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The Ultraman Orb Chronicle (ウルトラマンオーブ 〈年代記クロニクル Urutoraman Ōbu Kuronikuru) is the complete Ultraman Orb 10 Episode Plan (ウルトラマンオーブ エピソード10構想 Urutoraman Ōbu Episōdo Jū Kōsō), which is a compilation book of Ultraman Orb's adventures, on-screen and off. These unseen adventures were written in the Ultraman Orb Perfect Super Complete Works (ウルトラマンオーブ 完全超全集 Urutoraman Ōbu Kanzen Chō Zenshū) book, which reveals many things about the characters' past and future journeys.

NOTE: New names and terminologies may not be accurately translated due to there not being a known official Romanization for them. The ones seen on this page are approximations.


Chapter 1: 'Tree of Life' Arc (第1章「命の木」編 Dai Isshō 'Inochi no Ki'-hen)

Main article: Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA

Chapter 2: 'I am the Galaxy's Migrating Bird' Arc (第2章「俺は銀河の渡り鳥」編 Dai Ni-shō 'Ore wa Ginga no Wataridori'-hen)

Gai and Juggler start to separately go down their own paths. On the Crusader's Peak, Gai was given a mission by the ring of light to gather four elements for the Orb Calibur, hidden throughout space. Juggler begins to change as the darkness sways him.

Episode 2-1: The Eternal Crystal Planet (エピソード2-1「宝石惑星は永遠に」 Episōdo 2-1 'Hōseki Wakusei wa Eien ni')

Jewel Planet Cobol (宝石惑星コボル Hōseki Wakusei Koboru) is a planet full of jewels and resources, and rich people. However, the difference between the rich and poor is very large. Gai came to the space airport here, where he encountered the pickpocket Shorty (ショーティー Shōtī) who tried to steal from him. They were suddenly attacked by a gang of aliens but Gai protected Shorty, who wanted to become his partner. He later encountered Murnau, an alleged prophet who was preaching about the world's end, but was actually a wanted criminal. While tracking her down, the duo find her hideout, and she escapes. Meanwhile, there was news from the astronomer Dr. Jiggle (ジグル博士 Jiguru Hakase) that the giant comet Balsas 6 (バルサス6 Barusasu Roku) was getting closer and would destroy the planet in a week, sending the people of Cobol into a panic. Gai finds a crystallized memory chip that had blueprints for a hologram machine, and found out the comet was nothing more than a hologram. Gai tells people of the news. Chasing down Murnau and Jiggle, he encounters a Dinosaur Tank, and defeats it. Murnau and Jiggle are then arrested by the Interstellar Alliance (星間連盟 Seikan Renmei) and are to be imprisoned on Prison Planet 484 (監獄惑星484 Kangoku Wakusei Yon Hachi Yon), but Murnau escapes again. However, Shorty stole something from her, and it is the Element of Earth (土のエレメント Tsuchi no Eremento).

Episode 2-2: The Ones From The Abyss (エピソード2-2「深淵より出づる者たち」 Episōdo 2-2 'Shin'en yori Itzuru-mono-tachi')

Orb VS Pestar, Gamakugira and Takkong

Water Planet Nuock (水の惑星ヌオック Mizu no Wakusei Nuokku) is a planet 95% made up of water. There are island territories that are in constant conflict. Gai and Shorty get there and are caught in the conflict between the Gibli Tribe (ギブリ族 Giburi Zoku) and Shillock Tribe (シロック族 Shirokku Zoku), and encounter the Shillock Tribe leader's daughter Salamni (サラムニ Saramuni), who dislikes this conflict. Gai doesn't want to interfere with the decisions they make. However, Salamni unleashes the seal that was sealing away the monsters Pestar, Takkong, and Gamakugira, who head towards the tribes' cities. They set aside their differences and work together to resolve what they call the Third Crisis (第三の危機 Dai-san no Kiki), though the combined military forces is not enough to stop the three monsters. Gai transformed into Ultraman Orb and fought against the three undersea monsters and destroyed them. The two tribes now live together at the Galeck Mountains (ガレキの山 Gareki no Yama), in peace. Gai met with Salamni, who was undergoing recuperation, when Shorty came along. When Gamakugira exploded, there was a large pearl and he saw a blue crystal in it. It is the Element of Water (水のエレメント Mizu no Eremento), which Shorty took and gave to Gai. Gai and Shorty say goodbye to Salamni, and embark on another journey.

