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This page contains a full translation of the novel The Blue-Eyed Girl Whose Name Is Gray (蒼い瞳の少女は灰色と名乗った Aoi Hitomi no Shōjo wa Haiiro to Nanotta).

NOTE: New names and terminologies may not be accurately translated due to there not being a known official Romanization for them. The ones seen on this page are approximations.

Chapter 1: Altair System - Planet Sanja (第1章 アルタイル星系・惑星サンジャ Dai Isshō Arutairu Seikei Wakusei Sanja)

At the bottom of the valley of the cliffs, gleaming and silver streaks can be seen. Those are the traces of the large mollusk Snarks (スナーク Sunāku) that lives on this planet. The smugglers tamed the Snarks to tie and carry luggage such as Rare Metals and weapons obtained through illegal trade, on the back of their cochlea-like shells.

They are currently on their way back to the citadel.

Constant dangerous and side-by-side journeys fatigued their body and mind to the limit. Some rest on the saddles on the Snarks' shells, and there are others seen taking a nap.

In a quiet space --Karakarakara-- The sound of broken rocks rolling down the slopes echoes. The smugglers who were brought back to reality from a slight sleep looked at the top of the slope.


What they saw there was the figure of three shadows jumping like a ball from the vertically towering rocks. The silhouette with a shell on the back resembles a Snark, but the body is twice as small and moves twice as fast. It's another kind of mollusk called Hopnail (ホップネイル Hoppuneiru). On the back of the saddle, there's a boy holding a bowgun.


Rumor has it that the bad guys appear to rob the smugglers’ illegal luggage.

The bowgun’s arrowhead capture their attention as they all scattered.

“Abandon the luggage! Run!”

“But it’s a treasure we got once in a lifetime.”

“Life is the source of all things, they say.” (Japanese proverb for “When there is life, there is hope”.)

The smugglers cut off their ropes with axes, the luggage fell and scattered, and they fled by driving the lightened Snarks “in all directions like baby spiders” (Japanese proverb for running away scattered). What was left behind were a few Snarks who ate the grass stunned while losing their masters.

Sometimes success makes a difference in the mind. One of the field robbers landed on the ground from the saddle, wondering if there is no nearby enemy and approached a Snark eating the grass. Their hand reach out to check the contents of the package. From the Snark’s shadow, a thick dull blade glows sparkling. Even when the axe is lowered down, the bandit once more direct their bowgun on hand towards the bearded man.

“Pull the trigger!”

The brain commanded it, but their fingers can’t move as if they’re frozen. Their mind refused to claim the lives of others just for the sake of surviving.


When they heard a voice in her mind, “Boom!” something briefly appears at their cheek. It was faster than a thick blade breaking the skull into two, and a flying bolt pierced the raider's chest. The smuggler’s body loses strength as he fell to the ground.

“I’m alive..., at the cost of the enemy’s life...”

The thieves realized that their companion had claimed the life of a smuggler to save themselves.

When they quickly remove the cloth wrapping their faces, it unveiled the face of a beautiful girl with clear blue eyes. One of the field robbers was a girl of a yet unknown age.

The boys descend from the two Hopnails that approach the valley bottom. As the girl advances in front of it, she made a sharp glance at one of the boys.

“Why did you kill him? Blu-niisan.”

“Because if you don’t claim his life, Grigio, your own life would be taken.”

The field robber named Blu-niisan bluntly answers it. Blu and Grigio sharply gaze at each other. Meanwhile, another boy bigger than the two broke in-between their space.

“Blu! Grigio! Don’t hesitate to collect and load these luggage! It’ll be troublesome if those guys return with reinforcements.”

“Aaa, Rosso-niisan.”

The boys named Rosso and Blu begin to reload the scattered luggage on their Hopnails' back.


The girl named Grigio isn’t convinced yet, but she swallowed those words and started moving on.

When the trio siblings put the load that was scattered across the valley onto their Hopnails, and each swing their whips from their saddle. Regardless of the weight of their cargo, the Hopnails quickly gallop up the slope, assimilating with the dark side across the ridge, and become undetectable in no time.


Since there is no natural satellite, the nights of Planet Sanja are dark.

Without an infrared scope for night vision, even the image of an enemy approaching the hideout cannot be seen.

Tonight, the boy who was ordered to go to bed is focusing on the landscape with his night vision scope so as to not miss any visitors. However, he can’t resist the strong sleepiness and the moment his consciousness swept away, he felt that there’s something moving in the scope.


Desperately rubbing his eyes to drive the sleepiness away, when concentrating his nerves, he was sure that three shadows are approaching closer to the hideout. As the boy zooms in on his scope, it turns out they are Rosso, Blu and Grigio trio siblings that were riding their Hopnails.

“They’re back! All three of them are safe!”

The boy on the lookout had his voice echoing on the slope of the rocky mountains. Then, from the rocky surfaces which the Camouflage had been installed on various places, various boys and girls from various planets, regardless of age came out like whack-a-moles.

“Rosso-ni! Blu-ni! Grigio-neesan!”

With many children appearing, they fell down the slope through momentum and started to gather at the entrance of the hideout.

Staring from that point of the mountain, there was a lanky and long-limbed silhouette. With long white hair, a nasal bridge resembling an eagle's beak, some lost front teeth, her thin appearance, she looks like a 100 year old Yamanba.

However, there’s four arms that sprout from side to side around the shoulder blades which makes her a spider-type alien.

The spider-type alien’s name is Bakubarba (バクバーバ Bakubāba). Having camouflaged the rocky mountain, the hideout that the many children are hiding at is called the House of Bakubarba (バクバーバの家 Bakubāba no Ie). At first glance it is a rocky mountain with no plants and trees, but the inside is tunneled like a maze, and the whole mountain is fortified.

“Rosso-nii, Blu-nii, this is a great trophy, isn’t it!?”

“Grigio-nee, are you injured?”

For the boys and girls at the hideout, the elder siblings Rosso, Blu and Grigio are heroes. They surround the trio siblings, not knowing how to reduce their excitement and keep talking.

“Good job, hehehe.”

An excellent voice came from behind the crowded boys and girls. It's Bakubarba.

“Now now, everyone, don’t just talk non-stop! I’m going to put these trophies into your treasure chests.”


When Bakubarba calls out with her toothless mouth, even the youngest of the boys and girls started to move. As all the loads carried by the Hopnails were dropped and gathered on the ground, in a state of getting used to the weapons and rare metals, she arranged it into a mountain according to the nature of the trophy. After that, she put each of them into their respective holes. Even before loading process is finished, all the luggage had been cleaned up.

Grigio just watches the children of the hideout, just standing and staring, but she is still not convinced. Bakubarba noticed this and greeted Grigio.

“You’ve done a lot of good things today. Good job. You must be tired, let’s eat some rice and rest for tonight.”


Grigio nods lightly without replying and drags herself own private room in a cave. While looking to her back, Bakubarba talked to her brother, Rosso, who was nearby.

“What happened to that girl?”

“Grigio believes that our lives... including those smugglers’ own lives, will never change.”

“You guys didn’t do anything that goes against justice. Living is a justice... taking others’ lives for us to live, is another justice...”

“She will, someday, understand it.”

“For the sake of these kids here, you guys have to earn more money...”

。 。 。

The battles on Planet Sanja still continue for a long time.

In the past, and even in the future, the children are the ones who suffered the most in the war.

