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Ultraman New Generation Chronicle (ウルトラマン ニュージェネレーションクロニクル Urutoraman Nyū Jenerēshon Kuronikuru) is a series that tells the story of the New Generation Heroes' adventures from Ultraman Ginga up to Ultraman R/B. The show is hosted by Booska and Pega.[1]


  1. Opening! New Generation Chronicle!! (開演!ニュージェネレーションクロニクル!! Kaien! Nyū Jenereshōn Kuronikuru!!)
  2. Unite! A Voice From the Starry Sky!! (ユナイト! 星空の声!! Yunaito! Hoshizora no koe!!): Fifteen years after the Ultra Flare incident, Xio officer Daichi Oozora was studying the Cyber Cards until the emergence of Demaaga attacking nearby citizens. At that time, an unknown voice was heard by Daichi, which came to Earth and fused with him, giving birth to the new warrior, Ultraman X.
  3. Prepare to Decide! Welcome to the Secret Base!! (覚悟を決めろ! 秘密基地へようこそ!! Kakugo o Kimero! Himitsu Kichi e Yōkoso!!): Riku's fate as the son of Ultraman Belial begins to unfold as he has to face off against his first opponent, Skull Gomora, as Ultraman Geed.
  4. The Odd-beast and the Boy! Gan-Q's Tears!! (奇獣と少年! ガンQの涙!! Kijū to Shōnen! Gan Kyu no namida!!): A new thug, Alien Akumania allied with Alien Exceller, it is allowed to live as a salaryman in Yoshida. He MonsLives a human sized Gan-Q! Gan-Q meets a child who is not afraid of his appearance. Friendship grows between the two people, leading eventually to upheaval in Yoshida!
  5. Sorrow! Past that was Forgotten!! (戦慄! 忘れ去られた過去!! Senritsu! Wasuresara Reta Kako!!): The Victory Lancer is stolen by a strange woman who claims to be a Victorian from a surface. But Queen Kisara and Sho have no knowledge of her. What is her past?
  6. Activate! Magnewave Strategy!! (発動! マグネウェーブ作戦!! Hatsudō! Maguneuēbu Sakusen!!): Alien Chibu Exceller notices Shepherdon has a lot of Victorium energy. Exceller sends Gan-Q to suck the Victorium out of Shepherdon, to take him down! In order to prevent this, UPG joins with the original captain, and come up with a daring strategy!
  7. Showdown! Fight to the Death of the Morning Glow!! (決戦! 朝焼けの死闘!! Kessen! Asayake no Shitou!!): Five monsters combine into Five King! Ginga and Victory's onslaught is a failure. The Ultras vanish as Android One Zero begins to self destruct, and tries to destroy the UPG base. What will the UPG do to stop the countdown to this destruction?!
  8. Ultraman Geed: Connect The Wishes! -1- (ウルトラマンジード つなぐぜ! ねがい!! -1- Urutoraman Jīdo Tsunaguze! Negai!! -1-)
  9. Ultraman Geed: Connect The Wishes! -2- (ウルトラマンジード つなぐぜ! ねがい!! -2- Urutoraman Jīdo Tsunaguze! Negai!! -2-)
  10. Ultraman Geed: Connect The Wishes! -3- (ウルトラマンジード つなぐぜ! ねがい!! -3- Urutoraman Jīdo Tsunaguze! Negai!! -3-)
  11. Ultraman R/B Summary - Let my color! Imbue you!! First Part (ウルトラマンR/B 総集編 オレ色に! 染め上げろ!! 前編 Urutoraman Rūbu Shōshūsen Ore-iro ni! Someagero!! Zenpen)
  12. Ultraman R/B Summary - Let my color! Imbue you!! Second Part (ウルトラマンR/B 総集編 オレ色に! 染め上げろ!! 後編 Urutoraman Rūbu Shōshūsen Ore-iro ni! Someagero!! Kōhen)
