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"Go forth, young hero. Go to that planet we treasure, Earth!"

Father of Ultra to Ultraman Mebius

Ultraman Mebius (ウルトラマンメビウス Urutoraman Mebiusu) is the protagonist of the eponymous series Ultraman Mebius. He was sent to Earth 25 years after Ultraman 80 to protect the planet from a new wave of monsters and aliens, many of which arrived due to Alien Empera's resurgence. During his tenure on Earth, he took the form of Mirai Hibino, and joined Crew GUYS.


The Ultraman Mebius

Prior to the series, Mebius' past before his arrival was told in the Ultraman Mebius DVD cover's linear notes (except volume 1). Back in the Land of Light, Mebius was shown to have participated in a battle when Alien Bat's army of Zettons invaded the Land of Light and Alien Katan leading a troop of Saucer Creatures. As the Ultra Brothers left to fight U-Killersaurus, Mebius was put under guidance from Taro and Zoffy in the duration of his training.

Ultraman Mebius

Mebius about to receive the Mebius Brace from Father of Ultra

Before leaving for Earth, Mebius was granted the Mebius Brace by the Father of Ultra and told of the importance of the name 'Ultraman', a legacy he would have to live up to when he reached Earth. On his way there, Mebius saw a transport ship being sucked into the Ultra Zone, the crew was saved by the sacrifice of the captain's son Ban. Seeing this selflessness, Mebius tried to save the young man but was a minute too late. He created his human form after the young man, Hiroto Ban, in his honor.

Battle on Earth

He was the first Ultra Warrior to come from M78 in 25 years, after Ultraman 80. His mission was to protect humanity from being destroyed by evil monsters and invaders.

Along with him was another Ultraman from M78 called Ultraman Hikari. Hikari was a good Ultra but after a tragedy on Arb, he became the vengeful Hunter Knight Tsurugi. Having acquired the form from the living entity of Planet Arb, he became a selfish warrior bent only on revenge by killing Bogarl, the murderer of Arb, regardless of the lives it would cost.

After several confrontations with Mebius and few of the members of GUYS, Hikari began to have a change of heart. After their last battle with Bogarl, Hikari was badly weakened and succumbed to the time limit and the injuries he sustained, he was saved only thanks to Mother of Ultra and the strength of will of his host. He then returned temporarily as an ally before departing for home, leaving his Knight Brace to Mebius, granting him Mebius Brave. He returned later in the series to battle Alien Babarue who impersonated him and received back his Knight Brace to deal with the villain and clear his name before returning to the Land of Light. He returned later to battle with Alien Empera when Mebius was unable to fight due to his earlier injuries sustained during the battle with an Inpelaizer, the Emperor's weapon.

Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers

Mebius vs Alien Temperor

This movie takes place somewhere in the earlier part of the series before his identity is revealed to his teammates. After sacrificing their powers to seal away Yapool and his Ultimate Terrible-Monster, the first four Ultra Brothers, Ultraman, Seven, Jack, and Ace, were forced to stay on Earth in their human hosts' bodies as their powers were depleted during the sealing of Yapool. Unable to transform without risking the integrity of Yapool's prison, Hayata became an operator in an airport. Dan became a farmer/adventurer. Hideki became a go-kart teacher and Hokuto became the head chef in a restaurant. After many battles against a coalition of four aliens, Mebius and his brothers ultimately faced a deadly battle with Yapool and U-Killersaurus. The timely arrival of Taro and Zoffy saved them as they brought spare energy to recharge their depleted energy. Ultraman Mebius fused with the Ultra Brothers and became Mebius Infinity and killed the monster and Yapool, saving Jinguji Aya. The Earth was safe for now, until the next invader, monster or whenever Yapool would revive. Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers

Identity Revealed

Mebius and Taro standing against Inpelaizer

Initially, he kept his true identity secret from the rest of GUYS crews. Only Captain Sakomizu was aware of the truth from the beginning (the captain was contacted by Captain Ban, the father of Hiroto Ban, the human Mebius based his human disguise in honor of his bravery, it can be assumed that he gave Mirai a place of residence). Mebius was later given recall orders by Mother of Ultra and Father of Ultra, leaving him uneasy of the idea that he would have to leave Earth and all the friends he made in CREW GUYS. Mebius finally revealed the truth to Ryu when a space weapon known as Inpelaizer attacked the Earth, defeating CREW GUYS with little effort. Despite his best efforts, Mebius himself was at the machine's nonexistent mercy and saved only by the timely arrival of his teacher Ultraman Taro who managed to destroy the machine leaving only two feet left. However, the machine was teleported away indicating that it was not yet defeated.

The defeated Mebius was taken back to GUYS HQ for medical attention by Ryu who did not yet reveal his secret. Waking up in the middle of the night, Mebius left unnoticed. The following morning he was confronted by Ryu who demanded answers and the Ultra explained his recall orders and told the earthling of how the Ultras once looked the same as mankind and of how the power of Ultra fell into their hands and they decided to use that great power for good. Afterwards he left and was not seen again until the next battle with Inpelaizer where Taro and GUYS fought the machine. It was a losing battle as all their planes were shot down, Taro denied Mebius' offer to help and forbade him from transforming, commanding that he return before using his Ultra Dynamite attack.

Taro's attack was successful to a point, blowing the machine into bits, only to see it revive again. Mebius now had no choice but to reveal himself to his teammates as they found him telepathically communicating with Taro. He transformed into his Ultra form before their eyes and assisted the weakening Taro. The tide of battle now turned in favor of the two Ultras. However, Mebius was taken down when he took several energy balls in the back as he shielded his friends from the malicious machine's attack. Knocked down, Mebius rose again with encouragements from his friends and with the Mebius Brace, turned his passion into a new power, Mebius Burning Brave, and destroyed the machine completely with his new Mebium Burst attack. After a passionate persuasion by Ryu and the rest of the GUYS crews pleading for Mebius to stay, Taro relented and told Mebius that the assistance from GUYS to him will be sufficient to defend the Earth. He allowed Mebius to stay to the delight of the GUYS Members.

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Mebius vs King Guesra

Set in an alternate universe, Mebius was drawn into another world after following some dimensional disturbances and meeting a strange little girl. During his battle with King Guesra, he was helped by Daigo, who afterwards introduced him to the alternate versions of Hayata, Dan, Go and Hokuto, who to his disappointment did not recognize him. Following the battle with King Pandon, Mebius was turned into a bronze statue by Super Alien Hipporit. With no one to protect the world, Hipporit summoned King Silvergon and King Goldras to destroy Japan. But Daigo transformed into Ultraman Tiga to fight with Asuka and Gamu as Dyna and Gaia.