Rosso and Blu, as well as Grigio are a trio of siblings who were born and raised on Planet Sanja. They are well aware that their parents have already passed away. The trio are on their own strength at a very young age, wandering on their own planet-turned-battlefield and survived to this day.

In the end, the trio siblings arrived at the House of Bakubarba. In the House of Bakubarba, there are many children who lost their parents in the same situation as the trio siblings being taken care of. None of the children of said facility knew Bakubarba’s true identity.

Bakubarba sometimes talked about her own birth. If those words were to be believed, she was also involved in the war between the planets and continued wandering from one star to another. Hence, she can’t afford to leave the children in similar circumstances.

But, those who have seen a bit Bakubarba’s private self will not believe in such stories. In the universe wherein the battle continues, there is no need for such good people to survive.

Instead of giving food, clothing and shelter to the children, Bakubarba taught them to fight and gives them back-end work. For Bakubarba, the children are her important source of income. Among them, Rosso, Blu and Grio sibling trio are said to be excellent subordinates who produce golden eggs. The sibling trio are not only paying for their own expenses, but also earning money for the children of the House of Bakubarba.

The siblings are born with heightened body physicality, intelligence and quick wit which allows Bakubarba to accept any given “Back Work” from alien gangs as the siblings assumed they were doing so in the name of “justice” without any doubt.

In the unlikely event that they would fail their job, they have no relatives or personal data due to being space orphans. There is no evidence to show the connection between the siblings and Bakubarba. Therefore even if they failed in their jobs, there is no concern if Bakubarba severs their connection with her.

They are perfect human resources for the job of disposable hired warriors.

What Bakubaba had to do was to tell when one of the trio siblings who had doubts about their work.

“On this planet “In order to live, we need to take”, “Living is justice” is a common sense. And for those who had doubts, only “death” awaits...”

Chapter 2: Forest Planet Dontak (第2章 森林惑星ドンタク Dai Ni-shō Shinrin Wakusei Dontaku)

The trio of siblings Rosso, Blu and Grigio have been children of House of Bakubarka for many years. If their growth were to be measured in terms of murder and destructive skills, then their growth is remarkable. With the growth of the siblings, Bakubarba’s requests to them become harsher from time to time.

For example, the assassination of an alien gangster, covert operations such as stealing confidential information, as well as arresting a violent alien on the bounty and execution of space monster, to name a few, are both dangerous and deadly jobs.

“For the sake of your friends in the House of Bakubarba, can’t you please give another helping hand?”

One morning, the siblings gathered in front of Bakubarba and suddenly, it was cut short.

“This time, it’s a big job with a lot of money.”

Bakubarba explained this new mission to the trio.

“There was a request from the businessman Mr. Largo (ラルゴ氏 Rarugo-shi) to get rid of a monster.”

“Monster...” For the three brothers and sisters, it can be said that killing monsters is a daily job. But, they aware that there must be a reason why Bakubarba call this as a big job.

“The one you’re going to defeat is a monster named Nero (ネーロ Nēro) who lives on Planet Dontak (惑星ドンタク Wakusei Dontaku).”

“Is it strong...” said Blu.

“Up till now, all the hunters under Mr.Largo had tried but none of them ever came back.”

The three siblings gulp and then continue listening.

“Every powerful monster had its weakness somewhere. But even a good hunter can’t find a spot that would be its weak point. Mr. Largo has no way to solve it and when he’s at wit’s end, he overheard the rumors of your success and came to my place to ask for it.”

“Is the monster Nero so violent that we need to defeat it?” Grigio asked, Bakubarba deeply nods.

“Um, the monster Nero is said to inhabit the forest of Planet Dontak. The Bosco Tribe (ボスコ族 Bosuko-zoku), who lives in said forest worship that monster as their guardian god.”

“The monster is a guardian god? Why do we need to beat Nero, whose been revered as a god?” said Grigio.

“The word Bosco actually means “ring” in the Planet Dontak’s language.” said Bakubarba.


“The monster Nero releases spores from its body to create the forests. At the same time, Nero requests a sacrifice once in every decade. If there is no sacrifices, it is said to unveil a malicious side that will eat people. A circle (ring) of food chain exists in-between the villagers and Nero.”

“I see.” said Rosso.

“Are you afraid of the monster, or did your life depends on the monster?”

“----There’s no way we’ll be giving up on that unnatural habit...” said Blu.

Grigio seemed to be convinced to hear the story.

For that reason, the three siblings decided to take on this dangerous job.

Of course, the trio siblings Rosso, Blu and Grigio have no option to refuse Bakubarba’s request.

。 。 。

The three siblings headed to Planet Dontak by driving a small spaceship prepared by Bakubarba.

While going through the thick layers of the atmosphere, suddenly, the forests that wrapped the black earth spreads towards the canopy’s direction.

“Is that the forest where the Bosco tribe lives?”, said Blu.

“The monster Nero must be somewhere in that forest.” said Grigio.

After hiding their spaceship at the edge of the forest, the three siblings split up and and decided to investigate the habitat of the monster Nero.

In front of Grigio, a black forest continues to everywhere. Strange trees of various species that have never been seen before are flourishing. It could be that due to being grown from the spores, the entire forest emits a life reaction of the same nature to the monster Nero. Therefore, it’s difficult to identify the actual location to Nero.

Every plant is intricately entangled to create a wall as it completely blocks the light from the outside world. The forest has turned into a murky darkness.

Relying on her own emitted light, Grigio moves forward. As she advances by wading through the deep bushes, suddenly, glittering particles of light appeared at the end of her eyes. Grigio proceeded to confidently walk towards the faint light.

She realized that the true nature of the light is a vacant spot from the branch-entangled dome where the sunbeam comes from a hole. The streak of light extends like a spotlight and brightly illuminates the section of the Earth. Colorful flowers bloom and appears like a carpet spread in a primary color.

The pleasant smell of flowers enter Grigio’s nostrils. Lured by the scent of flowers, she walked into the sunny area and sees a large open white petal in the middle of the area. As Grigio gets closer, she realized that the figure its not petal, but a girl in white dress whose skirt spreads around and picking up the flowers. The figure of the girl wrapped in blurred light was a beauty that appeared as if she was an illusion.

Not wanting to instill fear due to wearing the anti-monster combat clothes, Grigio speaks in a gentle tone.

“Who are you?”

As the girl turn around, the collected petals scattered on her skirt and flew with the airflow.

"I'm Grigio. What are you doing here?"

"My name is Bianca (ビアンカ Bianka)... I'm collecting wonderfully fragrant petals that will be the basis of a perfume."


"Yeah ..for the sacrificial ritual for the guardian god..."

“What’s a sacrificial ritual?”

“I’m going to become the sacrifice for the guardian god Nero-sama... For the sake of that day, I’m collecting fragrant-scented flowers and beautiful-colored petals...”

Bianca smiled happily with no care for herself.

“Eh?” Grigio tilted her head in weird expression.

“Why are you so happy”?

Even though Grigio, who raised the question, is more humorous, Bianca gave a bright laughter.

“The most beautiful woman in the village is chosen for the sacrifice.”

“And that’s you...”

“Oh, come on. That was a complement, right? Ufufu”


For Grigio, who has been fighting against her fate and lived, Bianca accepting her destiny and living happily was incomprehensible. But due to their contrasting personalities, Bianca is deeply engraved within Grigio’s mind.

。 。 。

Rosso, Blu, and Grigio gathered at the edge of the forest where they hid the spacecraft to report each other's findings.

Rosso and Blu talked about the Bosco Tribe ceremony, while Grigio told them of her encounter with Bianca in the forest. The trio’s stories are then followed by the meaning of the sacrificial ritual.