  13. Evil! Another Chronicle!! (邪悪!もうひとつのクロニクル!! Jāku! Mōhitotsu no Kuronikuru!!): Ultraman Tregear invades the show to showcase the various villains that have appeared throughout the New Generation Heroes' battles.
  14. Invasion! A Beautiful End!! (襲来! 美しき終焉!! Shūrai! Utsukushiki Shuen!!)
  15. Breath! The Rainbow Land!! (息吹け! 虹の大地!! Ibuke! Niji no Daichi)
  16. Ultraman X: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman!! -1- (ウルトラマンX きたぞ! 我らのウルトラマン!!① Urutoraman Ekkusu Kitazo! Warera no Urutoraman!! 1)
  17. Ultraman X: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman!! -2- (ウルトラマンX きたぞ! 我らのウルトラマン!!② Urutoraman Ekkusu Kitazo! Warera no Urutoraman!! 2)
  18. Ultraman X: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman!! -3- (ウルトラマンX きたぞ! 我らのウルトラマン!!③ Urutoraman Ekkusu Kitazo! Warera no Urutoraman!! 3)
  19. Ruthless! Justice Out of Control!! (無情! 暴走する正義!! Mujō! Bōsō suru Seigi!!): The SSP help out a group of workers who are working on springs that are used to build the VTL's machinery, when suddenly an enormous robotic dragon appears from a portal in the sky. The SSP name it Galactron. It awakens and brings mass destruction, claiming that its purpose is for justice for the Earth.
  20. Violent Emotions! Never Say Never!! (激情! ネバー・セイ・ネバー!! Gekijō! Nebā Sei Nebā!!): Gai is unable to stop Galactron and save Naomi. In order to finally stop Galactron's rampage, he decides to use Thunder Breastar again, but at what cost?
  21. The Plan! Sacrifice!! (計略! サクリファイス!! Keiryaku! Sakurifaisu!!): Riku and Leito find themselves in a trap set up by Kei in order to get rid of Zero, and threaten the safety of Leito's family. Zero must come up with a resolve to save everyone, even if it means sacrificing himself.
  22. Flash! Going Beyond Fate!! (閃烈! 運命を越えて行け!! Sen Retsu! Unmei wo Koete yuke!!): Leito has to fight against fate while Riku fruitlessly battles Galactron. Leito's renewed hope revives Zero, and the New Generation Capsules are granted to them, revealing Zero's newest powerup, Ultraman Zero Beyond.
  23. Union! The Fragments of Hope!! (結束! キボウノカケラ!! Kessoku! Kibou no Kakera!!): Belial has come back as Belial Atrocious and puts despair into everyone's hearts. Can Geed defeat his father once and for all?
  24. Shine! The Symbol of Geed!! (照らすぜ! GEEDの証!! Terasuze! Jīdo No Akashi!!): Geed has his last battle against his father, and puts him to rest.
  25. Ultraman Taro Big Introduction - Genealogy! Burning History!! (ウルトラマンタロウ大紹介 系譜!バーニング列伝!! Ultraman Tarō Dai Shōkai Keifu! Bāningu Retsuden!!): Hot Fighter, Ultraman Taro's chronicle! This episode tells about Taro's story from his youth until Ultraman Ginga.
  26. Ultraman Taiga Retrospective Special - Inheritance! Entrust the future of New History!! (ウルトラマンタイガ直前SP 相伝!未来に託せ新列伝!! Urutoraman Taiga Chokuzen Supesharu Sōden! Mirai ni takuse Shin Retsuden): Introducing the highlight of the new series, Ultraman Taiga. This episode features a demonstration highlight of the Tri-Squad.


  • Alien Pegassa Pega (ペガッサ星人ペガ Pegassa Seijin Pega): Megumi Han (潘 めぐみ Han Megumi)
  • Booska (ブースカ Būsuka): Miina Tominaga (富永 みーな Tominaga Mīna)

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