Episode 2-3: The Fireball Strategy (エピソード2-3「ファイアーボール作戦」 Episōdo 2-3 'Faiābōru Sakusen')

Volcano Planet Ganun Api (火山惑星ガヌン・アピ Kazan Wakusei Ganun Api) is full of jungles, and more importantly, the rare mineral Enmanium (エンマニウム Enmaniumu). Gai and Shorty went to this planet on their next journey. Count Orlok (オルロック伯爵 Orurokku Hakushaku), the head of the mining project, intends to erupt a nearby volcano to destroy deposits of Enmanium along with the natives, and unleash Gora, so that he could exploit the Interstellar Alliance's insurance scheme. Gai meets Sadis for the first time, who was Orlok's bodyguard, sent to stop Gai from ruining his plans. Their fight goes to the edge of the volcano's mouth, where Gai seized the opportunity to throw the Gapiya into the lava, though this would not be the last time they meet. The volcano erupts and Gora emerges. Orb defeats Gora and claims the Element of Fire (火のエレメント Hi no Eremento) from the natives as a reward. Count Orlok was arrested by the Interstellar Alliance.

Episode 2-4: The Wind Planet's Bodyguard (エピソード2-4「風の星の用心棒」 Episōdo 2-4 'Kaze no Hoshi no Yōjinbō')

Wind Planet Guillermo (風の惑星ギレルモ Kaze no Wakusei Girerumo) is where Gai and Shorty are looking for the Element of Wind (風のエレメント Kaze no Eremento). They visit a settlement whose inhabitants are bullied by the Alien Nackle Ramon Brothers (ラモン兄弟 Ramon Kyōdai). They also meet Mr. Mashu (マシュー爺さん Mashū Jīsan), who was from O-50 and taught Gai to play the Orbnica's melody. Alien Zartana (ザルタナ星人 Zarutana Seijin) arrived and tried to strike a deal with the settlers to move out of the planet so that he can build his Galactic Highway (銀河ハイウエイ Ginga Haiwei). They opposed, so he sent his bodyguards, the Ramon Brothers, to attack them. Orb defeats them both and Zartana is arrested. Later, the mercenary he hired arrives, who is Juggler. Juggler betrayed his employer and killed him, taking the Element of Wind for himself and wanted to end things with Gai under the night sky. Juggler is beaten but Gai refuses to kill him, and he is taken away to Planet 484 by the Interstellar Alliance. He leaves behind the Element of Wind. Gai goes back to the Crusader's Peak and unlocks Orb Supreme Calibur, but the ring does not give him his next mission.

Chapter 3: 'The Man Who Stole The Black Hole' Arc (第3章「ブラックホールを盗んだ男」編 Dai San-shō 'Burakkuhōru wo Nusunda Otoko'-hen)

