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Ultraman Mebius: Anderes Horizont (ウルトラマンメビウス アンデレスホリゾント Urutoraman Mebiusu Anderesu Horizonto) is a novel by Minato Shukawa released in 2009. It was originally serialized in 10 parts the magazine "EQ Extra GIALLO" from 2007 until the summer of 2009, afterwards being collected into a single volume. It received a paperback reprint in 2013. The story follows rookie GUYS member Kanata Haruzaki, presenting itself as a parallel, but different, world to that of the TV series. The novel is a retelling of The Monster Master's Legacy, An Invincible Mother, Lonely Paradise, and a visualization of the scrapped episode Sundial of Doom (破滅の日時計 Hametsu no Hidokei)[1]


Haruzaki Kanata arrives at the GUYS JAPAN headquarters as a four-month training member.

Kanata hates aliens because he lost his father when the space transport ship was destroyed by aliens and his mother suffered from memory problems due to the shock. Even Ultraman, who is an ally of the earthlings, he couldn't acknowledge its existence

This is an "Ultraman Mebius" story that focuses on Kanata's growth.

Serialization List

  • Episode 1: Warning of the Magic Wand (魔杖の警告 Matsue no Keikoku)
    • 2007 SPRING (No.27) Released on March 15, 2007
  • Episode 2" Lonely Paradise (ひとりの楽園 Hitori no Rakuen)
    • 2007 SUMMER (No.28) Released on June 15, 2007
  • Episode 3: An Invincible Mother (無敵のママ Muteki no Mama)
    • "Part 1" 2007 AUTUMN (No.29) Released on September 15, 2007
    • "Part 2" 2008 WINTER (No.30) Released on December 15, 2007
  • Episode 4: The Monster Master's Legacy (怪獣使いの遺産 Kaijū Tsukai no Isan)
    • "Part 1" 2008 SPRING (No.31) Released on March 15, 2008
    • "Part 2" 2008 SUMMER (No.32) Released on June 13, 2008
    • "Part 2" 2008 AUTUMN (No.33) Released on September 15, 2008
  • Episode 5: The Happy Prince (幸福の王子 Kōfuku no Ōji)
    • "Part 1" 2009 WINTER (No.34) Released on December 15, 2008
    • "Part 2" 2009 SPRING (No.35) Released on March 14, 2009
    • "Part 2" 2009 SUMMER (No.36) Released on July 1, 2009


  • Kanata Haruzaki (カナタ ハルザキ Kanata Haruzaki): The protagonist of the novel. He is 18 years old and is a member of the GUYS training team and has been assigned to CREW GUYS JAPAN as part of the final stage of his training. His personality is confident and selfish, and his cynicism sometimes brings him into conflict with other crew members. On the other hand, he has a side of him that is appropriate for his age, such as his lack of experience in actual combat and his concern about his short height of 162cm. His family consists of his father, Ryo Haruzaki (リョウ ハルザキ Ryō Haruzaki), who was a space development engineer, his mother, Miku Haruzaki (ミク ハルザキ Miku Haruzaki), and his maternal aunt who is a doctor. He harbours a near-hatred for most aliens and believes that they should be eliminated. This is due to the fact that his father's space transport ship, the Gerbera (ガーベラ Gābera), was sunk by an alien attack, and the shock caused her mother to suffer from mental illness and memory loss, and she forgot about Kanata. He is also suspicious of Ultraman, who protects the Earth, though not as much as other aliens, and does not like his existence. When he learns of Mirai's true identity, he does not trust him, although he does not reject him outright in front of the other crew members, and at first he tries to keep his distance. However, as he gradually learned about the feelings of Ultraman and other aliens through Mirai, as well as interacting with Alien Mates Bio (メイツ星人 ビオ Meitsu Seijin Bio), who was in a similar situation, his prejudice against aliens began to fade and he began to change his perception of them. Initially, he looks down on the other GUYS crew members as "amateurs" who have joined without formal training, but he gradually recognizes their work and opens up to them as his friends. In his private life, he loves motorcycles, and there were times when he rode the peaky Gun Braver (ガンブレイバー Gan Bureibā) as his exclusive vehicle. A character with the same name also appeared in Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness, but that Kanata is a new crew member assigned after the TV series ended, and according to producer Hiroyasu Shibuya, is a different person.
  • Mirai Hibino (ミライ ヒビノ Mirai Hibino)

