Burnmite horn rub This article lacks an official name. "Ultraman Rap" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how it's mentioned in-story.

The Ultraman Rap is a song used in promotions for the 4Kids English Dub of Ultraman Tiga. It was first heard in a preview special that aired on FOX known as "What's Inside the Fox Box?" and was heard on preview tapes and DVD previews.


English Lyrics

Time to battle all the monsters, through lots of danger
Every mission with the menace, he moves
Ultraman, the Torch, he blasts the beams, the screams
The Power, Speed, and Omni, beyond-i

He'll transform, supergiant, galactic,
Ultra hero, fantastic, defender with GUTS,
Uppercuts the Mach-5, 12 stories high,
When super is just not enough!

Ultraman (Ultraman)
Awesome man

Ultraman Tiga packs a punch beyond the solar,
Super depth, under sea, deep space anomalies,
Takin' out these monsters, let me show you how he did it
To win it, transmit it, from start to finish

Now with TCP, yes, the humanity,
They fight for peace and love throughout the galaxy
Ultraman, Ultraman, Ultraman

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