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"The light is a bond. Someone will inherit it, and it will shine again."

Jun Himeya to Kazuki Komon, Hero

"The bond, Nexus."

Kazuki Komon, Bond - Nexus -

Ultraman Nexus (ウルトラマンネクサス Urutoraman Nekusasu) is Ultraman Noa's second devolved form, and is the form a Dunamist assumes after using the Evoltruster. Starring in Ultraman Nexus, his story represented as the final phase of Ultra N Project. After evolving from Ultraman the Next, Nexus would resurface in 2008 to fight against a wave of Space Beast assaults, slowly growing in strength after bonding with multiple Dunamists and finally regaining his long lost form Ultraman Noa in his battle with Dark Zagi.

Although Noa is his true identity, he made most of his future appearances as Nexus in subsequent Ultraman Series.



Nexus' name comes from the idea that he creates a nexus of bonds with his hosts. All of the names of Nexus's forms parallel a person's growth from childhood to adulthood. Starting with Anphans which ultimately means childhood, to Junis which equates to youth to Noa whose name derives from 'Nostalgia' which ultimately means to look back at one's life usually their youth and childhood, meaning that Noa represents the adult stage. These also parallel Komon's mental and spiritual growth during the series.


Designer Hiroshi Maruyama stated on Twitter that Nexus' design is inspired by Japanese armor and costumes, while his eyes are based on Tutankhamun's mask. The design was also influenced by a jacket from the album Eye in The Sky by The Alan Parsons Project, and the Alpha album for the eyes.[1]


Ultraman Nexus

Four years after the 2004 Shinjuku Disaster (2008), Noa would base himself on Earth and evolve further to become Ultraman Nexus, beginning his own actions to protect the world from Zagi and his minions. Nexus chose Jun Himeya, a former war photographer who experienced survivor's guilt from his inability to save an orphan named Sera, as his host. The fate of being chosen as a Dunamist led Himeya to assume it as punishment for his past sins. During his time as the host for Nexus, he was first seen as another Space Beast by most of the Night Raiders, while member Kazuki Komon instead became fast friends with him after being saved from a Pedoleon and several other Space Beasts. Komon also kept Himeya's identity as Ultraman secret from his superiors and often butted heads with his immediate superior Nagi over the issue of whether Ultraman should be trusted or not.

Nexus vs Faust

He later encountered Dark Faust, a female Giant of Darkness in league with the Beasts while proving herself as a challenge to Nexus due to her mastery in the Dark Field. In their final battle, Faust revealed herself to be inhabiting Riko Saida's body after the latter died six months prior. Komon's intervention in the Dark Field not only led to Riko's emergence, but also her death at the hands of Nosferu. After his battle against Faust and Lafleya, Nexus and Himeya were acknowledged as an ally to the TLT while Dark Mephisto emerged as Nexus' second adversary. Said giant tried to manipulate Komon's depression to pull him into the dark side, until he was able to move on from the past, allowing TLT and Ultraman to finally destroy the regenerating Nosferu. Not long after, Jun's connection to Nexus was exposed and he was kidnapped by TLT in hopes of studying the Ultra's power. After multiple tortures, Jun managed to escape and was treated by his old colleague Sakura, but the injuries he faced greatly weakened his body so much so that according to the Illustrator, another transformation would lead to his death.

Nexus and Mephisto's final battle

Time would prove his words to be true as the sustained injuries took a toll on Nexus when fighting against Kutuura and trying to save Sakura from Mephisto's grasp. In his death, Nexus was crucified in the Land of the Dead while Kutuura's tentacles slowly drained his light. Himeya would later met Sera's ghost, who corrected him of the purpose he was given the light and thus allowing Nexus to be revived via a reserved energy source. Initially in a weakened state, the Night Raiders fired their last supply of Ultimate Vanisher, providing Nexus with enough energy for a counterattack and he finally he defeats Mephisto for good. After both giants seemingly died in the explosion, Himeya appeared to Komon one last time, telling him that the light shall be passed to someone else.