When Hayata, Dan, Go, and Hokuto remembered their counterparts memories of their battles, they transformed into the Ultra Brothers and used their powers to revive Mebius. With the alternate incarnations of his brothers in arms, Mebius fought along with the alternate Ultra Brothers, Tiga (a transformed Daigo), Dyna, and Gaia against Giga Khimaira, vanquishing the beast in outer space. Afterwards the Black Silhouette appeared, taunting the world and the Ultramen. After words of encouragement from Tiga, Mebius and the rest of the Super 8 Ultra Brothers transformed into Glitter Version and combined their enhanced signature beams into the Superior Myth Flasher to destroy the fiend. After the battle Mirai bid farewell to the new Ultra Heroes. Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Battle Against the Dark Four Heavenly Kings

The First King

Mebius facing Ace Killer

Mebius would fight many monsters and aliens but eventually he would come under assault by the coalitions known as the Dark Four Heavenly Kings - four mighty aliens composed of Yapool, Alien Mefilas, Deathrem, and Grozam. They all served a being called the Emperor and were survivors of the Great Ultra War. Each had their own strengths and special powers that made them especially dangerous. Each took a turn to assault Mebius both physically and mentally. The first of these trials was against Yapool, the old nemesis of Ultraman Ace. Mirai had been away from Phoenix base when Yapool lured team guys to a trap on the moon. Mebius was unable to help as Ace Killer was unleashed to battle the Ultra. Mebius fought the humanoid super beast but was overcome when the creature absorbed Gadiba and gained Mebius' techniques which it used to batter down the young Ultra. Thanks to the words of his friend Asami, Mebius regained the will to battle and vanquished Ace Killer with the Mebium Dynamite. Though victorious Mebius was left heavily damaged. Forced back into his human form, Mirai, Asami and a gossip columnist named Mitsuhiko found themselves pulled into Yapool's dimension.

Mirai telepathically talking to Ace/Seiji

Mebius fighting Yapool in his home dimension

There Yapool attempted to break Mebius' faith in mankind by using the horrible person that was Mitsuhiko as an example. Yapool had the pathetic man fire at Mebius with a blaster, which Mirai blocked with his Mebium Defense Arc. Yapool mentally threw the man about and Mebius rushed to make sure he was okay, but was deeply hurt when the ungrateful human called him a monster.

Mirai refused Yapool's offer and the two transformed and began to battle in the old ruins of Yapool's dimension. However Mebius' body had not recovered from his prior battle and was trounced by Yapool physically and verbally as the alien declared he was useless without his friends to help him. Even Asami's speech was not enough to rouse him and Mebius fell unconscious. As his mind gave into despair he was mentally contacted by Seiji/Ace who told him that as long as he kept his friends in his heart he was never alone, using his old partner Yuko as an example. Mebius felt his friends in battle and their conviction gave him strength to rise up. Using Burning Brave Mode, he turned the table on Yapool defeating him with the Mebium Burst. All though the three were transported back home, Mitsuhiko in his disgusting fashion declared he would out Mirai as Mebius. Ace's Wish

The Second King

Mirai meets Hideki Go


No sooner after this battle the next Heavenly King made his move, Deathrem. As Pheonix base was returning from its battle on the moon it suddenly exploded. To everyone's horror, especially Mirai's, only George managed to miraculously survive. However, as he revealed, his salvation was no miracle, it was the work of Deathrem who now held Phoenix base and the rest of CREW GUYS hostage. When Deathrem attacked, Mirai transformed but was unable to fight properly as his friends were being held as hostages. When Deathrem revealed to the world he held GUYS captive Mebius was shocked and dismayed at the public backlash, not at Deathrem, but at GUYS themselves for being used as hostages. Deathrem retreated intent on breaking Mebius' spirit before destroying him. During that time, Mirai encountered Hideki Go who explained in order to love anyone, he would have to understand their failings and as well as their strength or else, he could never understand them. When Deathrem returned, Mebius did battle, but thanks to a message GUYS managed to get out from their prison, the public's support returned to Mebius and GUYS who urged the young Ultra to continue fighting despite the risk to their lives. With help from Ultraman Jack and George, Mebius defeated Deathrem with the Mebium Burst. Deathrem's Plot

The Third King

Seven appears to save Mebius

Seven and Mebius vs Grozam

Even with two kings defeated Mebius was still not given a break, with the others in the hospital. Mebius, Marina, Konomi, and Teppei went to investigate a strange incident at a dam whose water had been frozen solid. There, the group encountered the self-proclaimed Immortal King of Ice Grozam. Despite Teppei's warnings that it was a trap, Mirai transformed and did battle with the ice alien. Unfortunately, Mirai was completely outclassed in this instance. Even the power of Mebius Burning Brave could not best Grozam's regeneration. Mebius was beaten, Grozam stabbed Mebius with his blade and pinned him to the dam where he was left frozen.

Despite his predicament, Mebius was still alive as he telepathically contacted Konomi who was with Dan Moroboshi at the time.

Eventually, the still active members of GUYS concocted a plan to revive him using a METEOR based on the energy formula used to revive Ultraseven when he was defeated by Alien Guts. Konomi and Marina flew the GUYS planes but Grozam reappeared to interfere. Fortunately, Dan was nearby and transformed to assist them, allowing the girls to revive Mebius who assisted Seven in fighting the ice giant. With their combined attacks, the two shattered Grozam, allowing Konomi to deliver to the finishing blow with the Maxwell Tornado, finishing off the Heavenly King and disproving his immortality.

The Fourth King

Mefilas, Mebius, and Gromite

Ultraman and Mebius against Alien Mefilas

After so many difficult battles back to back, Captain Sakomizu gave Mirai a day off so he could go and rest up. While at the park Mirai was mentally contacted by Mefilas who concluded he had begun a game with Mebius, the goal of which was to see the strength of his bond with Team GUYS. Mirai awoke and saw a strange sight, a bunch of children attacking a Mebius doll with a Mefilas doll while calling Mebius the invader and Mefilas a hero. Stranger things happened when Gromite appeared and Mirai transformed into Mebius only for Mefilas to appear and kill Gromite. On his orders, the GUYS opened fire at Mebius who, refusing to fight his own friends, transformed back to Mirai.

Trying to get to the bottom of this Mirai snuck into Team GUYS and found that none of them remembered Mirai and as far as they knew Mefilas was the protector of mankind, not the Ultramen. Somehow getting Teppei to trust him the two discovered that a strange signal was emanating from Mefilas' ship. Upon discovery by the others, Mirai and Teppei flew off towards the ship with GUYS following after him. Mefilas contacted them and ordered them to fire on Mirai and Teppei and for Teppei to shoot Mirai. When no one could bring themselves to do such a thing Mefilas fired on them, forcing Mirai to transform and placed himself in the path of the attack.