Juggler with a capsule

Orb VS a horde of monsters

Jugglus Juggler is imprisoned on Planet 484, but he stages a prison break. He steals the Super Polymerized Gold Capsule (超重合金カプセル Chō Jū Gōkin Kapuseru) that contained "The Milky Way's Most Dangerous Lifeform" (銀河系で最も危険な存在 Gingakei de Mottomo Kiken'na Sonzai), Balloonga. On his way, he found a girl named Biranki, who had a helmet on that blocks out her brain waves. In the past, she was a princess who was locked up in a tower by her parents because of her ability to summon monsters using her brain waves, and had a helmet put on her. At some point, she dreamed about a prince coming to rescue her, and being lovestruck, she was stressed that she would never find love up there in the tower. That stress caused her to summon a Gango and terrorize the town. She was locked away on Planet 484. Now Juggler saw her as a useful ally, and broke the mask she wore, becoming her "prince" in a way that Juggler himself doesn't want to acknowledge. She summoned Gango and five other monsters whose names were not explicitly stated, while Juggler crafted the Balloonga Bomb (バルンガボム Barunga Bomu) that can destroy the universe with a black hole. Gai gets on a ship, initially without knowing Shorty followed him. He goes through a labyrinth fighting off aliens. He then encounters the six monsters and kills them with the Orb Ground Calibur. The impact knocks Biranki away. Shorty dies trying to defuse the Balloonga Bomb due to high voltage electrical shocks, and gives Gai his pendant. Gai gets angry, goes to the top of a tower, and nearly beats Juggler to death with his hands, but stops. Juggler and Biranki are arrested, but the stress of being separated from Juggler caused Biranki's brain waves to be so strong that it breaks the new helmet she is forced to wear. The ship they are on explodes and Biranki survives somehow, drifting through space. Juggler disappears. Gai goes back to O-50 and obtains the Orb Ring and his next mission, to stop the revival of the Lord Monsters. Juggler, on the other hand, receives his Dark Ring under the shadow of the light of Orb.

Chapter 4: 'Fierce Battle! Ishtal Civilization' Arc (第4章「激闘!イシュタール文明」編 Dai Yon-shō 'Gekitō! Ishutāru Bunmei'-hen)

Orb VS Magatanothor

The place called Kemati Buki (Hill of Death) (ケマティ・ブキ (死の丘) Kemati Buki (shi no oka)), an archaeological site where an ancient superscience war apparently happened, was called Ishtal Civilization (イシュタール文明 Ishutāru Bunmei) 4000 years ago in 1800 BC, and it was a magnificent city. Gai had stopped there on his mission to stop the revival of the Lord Monsters, when he saw signs that Magatanothor was about to revive; such as a strange aurora phenomenon. Gai met Dana (ダーナ Dāna), who he befriended. Meanwhile, a mysterious entity dressed up like a mummy, whose name is Nuru Ra Hotep (ヌル・ラ・ホテップ Nuru Ra Hoteppu), spreads the suspicious religion called Magacism (マガ教 Maga Kyō Maga-Teachings) to the people, a religion that praises Magatanothor, who would apparently destroy the world. Wanting to investigate further, Gai dresses up like a Magacist (マガ教徒 Maga Kyōto Maga-Believer) and enters the Magacism temple, where he encounters a Dodongo and kills it. A strange figure in the shadows obtains Dodongo's Kaiju Card. Gai goes deeper into the temple and finds Nuru Ra Hotep, who sends a few Mummy Monsters (ミイラ怪人 Miira Kaijin) after Gai, but Gai escapes and defeats them. Nuru Ra Hotep uses the Dodongo card to awaken Magatanothor, who begins to destroy Ishtal. Gai fights as Ultraman Orb and defeats it using the Orb Supreme Calibur, releasing so much heat the sand turns to glass. Gai obtains Ultraman Tiga's Ultra Fusion Card though the Orb Ring. Nuru Ra Hotep takes off his disguise, revealing himself to be Jugglus Juggler, who has now obtained Magatanothor's Kaiju Card. The people migrate elsewhere after Ishtal's destruction. Many years later, Dana gets old and dies, but not before she sees Gai one last time. Gai leaves, fighting off monsters and alien invaders as thousands of years pass.