Junis Blue first appears

Noa's power was later passed on to Ren Senjyu, a 17 year old genetically-engineered human with ESP abilities, but his flawed creation led to a limited lifespan, being calculated to die at the age of 18. Having escaped his original school, Ren wished to spend his last days in Japan surrounded with smiles and laughter. After his first battle as Nexus, he followed his predecessor's trait by befriending Komon in addition to Mizuo, a girl from the Memory Police. While fighting under Nexus' mantle, Ren provided the Ultra with Junis Blue, a speed-oriented form, and was assisted by the original Mephisto in fighting the latter's successor and clone, Dark Mephisto (Zwei). During Mega Flash's emergence, Ren almost suffered the same fate as Himeya was, targeted by TLT to study Nexus' powers before the Night Raiders rebel and hide him in the forest. When engaging in a battle against Galberos and Mega Flash, Nagi's words renewed the youth's resolve to fight, defeating both monsters with the Chrome Chesters' help. As the cure for Ren's genetic flaw emerged, he was faced with a choice between saving himself and saving the world from the Space Beast Izmael. As it seemed that he would fall into exhaustion, Illustrator's encouragement allowed Nexus to rise for the final time and destroy the Space Beast. After separating from Nexus, Ren finally survived due to the cure's intervention.

Komon/Noa fighting against Dark Zagi

As the light chooses Nagi, Mitsuhiko Ishibori revealed himself as the Unknown Hand, the traitor that was foreshadowed by Mephisto who proceeded to attack his own comrades while making his way to Lethe, leaving his creators weakened. After provoking Nagi as her parents' murderer, she transformed into Nexus but was quickly captured by Lethe, harvesting Nexus' energies for Ishibori to absorb to restore his true form. As Dark Zagi, he rampaged through Japan and signals simultaneous beast attacks around the world. Komon jumped into the darkness and saved both Nagi and Nexus, in the process inheriting the Ultra's light. Arriving in the city, Komon used his newfound power to fight against Zagi, with the spectators regaining their memories of Ultraman after 5 years and they cheer on the giant once more. His memories of his predecessors allowed him to use all of Nexus' forms as and eventually helped regaining his lost true form, Noa. The silver giant curbstomped and defeated Zagi once their finishers clashed, therefore liberating Earth from the dark ruler. Though Space Beasts continued to appear, the Night Raiders were still there to face the threat with Noa and Komon.

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!


Ultraman Noa fought against Etelgar prior to the movie and devolved into Nexus due to exhaustion.[2] He was then sealed by Etelgar along with the other main Heisei Ultras. After being freed by UPG, Nexus along with Max, Mebius, Cosmos, Zero, Ginga and Victory went inside Etelgar's castle while Tiga, Dyna and Gaia fought the Eteldummy of Five King. When the Ultras got to the first floor of the Castle, an Eteldummy of Dark Mephisto appeared was created, and Nexus ran to fight him while the others left to find Etelgar. Nexus turned into Junis and destroyed the Eteldummy before joining the others as Crossover Formation. Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Ultraman X

Nexus and X

When Xio Deputy Captain, Sayuri Tachibana was about to be killed by two Space Beasts Bugbuzun, the Evoltruster appeared and she transformed into Ultraman Nexus. Using this new power, she crushed the aforementioned two monsters before fleeing to Canada and fighting against Bemular to defend her family. The next day, a Bugbuzun appeared and grew from the Dark Thunder Energy. Xio arrived shooting him while Daichi Oozora transformed into Ultraman X to fight the Space Beast, but was overpowered by him. Although being faced with the dilemma of a Dunamist, Sayuri reused the mantle for the last time to assist Ultraman X, first by generating the Meta Field before the two combined their finishers to destroy said monster. After the battle, the Evoltruster faded from Sayuri's hand as she passed Nexus' words to Daichi to never give up on his dreams. As a gift, a Type U Cyber Card of Nexus appeared on Daichi's X Devizer. Bond -Unite-

Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

Nexus Junis vs Tsurugi Demaaga

In this film, Ultraman Nexus Junis was summoned by his own Cyber Card to fight Tsurugi Demaaga in Cairo, Egypt and ended up defeating him after being empowered by Ultraman Exceed X Beta Spark Armor's Cyber Wings. After regrouping with Ultraman, Tiga, and X, Nexus left Earth with the other Cyber Card Ultramen. Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman


According to magazines, Ultraman Nexus is a form of adaptation taken by Noa in order to suit his body performance with the Earth's environment. It should be noted that when the Dunamist (the human host of Nexus) transforms, they themselves physically become the Ultra, thus injuries will translate between forms as Nexus himself simply exists as the power they wield, a light which is passed on to the next Dunamist when the time comes.


  • Height: Micro ~ 49 m (in certain situations, Nexus can also shrink to 10 ~ 20 m)
  • Age: 350,000 years old
  • Weakness: Within the Meta Field, Nexus is bound to the three minute rule before he begins to lose his strength. His strength can also falter when trapped within a Giant of Darkness' Dark Field or Zagi's Dark Field G.