This image jogged their memories and Team GUYS joined their planes into the Phoenix Striker and took down the ship with the Valiant Smasher. However this was not the end of Mefilas who transformed into a giant, however GUYS and Mebius did not fight alone, Ultraman appeared to assist them and together they forced Mefilas to concede defeat and leave the Earth. Victorious, Mebius learned from Ultraman that the brothers would soon be leaving Earth and that Earth would soon be in danger from a great force. Mefilas's Game

Final Battle Against Alien Empera

Mebius and Hikari vs Alien Empera

The beginning of the end

Eventually, the Emperor personally descended on Earth. The Emperor or Alien Empera, the only being to have conquered (albeit briefly) the Land of Light, was a threat more powerful and sinister than any other alien force to ever attack Earth. He began his assault by stripping humanity's faith in the Ultra by commanding them to surrender and expel Mebius who had barely defeated his army of Inpelaizers. Humanity refused and their support for Mebius grew even stronger. With the failure of his initial scheme, he personally descended to Earth, covering the planet with darkness as the Sun was blocked by his tremendous power. Oppositions would come in the form of the alien Zamsher, Ultraman Hikari and other alien friends Mebius had made during his stay on Earth. Mebius transformed to his Ultra form in a weakened state, fighting side by side with Ultraman Hikari who now took Ryu as his host when Ryu was killed by a blast from the Emperor. Despite this, the powerful Emperor was too much for them. Hikari could not sustain his form and transformed back into Ryu while Mebius was seemingly killed by the Emperor's beam. Advent of the Emperor -Final Trilogy I-Dark Clouds of Despair -Final Trilogy II-

All was seemingly lost when the GUYS crews heard the voices of the Ultra Brothers, first from Ultraman Ace, then followed by Ultraman Jack, Ultraseven, and Ultraman. The Ultra Brothers fired their signature Ultra Beams to destroy the crust that had covered the Sun's surface. Ryu's Knight Brace allowed him to discovered that Mebius was still alive, thanks to its mysterious powers (which were made by Ultraman King) Mebius was revived by the faith of this teammates who fused with him and Hikari to create Mebius Phoenix Brave.

Captain Sakomizu finally used the Final Meteor and deployed the Spacium Redoublizer, further enhancing Mebius' now enhanced beam attack. Sakomizu was called by a voice asking for his strength which turned out to be Ultraman Zoffy, commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force whom he met decades ago. Joining Mebius, Zoffy, using Sakomizu as his host, fired his Ultra Beam towards the Emperor. The Alien Emperor was defeated and in space, the Ultra Brothers finally destroyed the Sun's crust. With the defeat of the Emperor and the restoration of the Sun, humanity emerged from its shelters and rejoiced with the victory of humans and Ultras.

Mebius/Mirai leaves Earth

Mebius was now confirmed as one of the members of the Ultra Brothers by Sakomizu. After being thanked by the GUYS crews, Zoffy and Hikari left for the Land of Light. Mebius bid farewell to his friends in tears, thanking them for the wonderful times he had with them and the bonds they had forged. He promised to teach what he learned to the young Ultramen in the Land of Light. He transformed to his true form before his earthly friends and flew away for his homeland as a now battle-hardened and experienced Ultra. Words from the Heart -Final Trilogy III-

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness

Stage 1: Destructive Legacy

After the death of Alien Empera, the sentient being known as Armored Darkness was activated to carry out the Emperor's Second Plan. To make its presence known, Armored Darkness revived the monsters Saramandora, Roberuga, Mukadender, and Cherubim. As the new GUYS battled with (and eventually destroyed) the revived monsters, Ryu, now the captain of the new GUYS noted that the revival of these monsters were very similar to that of how the Emperor revived his monsters in the past. Before anything else could have been solved, a massive ball of dark flames appeared and sucked in Ryu and his subordinate, transporting them to a barren wasteland of darkness and ruination. As they flew through the strange world, Ryu noted to his subordinate that it was similar to the Earth during the Emperor's attack. Just then they were attacked by Armored Darkness himself.

Just like his creator, Armored Darkness was impervious to all of Ryu's attacks and Ryu stood no chance in defeating it. Crashing, Ryu distracted the sentient armor while his subordinate escaped out of the plane, seemingly dying. Just then, Ultraman Mebius returned to face off against Armored Darkness. Again, Armored Darkness's strength was more than Mebius could handle alone as it easily tossed him around, even his beam was useless as the Darkness Fear they were in restricted the use of light. Then just as Armored Darkness was coming in for kill, it froze in place, as if something was keeping it from killing Mebius. Mebius heard a strange voice from inside the walking armor, with the opportunity, Mebius got hold of Armored Darkness's sword and struck it in the head, weakening the armor into freezing in place temporarily. Meanwhile on Earth it was noted that the Darkness Fear was falling to Earth, it was calculated that when it hit, the collision would decimate the Earth wiping out mankind.

Stage 2: The Wicked Immortal Armor

While the Subordinate weeped, Mirai informed him that Ryu was alive, saved by the power of Ultraman King. He revealed that after Alien Emperor's defeat, Armored Darkness had been known for some time and Ultraman Hikari was sent by Ultraman King to destroy it before it could reach Earth, but the Armor's strength overpowered him and possessed him. Thus Ultraman Hikari was inside Armored Darkness, being possessed underneath it. Shortly after Ryu reappeared unharmed, the original members of CREW GUYS arrived to assist Mirai and Ryu in the battle, and just in time as Armored Darkness was just awakening to resume its battle against Ultraman Mebius.

Mebius and Hikari vs Armored Darkness

Noting that Armored Darkness still had the open wound on its forehead, Ryu flew his plane ejected from it and flew into the wound. Within Armored Darkness, he was reunited with Ultraman Hikari and with it, Hikari burst free from Armored Darkness's control, blowing the Armor into pieces in the process. The battle however was not over yet as Armored Darkness's body rejoined back together by the Darkness Fear and continued to do battle with the two Ultras. Then Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Hikari once again joined together with CREW GUYS to form Ultraman Mebius' Mebius Phoenix Brave and from that point on, the battle was in favor of Ultraman Mebius. Finally after slicing it down the middle of its body with its own sword, Ultraman Mebius destroyed Armored Darkness with the Mebium-Knight Shoot, ending the Emperor's last effort to conquer the Earth. After this the Ultra split apart, Mebius teleported back to Earth with all of Crew GUYS, while Hikari used his telekinesis to halt the drop of the Darkness Fear and return to its space. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

Stage 1: Graveyard of Darkness

When Mebius is patrolling the Monster Graveyard, he soon receives a message from Land of Light to save Hikari. Mebius then rushed to the Monster Graveyard's gate. However, he was attacked by Grozam. Inpelaizer also aided Grozam in battling Mebius. While Mebius was busy battling both Grozam and Inpelaizer, Taro and Ace also fought Armored Mefilas, Deathrem, and Mebius Killer. Grozam then left and let Inpelaizer to battle Mebius. Mebius was having a hard time with even his Mebium Blade is not effective, due to the robot's reattaching ability. Though Mebius managed to defeat Inpelaizer, another Inpelaizer arrived. Mebius was quickly weakened, until Mechazam appears and defeats Inpelaizer easily. Mebius then thanks Mechazam, until the two battle for a short time. Mebius then rushes to the Monster Graveyard, despite his injury and Mechazam's confusion about Mebius. Arriving on the scene, Mebius sees Taro and Ace become hostages but before Mebius could save them, he was halted by the Dark Four Heavenly Kings. Not only that, Hikari also sided with the villains and forced Mebius to take the Giga Battlenizer.

