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"Don't lose heart! That life is not yours alone.
Fight to the very end, as an Ultraman.

Zoffy to Hikari, Hikari Saga - A Warrior's Training

Ultraman Hikari (ウルトラマンヒカリ Urutoraman Hikari) is the secondary Ultra Hero of Ultraman Mebius. He was once an excellent scientist who was the chief of the Space Science Technology Bureau of the Land of Light. At one point, Hikari became Hunter Knight Tsurugi (ハンターナイトツルギ Hantā Naito Tsurugi) after his failed defense of the Planet Arb.


In Mebius, Ultraman Hikari, as Hunter Knight Tsurugi, was an embittered Ultra Warrior who sought vengeance against Bogarl for the destruction it caused on Planet Arb. This soon put him at odds with Ultraman Mebius whom he sees as an obstacle that stood before his quest for vengeance. He disregarding lives he unwittingly endangered, including that of his host Serizawa. It took his time with Mebius and Crew GUYS on Earth, coupled with Serizawa whom he possessed regaining his memories and getting berated by Zoffy for his apparent lack of concern for the second life he was given by Mother of Ultra and well-being of his human host that he became humbled and sees his errors and become a better Ultra Hero.



Hikari overseeing Tregear's progress

A long time ago, Hikari was the chief scientist in the Land of Light's Space Science Technology Bureau, known for multiple researches and inventions. His greatest research is the method to preserve and revive life forces, which earn him a set of Star Marks on his chest. At some point, he took in Ultraman Tregear under his employment and supervised his creation of the then-unnamed Taiga Spark. Although being used beneficially by his people (such example is with Zoffy healing both Ultraman and Hayata from their defeat), his research also ignited a war between alien races and was misused by invaders for their malicious means (such as Alien Bat reviving the original Zetton into Zetton II). Seeing the horrifying results of his actions, Hikari resigned from the Space Science Technology Bureau and embarked on a journey to study space. The Ultraman Hikari Ultraman Taiga Novel: Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga

The being of light was flying through space on a scientific endeavor. His story began when he was going to the Planet Arb, a completely peaceful planet, that hadn't had a single conflict and had been prospering for tens of thousands of years. Hikari arrived on the planet, being surprised by its beauty. Suddenly, the crystals on the planet Arb started floating, making the form of a humanoid figure.

This being presented herself to Hikari, and believed that he was an Ultraman. Hikari said that he was not one of them, because he was a mere scientist while they were members of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, but Arb trusted him because of his pure heart, which was also like hers. Hikari told the being that he wanted to stay on the planet, but Arb denied him, explaining that the peace on Arb was only temporary and soon a great disaster would occur that would destroy the planet. However, legend foretold of a hero with the Armor of Light would arrive from the heavens at that time and he would fuse with the soil of Arb and be called Tsurugi and would defeat the destroyer. These prophecies were known as the "Prophecy of Tsurugi" which foretold the end of the peaceful planet. Hikari said that he would become a hero and protect Arb and flew off to another planet.

Hikari meeting Ultraman King

Arriving on Planet King, Hikari started his search for the giant of legend and found a being covered by a red cloak. Hikari told him that he wanted to meet with the legendary giant said to make the impossible possible. The unknown being replied saying that he knew where he was but that he is not sure if the giant wanted to see him. At the same time a great thunderstorm appeared and the being told Hikari that he would meet with the great giant if he could make the rain stop. Hikari, after concentrating for a moment, shot a beam of light straight to the sky, ending the storm and making the sky clear for the planet, so clear that the being had to cover his eyes. Suddenly, the red-cloaked being vanished and a silver-caped giant appeared behind Hikari revealing himself to be Ultraman King, the giant he was searching for. Ultraman King mentioned to Hikari that he had many names, but the name "Ultraman King" was given to him by humans, saying that they are beings from a planet called Earth. Granting him the Knight Brace, Ultraman King warned him about the danger of his heart being corrupted. Hikari decided to leave and head back to Planet Arb, but King told him to be careful, that he might now be drowned by evil desires, 'the clearest water is the easiest to pollute'.

"That intelligent Ultraman Hikari, who was skeptical about fighting! The boss who I used to respect and a proud scientist of the Blue Tribe had fallen into darkness and degenerated into someone seeking vengeance."