Body Features

  • Eyes: Nexus has perfect night vision, he is able to see properly in the darkness of the Dark Field or at night. His eyes can also see through materials and into beings, he can also analyze substances by sight, such as how he knew Lafleya was explosive before the Night Raiders or CIC.
  • Head Fin: The fin on the back of Nexus's head, covering his neck, despite what most would think, it is not armor, not intentionally. It is the Ultra equivalent of having long hair.
  • Armed Nexus (アームドネクサス Āmudo Nekusasu): The bracers on Nexus's arms, they are evolved forms of the Stratos Edge blades on The Next's arms and can perform many of the same abilities. They are the key to Nexus' energy attacks as well as deploying Meta Field and evolving into other forms.
    • Elbow Cutter (エルボーカッター Erubō Kattā): Smaller knives protruded beneath the Armed Nexus, they served in a similar role to Stratos Edge blades that The Next uses, slicing for melee combat.
    • Arrow Armed Nexus (アローアームドネクサス Arō Āmudo Nekusasu): Appearing only on Junis Blue, it is the modified right Armed Nexus. It has four modes, with its default appearance Normal Mode (ノーマルモード Nōmaru Mōdo) while three others are demonstrated in his attacks.
  • Energy Core (エナジーコア Enajī Koa): Nexus' equivalent to a Color Timer, it flashes when Nexus is weakened or injured, or throbs when he is severely weakened.
    • Core Gauge (コアゲージ Koa Gēji): In Junis and Junis Blue, a crystal appears on top of the Energy Core to fulfill the functions of a Color Timer. It exists to measure the three minute rule of using the Meta Field.
  • Ultra Armor: Nexus' skin is resistant to lasers and fire so long as the Dunamist's strength is sufficient.
  • Evolution: As Nexus fought increasingly more powerful opponents, his power increased ultimately resulting in new forms such as Junis and Junis Blue and finally his ultimate form, Ultraman Noa.


The Dunamists (適能者デュナミスト Dyunamisuto lit. chosen people) are beings who can bond with the light to become Ultraman Nexus. The source of this ability is never truly explained, but it is implied to have to do with their mindset, as those chosen are often those with a desire to protect or fight Space Beasts no matter the cost to themselves. Each new bond provides Nexus with additional strength, as evidenced from his constant evolution throughout the series.

Before Nexus or other Giants of Darkness, there was another who wielded the light of Noa in a different fashion. He was the first Dunamist, Shunichi Maki, who slayed the first Space Beast The One, his Ultra form was known as the Next.

As mentioned by Sera, there were multiple Dunamists in the past during Noa's time in M80 (Visitor's home galaxy) while ancient drawings suggested that he had been fighting as Nexus.

  • Jun Himeya: The second Dunamist, he ended his time Nexus after his final battle against Mephisto in the Land of the Dead.
  • Ren Senjyu: The third Dunamist, Ren received the Light after the disappearance of Himeya.
  • Nagi Saijyo: The fourth Dunamist, who held the power for the shortest amount of time in the series.
  • Kazuki Komon: The fifth Dunamist. In that final battle, he accessed all three forms of Nexus and ascended to Nexus' true form - Noa.
  • Sayuri Tachibana: The sixth Dunamist. Sayuri only had the Light for one day. She fought alongside another Ultra, Ultraman X. She is the only known Dunamist not to hail from the World of N.

Besides those that merged with Ultraman, there are the casualties of the battle between Light and Darkness, who were corrupted by the dark side to host Dark Ultras.

In printed magazines, these people were labelled as Dark Dunamists (暗黒適能者 Ankoku Tekinōsha lit. "Dark chosen people"), though in reality none of them are literal Dunamists.

  • Riko Saida: Komon's girlfriend, the unwilling host of Dark Faust, thus causing her to become evil in a Jekyll and Hyde fashion.
  • Shinya Mizorogi: Former deputy captain of the Night Raiders, Nagi's former love interest and mentor, was corrupted to host Dark Mephisto.
  • Hiroyuki Misawa: A member of the Memory Police that fell under control of Zagi to host Dark Mephisto (Zwei). He had the same powers as the first Dark Mephisto and only differs in eye color with Zwei's being red instead of black.
  • Mitsuhiko Ishibori: Although not a Dunamist, he was the host/human identity of a dark Ultra. The analyst of the Night Raiders, he was showed at the end to be the human identity of the master of darkness.
  • Soso: Dark Mephisto's host in the novel Ultraman F.
  • Utsuutsu: Dark Faust's host in the novel Ultraman F.