Having no choice, Mebius changes to Mebius Burning Brave and uses his Burning Mebiuspin Kick to get the Giga Battlenizer. Arriving on the gate, Mebius is helped by Mechazam who wants to know how Mebius become strong. The two then rush to the Valley of Flame's gate and keep going to Giga Battlenizer. However, EX Zetton was guarding it. Even the combined force of Mebius Burning Brave and Mechazam failed to overpower EX Zetton. Mebius then tells Mechazam to get the Giga Battlenizer. However, Mechazam was hit into the lava, leaving a chance for EX Zetton to deliver his attack. Before the attack could hit Mechazam, Mebius protects Mechazam, but as a result, he reverts back to his normal form.

Stage 2: Revival of the Emperor

The Dark Four Heavenly Kings and Hikari are still waiting for Mebius to come back, while Taro and Ace did not have much time. In Valley of Flames, Mebius was injured by EX Zetton's attack. This make Mechazam rush into battle and to slash EX Zetton. However, EX Zetton proves to be stronger and throws Mechazam into the lava wall. When Mechazam was gonna fall, Mebius grabs his hands, despite EX Zetton keeps beating Mebius. Mebius then throws Mechazam to the Giga Battlenizer. However, Mechazam's attacks are useless on the crystal seal, until Mebius aids Mechazam to break the crystal shield. The two then defeat EX Zetton. Mebius then takes the Giga Battlenizer to the villains. However, a lava wall hits Mebius but Mechazam sacrifices himself to protect Mebius. Mechazam then knows that friendship is the real power before he died. Mebius then gives the Giga Battlenizer to the Dark Four Heavenly Kings but Hikari soon takes the Giga Battlenizer. Hikari and Mebius then free Taro and Ace.

All this time Hikari was pretending to be working with the Dark Four Heavenly Kings. Meanwhile, Mebius Killer and Deathrem were defeated by Ace and Taro, Armored Mefilas kills Grozam, finding that he is too weak. Armored Mefilas then takes and uses the Giga Battlenizer to revive and control Mechazam to attack the Ultras, until Mebius fought Mechazam. Mebius then managed to injure Mechazam's head. However, Mechazam was soon absorbed by the Giga Battlenizer from Armored Mefilas whom was in his final moments before he was obliterated by Hikari. Mechazam then starts to become Alien Empera. While the Ultra Warriors prepare to kill Mechazam, Mebius instead hesitated to kill his newfound friend until he was encouraged and soon killed him with his Mebium Dynamite to put him out of his misery. Mebius then returned and only Mechazam's sword was left. Unknown to the Ultras, the Giga Battlenizer was grabbed by an unknown hand. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Mebius and Hikari vs Belial

Mebius was battling Bemular in space, both in Travel Sphere forms. Landing on a desert planet, he destroyed the monster before returning home, meeting Ultraman, Zoffy and Ultraseven. When Belial attacked the Land of Light, Mebius fought like everyone else and battle and along with Hikari, was ultimately defeated. Unlike the others, he was bound by the Evil Ultra's Belial Whip and cast out into space. This saved him when the Land of Light was frozen when the wicked fiend stole the Plasma Spark. Returning to find his home a frozen wasteland, Mebius was contacted by Ultraman and Ultraseven, telling him to find help in the form of Rei. Finding the young Reionics on Planet Dent, immediately after a battle, the Ultra abducted him. Inside the travel sphere, Mebius explained to Rei the severity of the situation by telling him the history of the Ultramen and the origins of Belial. Rei understood and agreed to join Mebius to the Land of Light.

Once there they were attacked by Alien Shaplay and a monster trio of Bemstar, Saramandora, and Dorako. During the battle, Mebius realized that the Mebius Brace had lost its energy rendering him unable to transform. Stranded in his human form, the young Ultra was saved by Shin Hayata and Dan Moroboshi, the human host and forms of Ultraman and Ultraseven respectively. Alien Shaplay was driven away while Dan's capsule monsters defeated the monster trio. Making their way to the Plasma Spark Tower and finishing off Alien Shaplay and Black King, the three were recharged by the last light held by the Ultra Willpower of Taro in his hands.

Rejuvenated and transforming to their Ultra forms once again, the four headed to the monster graveyard to battle the Evil Ultra and retrieve the light he stole before their world perished. However, Belial summoned all the monsters that the Ultras had faced. Rei summoned Gomora to fight for him while Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Mebius dealt with Belial and the monsters. Belial managed to influence Rei to succumb to his Rayblood evil nature and turned against the Ultras. After a long battle with his hundred monster army, the three were almost killed by a rampaging Gomora as Rei went into Burst Mode. Though Rei was calmed down by his crew members who arrived through the guidance of Ultraman Dyna. The arrival of Ultraman Dyna was not enough to save them. Belial attacked the humans but Ultraseven shielded them with his body. Using his Eye Slugger to fight with his last energy, Seven finally succumbed but not before he sent his Eye Slugger to call upon his son, Ultraman Zero.

It was not until Ultraman Zero's arrival that the last of the monsters was defeated and the Evil Ultra was trounced. Though Belial was defeated, he returned in his Belyudra form composed of 100 revived monsters fought by the Ultras earlier. Mebius changed into Mebius Burning Brave and charged at Belyudra's head with Burning Mebium Dynamite to distract him along with Ultraman, Dyna, ZAP SPACY, and the newly-arrived Leo and Astra as Zero dealt the Dark Ultra the finishing blow. With the battle over, Mebius returned home with the other Ultras as Zero returned the Plasma Spark, the light of Planet Ultra. Afterwards he went with all the other Ultras to hear Ultraman King's speech. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

Astra, Hikari, Leo, and Mebius giving their powers to Ultraman Zero

Mebius and other Ultras defending their home

Mebius was amongst the Ultramen that returned for the Inter Galactic Defense Force reunion when the Darklops first attacked the Land of Light. After Ultraman Zero and Ultraseven defeated the Darklops, he, along with Zero and the other Ultra Brothers, discovered that Belial was still alive but in another universe. He proceeded to give his energy to Zero along with the other Ultramen and sent Zero through a travel sphere.

Later on when Belial attacked the Land of Light in a massive assault, Mebius was seen defending his homeworld with the rest of his people. he is seen flying back home victorious with all the other Ultras. Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

Ultraman Ginga

During the Dark Spark War, Mebius participated in the war alongside with the other Ultras. Like all the Ultras, monsters, and aliens, Mebius was transformed into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel. The location of Mebius' Spark Doll was unknown but nonetheless after Dark Lugiel's defeat by Ultraman Ginga, Mebius was restored to his original form and with other victims of Dark Lugiel, returned to their homes. Your Future

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

"Never give up until the ends and make the impossible possible. That's what it means to be an Ultraman!"