Ultraman Tregear's monologue, Tregear Novel/Blue Shadow

While the Ultra approached Planet Arb, he noticed a strong minus energy radiating from the planet, it was under attack. He arrived to the horrible scene of the destruction of the planet, as many poor beings were being eaten by a terrible beast - a Bogarl. Hikari's heart was consumed by fury and vengeance, via telepathy Ultraman King told him he couldn't fight because of that, but Hikari disobeyed and started fighting the monster, with all his attacks failing. The monster escaped from the field of battle, and Hikari was left there, enraged at his loss. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga

Upon finding out about his chief's disappearance, Ultraman Tregear ventured to Planet Arb to find Hikari, who was grieving over his failure to protect the planet from Bogarl. He desired revenge, but he wasn't alone in that feeling, he could sense Arb's desire of vengeance too, and Arb's power fused with Hikari, giving him the Armor of Revenge. With his worldview changed, Hikari, with his new found power, attacked his former subordinate before flying to different planets investigating the monster Bogarl, who was taking flight to Planet Earth, to consume it completely. The Divergence

Ultraman Mebius

The events after the first Hikari Saga episode occur throughout the Ultraman Mebius series. Hikari as Tsurugi arrived on Earth, at the time of his arrival, Crew GUYS were having their first battle after long training. Many members of the team died during the arrival of the monster Dinozaur, who easily destroyed almost every member of the team, among them Captain Serizawa who crashed into the monster and supposedly died in the explosion. However, when his ship blew up, the explosion expelled him, and he was taken by Tsurugi, as he found that he needed a human form or host to live on the planet, to get revenge on Bogarl. However, unlike other Ultra/human mergers, when Tsurugi was in his human vessel, the human was completely controlled by him. When Ultraman Mebius was fighting Sadola, he was saved once by Tsurugi, who made many appearances whenever Bogarl appeared. Until one day, Bogarl appeared in a forest, GUYS and Mebius started to fight him, Ryu saw Serizawa nearby and called to him, of course he didn't know who Ryu was, so he still transformed and tried to kill Bogarl, but when he was about to fire his beam, he was stopped by Ryu, who screamed Hikari's host's name, and felt something that made him unable to fight, memories of his host began to awaken and affect him mentally, and was beaten down by Bogarl, but Mebius saved him, and later "destroyed" Bogarl. Serizawa later appeared before Mirai Hibino, telling him to stay out of his way, and revealed him the story of Planet Arb, before vanishing, he then repeated to Mebius the warning to stay out of his way.

Tsurugi finishing off Bogarlmons

Some time later, Ryu was standing in the cliff where he usually spent his time with Captain Serizawa, and suddenly he hears a voice asking him who he was, and when he looked back, it was Tsurugi, in Serizawa's body. Ryu was shocked and saddened, and when Tsurugi told him why he has using Serizawa's body. Ryu demanded the release of Serizawa but the Ultra refused the human and nearly attacked him before Sakomizu appeared. Sensing Bogarl's appearance Tsurugi left to battle. Arriving to find Mebius holding up a transformed Bogarl called Bogarlmons, Tsurugi attempted to destroy the monster but Mebius stood in his way. Mebius warning him that destroying Bogarl now would cost countless human lives, but Tsurugi did not care and attacked the young Ultra. Only the well placed shot be Ryu caused him to pause as more memories of Serizawa began to surface. It was then that Bogarlmons awoke and attacked the blue Ultra from behind, gravely injuring him before it was driven away by Mebius. Disappearing he was not seen again until the next battle with Bogarl. The two joined together to face Bogarlmons together but due to his stubbornness getting the better of him, an unsatisfied Tsurugi was caught in point-blank range of Bogarlmons's death explosion, and was killed. Fortunately, the combination of Mother of Ultra's treatment, and Serizawa's will allowed for him to be revived. Returning to action and helping Mebius defeat Dinozaur Reverse, he was given the name "Ultraman Hikari" by Ryu. After fighting alongside GUYS and Mebius for sometime, Hikari entrusted the Knight Brace to Mebius and departed for space.

Joining the Inter Galactic Defense Force

Hikari overlooking the Earth as he is about to leave

As he left Earth Hikari came across fleeing objects and was met upon by their pursuer, a Bemstar. The gluttonous monster turned its sights to the Ultra and attacked him. After a short but intense dog fight out in space Hikari knocked the creature to a large asteroid where their battle continued on solid ground. However, Hikari was at a disadvantage without the Knight Brace and the powerful creature eventually began to wear him down. However at the last minute a sphere of red light crashed into Hikari and he found himself in a red dimension, the inside of a travel sphere. This one belonged to none other than Captain Zoffy. Zoffy chastised Hikari for his apparent lack of concern for the second life he was given by Mother of Ultra and by the fact that he was joined to a human who would die with him. He was also curious as why Hikari was fighting since he was not a member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.

