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"Hikari, I believe now you understand why you have to keep our secret to the end?"
"Yes: we should not depend upon others, but to trust ourselves, out potential power."
"Correct, this is the very power to keep peace.

―Joneus and Hikari regards to why they keep their secret till the very end, To The Ultra Star! Conclusion: Towards Peace and Victory

Ultraman Joneus (ウルトラマンジョーニアス Urutoraman Jōniasu) is the main Ultra featured in The☆Ultraman. Unlike the majority of other Showa Ultras, he hails from Planet U40.



A being from the Planet U40, Joneus was the strongest of the Great Eight, eight of the strongest warriors on his planet and wears the Star Symbol as his proof of the Great Eight. Joneus was assigned to Planet Earth long before the start of the series and witnessed the bravery of Choichiro Hikari defending his space station from a single Goglan trying to eat the station's wires despite his declining oxygen level. Combined with Hikari's selfless act of keeping it a secret, this convinced Joneus to mark the youth as his potential human host.


Ultraman Joneus in The☆Ultraman

Joneus merged with Hikari during the youth's return to Earth after he was scouted to enlist in the Science Guard Party. Starting with their fight against four Seagras, Joneus assisted mankind in fending off against monsters and alien attacks brought to Earth. At one point, Joneus was killed by the Spirit Parasite, forcing both him and Hikari to be transported to Planet U40 for resurrection. Hikari met with his recuperating Ultra again, but in addition to revealing his true name, Joneus purposely obscured his appearance from his host. The two merged again and finally helped in repelling the Bader Group's invasion on both U40 and Earth. Both Joneus and Hikari were returned to the latter planet, but his human host was wiped of his memory to maintain U40's existence as a secret.

Several months later, Planet U40 was invaded by the Heller Empire, consisting of Heller and his other like-minded followers who announced their galactic conquest as a revenge for their banishment. As his other brethren were recuperating outside their home world, Joneus was left behind on Earth to protect it from Heller's forces. Both him and the Science Guard Party joined the U40 fleet to reclaim their home world and launch their attack on Heller City. Joneus at first parted ways with Hikari to fight against the aerial fleet, leaving the Science Guard Party to infiltrate the fortress until he merged with his host again to save them from Makdatar. With Heller's death, Joneus and the Science Guard were awarded for their bravery. Both him and his sister Amia stayed on Earth to observe its recovery from their war. Although the two parted ways months later, Joneus swore to return to Earth at the time of need, hinting that he might choose a different host by the time they reunited.

Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle

For the first time Ultraman Joneus appeared live in the 1979 film. In the film however Ultraman Joneus is referred to as Ultraman Joe.

Like most of the other Ultras featured in the movie, he was only given a short bio featuring his ray the Planium Beam. However unlike the other Ultras, his fight scene is new live footage as he fought Bedran in a mossy forest. Ultraman Joe and Bedran were at a close match until Joe used his Planium Beam to eliminate the deadly beast. He is later shown as stock footage for most Ultra Brothers movies. Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle

Pre-Ultraman Taiga

After the death of his friend Mattia, Ultraman Titas was taken under the wing of Joneus, whom he trained and looked after for a long time after.

Later, Ultraman Taro sent his son Ultraman Taiga to Planet U40 to gain experience and meet new people. There, he met Ultraman Titas and Ultraman Joneus, who were being invaded by Zett and a new Zetton Army, seeking to fight strong warriors and defeat them all to claim his title as "the strongest life form in the universe". While Joneus fought Zett, he told Titas and Taiga to retrieve the Wise Man's Sword in order to seal Zett away. They individually attempted to do so, but the sword rejected the both of them since the lights in their heart were weak. The two of them decided to pull the sword out of the stone together, and it worked because they were able to combine their powers. Impaling Zett with the sword, they managed to seal him away using the weapon's powers. Taiga invites Titas to go on a journey with him, though he was skeptical at first. However, Joneus managed to convince Titas to go along with him so that he may be able to learn something about his own true potential.

Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Dramas

The higher powers of Planet U40, including the Great Sage, became increasingly aware of the activity of the Galaxy Rescue Force. Joneus was sent as a messenger to them, informing Queen Izana that the people f his planet would be bound by oath to ally with them for any future threats that may occur, as well as providing assistance in general operations if necessary. One such instance occured when Joneus accompanied Sora on an operation to investigate an alien disturbing a planet's ecosystem.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Ultraman Joneus fighting against Absolute Tartarus

As Absolute Tartarus scouted out Planet U40, Joneus appeared before him. As he and Tartarus fought, Joneus was declared a potential threat to the Absolutian's plans. They blasted at each other with energy bolts, and Tartarus fled the scene through his golden portal. Ultraman Zero then arrived and asked for Joneus' help in forming a team to face Tartarus. Having heard from Zoffy that U40 had been attacked, Ultraman Titas went back to his home planet to check on Joneus. Joneus reassured Titas that he was fine, and asked him to join the fight against Tartarus.