“At the time of the sacrificial ritual, perhaps once in a year will be the only chance to expose the Guardian God Nero’s own weak point.” said a convinced Rosso.

The trio siblings intruded the Bosco Tribe’s village to prepare for the sacrificial ritual that came within a few days later and waited for the chance to defeat Nero. And that time has finally come.

The ritual takes place at the eastern edge of the black forest where the town square of Bosco Tribe’s village is located.

In the open space where the sunset took place, a ceremonial-use altar was used to cast the shadow for a longer period.

Within the vicinity of the town square lies a tower assembled with wood cutouts from the black forest and tied with vines and ivy, standing out from the flourishing trees. A ceremonial altar was set up at the top of the tower.

A silhouette of a woman is floating on the top of the tower, standing against the backdrop of a bright red sunset.

That woman is Bianca’s predecessor Viola (ビオラ), a woman who served as this decade’s sacrifice for the guardian god Nero. Even if she was born around the same age as Bianca, she’s still appeared as though she was 20 years old, even if a decade had passed. However, her skin no longer has its youthfulness. Her pale expression is comparable to a dead man. It was clear to everyone that only a few lights of life would last.

The sunset sunk across the forest as the sky dyed red in response to nightfall, Viola knelt at the altar on the tower’s peak and began praying. In response to that, a roar can be heard from the depths of the black forest as the top of the trees began shaking.

The monster Nero has finally appear――the trio siblings begin asking each others if they’re ready.

ZAZA, ZAZAZA------The trees in the forests buzzed like a black rippling wave. Its figure cannot be confirmed due to being blocked by dense trees, but the sign that a huge guardian god is approaching was transmitted.

With tension on their faces, Rosso, Blu and Grigio three siblings remove the safety device of their Anti Monster-Use Heat Ray Gun (対怪獣用熱線銃 Tai Kaijū Yō Nessen Jū) underneath their cloaks and placed their finger on the trigger.

When the first star in the night sky begins to shine, Viola's prayer ended quietly. At that moment, a figure of a girl slowly appeared as she was taken by the villagers in priest attire. Wearing a dress decorated with beautiful flowers, she is the new sacrifice.

From the sweet smell that went through her nostrils, Grigio knew that she was the Bianca, the girl she met on the forest.

“I have to save Bianca. And I have to teach her to live against her destiny.”

Grigio felt that her muscles were tight and her mind changes into battle mode. Even now, she try to stand against the monster Nero and would begin slaughtering it. Grigio tries to go further, but her two brothers held her hands back.

“Wait for Nero to appear---” said Rosso.

“We’re aiming for a momentary chance to reveal the vital point” said Blu.

Grigio nodded silently and accepted the duo’s advice.

ZAZAAH! From the altar at the top of the tower, shattered trees are visibly soaring through the air.


Across the top of the trees, the monster Nero raised its upper body to unveil a gigantic figure appearing. Its face exudes several evil fangs like a beast, its flesh is clothed with strange vines and comparable to the stems of a millenia-old tree. An unforgivable composite of animal and plants, that is the true nature of the guardian god Nero.

Nero wiggles its body like a serpent and approaches Viola at the altar. It stretches out a long vine like a tentacle before Viola’s own eyes. At the end of it is an Earthworm-like organ wriggling, taking the shape of a human finger and try to grab onto something.

It was at that time.

“Uu,uuu”, it seemed as if an aura begins wrapping on Viola’s kneeling body, a glowing sphere was seen expelled from her widely opened palate.

The organ at the tip of the vine squeezed firmly on the glowing sphere expelled from Viola. Then, as Viola’s entire body loses its strength, she fell flat on the altar.

Rosso whispered to Blu and Grigio’s ears.

“I got it. Nero is a monster akin to a caterpillar fungus, it transplant a vital point of itself to the sacrifice.” That was Rosso’s reasoning.

“To protect the vital point, the sacrificed will use up her own life energy and eventually die of emaciation in ten years.” said Blu.

“That’s why, once in a decade, Nero calls for a sacrifice. To survive...” said Grigio.

Grigio looked at the altar built on top of the tower and found Bianca’s figure in front of the giant monster’s frightening look. But instead of getting afraid, Bianca opened her hands with joy as it about to receive the sphere of light.

Grigio removes her cloak to unveil a battle suit as she quickly got into the tower and started to climb towards the altar.

“Why?” Grigio called Bianca, who was on top of the altar. “Why don’t you try escaping from this cruel world? Why do it have to be you alone to make the sacrifice!”

Bianca was finally aware of Grigio’s presence.

“If everyone can live happily and laugh, then I’m also happy. I only know this village, and I never thought of living in another world. Grigio, I want you to bless yourself too. Because, by being a sacrifice, I have brought peace to this village.”

The monster Nero reclaimed its vital point, the glowing sphere out from Viola’s body and try to transplant it to the new sacrifice, Bianca. With the vital point unveiled, now it’s the only chance to defeat Nero.

“Now, we must attack that sphere of light.”

Rosso and Blu shouted as they went to the tower to follow Grigio.

“If the circle of life is broken, I can’t make everyone else happy” Bianca shouted desperately on the altar.

“That circle needs to be broken! Don’t accept your destiny!” Grigio called.

“You’re the only one who could break your own destiny.” Bianca whispered quietly to Grigio.

“And then, you'll losing a place to return and keep wandering for a long time. That will also be your fate.”

Having arrived at the altar, the trio Rosso, Blu and Grigio stand in front to protect Bianca. And then, aiming at the vital point of monster Nero, the sphere of light, they set up their heat ray gun and begin firing.

It was at that moment. Bianca shook off the trio, and leaped from the altar.

“Bianca!” Grigio reached her hand and try to catch Bianca, but her fingertips only touched the air. When Nero’s vine grabbed onto Bianca who circled on the air, the sphere of light quickly entered Bianca’s body. Now, Bianca’s body and Nero’s vital point has become an inseparable single amalgam.

Having transplanted its weakness to Bianca, Nero, who regained its invulnerable body, attack the three siblings on the tower by swinging its attacking tentacles embedded with sharp needles.

“Grigio! Get behind us!”

Rosso and Blu risked themselves to protect Grigio from the attack.

“If I leave it like this, my brothers will be killed by Nero.” Grigio convinced herself. However, the vital point to defeat Nero has been transplanted into Bianca’s body. Bianca, whose body wrapped with aura is tied in Nero’s vines and lifted high in the air.

“In order to kill Nero, Bianca...”

It was at that moment, Bianca, who is high in the air, looked down on Grigio at the altar. Two people’s eyes overlap in one. It appears that Bianca’s maroon eyes were reflecting at Grigio’s.

“If you kill Nero, then you will kill me too...”

Bianca’s eyes were seemingly talking to Grigio.

The moment when one of Nero’s attack needles was about to attack Rosso and Blu, Grigio pulled the trigger of the heat ray gun. The fired heat ray penetrated the shining sphere of light within Bianca’s body. As the glow emitted from Bianca’s body evaporated, Nero is also destined to be destroyed together.

Thus, the “circle of life” has been turned off.

Other than the “circle”, Grigio felt that she had destroyed something that was most important.

Chapter 3: Planet Alhara (第3章 惑星アルハラ Dai San-shō Wakusei Aruhara)

When the guardian god Nero is defeated by the three siblings, the Largo Protege (ラルゴ子飼い Rarugo Kogai) mercenary unit that waited in Planet Dontak’s orbit flew over the black forest. The mercenary unit mercilessly burn the entire Bosco Tribe’s village with napalms.