All chosen wielders of Noa's light wield both the Evoltruster to transform and the Blast Shot as a weapon, they channel Nexus' power in human form. Besides these they also inherit similar abilities that the first Dunamist Shunichi Maki gained during his merger with Nexus' prior form. All Dunamists wield the following abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: Each Dunamist possessed greater strength than a normal person.
  • Superhuman Durability: Each Dunamist possessed far greater durability and endurance than a normal person. They are able to endure pain and injuries better than a normal person.
  • Superhuman Reflexes and Agility: Himeya Jun has made jumps of around ten feet into the air during which he sailed across a short distance. He has also fought on even terms with former Night Raider/Mephisto's host Mizorogi, while both men had shown remarkable reflexes in dodging and erecting barriers to block energy bullets.
  • ESP: Each Dunamist possesses Extra-Sensory-Perception, allowing them to see events faraway in real time. Some also demonstrated telepathic abilities.
  • Evoltruster (エボルトラスター Eborutorasutā): The transformation device of all Dunamists, it can be used for more than just transforming into Nexus.
    • Shield: Nexus' human host can raise a shield with the Evoltruster.
    • Astral Projection: Nexus' human host can conjure an astral projection of their Ultra form, this projection can create a Meta Field.
    • Meta Field (メタフィールド Meta Fīrudo): Nexus' human host can project a Meta Field with the Evoltruster, doing so would cause them to skip Anphans and go directly into their secondary form.
    • Detection: Its most important ability, Nexus himself can sense when Space Beasts go active, telepathically alerting his host through the device. When he detects them, the light on the Evoltruster flashes.
  • Blast Shot (ブラストショット Burasuto Shotto): Nexus' human host holds a gun along with the Evoltruster.
    • Air Burst Mode (エア・バーストモード Ea Bāsuto Mōdo): Unlike conventional firearms, the Blast Shot's grip is on the same position as the barrel.
      • Vacuum Shockwave: Like any gun its purpose is to shoot things, it fires energy blasts that outclass the weaponry used by TLT.
      • Shields: A shot can be used to raise shields at a distance and dissolve Dark Ultra shields.
      • Charged Shot: Charged up like a shotgun, the blast can vaporize a small Space Beast in one hit.
      • Exorcism: A special yellow shot can be used to remove pieces of Space Beasts or illusions from a human, safely freeing them from dark powers.
    • Gun Mode (ガンモード Gan Mōdo): By turning the grip downwards, the Blast Shot can act as a flare gun to summon Stone Fluegel, Nexus' spacecraft, where the Dunamists can heal their wounds. Ironically despite its name, offensive roles for the weapon has already used by the Air Burst Mode, leaving the Gun Mode on its aforementioned purpose.

Several Dunamists have transformed into Nexus but all used the same actions to do so. They first draw the Evoltruster from its sheath and then extends it into the air and it shines. From an outsider's point of view the Dunamist disappears into the light which may disappear to show Nexus, grow larger and reveal him as a giant or become a Travel Sphere. The rise scene showed a black screen while there is suddenly a ball of blue light which bursts open revealing Nexus who grows and the light turns into orange and yellow colors that fly towards the screen.

Something of note for Nexus is that when his light is not assimilated with a Dunamist it rests within Stone Fluegel which in turns rests within a mysterious ruins, a large castle in a jungle with an upside down stone Fluegel standing like an altar/idol. Whenever a Dunamist is chosen, they begin to dream about these structures and may eventually find themselves in there standing before Stone Fluegel before meeting with Nexus, who "brings" the Dunamist "here" to impart visions and messages. Also around the ruins are statues and carvings of monsters, most likely Space Beasts, and past Dunamists as Ultraman fighting Space Beasts.

Where these ruins lay is unknown as they only appear to be accessed mentally by the chosen Dunamist, but Zagi was able to send a Space Beast to the ruins where Jun had his first battle as Ultraman, setting up a Meta Field as though it was a real location. However, Zagi was later seen destroying the ruins, forcing Stone Fluegel to evacuate, in his true form even though in reality he had not yet revived. The true nature of these ruins is never addressed in the series but nevertheless they are topic of importance to Nexus' light.