Returning to Earth

As Ultraman Hikari was planning on returning to Earth, he received a distress signal from Planet Arb. Arriving on the planet, he was confronted by a being that looking identical to that of Ultraman Mebius. Noting that Mebius was still on Earth, Hikari and the impostor battled on Arb until the impostor transformed into Hikari's old form, Tsurugi, taunting Hikari by proclaiming that as Tsurugi he was once more powerful by thriving on his vengeance against Bogarl, but has since grown soft since being accustomed by humanity. The Imitation Tsurugi then transformed into Alien Babarue and both alien and Ultra battled.

In the middle of the battle, Babarue froze Hikari in a block of ice, intending on abandoning to him to die on Arb unless Hikari wished to serve him, which Hikari again denied. As Babarue left Hikari to freeze to death, Arb returned to the planet and re-presented the Armor of Tsurugi back to the Ultra, transforming him into the true form of Armor of Revenge; the Armor of the Hero. Fueled by the armor, Tsurugi easily beat down Babarue until the alien fled with his life, vowing to kill both Tsurugi and Ultraman Mebius before disappearing.

Battle Against Alien Babarue

Hikari vs Alien Babarue

When Hikari returned to Earth only to realize his reputation had been damaged, he fought against Alien Babarue. As a result his host, Serizawa, was captured and temporary held in custody. During this time, Mebius returned Hikari back the Knight Brace. Afterwards, Hikari fought against Alien Babarue and exposes the alien's true identity whom poses as Hunter Knight Tsurugi and eventually ending the battle with the use of his Arb Gear before leaving Earth once again.

Final Battle on Earth

Mebius and Hikari vs Alien Empera

Hikari returned to Earth after Alien Empera personally descended to Earth and fought alonside GUYS and Zamsher as Hunter Knight Tsurugi. However, despite the efforts of Hikari and the others, Alien Empera easily defeated them and destroyed Hikari's armor, rendering him helpless. Hikari then used Zamsher's sword and sliced another wound on Alien Empera's body before entrusting everything to Ryu. Taking Ryu as his host, Hikari and Mebius fought alongside each other but was still in vain. However, in the moment of despair, they heard the voices of the Ultra Brothers and decided not to give up. Thanks to Ryu's Knight Brace, allowing Ryu to know that Mirai still alive. Eventually, Ryu, Mirai and the other GUYS Members merged together, giving birth to Mebius Phoenix Brave. Joining Mebius Phoenix Brave was Zoffy, whom links his M87 Beam with Mebius' Mebium-Knight Shoot at the severely weakened Alien Empera. After Alien Empera's death, Hikari, Zoffy and Mebius returned to the Land of Light after being thanked by the members of GUYS.

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness

Mebius and Hikari vs Armored Darkness

When Mebius was fighting against Armored Darkness, Armored Darkness was temporary paralyzed with Hikari's telekinesis and his voice was briefly heard by Mebius, giving Mebius on opening and temporary immoblizing the movements of the sentient armor in order to buy some time for planning. After Ryu was saved by Ultraman King and meeting Hikari, whom revealed that he was sent by King to fight against Armored Darkness but it was no match for Hikari. As a result, Hikari was possessed by the armor, rendering him helpless. Devising a plan to resuce Hikari and being joined by the original crew GUYS and Mebius, Ryu managed to dash into Armored Darkness through the open wound it received earlier on and merging with Hikari. Inside the armor, Hikari managed to escape by blowing it into pieces. However, the battle was not over as Armored Darkness rejoin itself back and fight against both Ultras. After a tough battle, Hikari and Mebius destroyed Armored Darkness with Mebius Phoenix Brave after merging with the GUYS members. Afterwards, Hikari uses his telekinesis to halt the Darkness Fear back to space. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

Ultraman Hikari sends an Ultra Sign to the Ultra Brothers from the Monster Graveyard so they decide to investigate. Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro arrive at the Monster Graveyard, meeting Mebius and Hikari there. They find the Dark Four Heavenly Kings, who have been revived, are planning to get the Giga Battlenizer from the Valley of Fire in order to use a capsule that contains the hatred of Alien Empera to resurrect him. After a fierce battle, they reveal that they have captured Ultraman Hikari as a hostage. Taro and Ace give in knowing that if they don't they will continue to hurt Hikari.