Chapter 5: 'From Rusalka With Love' Arc (第5章「ルサールカより愛をこめて」編 Dai Go-shō 'Rusāruka yori Ai wo Komete'-hen)

Episode 5-1: 'From Rusalka With Love' (エピソード5-1「ルサールカより愛をこめて」 Episōdo 5-1 'Rusāruka yori Ai wo Komete')

Gai in a photograph

In the 20th century, Gai heard of an omen that a Lord Monster would revive under an aurora in the Tundra, so he went there. The abnormal sun rays caused the ice to melt, freeing Kingsaurus II at Paikal Lake (パイカル湖 Paikaru Ko), which Gai defeats. A young local artisan named Sir Morozov (モロゾフ卿 Morozofu Kyō) took a picture of Gai holding up the monster's tail. Juggler obtains Kingsaurus II's Kaiju Card. In 1908, East Europe, Rupashika Empire (ルパシカ皇国 Rupashika Kōkoku), there were frequent fights between royalties and the revolutionary army, so Natasha Romanová, the daughter of an officer, runs away into Rusalka to avoid the conflict. She finds some old newspapers and saw an article with the photo of Gai in it. One day, Natasha witnessed the battle between Orb and Super C.O.V., who had revived from the fjord valley. She finds an injured Gai after the battle, and takes care of him, giving him water and mushroom soup. Gai has lost his memories, so Natasha takes him to the hospital and they come across a village. Gai helps the villagers with chores and they start to like him. He plays the Orbnica and Natasha accompanies him. One night, Pris-Ma appeared in an aurora, and Orb fought it, somehow regaining his memories. Juggler harvests its Kaiju Card. One month later, Juggler awakens the Lord Monster of Light Maga-Zetton. Gai gave Natasha the Orbnica and went to fight Maga-Zetton, and a fireball hits Natasha. Enraged, he uses the Orb Supreme Calibur to destroy Maga-Zetton, but also caused an event known as the Rusalka Great Explosion (ルサールカ大爆発 Rusāruka Dai Bakuhatsu), destroying the plants in a 30 meter radius. Juggler had protected Natasha from the blast and revived her before running away. Gai gains Ultraman's Ultra Fusion Card, and then finds his Orbnica, assuming Natasha died in the blast. In 1916, Natasha went to Japan by herself and fell in love with an interpreter from the Yumeno Family (夢野家 Yumeno-ke), and they got married. However, Natasha never forgot about Gai, so she put a photo of them in the last doll of her Matryoshka (マトリョーシカ Matoryōshika), so that the last doll will not be empty, and it was passed down to her descendants.

Episode 5-2: 'Follow The Mystery Of The Flying Saucer!' (エピソード5-2「空飛ぶ円盤の謎を追え!」 Episōdo 5-2 'Soratobu Enban no Nazo wo Oe!')

It is the 1950s, in the middle of South America, Burlesque Archipelago (バーレスク諸島 Bāresuku Shotō), Coral Beach (コーラルビーチ Kōraru Bīchi). Secret Organization Sector 51 (セクター51 Sekutā Go-jū Ichi) dispatched Captain Mike Scudder (マイク・スカダー大尉 Maiku Sukadā Taii) to investigate the repeated events of ships and airplanes disappearing at the Burlesque ocean area in the case called "The Mystery Of The Burlesque Triangle (バーレスク・トライアングルの謎 Bāresuku Toraianguru no Nazo)". Captain Scudder had been following this case ever since there was a UFO sighting in New Sarajevo State (ニューサラエボ州 Nyūsaraebo Shū), Rockwez (ロックウェズ Rokkuu~ezu), in the year 1948. Along came Gai, who Scudder initially did not trust, until they encountered the Three-meter Aliens (3メートルの宇宙人 San Mētoru no Uchūjin), and they worked together to defeat them. It was later discovered that Biranki is the mastermind behind all this, as she had followed Juggler across space and called down Hungler to draw Gai towards the endgame. After Scudder was knocked out by driftwood, Gai became Spacium Zeperion for the first time and defeated Hungler. Gai later received Scudder's leather jacket, after seeing him in hospital. He went out, saw the red sunset sky, and decided to give himself the Earth name Gai Kurenai. Biranki had coffee with Juggler at dawn, but to her surprise, she was drugged. Juggler then took her to a faraway alien wasteland and left her a note telling her not to follow him.