Equipment and Mechas

  • Gun Spindler (ガンスピンドラー Gan Supindorā): The fourth primary fighter of GUYS JAPAN. It features a drill that takes up a third of its overall length, and is equipped with a special type of Gun Speeder (ガンスピーダー Gan Supīdā). It can fly alone in the atmosphere, but it can also dive underground with its M.E.T.E.O.R., and is said to be a "M.E.T.E.O.R. itself" due to its structure. The subterranean diving function is based on the technology of the Magma Riser (マグマライザー Maguma Raizā), which uses special sound waves to break rocks down to the molecular level and dig through the depths of the earth. It can also combine with the Gun Phoenix (ガンフェニックス Gan Fenikkusu) to form the Gun Phoenix Spindler (ガンフェニックススピンドル Gan Fenikkusu Supindoru) instead of the Gun Booster, but this form did not appear in the series. The Gun Spindler and it's fusion with the Gun Phoenix is an unused concept for Ultraman Mebius that was used for the novel. [2]
  • Gun Braver (ガンブレイバー Gan Bureibā): A road racer type bike modeled after Suzuki's Falco Rustico. Chief Maintenance Alaiso created it as a hobby, and Sakomizu thoughtfully made it into an equipment prototype. Because of its peaky performance like the Falco Rustico, it was given the name "Braver" by Marina, meaning that only brave or stupid people would ride it. Because of its performance, Marina doesn't ride it and only Kanata uses it, but sometimes Mirai rides with him because it can carry two passengers. It has a socket for the Memory Display (メモリーディスプレイ Memorī Disupurei) and an internal Triger Shot (トライガーショット Toraigā Shotto) built into its cowl, and in addition to its "Road Falcon Mode" (ロードファルコン・モード Rōdo Farukon Mōdo), it also has a "Hyper Hopper Mode" (ハイパーホッパー・モード Haipā Hoppā Mōdo) that uses a turbo chamber to perform continuous jumps of up to 30 meters which is a development of Pointer's hover system. The "Hyper Hummingbird Mode" (ハイパーハミングバード・モード Haipā Hamingubādo Mōdo) allows for limited levitation up to an altitude of 5 meters for short periods of time, and the "Hyper Sero Mode" (ハイパーセロー・モード Haipā Serō Mōdo) deploys electromagnetic caterpillars around the tires to handle any rough terrain. Note that none of these functions are connected to METEOR.
  • Space Transport Ship Gerbera (宇宙輸送艦ガーベラ Uchū Yusō-kan Gābera): A medium-sized space transport ship belonging to the 11th Mars Development Fleet of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, carrying a 10-passenger lifeboat for its crew capacity. Six years before the main story, it was launched to the Mars observation base to bring in supplies and materials, but 10 days after its departure, it was attacked by a group of unknown saucers in the Hohmann orbit and sunk along with two escort ships. The distress signal sent out from the Gerbera was called "Saeko's Good-bye" after the operator who sent it out, Holly Saeko (サエコ ホリイ Saeko Horī), and is considered a top secret only for the families of the victims and some other concerned parties. Initially, the incident was disguised as a collision with space debris to prevent public panic, but the Internet and the book "Saeko's Good-bye Gerbera Scattered in Space" (Saeko's Good-bye ガーベラは宇宙に散った Saeko's Good-bye Gābera wa Uchū ni Chitta) by Alan Bilotz (アラン・ビロッツ Aran Birottsu), a journalist and former member of the Forensic Science Unit who wrote "Home is Earth" (故郷は地球 Kokyō wa Chikyū) brought some of the facts to the public's attention. The incident has been reported to a certain extent to the general public. The "Gerbera disaster" (ガーベラ遭難事件 Gābera Sōnan Jiken) is the key point of the story of the novel.
  • Escort Ship Thunder Grid and King Grid (護衛艦サンダーグリッド・キンググリッド Goei-kan Sandā Guriddo Kingu Guriddo): A small space escort ship that was on a mission to escort the Gerbera. It was sunk along with the Gerbera by a swarm of saucers. It carries the same type of lifeboat as the Gerbera. The name of the escort ships as well as the space station "Acceptor 77" (アクセプター77 Akuseputā 77), where these two ships and Gerbera's booster were refitted, are references to Gridman the Hyper Agent.
  • Space Winger (スペースウィンガー Supēsu Wingā): A space fighter used by GUYS SPACY. From the name, it seems to be a space fighter type of Gun Winger (ガンウィンガー Gan Wingā). Like the Gun Winger and the Sea Winger, it is not equipped with METEOR, except for a few models called the Space Winger Me type (スペースウィンガーMe型 Supēsu Wingā Me-gata), due to a lack of operational data on METEOR in space.
  • Higher Type (ハイヤータイプ Haiyā Taipu): A training aircraft used by GUYS trainees during their training at the training division, it is a redesign of the Sky Higher (スカイハイヤー Sukai Haiyā) fighter attack aircraft used at UGM.
  • Magma Riser (マグマライザー Maguma Raizā): A subterranean tank that was once used by the Ultra Guard. Araiso maintained one of the tanks, and its technology was applied to the Gun Spindler.
  • Rabbit Panda (ラビットパンダ Rabitto Panda): A special vehicle that was once used by ZAT. The vehicle was restored by Araiso and is now in service.
  • Beam Scan (ビームスキャン Bīmu Sukyan): Equipment used to probe the structure of monsters and saucers. Although it is not explicitly mentioned, it is believed to have been used in the main TV series. It irradiates a probe laser with a precisely adjusted refractive index, which can roughly analyze the internal structure and composition of the object. However, it has the disadvantage of not being able to perform accurate exploration when the object is hot. Control is performed from the Phoenix Nest.
  • Project Blue 2' (プロジェクト・ブルー・ツーダッシュ Purojekuto Burū Tsū Dasshu): GUYS SPACY's space defense system. It is an advanced version of "Project Blue" (プロジェクト・ブルー Purojekuto Burū) from Ultraseven, and protects the Earth from intruders by creating an electromagnetic barrier between the Earth and the Moon. The energy for the electromagnetic barrier generator is supplied by the Emerald A9 (エメラルドA9 Emerarudo A9) power generation satellite on the far side of the moon. The name "Two Dash" and Emerald A9 is a reference to Jumborg Ace.