The modernization of Planet Dontak by businessman Largo is simply a lip service for his own aggrandizement. His true goal is to monopolize the rare minerals (希少鉱物 Kishō kōbutsu) slumbering underneath the ground of the black forest.

Of course, Bakubarba knew this and received the request from Largo. But, she didn’t tell the truth to Rosso, Blu and Grigio.

“With this, the planet can be modernized.” Along with this message, huge rewards will be given from Largo. For Bakubarba, this money was her sole purpose and justice.

However, what Bakubarba did not expected was the change in Grigio’s heart. She had closed her heart since then. Bakubarba didn’t want her sole breadwinners Rosso, Blu and Grigio to be excluded from the team.

Bakubarba gave up her persuasion and asked Rosso and Blu to give good advice to their sister.

“Bianca was in a pitiful state. But thanks to that precious sacrifice, the Planet Dontak will be modernized and it will bring wealth to the Bosco tribe.” Rosso told Grigio. However, the feeling was not clear.

“Does Nii-san tachi really think so?”

Grigio is not a foolish kid. Rather, she has the wisdom to look at things from a different angle than her brothers’ own straightforwardness.

“And everyone... will forget about Bianca... From the sense of “Peace through Sacrifice”, wouldn’t the guardian god Nero or Largo changes much?”

Grigio has doubts on “Peace through Sacrifice” itself.

Neither Rosso nor Blu could give a convincing answer to the essential question presented by Grigio.

Rosso and Blu were misunderstood. It hurts their heart if they knew that they were the source of Grigio’s depression.

At that time, Grigio defeated the monster Nero to protect Rosso and Blu. The only way to defeat Nero was to destroy the vital point in the body of the sacrifice, Bianca.

The reason why Grigio had to make such cruel decision is due to their own weaknesses. Unless they become stronger, a similar situation will happen again. Unless they overcome this weakness, she concluded that they will never solve this problem.

Grigio knew that wouldn’t solve the problem. The nature of the problem is deeper. As long as the strong person tried to solve it by taking from the weak, the chain of tragedy never ends.

This girl in her teenage years is already aware of this time.

Grigio has the tendency to get addicted to a private room at the corner which fits only for one person. She usually eats alone by bringing her food to that room. When she’s in the narrow space illuminated by a faint light, for some reason, Bianca’s bright laughter and smile vaguely comes to her mind.

“I thought that defying my own fate is how I came to live. But, in a sense, the way of living by robbing from someone and built on the sacrifice is no different from the Largo and co.’s way of living that I have denied...”

From that time, Grigio had mentally exhausted herself from thinking about it. At one point she shuts herself all day staying in that private room but came out of the room all of the sudden and declared that she would quit the back work. After a week, her mental condition has settled down and getting ready to work. But, Grigio’s heart did not lose its shadow.

。 。 。

When such a thing happened at the House of Bakubarba, the rumors of “There is a trio of high earning siblings in the Altair System” spreads fast in the Underground World.

Tracing back to the origin, Bakubarba had been structuring murmurs by splitting the good back works for recruiting. But for that matter, it’s nothing strange that the relatives of all the well-known alien gangsters had been killed up to now had sought revenge.

Even if the three siblings visited a planet for the first time, assaults from either of the alien gangster’s relatives for revenge or bounty hunters from the underworld who bets for their bounty happened frequently.

Especially depending on the hostile force, there were also those who were spreading the “Rosso, Blu and Grigio Seige Net” (『ロッソ・ブル・グリージョ包囲網』 Rosso Buru Gurījo Hōi-mō). Even if the three siblings are skilled, there were moments of barely being chased up to.

Bakubarba believes that her relationship with the three siblings had broken, and she thought that her “house” would go down by any chances. At that time, Bakubarba’s decision was quick. It doesn’t matter how much they earn up till now. Bakubarba’s decision is to be called for a banishment.

“As a result of the relatives of the assassinated executives of the space gangsters, the works we had until how has become harder. Because these guys are very persistent. For now, it might be better for you guys to hide in a remote planet.”

Bakubaba advised the siblings, keeping in secret that the cause was her own 'murmur'.

Rosso, Blu and Grigio hide themselves within the barren Planet Alhara (惑星アルハラ Wakusei Aruhara) at the edge of the galaxy, which is not on the map.

There are no mercenaries, bounty hunters or even businessmen living on that planet. Its inhabited by poor but quiet aliens who helped each other while cultivating a small field.

The rumor of the three siblings that did back works has not been spread yet because they did not receive the information transmitted. Therefore, unsuspecting strangers like the three siblings will be treated as a friend. Their lives were said to be poorer than at the House of Bakubarba, but for the three siblings who had been chased around, this is a place where they could rest for a while.

The three siblings wondered if there’s something that can be “given” in exchange for peace provided by the people of Alhara.

If there’s one, they were always suffering from water shortage while running small-scale farming.

The three siblings thought if the water shortage can be solved from their knowledge and experience so far. By finding an underground water vein, they dig up a well, which caused the waters to spout out as the villagers were genuinely grateful.

When surrounded by people cheering joy, “brother...” for the first time in a while a smile returned to Grigio’s face.

“We forgot. “To live is to take” is not the only way of living, “to give a life” is also another way of living?”

For the three siblings, for the first time, they experienced being “grateful to people” in a different way from taking something from someone.

If there’s no trouble, Grigio would like to make this land as her final home.

However, ironically, the discovery of a water source for the enrichment of a barren land would lead to a rumor in the Galactic Net (銀河ネット Ginga Netto).

Since then, bounty hunters under the space gangsters appear on peaceful planets.

Eventually, the people of the planets will suffer. The three siblings had to pay for their peaceful land by their own good deeds.

。 。 。

“Is this really a safe place?” said an anxious Grigio.

“It’s also called as hiding a tree in the forest” said Blu, who repeated the words he heard from Rosso.

As it is, if they’re on the Planet Alhara, good people will be troubled. The three siblings decided to hide on Planet Alcatraz (惑星アルカトラズ Wakusei Arukatorazu), an environment opposite to Alhara and inconspicuous to any race where space criminals would drift to.

Although followers of space gangster organizations and freelance bounty hunters are free to hand around, Rosso, Blu and Grigio aren’t the only wanted persons here. The residential area of this planet is full of wanted men. As long as they hide in shadows and avoid making flashy moves, it’s almost possible to lose their pursuers for a moment.

However, the three siblings were not able to naturally accept injustice in order to protect themselves. Gathered in this bar, those who were born here were only live to take something from the weak. The weak are injured, even living here is dangerous and there is no reason to be silent.

In the end, under the skirmish caused between the followers of the space gangsters, its true identity is lost. The city was quickly flooded with space gangsters gathered from all over the universe.

While fleeing to somewhere else, Grigio remembered a rumor she heard from the Planet Alcatraz’s bar.

“If you go towards the Warrior’s Peak on Planet O-50, you will receive the ability that transcends humanoids. Those who have acquired that ability will be called as Ultraman”.

“By becoming an Ultraman, you also become a hero of light and can become more than a human being?” said Rosso.

“That’s a fairy tale.” said Blu.

Her brothers Rosso and Blu at first laughed about this story. But for Grigio, from her experience so far “to give” and not “to rob”, she thought that she needed the power to overcome the limits.

By any chance, she thought that if she became Ultraman, she can get that power. However, even Grigio did not have that conviction, and could not appeal to the brothers any more.