―Ultraman Mebius

Mebius in the Ultraman Ginga S movie

Mebius returned in this movie, where he was among the Heisei Ultras that were held captive by Arena and her companion, Etelgar. After being freed, he joined the Heisei Ultras in a plot to destroy Etelgar. As he, Zero and Ginga Victory were the only ones left, they went to the Space Time Castle and once reaching the third floor, Mebius found himself facing an eteldummy of his worst nightmare: Alien Empera. Mebius stayed on the said floor as the other Ultras marched their way to the top. He later uses the Crossover Formation to destroy the space time castle. Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Ultraman Orb

Despite not appearing in the series, Mebius was the one who sealed away Maga-Basser, the Lord Monster of Wind, in ancient times. Mebius' Ultra Fusion Card was collected by Gai Kurenai after the defeat of the monster and was used in present times to assume Ultraman Orb's Burnmite form.


He did manifest in the real world via his Ultra Fusion Card to help Orb finish off the Ultimate Lord Monster, Magatano-Orochi, by firing his Mebium Shoot. The Wandering Sun

Ultraman Geed

Mebius was among the Ultra Warriors who fought against Belial and his army during the Omega Armageddon. However, Mebius could only gaze in failure as Belial suceeded in triggering Crisis Impact before Ultraman King sacrified his life to undo the damage Belial had caused.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Z sparring with Mebius

Mebius had been training with Ultraman Z, when Ultraman Taiga came along to ask to train with him. The two of them talked about the bond between Ultras, such as Seven, Leo and Zero's master and student relationship and compared it to their own with Taro, while watching Z practice.

Yullian and Ultraman 80 had crash landed on Planet Ebil on the way to a Galactic Federation Peace Conference on Planet Kanon and were soon attacked by Zett and his Zetton army. They sent a distress signal to the Land of Light. Responding to the message, Taiga, Mebius and Z immediately left the Land of Light and arrived on Planet Ebil to assist them. They were later joined by Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Joneus, Ultraman Titas, Ultraman Fuma, Ultrawoman Grigio, Ultraman Ribut and Andro Melos, and they all fought the Zetton army together. Soon after defeating Ultimate Shining Zero in Narak, Absolute Tartarus appeared, taking Yullian hostage and informing the heroes of his true motives before getting Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear to fire their beams at them all. The group also received word from Ultraman Hikari that Genegarg had stolen a Z Riser and Ultra Medals from the Land of Light, causing Z to fly off in a hurry while Zero followed him. The Ultra League and the Tri-Squad prepare to recruit more heroes for the upcoming fight against The Kingdom. The Appearance

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

After returning to the Land of Light from Planet Ebil, Mebius was tasked with handling the training of the new recruits in preparation for the battle against The Kingdom. Ultrawoman Grigio asked to train with Mebius to become stronger, and he accepted. During their training, Grigio imitated her brothers' fighting styles which put her at a disadvantage, and Mebius advised her to find her own way of fighting. After seeing her heal Ultraman Zearth and Ultraman Nice who injured each other by taking their training too far, Mebius started to consider Grigio's potent healing powers and thought of her potential in turning the conflict with the Absolutians over in the Ultras' favor.

After the rescue team had managed to secure Yullian and Ultraman Regulos from their imprisonment, they were sent to Planet Blizzard where a large gathering of Ultras were awaiting, just as the Absolutians pursued them. Ultraman, Jack, Ace and Mebius battled and took down several Absolutian grunts, but found that their numbers were not decreasing. The six Ultra Brothers joined Mebius to fuse into Mebius Infinity, who disposed of the Absolutian reinforcements and closed the portal they came through before they defused into their components.

At the climax of the battle, Tartarus was overwhelmed by Zero with his new abilities. He decided to unleash his Absolute Maximum Destruction on the planet, but it was blocked by a barrier from Ultraman King, creating a wormhole from the impact. Ultraman Ribut created his own barrier to protect the other Ultras present, but he and Tartarus fell through the wormhole and into Ultraman Trigger's universe as a result. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



  • Height: 49 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Age: 6,800 years old (equivalent to early twenties in human years)
  • Home World: Land of Light, Nebula M78
  • Time Limit: 3 minutes
  • Weakness: Like all Ultras from M78, Mebius is weak against the cold.
  • Relationships:
    • Ultraman (Brother in arms)
    • Ultraseven (Brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Jack (Brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Ace (Brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Taro (Master, Brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Leo (Brother in arms)
    • Astra (Brother in arms)
    • Ultraman 80 (Brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Tiga (Alternative brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Dyna (Alternative brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Gaia (Alternative brother in arms)
    • Ultraman Hikari (Friend, Brother in arms)
    • Zoffy (Brother in arms, Superior)
    • Father of Ultra (Superior)
    • Mother of Ultra (Superior)

Body Features

  • Eyes: Mebius has been able to see clearly in dark environments such as the sea floor, outerspace and the Ultra Zone. It is possible that he can see through objects but that is unconfirmed. He can also see vast distances as shown in his human form.
  • Color Timer: Mebius has a Color Timer like any Ultra, unlike most his is diamond shaped.
  • Mebius Brace: A multi-purpose item granted by Father of Ultra, using the Crystal Circle trackball on it, Mebius can perform various techniques and abilities.
  • Ultra Armor: Mebius' skin, like any Ultra is resistant to fire and lasers having withstood dark versions of his own Ultra Beam and Mebium Burst.
  • Fire Symbol (ファイヤーシンボル Faiyā Shinboru): The symbol on Mebius Burning Brave's chest, it signifies the friendship between him and Crew GUYS as it is based off the fiery marking painted on their planes. Mebius utilizes it to fire the Mebium Burst.


Instead of assimilating with a human like most Ultras, Mebius followed the example of Ultraseven and copied the appearance of a human, Hiroto Ban, in the form of Mirai Hibino. To transform back into Mebius, Mirai summons the Mebius Brace at will and slides his hand down on the crystal towards the elbow. Mirai can also transform without any actions through force of will if his arms are restrained.

His transformation scene comprises of a mobius strip of golden particles flying towards a black background and a tunnel of light shoots up with Mebius growing to giant heights. Sometimes after Mebius has reached full height he transforms into a ball of light and flies of screen, usually having done so in reality.