Chapter 6: The Wandering Sun (第6章「さすらいの太陽」 Dai Roku-shō 'Sasurai no Taiyō')

Episode 6-0: Overture (エピソード6-0「オーバチュア=序曲」 Episōdo 6-0 'Ōbachua = Jokyoku')

In the Rupashika area of the North Pole, Sevel Archipelago (セーヴェル諸島 Sēveru Shotō), Peguila appears and fights Orb, only to lose. Juggler harvests its Kaiju Card and heads to Japan to reawaken Maga-Basser. Riding on a freezer truck, Gai went to Tokyo. The TV series starts here.


Chapter 7: 'Space Witch Murnau's Counterattack, Sadis' Return' (第7章「宇宙魔女賊ムルナウの逆襲・サデスの帰還」 Dai Nana-shō 'Uchū Majo Zoku Murunau no Gyakushū・Sadesu no Kikan')

Main article: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Chapter 8: 'Super Sky Great Violent-beast Desastro' (第8章「超空大凶獣デザストロ」 Dai Hachi-shō 'Chō Kū Daikyō-jū Dezasutoro')

Orb and Zero try to find Desastro, only to be pulled into another world by an inter-dimensional rift it creates. They help Xio and Ultraman X to defeat the beast.

Chapter 9: 'Messengers of the Netherworld Mage' (第9章「冥府魔道の使者」 Dai Kyū-shō 'Meifu Madō no Shisha')

Main article: Ultra Fight Orb
Ultrafight Orb Poster.jpg

Chapter 10: 'Migrating Birds, Go To The Sky' (第10章「渡り鳥、宇宙そらを行く」 Dai Jū-shō 'Wataridori, Sora wo Iku')

Gai goes back to the Crusader's Peak and gains a new mission. Juggler follows him around and following him is Biranki. The fight goes on.


  • Many things in the Chronicle draw inspiration from real-life parallels:
    • The title and plot of Chapter 3 (The Man Who Stole The Black Hole) are inspired by the movie The Man Who Stole The Sun.
    • Maga-Orochi originating from the Monster Galaxy is a plausible reference to a real life monster/staburst galaxy called Orochi.
    • Ishtal turning into the Hill of Death after a supposed ancient super-science war is this world's equivalent to Mohenjo-Daro, otherwise known as the Mound of the Dead.
    • The Rusalka Great Explosion draws inspiration from the Tunguska event.
    • Lake Paikal has a one-letter difference to the real life Lake Baikal.
    • The Mystery of The Burlesque Triangle parallels the mysterious disappearances at the Bermuda Tringle.
    • Sector 51, a secret organization that investigates UFOs and aliens, is a reference to Area 51.
    • The UFO sighting in Rockwez, New Sarajevo may have been inspired by the Rosswell UFO Incident.
    • The Three-meter Aliens may be a reference to the Flatwoods Monster.
  • Two of the locations in the setting have names that are possibly derived from corruptions of Malay/Indonesian languages:
    • Planet Ganun Api sounds very similar to "Gunung Api", which means "volcano".
    • Kemati Buki may be a corrpution of the phrase "Bukit Kematian", which means "Hill of Death".
      • This name may have been chosen to make a joke of the fact that Ultraman Tiga, Magatanothor's sealer, is (somewhat) well known to have his name mistranslated into "Ultraman Three" in the aforementioned languages.
  • The name of Jugglus Juggler's disguise 'Nuru Ra Hotep' is derived from two other names; one being Nyarlathotep (An Eldritch being from H.P. Lovecraft's works, much like Gatanothor/Ghatanothoa) and the other being Imhotep (An Egyptian man who was said to be the probable architect of the step pyramids, who was the namesake of the titular antagonist of The Mummy films).
  • Count Orlok's name may have come from a character of the same name in the movie Nosferatu.
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