Chapter 4: Planet O-50 (惑星O-50オーフィフティ Wakusei Ō Fifuti)

“Loss of control, emergency landing!”

The spacecraft carrying Rosso, Blu and Grigio slipped on a snowy field and stopped in the form of riding a huge rock. The trace of the emergency landing exposes the black ground as if the white silver snow had been shaved with a knife.

When they escaped the Planet Alcatraz, the three siblings crossed several planets. However, those guys follow them wherever they were hiding. It was an assassin from the Balsas Gang (バルサス一味 Barusasu Ichimi), a space gangster whose executives were assassinated by the three siblings in the past.

For the three siblings, it was one of the many back end works. It was for the sake of “living by taking from others”. But those guys were really bad. The Balsas Gang are said to be the most vindictive of the space gangsters.

Inspecting the wrecked spacecraft, Blu shrugged his shoulders.

“Rosso Nii-san, let alone the outside of the star system, it's reckless to move this thing across the planets.”

“What can we do now?” Rosso looked at Blu and Grigio’s faces.

“Do you want to hold on and ambush from this spaceship, or run away as far as we can on foot?”

“Another thing...” Grigio, who had been silent until now shows the whole Full Galactic Positioning System (全銀河系測位システム Zen Gingakei Sokui Shisutemu) in her hand. It is a good thing to display the current location using the pulse emitted by the pulsar. The system was pointing to Planet O-50 (惑星O-50オーフィフティ Wakusei Ō Fifuti). Having crash landed on the planet which had the visionary Warrior’s Peak, Grigio didn’t think that it’s a coincidence and believed it was fated.

“There should be the Warrior’s Peak somewhere on this planet” said Grigio. “There, we can get the power”

“Do you still believe in that rumor?” said Blu.

“I don’t think it’s the time to argue now” said Rosso, who broke in between the two.

Rosso is right, the tracking unit of the opposing force, Balsas has located the current location of the three siblings as the evil influence ranged towards the snowy mountains. In fact, the Balsas Gang’s tracking unit is gathering at the foot of the mountain, where the spacecraft was crashed landed.

The three siblings decided to move towards the mountain peak and avoid fighting for a moment.

However, the small snow which fell gradually become intense, and finally turned into a white wall in front which cannot be confirmed at the moment.

The three siblings were completely blinded and can no longer go forward or go back. The overwhelmed three siblings heard a faint voice of a girl shouting which goes into their ears.

“Get in here now! You’ll die sooner outside.”

When the three siblings walked into the voice, they can see several mountains huts that were built.

It was Frau (フラウ Furau), the daughter of a mountain hut manager who managed to bring in the three siblings before being frozen to death. Frau is a girl who’s at the same age with Grigio. Once Grigio calmed down, she received a hot drink from Frau and asked a question.

“Is the “Warrior’s Peak” located near this area?”

“It's at the top of this mountain. But it is covered in snow clouds all year round, and it's a miracle that the 'Peak' is seen.”

“Have you ever climbed to the “Peak”?”

“No. But, it is said that anyone had challenged to obtain the power of the warrior.”

“And what about those people?”

“Who knows... nobody has ever returned to this hut, whether they failed at the top and frozen to death, or get the power of the warrior and jump out to space.”

Grigio wondered if that was the case. The challengers who aimed for the “Warrior’s Peak” probably aimed for the “Peak” to create a peaceful universe without sacrificing anyone. However, the first victim was decided and challenged may have been a ringleader. Is it possible to make "peace without sacrifice" a reality, or is it a fantasy? Grigio's feelings were shaking sharply.

"The altitude of this planet is 10,000 meters. If you want to move on from here, you need at least an oxygen inhalation device (酸素吸入装置 Sanso Kyūnyū Sōchi) and a perfect winter suit."

Frau told Grigio that way.

"We happened to reach this planet by accident. We did not aim for the “Crusader's Peak”."

“Regardless of aiming it or not, dangerous people gather at this mountain. Even if you guys escaped to that summit, it’s impossible with that condition. Hold it. We also have a mountain climbing set for three people here as well.”

As Frau said that, she went to check on the warehouse. From the course of the events, the three siblings were approaching steadily to the Crusader's Peak of Planet O-50. Was it an accident or fate? Are they going or not? The three siblings talked about their feelings. However, it was not an easy conclusion. The three siblings have become anxious for the first time just as Frau returned late.

“Get out, show up in exchange for this little girl.”

A mechanically expanded voice echoed from the front of the cabin.

Rubbing over the frozen window with his finger, Rosso looks over the surface. The snow had already fallen, and he was able to look around the landscape. In front of the warehouse, which was built facing the hut, Frau was seen having a small firearm attached to a mercenary man.

“It’s the Balsas Gang’s tracking unit.” said Rosso.

“Why are they using Frau as a hostage? I can’t afford to leave her and run away.” said Blu

“That’s right. We have to save her.” said Grigio.

“There are about 10 to 20 hidden altogether.” said Rosso.

When the three siblings split up in three ways, each used their own firearms for a surprise attack. The fighting power is overwhelmingly disadvantageous. However, the three siblings are professionals with elite capabilities. When it comes to a mishmash of mercenaries, they boast a far more formidable fighting ability.

As soon as the battle started, the war’s situation is reversed and once the three siblings rescued the hostage Frau, it appeared as if it had ended.

However, even the mercenaries of the space gangster Balsas Gang would not come to this place without preparing. In anticipation of a battle in the super cold high mountains, they kept the frozen monster Margodon in reserve. With the emergence of the frozen monster who’s good at fighting under extreme cold, the situation is reversed again and this time the three siblings were chased down.

The three siblings covering Frau glanced at the slope from above, and saw that a huge crowd of armed mercenaries with Margodon as the lead climbing up the mountain like ants.

The three siblings faced each other and thought of what to do next. If only there is a way to escape, ironically as Frau had predicted before, it would be better to go beyond the summit and down the opposite slope.

But in the middle of a fierce battle, it’s impossible to bring out a sufficient climbing kit and there’s only one set of oxygen inhalation inhalation and winter clothes at hand.

The trio Rosso, Blu and Grigio doesn’t say anything and inhesitantly equip the life support system to Frau. They can’t involve getting an innocent girl to risk herself for their sake. It seemed impossible to escape this crisis without any sacrifice. However, the three siblings had a common thought that it was not the innocent third party who had to make the sacrifice, but they themselves who were the cause of this difficult situation.

The three siblings escape to the summit while protecting Frau. A sizzling cold air blows from the sky, and a bullet hit by mercenaries strikes from below.

Even with the joinery of the three siblings, there is no life support device at the summit of 10,000 meters, and while guarding a non-combatant, fighting an enemy of more than ten times the strength is a difficult task.

When the fight has reached its climax, a silhouette that acutely cuts through the sky emerges from the gap of a thick snow cloud. At first glance, it turned out to be the Warrior’s Peak.

The narrow path to the sharp mountain peak was convenient to protect them from the huge monster. Furthermore, the snow and ice that blew from the rock prevent the mercenaries from following them...

However, because of the three sibling’s strong will to protect Frau even if she surrendered her life, they overcome steep cliffs and severe cold and arriving at the Warrior’s Peak safely.

A very cool air blows on the four people who stand on the top of a small area surrounded by rocks.

The three siblings were at a loss as to whether they should attack from the Peak which would give them an advantage, or go to the opposite slope quickly when in a disadvantageous position.

