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Ultraman Nexus (ウルトラマンネクサス, Urutoraman Nekusasu) is an action game based on the TV series of the same name. It was published by Bandai on May 26, 2005. The game also includes characters from the film ULTRAMAN.

Game Modes[]

Nexus Mode[]

In this mode, the player can choose to play as Jun Himeya or Ren Senjyu and will change character if the Dunamist the player choose loses as they fight against several Space Beasts and Dark Ultras.

Night Raider Mode[]

The player plays as Kazuki Komon as they train as a Night Raider and face many missions.

VS Mode[]

The player(s) can select Ultramen and Space Beast to fight each other.

Battle Mode[]

The player can choose any Ultra or Space Beast as they fight against 5 characters.

Tag Mode[]

The players can select any Ultra or Monster as they fight many Space Beasts and Ultras (it is a Survival Mode).

Secret Files[]

The player can view the secret files they have obtained through Night Raider Mode, which are photos from the Nexus series with some audio. Files of characters and scenes are accompanied by a description by Mizuo Nonomiya or a voice line, while files for kaiju and mecha are accompanied by a sound effect.


The player can change settings that are available in the game.


Night Raiders[]



Space Beasts[]




  • In this game, it is possible for the player to perform a "Beam Struggle" to defend him/herself from his/her opponent's beam, though this requires a perfect timing to do it.
  • Ultraman the Next's Anphans form isn't available in this game, but his Junis form is.
  • Ultraman Nexus' Anphans, Junis, and Junis Blue forms are used to represent separate characters.
  • Banpira doesn't actually appear in the game, only during the opening.
  • The menu can be change by itself from using Junis and the Night Raiders to Junis Blue with the Night Raiders.


  • Even after losing to Dark Faust, Mephisto and Zagi when their energy core blinks red, it still blinks even if the player fought them for the second or third time.
    • But their game life won't be at full gauge even if Nexus has already damaged them for the first time.
  • If Jun Himeya loses in the game, then it will continue with Ren Senjyu. But if Ren also lose in the game, the player will be fighting as Himeya again.
    • This also force the player to play as Junis again.

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