Ultraman Mebius

Ultraman Mebius

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 10
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 780 m
  • Arm Strength: 90,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 70,000 t
  • Travel Sphere: Mebius can encase himself in a red energy sphere, this is used for long distance travels through space.
  • Digitize: In order to enter a computer-created world, Mebius can turn himself into energy and enter a computer system.
  • Size Change: Mebius can shrink to human size or gigantic size at will.
  • Form Change: Mebius can change into different forms. The method used for each form is different. With the Knight Brace given by Hikari, Mebius can transform into Mebius Brave. Through his own will and the courage given by his friends, he can change into Mebius Burning Brave.
    • Ultra Overlapping (ウルトラオーバーラッピング Urutora Ōbārappingu): Mebius can merge with the Ultra Brothers to become Mebius Infinity. Also, when Mebius merges with Hikari and the GUYS members, he can become Mebius Phoenix Brave. This can be done in human form as well where Mirai and Ryu combines their Knight Brace and Mebius Brace and with the help of other GUYS as well.
  • Crossover Formation (クロスオーバーフォーメーション Kurosuōbā Fōmēshon): A momentary power boost that coats the user in a golden aura.
  • Power Transfer: Mebius can donate his powers to the Ultra Fusion Brace along with other Heisei Ultras to allow Ultraman Ginga Victory to use his powers.
Special (Via Mebius Brace)
  • Mebium Shoot (メビュームシュート Mebyūmu Shūto): Mebius' signature attack, a finishing beam with the temperature of 100,000 °C.
    • Cosmo Miracle Shoot: An enhanced version of the Mebium Shoot. Used in Ultraman Festival 2006, it is said to have the power to rival the Ultra Horn. It is similar to Super Ultraman Taro's Cosmo Miracle Beam from Ultraman Story.
    • Powered Up Mebium Shoot: A stronger version of the Mebium Shoot.
  • Mebium Blade (メビュームブレード Mebyūmu Burēdo): Mebius can create a yellow energy blade from the Mebius Brace that can slice through monsters with ease.
  • Mebium Slash (メビュームスラッシュ Mebyumu Surasshu): Mebius can launch arrow-shaped, missile-strength blasts from the Mebius Brace. These can also be fired as rapid energy darts. This can be done in his human form as well.
  • Lightning Counter (ライトニングカウンター Raitoningu Kauntā): Mebius places his right hand over the Mebius Brace, spinning the crystal, it is charged with energy and he releases a powerful beam of lightning in an infinity pattern via a punch.
    • Lightning Counter Zero (ライトニングカウンター・ゼロ Raitoningu Kauntā Zero): The point blank version of the technique, instead of firing a beam Mebius punches the opponent and releases the energy.
  • Mebium Pinger (メビュームピンガー Mebyūmu Pingā): Mebius, using the Mebius Brace, can emit a wave made up of large, yellow energy rings from his right palm. These can dispel illusions of any kind or undo disguises.
  • Mebium Charge (メビュームチャージ Mebyūmu Chāji): Mebius charges energy with the Mebius Brace on his fist and spins at high speeds, creating rings of energy to free the Ultra Brothers from their crucifixes.
  • Mebium Pitfall: Mebius can quickly gather energy from Mebius Brace and slam the charged hand onto the ground, creating a pitfall, though Mebius only uses this technique to protect himself from opponents.
  • Mebius Punch (メビウスパンチ Mebiusu Panchi): By charging energy into his left hand Mebius can deliver a powerful flaming punch, used on Alien Nackle and it left him lying in a crater. Mebius can also use this against the ground to send out a powerful shockwave.
  • Mebius Kick (メビウスキック Mebiusu Kikku): A simple flying jump kick, Mebius devised it after playing soccer with George, it is based on his Shooting Star Kick.
    • Meteor Kick (流星キック Ryūsei Kikku): A jump kick similar to Ultraman Jack's, used to jump over Maquette Zetton's barrier and strike it.
    • Mebiuspin Kick (メビウスピンキック Mebiusupin Kikku): A kick attack which Mebius learned from his training and Ryu's advice, Mebius first jumps to great heights to perform a kick attack and rotating himself continously to produce flames, to create a powerful kick attack. Upon doing this, Mebius can change into Mebius Burning Brave.
  • Mebius Chop (メビウスチョップ Mebiusu Choppu): A chop from to the crown of the head. There is also a continous version used against Mukadender.
    • Lightning Slasher (ライトニングスラッシャー Raitoningu Surasshā): Used in Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers, Mebius uses the same actions he uses to charge the Mebium Shoot, but instead of bringing his hands together he uses the energy coating his hands in the shape of an arrow to increase the destructive power of his chops. Mebius could used it as a shield, or even to cut through anything. Used on King Pandon.
  • Mebius Power Lift (メビウスパワーリフト Mebiusu Pawā Rifuto): A skill used to lift heavy opponents into the air and then either throws them or slams them into the ground.
    • Giant Mebiuswing (ジャイアントメビウスゥイング Jaianto Mebiusu~uingu): A technique where Mebius locks arms with an opponent and uses his own strength to throw the opponent and use their momentum to sail through the air spinning. Used against Gudon.
  • Mebium Dynamite (メビュームダイナマイト Mebyūmu Dainamaito): An attack similar to Ultraman Taro's Ultra Dynamite where Mebius engulfs his body in flames, grabs the opponent, and explodes on contact. After the attack, Mebius can reform his body from particles in the area. However, it depletes Mebius' power greatly.
  • Mebium Strike (メビュームストライク Mebyūmu Sutoraiku): Just after transforming, Mebius attack the enemy while coated in light.
  • Teleportation (テレポーテーション Terepōtēshon): Mebius can teleport across long distances with ease in a similar fashion to the Original Ultraman. This can also be used to teleport others.
  • Mebius Defensircle (メビウスディフェンサークル Mebiusu Difensākuru): Also known as Mebium Defense Arc as an alternate name in English. When needed Mebius can create a barrier of four interlocked Mebius Strips (infinity loops) to defend himself from attacks and even reflect them. This can be done in human form as well. There is a circular variant as well.
    • Mebius Defense Dome (メビウスディフェンスドーム Mebiusu Difensu Dōmu): Mebius creates either a dome version of his Mebius Defensircle or a barrier of energy. Used against Verokron and against Alien Temperor in Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers.
  • Twinkle Way (トゥインクルウェイ Tuinkuru Uei): Mebius can create a stable wormhole to return to the Land of Light or any destination he wishes quickly.
  • Ultra Willpower (ウルトラ念力 Urutora Nenriki): Taught by Ultraseven, Mebius learned these abilities after his time on Earth. Used in human form with Seven and Ultraman to recover the last of the light on the Land of Light.
  • Ultra Blocker (ウルトラブロッカー Urutora Burokkā): Used with Hikari, Ace, and Taro to revert the Giga Battlenizer to its neutral state.
  • Double Shoot Attack (ダブルシュートアタック Daburu Shūto Atakku): A combination of Mebius' Mebium Shoot and Hikari's Knight Shoot, able to destroy a enemy in one shot.
  • Twin Stream Lancer (ツインストリームランサー Tsuin Sutorīmu Ransā): Both Mebius and Hikari can perform a flying tackle in an infinity loop pattern continuously.
  • Emerium-Mebium Shoot (エメリウムメビュームシュート Emeriumu Mebiumu Shūto): A combination beam of Ultraman Mebius' Mebium Shoot and Ultraseven's Emerium Beam. Can destroy monsters in one hit.
  • Ultra Grand Wall (ウルトラグランドウォール Urutora Gurando Uōru): A combination shield that can reflect enemy attacks.
  • Excellent Reflection (エクセレント・リフレクション Ekuserento Rifurekushon): An energy wave used to repair the damages done by Giga Khimaira.
  • Ultra Superior (ウルトラスペリオル Urutora Superioru): Mebius and the other Super Ultra Brothers fire their respective finisher attacks.
  • Illusionic Slugger (イリュージョニック・スラッガー Iryūjonikku Suraggā): When a blue variant of the Ultra Superior is fired at the Eye Slugger, it can multiply into many copies.
  • Mebium-Eye Slugger: Seven throws his Eye Slugger at the enemy while Ultraman Mebius fires his Mebium Slash at Eye Slugger. This boosts the Eye Slugger's speed and is stronger than the normal Mebium Slash and Eye Slugger. Used in Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Super Galaxy Wars.
  • Super Oscillatory Mebium Shoot (超振動メビュームシュート Chō Shindō Mebyūmu Shūto): A tag-team attack with Gomora, featured in ULTRA MONSTERS. While Mebius charged his attack, Gomora delivers the Super Oscillatory Wave (Zero Shoot) and move away to make way for Mebium Shoot.
  • Double Power (ダブルパワー Daburu Pawā): A technique of overlapping bodies in the air with Yullian and rotating them to hit the enemy. Since there is no 80, Yullian calls Mebius to perform and hits Demon King Jackal with a single blow. Used in Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness, The Jackal Legion's Revenge!.