Yullian and Ultraman 80 had crash landed on Planet Ebil on the way to a Galactic Federation Peace Conference on Planet Kanon and were soon attacked by Zett and his Zetton army. They sent a distress signal to the Land of Light. Responding to the message, Taiga, Mebius and Z immediately left the Land of Light and arrived on Planet Ebil to assist them. They were later joined by Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Joneus, Ultraman Titas, Ultraman Fuma, Ultrawoman Grigio, Ultraman Ribut and Andro Melos, and they all fought the Zetton army together.

Soon after defeating Ultimate Shining Zero in Narak, Absolute Tartarus appeared, taking Yullian hostage and informing the heroes of his true motives before getting Belial and Tregear to fire their beams at them all. The group also received word from Ultraman Hikari that Genegarg had stolen a Z Riser and Ultra Medals from the Land of Light, causing Z to fly off in a hurry while Zero followed him. The Ultra League and the Tri-Squad prepare to recruit more heroes for the upcoming fight against The Kingdom. The Appearance

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

After the battle on Planet Ebil, Joneus returned to the Land of Light alongside the rest of the Ultra League. Zoffy requests that he stay to train the Inter Galactic Defense Force on battle tactics, to which he accepts. He then agrees to train Zero. On Planet K76, Ultraseven, Leo and Joneus put Zero in a Tector Gear and par with him, advising him that the only way that he could stand a chance against Absolute Tartarus was to fight by using his instincts, which he could only accomplish if Zero managed to regain the wilder side he had earlier in his youth, despite the encounters he had making him stronger up to that point. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



  • Height: Micro ~ 120 m (Usually 70 m)
  • Weight: 0 ~ 85,000 t (Usually 50,000 t)
  • Age: 28,000 years old (U40 years)
  • Home World: Planet U40
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 8
  • Maximum Running Speed: 980 km/h
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: 700 knots
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 8
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 2,000 m
  • Arm Strength: 200,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 90,000 t
  • Time Limit: 4 minutes

Body Features

  • Astro Spot (アストロスポット Asutoro Supotto): The star-shaped stone on his forehead, it is present on every Ultra from U40. It is the transformed Beam Flasher that they all use.
  • Star Symbol (スターシンボル Sutā Shinboru): Joneus' star-shaped Color Timer. It goes from blue to yellow and then red. When red, Joneus only has as little time as thirty seconds left.
  • Arms: Can produce up to one million horsepower which can be converted into physical strength.
  • Ultra Armor: Like any Ultra, Joneus is immune to conventional weaponry and resistant to fire and laser blasts. It is unknown if he weak against colder temperatures, given that he is shown to break himself free from being frozen in ice.


Joneus in his human host, Choichiro Hikari transforms into Ultra form using the same transformation device as the other Ultras of Planet U40. Choichiro removes the Beam Flasher from his belt, and then holds it to the sky where it seems to absorb energy, possibly from the sun. He then places the flasher on his forehead and transforms into Joneus. After the transformation is complete, Joneus grows in size. Starting from episode 20, later appearances had the transformation style added with the phrase "Ultra Change!" (ウルトラチェンジ! Urutora Chenji!).



  • Planium Beam (プラニウム光線 Puraniumu Kōsen): His finisher beam attack. It comes in two forms:
    • A Type: Joneus charges up an energy ball which he then flings at the target. Can also be fired as multiple energy balls.
      • Rocking Spark (ロッキングスパーク Rokkingu Supāku): A more powerful version of the Planium Beam, fired from both his fists.
    • B Type: A more traditional Ultra Beam, Joneus fires a stream of light from his arms in an "L" or "+".
      • Planium Beam Cross Shooting (プラニウム光線クロス撃ち Puraniumu Kōsen Kurosu Uchi): A beam fired when he places his arms in a cross, with his right hand touching his Astro Spot.
  • Astro Beam (アストロビーム Asutoro Bīmu): A beam fired from his Astro Spot, which can either be fired as a regular energy beam or in the form of green stars. Can also be used to freeze targets.
  • Star Beam (スタービーム Sutā Bīmu): A star-shaped beam that can emit electricity, fired from his Astro Spot.
  • Boomerang Guillotine (ブーメランギロチン Būmeran Girochin): A crescent-shaped slashing beam.
  • Ultra Laser Shot (ウルトラレーザーショット Urutora Rēzā Shotto): Star-shaped energy bullets fired from his hand.
  • Ultra Spinning Flash (ウルトラスピニングフラッシュ Urutora Supiningu Furasshu): His body starts to spin and fires continuous energy bullets.