  • Length: 2 m
  • Maximum Speed: Mach 7

Normal Mode and when Occupied

The Stone Fluegel (ストーンフリューゲル Sutōn Furyūgeru) is Nexus' spacecraft, a sort of magical coffin in the shape of sphere on top a downward pointed tower and two side towers pointing down while Nexus' Energy Core is carved on the middle. It usually found in the mysterious ruins where an inverse image of it stands on top the main temple. It is in here that Nexus resides in an Ultra Dimension when not merged with anyone. Any future Dunamist will be called to the dimension where it resides and called inside the dimension where they will meet Nexus who telepathically explains why they were called. Also when called by the Blast Shot, the Dunamist will be placed in the object and it will transform into its transport mode where it become smooth in texture and silver and red, in this form it is faster than any of the Chesters, making them seem slow in comparison. In here the Dunamist can heal their wounds between battles.

Although not demonstrated in series, its toy version can perform mix-and-match combinations with Chrome Chester sets.



Anphans (アンファンス Anfansu) is the default mode of Nexus, it grants the host all the default powers of an Ultra; all the attacks and powers of this form can be accessed by any other form. It is the most balanced form of Nexus but is usually weaker than later evolutions, hence most of his fight concluded by changing to Junis or Junis Blue.

The name Anphans comes from the French word 'enfance' meaning 'childhood', a reference to that fact it is Nexus' base form.

  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1[4]
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: 250 kt
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.8
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 820 m[5]
  • Arm Strength: 82,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 50,000 t
  • Cross-Ray Schtrom[6] (クロスレイ・シュトローム Kurosu Rei Shutorōmu): Anphans' "+" style position finisher, it can kill a Space Beast via an explosion.
  • Particle Feather (パーティクル・フェザー Pātikuru Fezā): Nexus fires an energy arc from one or both of his hands. It has the capacity to slice through objects.
  • Core Final (コアファイナル Koa Fainaru): Light flashes from Nexus' Energy Core, often covering his entire body. The purpose of this technique is to release Nexus's hidden power. Each Dunamist has their own variation of the technique:
    • In episode 24, it was used by Himeya to revive Nexus and break free from Kutuura's crucifixion.
    • In episode 29 (Director's Cut), it was used by Ren to break free from Banpira's webbing.
    • In episode 37, it was used by Komon to evolve Nexus into Junis, followed by Junis Blue and finally regain his long lost form, Ultraman Noa.
  • Anphans Punch (アンファンスパンチ Anfansu Panchi): A powerful punch. Can be used in any form of punch, but is generally slow.
    • Generade Knuckle (ジェネレードナックル Jenerēdo Nakkuru): Junis Blue's technique, portrayed as an enhanced version of Anphans Punch. In the extra episode, Nexus can charge his right fist with destructive energy that repels the enemy with great force.
  • Anphans Chop (アンファンスチョップ Anfansu Choppu): A powerful chop after a high jump, uses the falling to increase the power.
  • Anphans Kick (アンファンスキック Anfansu Kikku): A powerful kick, it is used after the enemies weak spot is determine. It comes in any variation of a kick.
    • Spinning Crash Kick (スピニングクラッシュキック Supiningu Kurasshu Kikku): An energized version of Anphans Kick, upon making contact, Nexus spins at high speeds, creating a whirlpool of energy around him.
  • Anphans Power (アンファンスパワー Anfansu Pawā): Nexus can summon great strength to perform feats of strength normally beyond his abilities. Used to pry open Nosferu's jaws.
  • Anphans Whip (アンファンスホイップ Anfansu Hoippu): A technique to lift and throw opponents, even ones as heavy as Bugbuzun who weighed 30,000 tons.
  • Mach Move (マッハムーブ Mahha Mūbu): An acceleration technique, upon putting the two Armed Nexus on his arms together, Nexus can move at incredible speeds for a short burst. It appears as an aura of light surrounding his still body. Nexus has another version where his Energy Core flashes and he takes of glowing brightly.
  • Travel Sphere: Nexus can move vast distances in a short amount of time in the form of a ball of light.
  • Saving Bute (セービングビュート Sēbingu Byūto): A rope of light used to snatch humans from the grip of a Space Beast and transport them to safety in the form of a ball of light at the end of the tether. Can also be used to lasso a Space Beast.
  • Style Change (スタイルチェンジ Sutairu Chenji): By crossing his left arm to the Energy Core, Nexus can change into Junis forms, depending on the Dunamist he partners with. In the final episode of his series, Komon displays the ability to Style Change through Nexus' Core Final before regaining Ultraman Noa.
  • Circle Shield (サークルシールド Sākuru Shīrudo): A barrier erected with both hands or one, resembles a blue pool of water.
  • Aura Mirage (オーラミラージュ Ōra Mirāju): A protective aura Nexus can cover himself with, it protects him from harm and is naturally repulsive to Space Beasts.
  • Transportation Sphere: Nexus can create an energy sphere to transport and protect other beings.
  • Power Transfer: Nexus can donate his powers to the Ultra Fusion Brace along with other Heisei Ultras to allow Ultraman Ginga Victory to use his powers.