  • Matsue (魔杖 Matsue): Appears in the first episode, "Warning of the Magic Staff". A mysterious object that came to Earth from outside the solar system. It is not even clear if it is a living or non-living thing. The overall shape is similar to a hairpin or a wizard's staff, with three feather-like parts protruding from the back of the smooth cone-shaped body, and a single eyeball covered with a shutter-like substance embedded in it, supported by the feathers. It does not have any active means of attack, but in the novel it disrupts the control of Gun Wingers, Gun Loaders, and Spacium warheads (スペシウム弾頭弾 Supeshiumu Dantō-dan). It takes an orbit from the vicinity of Jupiter to Earth, and enters the atmosphere without any GUYS SPACY attacks by the Defense Satellite V37 (防衛衛星V37 Bōei Eisei V37) and Space Winger carrying the Silver Shark G (シルバーシャーク G Shirubā Shāku G). It takes a course that penetrates the Phoenix Nest and directly hits the Earth's central core, and even avoids GUYS JAPAN's spacetime-warhead attack, before engaging Ultraman Mobius. Mebius's Mebium Shot didn't work, but when he reached 200m above the Phoenix Nest, Mebius held him and cut him in two. In the story, it was speculated that someone somewhere in the universe had sent it to warn mankind against having Meteors, but its actual purpose is unknown.
    • Maximum diameter: About 10 meters
  • Mechanical Dragon Naga (機械龍 ナーガ Kikai Ryū Nāga): Appears in Episode 3
  • Albino Giradorus (アルビノ・ギラドラス Arubino Giradorasu): Appears in Episode 5
  • Usual (ユーゼアル Yūzearu): Appears in episode 5. An alien lifeform from outer space, it has the intelligence of a one or two-year-old child. He is a benevolent being who instinctively helps people in need. He sends travelers lost in space back to their home planet, and gives food to starving inhabitants. For this reason, they are spoken of as legends on various planets, and their existence was recognized by Mebius, Mates Biot, and Alien Shaplay. In the novel, the crew of the space transport ship "Gerbera," which was lost six years ago, flew to Earth to send a message to the surviving and deceased crew members, and after entering the atmosphere while sending out "Saeko's Good-bye," they landed in front of the Phoenix Nest under the guidance of GUYS JAPAN. GUYS gave it the pseudoresist code "Gigantia" (ギガンティア Gigantia) before the name "Usual" was revealed. It is an anaerobic organism, and will self-destruct if exposed to oxygen for a long time. It can change its form according to its environment. Outside the atmosphere, it looked like a tadpole, but as it entered the atmosphere, it changed its appearance to that of a space monster, with a spiked outer shell to protect itself from oxygen and wings for flight. Other than that, it has newly formed legs upon landing, and inside its body, it constitutes an oxygen generating organ to keep the crew of "Gerbera" alive. A core exists within the body, and within the core is the main body, which has a translucent fairy or mermaid-like appearance.
    • Shaplay Beast (シャプレー・ビースト Shapurē Bīsuto): A female survivor of the Alien Shaplay who controlled Albino Giradorus, who took Usual's core and fused with Usual. She looks like a centaur, with the Shapley aliens as the upper half of her body and Usual as the lower half. The fusion with the Shaplay aliens caused its body to disintegrate due to oxygen, and it self-disintegrated under the watchful eye of the CREW GUYS, who were aware of this through analysis.



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