  • Ultra Body Screw (ウルトラボディスクリュー Urutora Bodi Sukuryū): Joneus rotates at high speed while flying to drill through the enemy.
  • Ultra Punch: A basic technique, power is focused into the fist. There are numerous variations for different situations, such a flying punch at mach 8 and the basic straight punch.
  • Ultra Elbow Smash: A skill to use an elbow blow in close quarter combat. Often used to escape from hold. There is also a double elbow variation of this technique used on Hellcat.
  • Ultra Kick: Similar to the Ultra Punch except the entire leg is toughened, there are variations such as the dive kick and flying kick.
  • Knee Drop: After jumping 100 meters in the air, Joneus dives towards the enemy to deliver a knee strike.
    • Knee Strike: A running technique where Joneus knees his opponent.
  • Ultra Swing: An opponent is thrown by a mighty force. Joneus can lift and throw opponents twice his weight.
    • Ultra Rotation Throw: Similar to the Ultra Swing, Joneus grabs both arms and spins around using the momentum to throw his opponent.
      • Ultra Rotation Throw Foot: This version has Joneus holding the opponent's legs and neck before spinning.
  • Monkey Flip: When on his back Joneus can flip his enemy backwards with his feet by raising his abdomen.
  • Ultra Dropped Rock: A skill to punch the ground with all of one's might causing the opponent nearby to be sent airborne.
  • Dropped Brains Reverse: Grabs the enemy in the air and dives towards the ground causing them to land head first.
    • Air Dropped Reverse: Jump into the air while holding the enemy and plunge them into the ground.
  • Ultra Neck Tighten: A skill to make use of the one million horsepower and clinch the opponent's neck.
  • Headlock: Self-explanatory.
  • Ultra Attack: Runs toward the enemy at full speed and tackle them.
    • Air Attack: Tackles the opponent at full speed while flying (Mach 8).


  • Little Beam (リトル光線 Ritoru Kōsen): A beam that shrinks monsters. This ability is stated to also make smaller creatures retain their current size.
  • Ultra Eye (ウルトラアイ Urutora Ai): A vision technique that helps Joneus locate a monster's weak spot.
  • Ultra Medical Power (ウルトラメディカルパワー Urutora Medikaru Pawā): A ring-shaped beam with healing properties.
  • Ultra Barrier (ウルトラバリヤー Urutora Bariyā): An energy barrier.
  • Defense Farp (ディフェンスファープ Difensu Fāpu): An energy barrier formed between Joneus' palms.
  • Ultra Barrier Case (ウルトラバリヤーケース Urutora Bariyā Kēsu): Seals a monster in a rectangular energy barrier.
  • Barrier Gas (バリヤーガス Bariyā Gasu): Seals a monster in a barrier of gas.
  • Ultra Stopper (ウルトラストッパー Urutora Sutoppā): A beam that makes the target unable to move for as long as it is fired.
    • Space Mirror Barrier (スペースミラーバリヤー Supēsu Mirā Bariyā): A barrier technique that has reflective properties, which can confuse an enemy into turning around.
  • Ultra Thawing (ウルトラ解凍 Urutora Kaitō): Ultraman Joneus heats up his body to break out of ice.
  • Teleportation (テレポーテーション Terepōtēshon): Joneus vanishes and appears in another place.
  • Energy Infusion: Transfers his life energy.
  • Solar Energy Absorption: Joneus absorbs energy from the sun to replenish himself.
  • Size Change: Joneus can grow larger if he has enough energy.
  • Human Form: Like the rest of his kind, Joneus has his natural human form. He can transform into his Ultra-Humanoid form by putting Beam Flasher on forehead.


  • Ultra Laser Super Beam (ウルトラレーザースーパー光線 Urutora Rēzā Sūpā Kōsen): Joneus fires his Planium Beam together with the other members of the Great 8 Warriors of U40.
  • Ultra Warriors Joint Barrier (ウルトラ戦士合同バリヤー Urutora Senshi Gōdō Bariyā): A spherical barrier made with the energy of the Great 8. Used to sealed the power of the Ultra Mind stolen by the Bader Group.


  • Super Magma Capsule (スーパーマグマカプセル Sūpā Maguma Kapuseru): A capsule containing Super Magma energy to be utilized by Joneus, but needs sunlight to activate. It was given to Joneus/Choichiro by Noa to defeat Darantulas. After serving its purpose, it remained in Choichiro's possession.
    • Energy Recharge: The Super Magma Capsule is energized by the sun, much like Joneus himself. Hence, it also recharges his energy when he places the device on his Color Timer.
    • Planium Beam Enhancement: The Super Magma energy combines with Joneus' Planium energy, giving his Planium Beam the ability to set monsters on fire.
    • Fireball: The device becomes a throwable fireball that produces a large explosion on impact.


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