam: The original Ultraman Rosso was able to fire an Ultra Beam from his arms in the "+" position.
  • Rosso Flame Kick (ロッソフレイムキック Rosso Fureimu Kikku): A flying kick attack.
  • Flame Axe Kick (フレイムアックスキック Fureimu Akkusu Kick): Rosso's flipping heel kick attack.
  • Rosso Flame Punch (ロッソフレイムパンチ Rosso Fureimu Panchi): Rosso can ignite his fist and perform a fiery punch. Used on Mecha Gomora to block and later disable his Crasher Mega attack.
  • Ultra Swing (ウルトラスィング Urutora Suingu): Rosso picks up the opponent and swings it around before throwing them.
  • Rosso Flame Chop (ロッソフレイムチョップ Rosso Fureimu Choppu)
  • Rosso Flame Tackle (ロッソフレイムタックル Rosso Fureimu Takkuru)
  • Flame-Aqua Hybrid Shoot (フレイムアクア・ハイブリッドシュート Fureimu Akua Haiburiddo Shūto): A combination beam of Ultraman Rosso's Flame Sphere Shoot and Ultraman Blu's Aqua Strium, making a single devastating finisher ray.
  • W Kick (Wキック Daburu Kikku): A kick attack performed together with Blu.
    • Twin Strike Kick (ツインストライクキック Tsuin Sutoraiku Kikku): A more powerful straight kick performed together with Blu.
    • Twin Drop Kick (ツインドロップキック Tsuin Doroppu Kikku): Rosso and Blu perform a drop kick together, resulting in an attack that is 5 times more powerful than them using their kick attack alone.
  • Twin Giant Swing (ツインジャイアントスウィング Tsuin Jaianto Suingu): Rosso and Blu grab onto a monster and swing it around together.
  • Twin Brain Buster (ツインブレーンバスター Tsuin Burēn Basutā): Grabbing onto an opponent, Rosso and Blu flip it over their backs, crushing them by the head.
  • Double Punch: A punch attack performed together with Blu.
  • Steam Explosion: After Blu Aqua uses the Aqua Jet Blast on the ground, Rosso throws his Strike Sphere to the same location, causing an explosion of steam. Used to uncover the Tiga Crystal.


"Ultraman Rosso: Aqua!"

―Transformation announcement

Ultraman Rosso Aqua

Aqua (アクア Akua) is Rosso's alternate form that focuses on agility and continuous attacks. It uses Ultraman Ginga's R/B Crystal, granting him the element of water. This form debuts in episode 1.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 0.9
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 0.8
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 0.5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 680 m
  • Arm Strength: 77,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 44,000 t
  • Aqua Mirror Wall (アクアミラーウォール Akua Mirā Uōru): A water-like energy barrier can be conjured to block attacks. There is also a reflective type that is used to deflect his opponent's beams.
  • Splash Bomb (スプラッシュ・ボム Supurasshu Bomu): Rosso Aqua's launches a sphere of water energy of varying size that traps the target. When hit by Blu Flame's Flame Equilix, the bubble boils and then explodes, sending the target flying.
    • Giant Sphere (ジャイアントスフィア Jaianto Sufia): An enormous sized Splash Bomb.
  • Strike Sphere (ストライクスフィア Sutoraiku Sufia): A sphere of water energy that damages a specific body parts of opponents.
  • Rosso Aqua Kick (ロッソアクアキック Rosso Akua Kikku)
  • Rosso Aqua Punch (ロッソアクアパンチ Rosso Akua Panchi)
  • Rosso Aqua Chop (ロッソアクアチョップ Rosso Akua Choppu)
  • Rosso Aqua Tackle (ロッソアクアタックル Rosso Akua Takkuru)
  • Twin Strike Kick (ツインストライクキック Tsuin Sutoraiku Kikku): A kick attack performed together with Blu.
  • Twin Giant Swing (ツインジャイアントスウィング Tsuin Jaianto Suingu): Rosso and Blu grab onto a monster and swing it around together.
  • Deflection: Together with Blu, Rosso can deflect beams back at their source.
  • Gigaronic Laundry (ギガロニックランドリー Gigaronikku Randorī): While Blu runs around the opponent with the Spiral Sonic, Rosso throws down a Giant Sphere, trapping the target in a vortex of water and wind.
  • Aqua-Wind Hybrid Shoot (アクアウインド・ハイブリッドシュート Akua Uindo Haiburiddo Shūto): Rosso throws the Splash Bomb while Blu fires the Storm Shooting. This creates a bubble of air used to free Pega from Gan-Q.
  • Strong Blizzard (ストロングブリザード Sutorongu Burizādo): While Blu fires the Storm Force, Rosso throws his Splash Bomb. Unlike the combination attack performed in Wind form, this one causes a massive explosion.


"Ultraman Rosso: Wind!"