“There’s an endangered look at Frau who had helped us.” Rosso once again asked what had to be done.

“All we ever wanted was to live. Yet, someone else will always be a victim.”

Blu thought so from the bottom of his heart. And Grigio remembered about Bianca's sacrifice.

“I have been denying Bianca until now. There shouldn’t be peace obtained through sacrificing someone... But what if a peace without sacrifice doesn’t exist? Didn’t Bianca know that? If so, then it should be me so that nobody else would be sacrificed. Even if sacrifice is inevitable, then I’ll take all the suffering by myself. It is because of this determination that Bianca would have hoped to accept the harsh destiny, and did she die in peace? "

Grigio is guessing Bianca’s determination and is ashamed for not being aware of this strong determination.

。 。 。

At the top of the sharp rocky mountain, when the three siblings stood, there was only a slight flat surface.

Grigio calls out Frau, who was crouching at the side.

“Frau, can you move?” said Grigio.


“We’ll attack the space gangsters from here. In the meantime, you flee to the other side of the mountain. We will not let them through.”

“Well then, I’ll be with you guys.”

“No. To build peace requires some kind of sacrifice. What must be sacrificed isn’t you, but us”

The three see Frau heading off to the ground on the other side of the mountain and checked their firearms.

With the remaining bullets, they have to attack the impending frozen monster and mercenaries.

Even if they were to be sacrificed, it would be satisfying if Frau would still be able to live in peace. It was at that moment when the three siblings’ feelings become one.

The three siblings felt a warm glow from the sky. When Rosso, Blu, and Grigio looked up to see the source of the light, a mysterious Ring of Light shone in the sky.

The three siblings are handed over three transformation items, R/B Gyro, from the Ring of Light.

In addition, Fire, Water and Demon crystals were descended to Rosso, Blu and Grigio respectively.

When Rosso puts the Fire crystal into R/B Gyro and Blu puts the Water crystal into the R/B Gyro, they gained the ability to become Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu respectively.

But even if Grigio set the Demon crystal into the R/B Gyro, she didn’t transform into an Ultraman but transforms into the monster Grigio Bone.

The three siblings who had become the Ultramen Rosso and Blu and monster Grigio Bone confront the monster Margodon, who was waiting in the middle of the mountain. They were able to defeat Margodon by taking advantage of Ultramen Rosso and Blu’s flying ability and rays, as well as Grigio Bone’s flame attacks. And of course, they were able to rescue the mountain hut lady Frau without the need of sacrificing her.

The siblings were happy to serve justice without issuing a sacrifice. As the scale of their battle is expanded by flying to the sky, their unknown attack power becomes stronger.

。 。 。

Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu specialized in speed and light techniques. Grigio Bone specialized in flame attacks. The three siblings cooperated to defeat enemies one after another.

When Ultraman Rosso and Blu drive the monster into the valley with speed and flight ability, Grigio finished it via flame attack.

When the brothers were at pinch due to only capable of fighting under 3 minutes, Grigio went to help. Grigio’s transformation into Grigio Bone allows her to enter a long term battle, as the Ultramen Rosso and Blu delivered the finishing blow.

The three siblings used the powers gained from the Warrior’s Peak to transform into Ultramen and a monster, and defeated the enemy with various tactics.

Every time Grigio defeated a monster, her R/B Gyro produced Crystals by crystallizing the residual thought from the land’s own memory. And then, Grigio received various Kaiju Crystals (怪獣クリスタル Kaijū Kurisutaru).

In various adventures, the three brothers and sisters generate the four-attribute crystal Wind and Earth from R/B Gyro. Grigio is able to change type by defeating monster foes to achieve growth and produced the Weapon Crystal from her body to become Grigio King, which is also said to be the ultimate perfect form of the monster.

And finally, they rise to a position where they were asked to work directly from the Interstellar Alliance"which can be said to be the one and only justice in this galaxy.

They were formally recognized as Ultraman and gained praise and glory.

“Why am I the only one who becomes a monster?”

Even so, that thought still stuck within Grigio’s heart.

Even if someone shouted "Thank you Ultraman!", There is no one to say "Thank you monster." Rather, fear was aroused, and many were disgusted.

Grigio will always be her brothers’ shadows, as she secretly transforms and secretly revert to normal.

Even if she had friends who can get along with her human form, they left after discovering Grigio’s transformation figure as a monster. Each time Grigio felt that her own life had been totally denied, and one person thought that she was furiously angry.

。 。 。

The three siblings, Rosso, Blu, and Grigio, were also recognized in the Interstellar Alliance and returned to the Planet Sanja again as Ultramen and the monster Grigio.

On Planet Sanja, they met Bakubarba for the first time in awhile as she received a certification from the Interstellar Alliance and the House of Bakubarba also displayed a sign board of licensed agency. However, the situation is the same as before. No, the back work has been hidden better than before. Therefore, it has rather grown into a horrifying organization that makes children refugees a trafficking tool.

A long time ago, Bakubarba aimed for the bounty hung on the bad guys’ necks and ordered the three siblings for the dangerous jobs of assassinating the executives of the Balsas gang. That’s why the three siblings have long been targeted by the Balsas gang’s tracking unit.

However they forgot that Bakubarba was doing wrong by handing them over to the Balsas.

For example, even if they were a great benefactor in the past, Rosso, Blu and Grigio who knew the truth of the battle between Bakubarba and Balsas can’t just remain silent and forgiving.

The three siblings do want a direct confrontation with Bakubarba. However, Bakubarba doesn’t appear evil, as she stated “The mechanism of this world is even dirtier”. “Even if you guys are the warriors of justice, in the end you guys are just the same as mine.”

As Bakubarba stated, some of the dangerous back works they did so far had an involvement with the Interstellar Alliance. Bakubarba stated that the “Interstellar Alliance” also tried “It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice”. In order to preserve the galaxy’s peace on surface level, “I’m also a bad guy like the Balsas but only use people. After all in Planet Dontak, Largo burn off the Bosco Tribe’s village after that. Additionally by digging out the Rare Metals from the ruins, he sold that land to the Interstellar Alliance and made a lot of money.”


“From those ruins, the Interstellar Alliance built a Supply Transfer City. The actual bad guy who draw the blueprint for this operation is neither me nor the businessman Largo, but the higher-ups from the Interstellar Alliance. However, this operation becomes successful because you get rid of Nero and Bianca, Grigio”


“You can only be a monster, because the evil spirit in you will let you do that. Peace and justice are established upon sacrifice. But that justice and peace also benefits people. If I don’t do dirty jobs, you guys would have been starving to death. Killing me will never solve anything.”

Something shone from within Grigio’s blue eyes. It has been around since the time she killed Bianca. It was a black swirling feeling which she had forgotten before. Indeed Bakubarba’s own words have awakened Grigio’s evil spirit. Bakubarba feels a goose-bump after looking at Grigio’s eyes. But it was too late for Bakubarba to realize.

“I might feel a little bit better by killing you.”

Grigio approaches the screaming Bakubarba.

。 。 。

Having fought and defeated Bakubarba, the House of Bakubarba which was licensed by Interstellar Alliance had disappeared. This report also reached the space gangster Balsas.

There was no information of who did it in the surface. But the Balsas, who had all the back grapevines knew who it was.

Balsas made their final fight against the Ultramen by attacking with the strongest monster Fearmonger (フィアモンガ Fiamonga) in their protege.

In the ancient times of Planet Sanja, there was a battle carried out between the light and darkness.