Junis (ジュネッス Junessu) is Nexus' evolved form which provides additional strength. This form is utilized by Himeya but was also shown through Komon and Sayuri.

The word Junis comes from the French word 'jeunesse' meaning 'youth', referring to the fact that it is a more developed stage after Anphans.

  • Weight: 44,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 3.8
  • Over-Ray Schtrom (オーバーレイ・シュトローム Ōbā Rei Shutorōmu): Junis' main finisher, which decomposes its target at the molecular level, dissipating as blue particles. Unfortunately, it consumes most of the user's energy to use, meaning it can only be used once per battle.
    • Powered Up Over-Ray Schtrom: A stronger version of the original attack used once Nexus utilized Crossover Formation with Heisei Ultras.
  • Core Impulse (コアインパルス Koa Inparusu): A powerful V shape beam from Nexus' Energy Core, it can destroy a Space Beast in one hit. This is Junis' strongest attack.
  • Board Ray Feather (ボードレイ・フェザー Bōdo Rei Fezā): Like Ultraman the Next Junis, he can fire larger and wider versions of the Particle Feather using both hands. He usually spins in the air performing the action over and over, launching many projectiles.
  • Spill-Ray Generade (スピルレイ・ジェネレード Supiru Rei Jenerēdo): Nexus is able to convert incoming dark energy projectiles into light energy bullets. He did so to repel Mephisto's attacks.
Anphans' Techniques
  • Mach Move (マッハムーブ Mahha Mūbu): An acceleration technique, upon putting the two Armed Nexus on his arms together, Nexus can move at incredible speeds for a short burst. Used in episode 6.
  • Flash Travel: Nexus can move vast distances in a short amount of time in the form of a ball of light.
  • Saving Bute (セービングビュート Sēbingu Byūto): Used in episode 21 to prevent Golgolem from escaping the Meta Field.
  • Circle Shield (サークルシールド Sākuru Shīrudo): A barrier erected with both hands or one, resembles a blue pool of water.
  • Particle Feather (パーティクル・フェザー Pātikuru Fezā): Nexus' standard attack, an arc-shaped burst of energy. It can be the standard small burst of energy or thrown in a series.
  • Cross-Ray Schtrom (クロスレイ・シュトローム Kurosu Rei Shutorōmu): Anphans' standard "+" style position finisher, it can kill or maim a Space Beast via an explosion. This beam once was effective against Nosferu and Faust but can be easily blocked by Mephisto.
  • Junis Punch (ジュネッスパンチ Junessu Panchi): The Junis version of the Anphans Punch, it is much stronger. Used to defeat Dark Mephisto in the Land of Death when Nexus struck the energy sphere he was forming.
  • Junis Kick (ジュネッスキック Junessu Kikku): A stronger version of the Anphans Kick, it sent Pedoleon flying.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Nexus can leap to amazing heights without any trouble.
  • Phase Shift Wave (フェーズシフトウエーブ Fēzu Shifuto Uēbu): Nexus uses his Armed Nexus to generate a beam shot into the air to change the "phase" (位相 Isō) of a localized area to his own wavelength in order to set up the Meta Field.
    • Meta Field (メタフィールド Meta Fīrudo): A dimensional subspace made of the same substances as Nexus' body. It empowers light beings such as Nexus himself while reducing the power of darkness. Its main use is to avoid collateral damage during his battles and to contain the enemy into a confined space, but frequent usage of it can induce a huge strain to its user. It cannot be easily entered from the outside without special equipment or similar powers.
    • Dark Field Reverse: In episode 13, an astral projection of Nexus in Junis form is able to reverse the Dark Field and it back into the Meta Field. However, due injuries he sustained, Nexus could only do it temporarily and it is unknown whether he can reverse the entire Dark Field.
  • Nexus Hurricane (ネクサスハリケーン Nekusasu Harikēn): A tornado-shaped energy based attack. It doesn't destroy but it could bury a monster halfway into the ground, leaving a chance to deal another attack.
  • Size Change: Nexus can appear at human size, his proper giant size and anything in between.
  • Crossover Formation (クロスオーバーフォーメーション Kurosuōbā Fōmēshon): A momentary power boost that coats the user in a golden aura.