Mebius Brave

Mebius Brave

Mebius Brave (メビウスブレイブ Mebiusu Bureibu) is Mebius' first power up form; it focuses more on swordplay than brawling. By using the Knight Brace given to him by Ultraman Hikari, he was able to transform into this form by combining both bracers into the Knight Mebius Brace (ナイトメビウスブレス Naito Mebiusu Buresu). Mebius lost the ability to use this form in episode 35 and onward, since the Knight Brace was returned to Hikari.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 12
  • Revert: Mebius can revert back to his normal form after his battle is done in this form.
  • Mebium Knight Blade (メビュームナイトブレード Mebyūmu Naito Burēdo): An enhanced version of the Mebium Blade that bears characteristics of the Knight Beam Blade.
    • Variable Blade Size: Mebius can create, from the Knight Mebius Brace on his left hand, a large yellow blade, even larger than the normal Mebium Knight Blade. This can extend to longer sizes.
      • Blade Overload (ブレードオーバーロード Burēdo Ōbārōdo): Using an already extended Mebium Knight Blade, Mebius can slice enemy easily from a far distance.
    • Blade Slash (ブレードスラッシュ Burēdo Surasshu): Mebius can charge the Mebium Knight Blade with energy, and by swinging it, he can emit a crescent energy wave from the sword.
    • Blade Shoot (ブレードシュート Burēdo Shūto): Mebius can charge the Mebium Knight Blade's power to release a powerful blade beam. Can destroy a monster in one hit.
    • Acti-Blade Attack (アクティブレードアタック Akutiburēdo Atakku): Mebius rushes towards his enemy then quickly executes a cross slash that will form an 8-shaped symbol, the energy surges into the enemy destroying them.
    • Passi-Blade Attack (パッシブレードアタック Passhiburēdo Atakku): A defensive technique to reflect the enemy's attacks.
    • Mebium Knight Blade Attack (メビュームナイトブレードアタック Mebyūmu Naito Burēdo Atakku): Mebius swings his blade in the air in the shape of his symbol. The image became a construct and with another swing is sent flying towards the enemy cutting the symbol into them and causing them to explode.
    • Spin Blade Attack (スピンブレードアタック Supin Burēdo Atakku): Mebius can spins himself, before cut his opponent with the Mebium Knight Blade. Any beam attack will simply reflect, when Mebius spins himself. It is first used in episode 19 to defeat Daigarugu.
  • Limit Over Blade (リミットオーバーブレード Rimitto Ōbā Burēdo): A combination attack with 00 Raiser (Setsuna F. Seiei), Mebius and the Gundam raises their swords to create a giant GN Particle/light energy sword construct before dropping it towards the enemy.

Mebius Burning Brave

Mebius Burning Brave

Mebius Burning Brave (メビウスバーニングブレイブ Mebiusu Bāningu Bureibu) is Mebius' second power up form, created from the bonds he had with his friends in Crew GUYS, drawing the Fire Symbol of their aircrafts into his chest. In addition to gaining new fire-based powers, Mebius is also physically stronger in this form. It debuts in episode 30.

  • Weight: 36,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 13
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 4
  • Endurance: Mebius can endure higher temperatures, as it was stated he was one of the few Ultras that could withstand the heat from the Valley of Flames thanks to this form.
  • Mebium Burst (メビュームバースト Mebyūmu Bāsuto): In Mebius Burning Brave, Mebius can create a large ball of fire in his hands; first, he places his hand over his Mebius Brace and throws his arms in the air. He then brings his hands together at his chest, holding the fireball. Finally, he hurls the fireball at his foes. Can destroy monsters in one blow. It is more powerful than the Mebium Shoot.
  • Burning Mebiuspin Kick (バーニングメビウスピンキック Bāningu Mebiusupin Kikku): Mebius is able to perform a flaming spin kick thanks to Ryuu's advice during his training with Ultraman Leo. To compensate for his lack of Leo's strength, he also rotates his body like a drill, resulting in a sort of a corkscrew attack. Can destroy, as well as pierce through, monsters. It is similar to Ultraman Nexus' Spinning Crash Kick.
  • Burning Mebium Dynamite (バーニングメビュームダイナマイト Bāningu Mebyūmu Dainamaito): In Mebius Burning Brave, Mebius is able to perform the Mebium Dynamite similar to his original form, but it is much more powerful. His body is also able to withstand the damage better than in his normal form.
  • Mebium Leo Kick: Performed with Leo doing his signature kick and Mebius going off with his Burning Mebiuspin Kick. Can destroy monsters in one hit.

Mebius Phoenix Brave

Mebius Phoenix Brave

Mebius Phoenix Brave (メビウスフェニックスブレイブ Mebiusu Fenikkusu Bureibu) is Mebius' fusion form, attained by fusing with Ultraman Hikari as well as his friends at Crew GUYS. It was used to defeat Alien Empera in the series finale.

In Ultraman Hit Song History: New Hero Chapter, this form was achieved again sometime when Heisei Ultras had been imprisoned in Yapool's Dimension, with Ultraman Zero as a recent victim. However, with the combined effort of Zero and Mebius, they finally destroy Yapool and free the captives in said dimension. However, given that Mebius and Hikari were alone in that dimension, it is still a mystery on how did they managed to gain the combination technique despite the GUYS members were not with them. However, it is possible that they were already in that fusion before being captured (meaning that Yapool had captured them in a time travel-like ability) or Mebius and Hikari can simply concentrate their bonds to gain that power.