Should the “Crystal of light and darkness” be used on the brothers’ R/B Gyro, it becomes a new Crystal and bring forth a new power. However, Rosso and Blu can’t reach the next Power Up Type. This is because Rosso and Blu’s thoughts doesn’t necessarily synchronize with Grigio’s wish.

The monster Fearmonger and Balsas were defeated by Ultramen Rosso and Blu and Grigio King without any other sacrifice.

The Interstellar Alliance has closed the case. For them too, the birth of a stronger power is convenient. The Interstellar Alliance took over the children released from the House of Bakubarba into their facilities. For once, they determined it necessary to calm the three siblings’ turbulent spirit.

Justice and peace are built on sacrifice. But the justice and peace that they have obtained also benefit people.

The three siblings’ thoughts were complex.

“To build a peace without sacrifice, we have to be stronger.”

At this time, the three siblings' "thoughts" began to synchronize quietly.

Chapter 5: Solar System's Third Planet - Earth (第5章 太陽系第三惑星・地球 Dai Go-shō Taiyō-kei Dai-san Wakusei Chikyū)

Grigio is in distress. Why is it that she can’t transform into Ultraman, but transform into a Kaiju.

The particular words of Bakubarba which engraved in her heart, floating repeatedly, had disappeared. “You can only be a monster, because the evil spirit in you will let you do that”.

When becoming a monster she struggled until she became crazy, she had no idea where did this feeling come from. Grigio cannot deny the existence of an evil spirit in herself. However, the time to release that trauma from Grigio has finally come.

The siblings Rosso, Blu and Grigio were dispatched by the Interstellar Alliance to Planet Gion (惑星ギオン Wakusei Gion).

The desert people Zarra Tribe (ザーラ族 Zāra-zoku) lived peacefully at that planet. Hard-to-find Rare Metals are buried in this desert area. Alien Egon Ciel (エゴン星人シーレ Egon Seijin Shīre) knew this, even if he killed all the Zarra people who lived there, he can still loot all the underground resources.

A number of murder weapons assembled in gleaming and sparkling alloy body, the cruel instinct of Alien Egon created the powerful unparalleled Murderous Robot Weapons Barrigator 1 and 2 (殺人ロボット兵器バリゲー ター1号・2号 Satsujin Robotto Heiki Barigētā 1-gō 2-gō), were brought to Planet Gion.

The beautiful patterns painted on the dunes of Planet Gion trembles with the vibration. There were two murderous weapons invading the underground.

"If you stay here, everyone will be destroyed. Please evacuate to a safe place as soon as possible."

Rosso, Blu and Grigio urged the people of Zarra but they denied it.

The Zarra tribe have a myth that has been believed since ancient times. The desert is a holy place, and if someone tries to invade it, their god will always protect.

The siblings are upset. The murderous robots are approaching immediately. If this continues, the Zarra tribe will be annihilated. But, there is an exception to anything. The Zarra tribe had an odd exception.

The Zarra tribe child Verte (ヴェルテ Verute), loves to study the culture of other planets. He is secretly a fan of the sibling trio Ultraman/Kaiju, who are famous in the universe.

Ever since the trio siblings had been dispatched to Planet Gion, Verte shows a supportive attitude. For example, many of the myths and cultures believed by the Zarra tribe were from Verte.

“If the god in mythology protect this holy desert then it's fine, but...” said Grigio.

“In Planet Gion, there is also a myth of the destruction of the holy desert.” said Verte.

“Myth of the destruction?”

Verte took a tanned leather book from the ancient times of the clan from his village’s warehouse.

It was the myth of the “red dragon” that had been written down on the book. Looking on a piece of illustration by turning onto the book, Grigio was surprised. It was a depiction of a rampaging dragon.

The figure of the “red dragon“ in the myth of the Zarra tribe, it looks just like the monster Grigio Bone that she transformed into. The book had a legend saying, “When the red dragon appears, the world will be destroyed“.

Grigio borrowed the book from Verte and rushed to Rosso and Blu.

“If we use this, can’t we save the people of Zarra tribe?”

At first, Rosso and Blu were puzzled by Grigio’s proposal. The two brothers guessed their sister’s feelings. Since Grigio herself would portray the role of the destruction dragon, means that she would play the role of the hated one. Wouldn’t that be stimulating her own trauma? If she did that, wouldn’t she hurt more deeply? However, Grigio’s determination was firm.

“Even if I hate it myself, if it can help the Zarra tribe, then I’m fine with it.” said Grigio.

The operation held by Rosso, Blu and Grigio trio sibling have begun.

“Everyone run! The “red dragon” of destruction has appeared!”, Verte rushed to the adults’ meetinghouse.

Grigio transformed into the monster Grigio Bone and purposely threatened the Zarra tribe.

So far, the Zarra elders who did not respond to Rosso and Blu’s persuasion, quickly responded to the appearance of the legendary “red dragon” of destruction. “The red dragon has appeared! This is the end of the world!”

The people, together with their livestock, begin to flee from the desert they are accustomed to.

SUZAZAZA ---- Silver sand fountain dances to the sky. Barrigator 1 emerges from under the sand dune and levels as it levels and invade the dune. However, there was no figure of the Zarra tribe in the scattered desert. The only thing that awaited were figures of Ultramen Rosso and Blu.

But, the two Ultramen felt something off. There should be two murderous robots, but the No. 2 was nowhere to be seen.

“No way ...“, an ominous thought came to the mind of two Ultramen.

Barrigator 2 who rides under the quicksand of the dunes, is ahead of the Zarra people that had escaped.

Alien Egon Ciel doesn’t allow the Zarra tribe to just run away from the desert. One day, he was thinking of annihilating those who fled without resistance so they would not return to their hometown.

The adults of Zarra tribe that had lived peacefully can only ran away due to their inexperience in combat. There was a figure of a boy who was running towards the Murderous Robot Barrigator 2. It's Verte.

The boy Verte stood in front of the Barrigator 2.

“The one who protects this desert is neither a god nor a myth! This is a proud desert of the Zarra Tribe! We have to protect this desert!”

The boy's proud and strong will had set fire to the souls of the Zarra tribe. Adults stand up holding arms with one another.

The people’s will gave birth to a power. This power is the source of the new crystal.

Within the inner space of Grigio while playing the “red dragon”, the crystal of Attack was born.

The adults of the Zarra Tribe try to challenge Barrigator 2 with their weapons and courage, but their opponent is a secret weapon built solely for murder. The adults fell with an unparalleled counterattack to kill the murderous robot. The Zarra Tribe were being chased down and closing in.

“Everyone, I’m coming!”

Grigio used the Attack crystal and transforms into Grigio Regina.

The counterattack from Barrigator 2 that specialized in murder was powerful that even Grigio Regina would suffer deep wounds. But, the power of the evolved “red dragon” is amazing. Even the Barrigator 2 cannot stand the attack much longer.

Finally, the body of the strong alloy covering the Barrigator 2 has reached its melting point, and it starts to become melt and muddy.

Realizing his fate, the Alien Egon tried to leave the control room with an escape pod. But, a blow that Grigio Regina unleashed with all of her remaining energy directly hit the escape pod and became a part of the desert as dusts in the sky.

After a fierce battle, Grigio Regina, who used up her energy, exhausted and fell to the sand dunes. When the form of the red dragon is covered with light, from the figure of a monster like an overlap of a movie, she returned to the figure of a beautiful girl.

Grigio laid herself onto the cold sand, only a slight movement of the chest up and down showed that she kept her life pulse.

