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Ultraman Kids (ウルトラマンキッズ, Urutoraman Kizzu) is an anime sub-series of the larger Ultraman Series aimed at a very young target audience, featuring child Ultras and aliens encountering day-to-day struggles and going on adventures. The series began with the 1984 short film Ultraman Kids: The Pleasant Friends of Planet M7.8 (ウルトラマンキッズ M7.8星のゆかいな仲間, Urutoraman Kizzu Emu Nana-ten-hachi-sei no Yukai na Nakama) which was shown alongside Ultraman ZOFFY: Ultra Warriors vs. the Giant Monster Army in theaters.

The short was followed up by the TV series Ultraman Kids Proverb Stories (ウルトラマンキッズのことわざ物語, Urutoraman Kizzu no Kotowaza Monogatari) in 1986, then later a sequel series in 1991 titled Ultraman Kids: 30 Million Light-Years in Search of Mother (ウルトラマンキッズ 母をたずねて3000万光年, Urutoraman Kizzu: Haha wo Tazunete Sanzen-man Kounen). This second show was more adventure oriented and featured more characters, though mainly focusing on Maa, Pico, Bal, and a new character named Piko (not to be confused with Hanuman's human host) based upon Yullian.

The series can be watched on Plex, Roku, Vudu, Shout! TV, and Tubi.


Main Ultras[]

Main Kaiju[]

Ultraman Kids: The Pleasant Friends of Planet M7.8[]

Ultraman Kids: 30 Million Light-Years in Search of Mother[]

  • Kureron - A young Motokureron who was placed under a curse.
  • Kureron's Friends
  • Elepy
  • Monster Birds - A flock of these creatures attacked Maa and Sev when they attempted to get crude oil to power their ship. They are noteworthy in being the first creatures to get a taste of Maa's Ultro Beam.
  • King Docking
  • King Docking's Soldiers - King Docking's Soldiers were originally lost space travelers that were turned into his servants. When Maa defeated King Docking in a battle, the soldiers were set free to return to where they came from.
  • Kaneppi - A young Kanegon who befriends the cast.
  • Kanelin - A young Kanegon who also befriends the cast
  • Kanegon Officer - An adult Kanegon officer who arrests Maa for saving another Kanegon's life.
  • Kanegon People
  • Purima - A crystal planet similar in appearance to Pris-Ma that almost turned the crew into crystals when Piko stole a piece of it.
  • Saborin
  • Saborin's Knights - A group of young Saborin who befriend their prince.
  • CP Robot - Saborin's care robot.
  • Seamon - A young Seamons obsessed with a love fortune, falling in love with Bal and then Seagora.
  • Seagora - A young Seagorath that only wanted Seamon's affection.
  • Fortune Teller Ura - An elderly Woo who met Maa's parents and helps the group.
  • Kaiju Shippopo - A kaiju that appeared when Seamon stepped on it's tail. Bal fended it off with out knowing. Later returned to fight Bal, only to be beaten by Seagora.
  • Doremic Brothers - A group of humanoid instruments Midori found in an egg floating in a lake. They leave the ship to spread their music and look for Maa's mother.
  • Teby - A young Tepeto
  • Mayor of the Underwater City - An Elderly Tepeto
  • King Docking's Mother - An elderly Red King
  • Robokkin - Docking's Mother's personal assistant robot.
  • Dodgey - A Tetsuon who was caught steeling food. Becomes a staff member at Mr. Grosser's school.
  • Dr. Zabra - An Alien Zarab professor who invents things, helped the Kids twice.
  • Dr. Zabra's wife - Dr. Zabra's wife who is in constant anger due to her husband's shennanigans.
  • Mecca - An arrogant humanoid alien that promised to fix Bal's Bal, only to give up after drinking a smoothie mixed with the Homesick Herb.
  • Repairman - an Alien Mysteler that Bal brought to fix his ship, only to get physically abused by not only Bal but Gutsun as well.
  • Young Abo - A young Aboras who is seen with his girlfriend.
  • Bunny - A young Banila who used the Homesick Herbs to convince Abo to stay with her.
  • Yanpy - A young Yapool Girl who was brought onto the Kids Star by one of Maa's sneezes.
  • Old Women Fortune Tellers - Three good natured elderly fortune tellers tricked into being witches and dream stealers from the Crystal Ball Spirit.
  • Crystal Ball Spirit - A being that lives inside a dark crystal ball, powered by dreams.
  • Takkon Brothers
  • Gonchan - A young Crazygon that befriends the group on Planet Roborobo
  • Utomtoms - Three U-Toms that capture the cast and force them to perform in a circus
  • Jokkin - The Utomtom's security enforcer, a version of King Joe
  • Prince Goro - a young Alien Goron who was shrunk by Garlong to take over the throne of Planet Goron.
  • Garlong - an evil Alien Goron who attempted to overthrow the royal bloodline by shrinking Prince Goro, only to be thwarted by Maa and his friends.
  • Street Soldiers - A bunch of Alien Goron hench soldiers loyal to Garlong.
  • Doris - A young human girl who has been reading about Maa's journey in a book. She is also sucked into Alice in Wonderland with the Kids Star group.
  • Doris' Friends - Four other young human girls who are seen jump roping outside. Doris joins them after her adventure with the Kids Star group.
  • Friends in Wonderland - The inhabitants of Wonderland, including Gryphon, Mock Turtle, Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, White Rabbit, the Card soldiers, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, March Hare, and the Dormouse.
  • Dadako Brothers: Dadapi, Dadapu and Dadapo, three young Dada aliens who drifted apart from loneliness. Maa and his friends re-unite the brothers and befriend them.
  • Haudi: A Birdon that runs a cafeteria, also acts as the Dadako Brothers' nanny.
  • Lampy: An elderly Alien Miracle who runs and protects the only source of light in The Black Zone.
  • Lens: The insectoid leader of the Space Jack Pirates, has sensitive eyes.
  • Mask: A Saigo looking lacky of Lens, wears a mask because of breathing problems.
  • Hat: A gun slinging and cigar chomping member who wears a hat to hide his balding head.
  • Gyappy: A young Flying Raidron who befriends the group on their travels, even saving Pigko and Midori from quicksand, Piko from a falling coconut, and the entire crew from animal eating flowers.
  • Gyappy's Mama: A large Flying Raidron that appeared when the mother of the animal eating flowers attacked the group and caught Gyappy in a vine.
  • Pent: A friendly Alien Icarus who also acts as Maa's parents personal driver.
  • Ms. Pent: Pent's wife who is currently watching over Maa until his parents get back from their emergency response to a Nebula Hurricane.



  • Ultraman Kids is one of the shows that is not released as part of TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION's streaming list.
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