  • Weight: 36,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 25
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 8
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 6.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 6
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 2,200 m
  • Arm Strength: 180,000 t
  • Beam Reversal: Mebius can reverse beams as strong as Alien Empera's Rezolium Beam back at their source upon impact with his body.
  • Barrier: Mebius can surround his entire body with light, this can block attacks as powerful as the Giga Rezolium Beam.
  • Travel Sphere: In Ultraman Hit Song History: New Hero Chapter, Mebius used this ability to arrive as Zero's aid.
  • Mebium Twin Sword (メビュームツインソード Mebyūmu Tsuin Sōdo): Mebius is able to create twin blades from both the Mebius Brace and Knight Brace. This is only appeared in the arcade game Mega Monster Battle: RR, the successor of Mega Monster Battle: ULTRA MONSTERS.
  • Darkness Broad (ダークネスブロード Dākunesu Burōdo): Armored Darkness's weapon, Mebius temporarily uses this sword against Armored Darkness. This sword is able to slice through Armored Darkness' body.
  • Mebium-Knight Shoot (メビュームナイトシュート Mebyūmu Naito Shūto): Mebius can fire a "+" style beam that combines the power of both Mebium and Knight Shoot. Mebius can lower his arms to fire a "L" style version which is more powerful. Mebius can immediately use the "L" style version of the beam after charging, used against Armored Darkness. In Ultraman Fusion Fight!, Mebius starts the technique by firing the "+" version, damaging the opponent, before lowering his left hand into the "L" version to finish them off.
  • Mebium Shoot (メビュームシュート Mebyūmu Shūto): Used against Ark Bogarl in Ultraman Festival 2007: Ultraseven 40th Anniversary.
  • Knight Shoot (ナイトシュート Naito Shūto): Used against Ark Bogarl in Ultraman Festival 2007: Ultraseven 40th Anniversary.
  • Mebium Phoenix (メビュームフェニックス Mebyūmu Fenikkusu): Mebius' final attack in Mebius Phoenix Brave where he performs an extremely powerful version of the Mebium Dynamite, then flies straight towards the opponent acting as a human bullet. Powerful enough to fatally wound even Alien Empera.

Mebius Infinity

Mebius Infinity

Mebius Infinity (メビウスインフィニティー Mebiusu Infinitī) is a fusion between Mebius and the 6 Ultra Brothers. It is an immensely powerful form, able to defeat U-Killersaurus Neo.

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 36,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 40
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 9.9
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 8.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 8.5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 3,800 m
  • Arm Strength: 200,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 190,000 t
  • Saving Circle (セービングサークル Sēbingu Sākuru): Mebius can create an energy sphere to protect targets. This was used to rescue Aya from U-Killersaurus Neo.
  • Infinite Edge (インフィニットエッジ Infinitto Ejji): An energy blast attack fired from the hands. It is just a standard Mebium Slash, but empowered by Mebius' new strength.
  • Cosmo Miracle Attack (コスモミラクルアタック Kosumo Mirakuru Atakku): Using the empowered Mebius Brace, Mebius covers himself in a prismatic aura. Mebius can fly straight into an enemy and rupture it from the inside out. This attack is strong enough to kill the likes of U-Killersaurus Neo in one hit.

Glitter Version

Glitter Version

Glitter Version (グリッターバージョン Gurittā Bājon) was born from mankind's hope to defeat the Giant Black Silhouette.

  • Glitter Mebium Shoot (グリッターメビュームシュート Gurittā Mebyūmu Shūto): An upgraded version of the Mebium Shoot.
  • Superior Myth Flasher (スペリオルマイスフラッシャー Superioru Maisu Furasshā): A combination attack where the Super 8 Ultra Brothers fire their respective finisher attacks.

Other Media

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0

Ultraman Mebius vs Ultraman Taro.

Ultraman Mebius also appeared as playable character in the game Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0.

Ultraman Retsuden

Mebius reappeared in Ultraman Retsuden episode 66 "Bonds shine! Nexus, Max & Mebius!".

New Ultraman Retsuden

Mebius vs Taro.jpg

In episode 152, Ultraman Ginga presented the viewers an original clip which involves Ultraman Mebius sparing against his teacher, Ultraman Taro.


  • Mebius is the last Ultra Hiroshi Maruyama designed for Tsuburaya Productions.
  • Ultraman Mebius' face design was based on the Tsushima Wildcat and was thought by many to resemble Ultraman Xenon from Ultraman Max, although Hiroshi denies it as such.

Mobius strips from the Mebium Shoot

  • Mebius' name and symbol of his transformation, is derived from the Mobius loop.
    • The energy particles of the Mebium Shoot, and to an extension the Mebium Knight Shoot, take the form of Mobius strips.
  • Mebius' Mebius Brace was once intended to become his Color Timer as original sketching featured him with the lack of aforementioned device on his chest.
  • Mebius' grunts were originally high pitched in the earlier episodes series, but starting from episode 23 and onward, they were deepened under the request of supervisor Yuichi Abe in hopes of emphasizing Mebius' growth of character.
  • Unlike most of Ultras' hosts/forms, Mirai Hibino revealing his alter ego as Ultraman Mebius in the middle of the series is a break from the original tradition of the Ultraman Series, where the Ultra/human relation is exposed only in the final arc of the series.
  • He is the second Heisei Ultra to fuse with another Ultra (6 Ultra Brothers for Mebius Infinity and Ultraman Hikari for Mebius Phoenix Brave). The first was Ultraman Cosmos (he and Ultraman Justice combined to become Ultraman Legend) but Mebius is the first Ultra that combined with a Showa Ultra and a human at once (his comrades from GUYS) and is the only Heisei Ultra to merge with a Showa Ultra.
  • The idea of having Mebius combine with Hikari and Crew GUYS was already in conception since the beginning of the series, although the initial plan was for them to merge with members of the Ultra Brothers, which was only demonstrated with Sakomizu bonding with Zoffy.
  • Ultraman Mebius is the first of the Ultra Brothers to have multiple forms. Ultraman, Seven, Jack and Ace would soon have Glitter forms but those were alternate versions of them, not the originals from the World of the Land of Light meaning he is still canonically seen as the only Ultra Brother with multiple forms.
  • Mebius' Color Timer sound in episode 3 was a high pitched version of Ultraman's Color Timer.
  • In Super 8 Ultra Brothers, a new suit for Ultraman Mebius was specifically made instead of reusing the original one from the TV series.
  • Mebius Burning Brave was designed to invoke the image of the original Ultraman.[2]
  • Mebius Infinity's design was made simultaneously with the original Mebius (which was completed sooner) and incorporated many of the rejected designs from Ultraman Nexus.


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