―Transformation announcement

Ultraman Rosso Wind

Wind (ウインド Uindo) is Rosso's speed form, which grants him amazing speed but uses up his energy faster. It uses Ultraman Tiga's R/B Crystal, granting him the element of wind. This form debuts in episode 6.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7.5
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1.8
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 0.6
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 700 m
  • Arm Strength: 78,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 44,000 t
  • Windy Balloon (ウインディバルーン Uindi Barūn): Rosso can generate a purple wind bubble to protect someone from harm.
  • Hurricane Bullet (ハリケーンバレット Harikēn Baretto): Rosso generates a ball of wind energy, and hurls it at the opponent. Should he prolong its use, it can turn into a vortex.
  • Storm Flicker (ストームフリッカー Sutōmu Furikkā): Rosso charges purple energy into his fists, before releasing it as several small hurricanes with a series of punching motions. They knock back the target seemingly without harming them.
  • Rosso Cyclone (ロッソサイクロン Rosso Saikuron): Rosso charges up energy and fires a cyclone out of his hands.
  • Strike Sphere (ストライクスフィア Sutoraiku Sufia) (Unused): An energy sphere is thrown at the enemy.
  • Rosso Wind Kick (ロッソウインドキック Rosso Uindo Kikku)
  • Rosso Wind Punch (ロッソウインドパンチ Rosso Uindo Panchi)
  • Rosso Wind Chop (ロッソウインドチョップ Rosso Uindo Choppu)
  • Rosso Wind Tackle (ロッソウインドタックル Rosso Uindo Takkuru)
  • Fire Tornado (ファイヤートルネード Faiyā Torunēdo): A synergy attack with the Rosso Cyclone and Blu's Pyro Attack, creating a flaming cyclone.
  • Strong Blizzard (ストロングブリザード Sutorongu Burizādo): While using the Hurricane Bullet's vortex, Blu fires his Aqua Jet Blast, creating snow and cold wind.
  • W Kick (Wキック Daburu Kikku): A kick attack performed together with Blu.
  • Wind-Ground Hybrid Shoot (ウインドグランド・ハイブリッドシュート Uindo Gurando Haiburiddo Shūto): After Blu uses his Earth Bringer, Rosso fires the Storm Flicker multiple times, causing each projectile to pick up some of the Earth Bringer's energy and fling it at the target.


"Ultraman Rosso: Ground!"

―Transformation announcement

Ultraman Rosso Ground

Ground (グランド Gurando) is Rosso's strength form, which grants him greater power and rigidity at the cost of speed and mobility. It uses Ultraman Victory's R/B Crystal, granting him the element of earth. This form debuts in episode 9.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 6.9
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1.4
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 0.8
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 700 m
  • Arm Strength: 85,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 47,000 t
  • Ground Explosion (グランドエクスプロジュン Gurando Ekusupurojyun): Rosso gathers earth into a large ball and throws it at the enemy.
  • Ground Coating (グランドコーティング Gurando Kōtingu): Rosso forms several rock-like energy balls that coagulate, which he then hurls at the opponent to trap them in stone. He can also charge power from his hands to keep his opponent from breaking out of the stone, if necessary.
  • Gravity Hold (グラビティホールド Gurabiti Hōrudo): Rosso smashes the ground, releasing a gravity well that traps the enemy and then forces them into the ground.
  • Ground Jet (グランドジェット Gurando Jetto): Rosso charges his fist with energy and when he touches the ground, he causes an explosion that breaks up rocks in a straight line while erupting under the enemy. If Blu's Storm Pressure is used soon after this, it will trap the target's feet in rock.
  • Strike Sphere (ストライクスフィア Sutoraiku Sufia) (Unused): An energy sphere is thrown at the enemy.
  • Rosso Ground Kick (ロッソグランドキック Rosso Gurando Kikku)
  • Rosso Ground Punch (ロッソグランドパンチ Rosso Gurando Panchi)
  • Rosso Ground Chop (ロッソグランドチョップ Rosso Gurando Choppu)
  • Rosso Ground Tackle (ロッソグランドタックル Rosso Gurando Takkuru)
  • Jomon Pottery Tactics (縄文土器作戦 Jōmon Doki Sakusen): When the rock layer created by Ground Coating gets superheated by Blu Flame's Flame Burn, the stone hardens further.
  • Twin Break Bomber (ツインブレイクボンバー Tsuin Bureiku Bonbā): Rosso and Blu fly towards their opponent and deliver a powerful double punch.