Junis Blue

N-Junis Blue.png
Junis Blue (ジュネッスブルー Junessu Burū) is Nexus' second evolved form which provides additional speed and an Arrow Armed Nexus on his right arm. This form was exclusive to Ren Senjyu, though Komon used this form in episode 37 under Ren's memory before evolving into Noa. While Junis grants Nexus additional strength, Junis Blue instead specializes in speed and mobility.

This form is capable of using all of Nexus Junis' abilities as well.[7]

  • Weight: 42,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5
Arrow Armed Nexus
  • Arrow-Ray Schtrom (アローレイ・シュトローム Arō Rei Shutorōmu): By switching the Arrow Armed Nexus to Arrow Mode, Nexus can create a giant energy bow by extending his right Armed Nexus and using energy from his Energy Core to create the body of a bow. By pulling back with his left arm, he can make an arrow, and by letting go, the beam will be released. It destroys foes in the same manner as the Over-Ray Schtrom, instead of breaking down the molecular bonds it obliterates the target's particles. The energy bow construct is modeled after the Eye Slugger.
  • Schtrom Sword (シュトロームソード Shutorōmu Sōdo): By switching the Arrow Armed Nexus to Sword Mode (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo), Nexus can create a sword which comes out of the Arrow Armed Nexus on his right arm. It destroys foes in the same manner as his other attacks.
  • Over Arrow-Ray Schtrom (オーバーアローレイ・シュトローム Ōbā Arō Rei Shutorōmu): By switching the Arrow Armed Nexus to Final Mode (ファイナルモード Fainaru Mōdo), Nexus can combine both the Arrow-Ray Schtrom and Schtrom Sword at the same time to create a sword bow. It is very similar in appearance to the Arrow-Ray Schtrom, but it has greater destructive power. This move was only used successfully once to defeat Izmael, but failed on Dark Zagi. Its target was destroyed in a more conventional explosion and it is so powerful, when fired it excites the air leaving a stream of flames. Unfortunately, it consumes most of the user's energy to use, meaning it can only be used once per battle. This is Junis Blue's strongest attack.
  • Knuck-Ray Generade (ナックレイ・ジェネレード Nakku Rei Jenerēdo): In a similar way to Spill-Ray Generade, Nexus can absorb enemy attacks or the essence of Dark Field G to unleash an energy beam. This is used to eliminate Bugbuzun Growler and Mega Flash.
  • Generade Knuckle (ジェネレードナックル Jenerēdo Nakkuru): An enhanced version of Anphans' Anphans Punch. It was used in episode 27 to attack Grantella. This attack can also be carried on to Anphans in the extra episode, doing so when fighting Bugbuzun Growler.
Past Forms' Techniques
  • Phase Shift Wave (フェーズシフトウエーブ Fēzu Shifuto Uēbu): Nexus uses his Armed Nexus to generate a beam shot into the air to change the "phase" (位相 Isō) of a localized area to his own wavelength in order to set up the Meta Field.
    • Meta Field (メタフィールド Meta Fīrudo): A dimensional subspace made of the same substances as Nexus' body. It empowers light beings such as Nexus himself while reducing the power of darkness. Its main use is to avoid collateral damage during his battles and to contain the enemy into a confined space. It cannot be easily entered from the outside without special equipment or similar powers. However, due to Ren being a Prometheus Child (a genetically engineered 'perfect' human), it doesn't put stress on his body.
  • Circle Shield (サークルシールド Sākuru Shīrudo): A barrier erected with both hands or one, resembles a blue pool of water.
  • Cross-Ray Schtrom (クロスレイ・シュトローム Kurosu Rei Shutorōmu): Anphans' standard "+" style position finisher, it can kill or maim a Space Beast via an explosion.
  • Mach Move (マッハムーブ Mahha Mūbu): An acceleration technique, upon putting the two Armed Nexus on his arms together, Nexus can move at incredible speeds for a short burst.
  • Particle Feather (パーティクル・フェザー Pātikuru Fezā): Nexus' standard attack, an arc-shaped burst of energy. It can be the standard small burst of energy or thrown in a series.
  • Board Ray Feather (ボードレイ・フェザー Bōdo Rei Fezā): A large energy arc.
  • Spill-Ray Generade (スピルレイ・ジェネレード Supiru Rei Jenerēdo) (Unused)
  • Over-Ray Schtrom (オーバーレイ・シュトローム Ōbā Rei Shutorōmu) (Unused): Is implied to be able to do so according to magazines. A DVD cover of Ultraman Nexus illustrates Junis Blue with the pose of Over-Ray Schtrom.
  • Core Impulse (コアインパルス Koa Inparusu) (Unused): Implied by magazines.
  • Nexus Hurricane (ネクサスハリケーン Nekusasu Harikēn) (Unused): Implied by magazines.
  • Junis Blue Punch (ジュネッスブルーパンチ Junessu Burū Panchi): A faster version of the Junis Punch.
  • Junis Blue Elbow (ジュネッスブルーエルボー Junessu Burū Erubō): A powerful elbow strike.
  • Junis Blue Kick (ジュネッスブルーキック Junessu Burū Kikku): A faster version of the Junis Kick.
  • Junis Blue Whip (ジュネッスブルーホイップ Junessu Burū Hoippu): The Junis Blue version of the Anphan Whip.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Nexus can leap to amazing heights without any trouble.