The people of Zarra who ran towards her were surprised to see that the monster who fought for them was the girl who was still young.

“Aren’t you still a child?”

“Did she just fought for the sake of our lives?”

The people of the Zarra tribe were desperately caring for Grigio. Grigio was able to wake up because of the desperate care from everyone.

When Grigio opened her eyelids and gazed upon the scenery, the people who lived in the desert surround and kneel before her. It signified the the greatest gratitude from the Zarra tribe.

“The people of Zarra had been saved because you became a Kaiju. Thank you, Ms. Grigio.”

The wound she received from the battle did hurt but, since she was becoming a monster, Grigio was healed.

“It wasn’t because of the evil spirit within me that I became Grigio instead of Ultraman, but because there is a deep meaning to that.”

Grigio was convinced. It finally makes sense as to why she herself transform into a Kaiju.

At that time, the voice of the brother who shouted the name of Grigio from a distance was heard on the desert wind.

After Rosso and Blu defeated the Barrigator 1 as Ultramen, they revert to human form and rushed to an oasis where the people of Zarra tribe and Grigio were waiting.

。 。 。

Around that time, at the edge of the galaxy, the Space White Blood Cell Leugocyte becomes rampant and proceed to exterminate life forms on a planet that shouldn’t be destroyed yet.

Upon hearing the screams of people living in the stars, the ring of light on planet O-50 gave Rosso, Blu and Grigio sibling trio a mission to stop Leugocyte’s reign of terror.

A mask-wearing blue Ultraman was involved in Leugocyte’s strange behavior.

He appeared as an Ultraman, but his heart is dark cold. He meddled with various universes, exploiting the weakness of the hearts of its inhabitants and led their stars to destruction.

The blue Ultraman rewrote the genetic information of Space White Blood Cell Leugocyte, and was made into a rampaging dark cloud to “exterminate” the life forms on the stars.

Rosso, Blu and Grigio received the information from the Ring of Light and made an emergency dispatch to Urban Planet Nepta.

Leugocyte has a characteristics that varies in different forms, the one that approaching Urban Planet Nepta (都市惑星ネプタ Toshi Wakusei Neputa) is the gaseous form of Leugocyte. To defeat the gaseous Leugocyte, physical attacks can only work if it's turned into a Kaiju form.

The siblings try to turn Leugocyte into a Crystal with their three R/B Gyros, but since their Gyro’s output were weak, it takes time and it fails the complete Kaiju conversion. In the meantime, the liquefied Leugocyte resulted from the half-gas and half-Kaiju composition destroys the urban planet and caused great damage among the Nepta citizens.

Blu can’t just sit down and watch.

“We have to save the citizens!”, Blu shouted.

“Wait, the materialization process isn’t over yet!”, said Rosso.

“What’s an Ultraman if you don’t save a life in front of your eyes!”

When the damages affect citizens, Blu can’t stand it, and transform with the Gyro. However, using the Gyro to transform caused the Leugocyte's materialization process to fail and they had no choice but to change the battle.

From the beginning, the ring of light’s main order is, rather than protecting the planet and its inhabitants, its priority is to save the entire galaxy by defeating Leugocyte.

Rosso, Blu and Grigio transform into Ultramen and monster Grigio respectively, the half gas/monster liquefied Leugocyte was frozen through the use of Water and Wind crystals. And then, the frozen Leugocyte was thrown from the planetary orbit of Planet Nepta by Ultramen Rosso and Blu and monster Grigio. But in space, Leugocyte returned to gaseous state and demonstrated an overwhelming power.

Under Leugocyte’s attack, Grigio’s form gradually powered down, from Regina to King, and finally Bone.

While Leugocyte and the trio siblings were fighting, something unexpected suddenly happened. The clash of powerful energies caused gravity anomalies in the surrounding universe and the space-time in the outer space had been distorted.

The distortion of outer space grows, and finally a space-time rift occurs and a wormhole was created.

Theoretically, the universe is not a single existence, but a multiverse.

Leugocyte and Ultramen Rosso and Blu, as well as Grigio Bone, while entangled, were drawn into the wormhole and flew away to the multiverse.

。 。 。

The appearance of stars shining in a full sky creates a wormhole with distortion and swirls. The gaseous form Leugocyte, Ultramen Rosso and Blu, as well as Grigio Bone emerged from another dimension created by the wormhole.

Near that outer space is a blue shining planet that the people of that star would later call it the third planet of the solar system, Earth.

The gaseous Leugocyte set this planet as its next target.

As Leugocyte took on the gaseous form, it encased the whole star to absorb the planet’s life energy and try to destroy it.

Unless Leugocyte is beaten, this planet and the entire galaxy shall disappear.

With its remaining energy, Grigio Bone tried its best to attack the gaseous Leugocyte. On the other hand, Leugocyte instinctively fired a finishing ray.

At that time Ultramen Rosso and Blu entered in-between the dark gaseous Leugocyte and Grigio Bone.

The two Ultramen try to protect Grigio Bone from a direct hit by Leugocyte.

For a moment, looking behind on Grigio Bone, the Ultramen looked like they were whispering something. These words are clearly heard within Grigio’s Inner Space.

“Grigio, you must live on.”

The two Ultramen and Leugocyte’s rays collided, causing a huge explosion.

From the explosion’s backlash, Leugocyte was thrown into an elliptical orbit and would re-encounter with the third planet in 1,300 years later, while the trio siblings Ultramen Rosso and Blu and Grigio Bone fell towards the third planet. The ancient people who witnessed these figures, would passed down in later world of the fall of the Strange Star/Ayaka Star (妖奇星).

The two Ultramen who fell to the ground are exhausted, and scattered on the ground as Crystals.

Grigio realized something.

“My brothers died protecting me. From now on, I’m all alone. Leugocyte will return after 1,300 years. I have to be more ruthless, I have to be stronger. When I killed my old friend Bianca with these hands, I felt that I had abandoned the sentiment. That’s right, I shall become a demon.”

Before Grigio's consciousness faded away, a blue shining planet appeared for a moment in her eyes.

"Justice and peace are something that come after some kind of sacrifice, that’s why...”

At this point, even if she sacrificed the planet with herself, she may have decided in her heart that it is for the sake of preserving peace in the entire huge galaxy.

。 。 。

Grigio wandered across the planet, since their fall into the planet turned into the energy path of this star, Ray Line and she planted the space plants on them.

Time passes, 19th century England.

Grigio met a poet while traveling. The poet admired the girl who wore a dirty dress.

"You're like a prince of happiness... Have you given all the happiness to others?"

This poet bought a black dress as a souvenir from his journey for his lover’s sake, gave it to Grigio as a present.

The poet said.

“An old friend said. An optimist looks at the donut, a pessimist looks at the hole of the donut. You made a lot of sacrifices, I saved a lot. Depending on how you look at your life, it may not have been bright and enjoyable.”

Grigio smiled for the first time she came to this planet.

“It's a funny joke.” she said.

“Did I said something funny?”

The poet smiled faintly and calmly turn back.

The blue-eyed girl spoke to the poet’s back.

“My name is Grigio... and you are?”

The poet answered with his back turned around.

“My name is, Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde... people call me Oscar Wilde... If there is an opportunity, someday I would like to see you again...”

“Oh, that’s right.”

For the first time in this star, Grigio thought of calling this life form she met as a friend. It is unusual for Grigio to meet him in this place.

But after that, after a while Oscar Wilde was imprisoned in jail, and reluctantly knowing that she can’t see him again, Grigio left this country to continue planting the space trees.