Standard Abilities

  • Type Change (タイプチェンジ Taipu Chenji): Rosso can change his forms when Katsumi swaps out his Gyro's R/B Crystal for another.
  • Strike Sphere (ストライクスフィア Sutoraiku Sufia): An energy sphere is thrown at the enemy. Its element corresponds to that of Rosso's form.
  • R/B Slugger Rosso (ルーブスラッガーロッソ Rūbu Suraggā Rosso): Rosso is able to summon a pair of daggers from his crests when fighting against his opponents.
    • R/B Slugger Attack (ルーブスラッガーアタック Rūbu Suraggā Atakku): A simple Slashing attack using the R/B Slugger.
    • Cross Slugger (クロススラッガー Kurosu Suraggā): Rosso and Blu simultaneously deliver an "X" shaped slash at the enemy, destroying them.
    • Deflection: By slashing at an incoming attack, the R/B Slugger can deflect it.
    • Slugger Connection (スラッガーコネクション Suraggā Konekushon): Blu fires an energy blade from his R/B Slugger, which connects with Rosso's R/B Slugger and fired back towards the enemy with a second blade added.
    • Energy Ball: Used in Ultraman Fusion Fight!, Rosso can launch a ball of energy by swinging the R/B Sluggers in a cross formation.
    • Elemental Powers: The R/B Slugger Rosso is able to channel the power of Rosso's current elemental form into several abilities.
      • Grind Rocks (グラインドロックス Guraindo Rokkusu): Stabbing the ground with both his Sluggers, Rosso Ground turns the stone underneath into a massive cloud of dust and sand.
    • R/B Crystal Powers: Using R/B Crystals, Rosso can perform finishing attacks with his R/B Slugger.
      • Zero Twin Slicer (ゼロツインスライサー Zero Tsuin Suraisā): Using the power of the Zero Crystal, Rosso charges up energy before firing two cutter beams, one from either dagger. This attack's appearance/color/element seems to change with Rosso's own form, being fiery when used in Flame but watery in Aqua.
      • Xanadium Sonic (ザナディウムソニック Zanadiumu Sonikku): Using the power of the X Crystal, Rosso creates a green X symbol and sends it flying towards the target.
      • Cross Spark Shoot (クロススパークシュート Kurosu Supāku Shūto): Using the power of the Ginga Crystal, Rosso fires a stream of freezing cold water at the opponent. Together with Blu's Dynamite Slash, the combined heat and cold can crack armor such as Pedanium.
      • Twin Strium Slasher (ツインストリウムスラッシャー Tsuin Sutoriumu Surasshā) (Unused): Using the power of the Taro Crystal, Rosso launches a flaming cutting projectile.
      • Double Emerium Edge (ダブルエメリウムエッジ Daburu Emeriumu Ejji) (Unused): Using the power of the Seven Crystal, Rosso launches a Slugger-shaped cutting projectile.
      • Aero Double Slicer (エアロダブルスライサー Earo Daburu Suraisā) (Unused): Using the power of the Tiga Crystal, Rosso fires fast-moving energy cutters of wind.
      • Victorium Cross (ビクトリウムクロス Bikutoriumu Kurosu) (Unused): Using the power of the Victory Crystal, Rosso slashes the opponent in a V style.

Orb Ring NEO-related Techniques

Through the use of Orb Ring NEO in its R/B Mode, Rosso can perform finishers of Ultraman Orb by pressing its central button.

  • Origium Beam (オリジウム光線 Orijiumu Kōsen): Rosso can use Orb Origin's Origium Beam.
    • Triple Origium Beam (トリプルオリジウム光線 Toripuru Orijiumu Kōsen): Rosso, Blu, and the "aura of Orb Origin" fire the Origium Beam.
  • Sparion Beam (スペリオン光線 Superion Kōsen): Rosso can use Spacium Zeperion's Sparion Beam.
  • Zettcium Beam (ゼットシウム光線 Zettoshiumu Kōsen): Rosso can use Thunder Breastar's Zettcium Beam.

Other Media

Ultraman Hit Song History: New Generation Chapter

Rosso and Blu meeting Zero

In this music album, Rosso and Blu were recruited by Ultraman Zero to fight against Etelgar and free the New Generation Heroes from his captivity. Ultraman Hit Song History


  • In the early draft, he was named "Ultraman Z" to mark the end of the Heisei period. Also, he was meant to not have a sibling.[2]
  • When injured, Rosso appears to bleed red, rather than the light-like blood of most Ultras. This is likely a reference to Ultraman Taro, who Rosso gains his powers from, bleeding after being injured by Birdon.
  • Rosso pointed out on Zero that his Zero Sluggers resembles cat ears, to which Blu also agreed. This is ironic, as it was Rosso's crests that have such a resemblance. Orb Dark/Makoto/Cereza mentions this resemblance as well.
    • Masayuki Gotoh confirmed on Twitter that he did design Rosso's head based on cat ears.[3]
  • Rosso and Blu's colored parts are interchangeable, which reduced the number of unique suits required for filming.[4]


  • According to Makoto/Cereza's observations and analysis, Katsumi/Rosso's stats are, as of episode 8:
    • Power: 2
    • Speed: 0
    • Defense: 2
    • Technique: 1
    • Stamina: 2
    • Finisher: 1
    • Looks: 1
    • Style: 1
    • Intelligence: 2
    • Mental: 1
    • Aura: 0
    • Mysterious: 2


  1. The official English translation of the activation announcements are highly inconsistent: "Let's go with", "Enshrined by", "Element of", "I don".


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