Other Media

Ultraman Nexus video game

Nexus in the game

Ultraman Nexus and all his forms appear as a playable character in the game Ultraman Nexus for PlayStation 2, which is based on the series. Junis is Nexus' first unlockable form on all modes, here are things to do to unlock the other forms:

  • To unlock Anphans form, the player must complete Battle Mode using 10 different characters.
  • To unlock Junis Blue form, the player must finish Nexus Mode. Ultraman Nexus

Ultraman Hit Song History: New Hero Chapter

Nexus as he appears in the short documentation.

Ultraman Nexus appears in this short movie, where he appears to save Ultraman Zero from the attacks of Yapool. He was the 5th Ultra to appear, later followed by Ultraman Max. Ultraman Hit Song History

Ultraman Retsuden

Ultraman Nexus reappears in Ultraman Retsuden episode 66 "Bond shine! Nexus, Max & Mebius!".


  • Nexus was originally thought up to be the opposite of Ultraman Cosmos. While Cosmos showcased Ultraman's 'kindness' and held the theme that 'if you believe it will come true', Nexus was meant to showcase Ultraman's strength and how one has to and can overcome challenges in life.
    • During Nexus's early planning stage, he was originally called Ultraman Cross (ウルトラマンクロス Urutoraman Kurosu). The name is inspired by the concept of bonds still present in the show and before the planned series was to be linked to the 2004 ULTRAMAN film.
    • When Nexus was under the 'Cross' concept, the series was not originally intended to be connected to said movie's universe.
  • Of all the Ultras in the Ultraman Series, Nexus/Noa holds the record for most hosts, five of whom are human, three intended but ultimately corrupted contenders and numerous undocumented aliens across the universe. The second one is a three way tie between Ultraman Saga with three hosts, Ultraman Tiga also had three and Ultraman Zero had three human hosts while his father Ultraseven who had two hosts and a human form.
  • Nexus is also the third male Ultra to have a female host.
  • Nexus was supposed to have a unique Junis form for Nagi, which unfortunately was cut due to the episodes not being filmed. According to the designer Hiroshi Maruyama, there is a form exclusive to Nagi, though the exact appearance is never stated.
    • This implied form is believed to be an orange-colored Junis in his draft, however, Maruyama also stated that he plans to give Nagi a predominantly black version of Junis. This concept art was written in his Twitter account until he deleted it later on.
  • Nexus is the first Ultra who has an alternate form that is considered a completely different Ultra.
    • His alternate form is also his true identity.
  • Though Nexus is stated to not have the three minute-rule that most Ultras have, a similar rule exists when Phase Shift Wave is used. This is because using the Meta Field puts considerable strain on the Dunamist's body, after three minutes they will become tired. This was not a problem for the third Dunamist.
  • The word "Schtrom" used in Nexus's finishers is derived from the word "Strom", which means "Current" in Danish, which is fitting for the beams this name is used for considering they are currents of light, and "Electricity" in German. Fitting enough, the name of Noa's finisher is Lightning Noa.
  • According to Yuichi Abe, Sayuri would have utilized a different variant of Junis but the decision to use the original one was described as "adult circumstances" (大人の事情 Otona no jijō), a slang which means "some reasoning is very complicated".


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