After beating an Inpelaizer and encountering Mechazam Mebius arrives at the monster graveyard to find Taro and Ace both captured. Alien Mefilas demands that he go into the Valley of Fire to get the Giga Battlenizer. Ultraman Hikari appears too, saying that he needs the Giga Battlenizer to pursue more power. Mebius, heart-broken, heads into Valley of Fire to save Taro and Ace.

Mebius brings the Giga Battlenizer to the Dark Four Heavenly Kings who take it from him and laugh, knowing that they were never going to release Taro and Ace from the start. Hikari suddenly steals it from them however, and with Mebius, frees Taro and Ace. The Four Heavenly Kings are shocked to find that Hikari was tricking them and that Mebius knew that Hikari would never betray him. After another battle, Deathrem and Mebius Killer are defeated, but during the battle Mefilas uses manages to get hold of the Giga Battlenizer and by killing Glozam as a distraction, he inserts the capsule into the Giga Battlenizer, using tit to revive Alien Empera within Mechazam. Taro, Ace and Hikari struggle to fight back, but Mebius eventually defeats him. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Hikari and Mebius vs Belial

Ultraman Hikari next to Mebius, Astra, and Leo

Ultraman Hikari reappeared alongside Ultraman Mebius to battle Ultraman Belial on the Land of Light, with the other available members of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. He fought with Mebius against the evil Ultra but was ultimately beaten by a blast from the Giga Battlenizer. Afterwards he froze when Belial stole the Plasma Spark but was revived by Zero when the Plasma Spark was returned. Afterwards, he went with all the other Ultramen to the hear Ultraman King's speech. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

Ultraman Hikari reappeared in the movie for a short period of time when he protected the Land of Light from the army of Darklops Belial sent to attack the Ultras. He was seen in the end returning to the Land of Light. Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Zoffy, Taro and Hikari hearing Ribut's report

Ultraman Ribut returned to the Inter Galactic Defense Force alone from Planet Mikarito, reporting to Zoffy, Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Hikari that Ultraman Max had been infected with Gudis' cells and was being turned into a monster to feed Maga-Orochi's egg. Hikari observed that Max was using all of his light energy to fight off the Gudis virus within his body, but at the rate at which he was losing his energy, it would take bout three days before he becomes a monster. Zoffy asks Hikari to make a Gudis antidote within three days so that they can save Ultraman Max, which he agrees to with the help of Sora. After the antidote was completed, Sora gave it to Ribut. Zoffy sent out an Ultra Sign to the Ultras at Planet Feed where Leugocyte was, to inform that that the mission to rescue Max and terminate Maga-Orochi had begun.

After Ribut and the others had completed their missions, Hikari deployed Sora to the Galaxy Rescue Force, hoping that her scientific skills would be of use to them. The Beginning

Ultra Fight Victory

"You guys are responsible for making the future of this planet."

―Hikari's final words before leaving.

When Ultraman King was alerted of Juda's revival, he mobilized Hikari, Leo, Astra, and Ace to stop the emperor. Hikari invented the Knight Timbre, which is capable of sealing the emperor and made his way to Earth (Ginga's universe), where he would find the weapon's destined user. He appeared at Sho/Ultraman Victory's battle with Aribunta, underground, stunning it with his Knight Shoot and Knight Beam Blade.

Hikari gave Ultraman Victory the Knight Timbre, which he used to transform into Ultraman Victory Knight and finish Aribunta for good. He entrusted Victory with the weapon and his mission to seal Juda in space. After Juda's defeat, Hikari congratulates the two for saving the universe, but Sho instead thanks the former, since it was his deed that bring forth the creation of Knight Timbre. He tries to return it but Hikari decides to left it in Sho's possession. Before leaving, he entrusts the Earth's future to them. Ultra Fight Victory

Ultraman Geed

Ultraman Hikari Capsule.png

At the height of a huge conflict between the Inter Galactic Defense Force and Ultraman Belial, Hikari begins developing the Ultra Capsules and Risers in order to turn the tides of the battle. Unfortunately before they can be utilized, Kei Fukuide stole them and converted most of its mechanism into Kaiju Capsules.

In the present day, his Little Star inhabited Alien Pitt Tri-Tip and was salvaged by Riku Asakura as Hikari Capsule, allowing Geed to assume Acro Smasher alongside Cosmos Capsule. In the middle of fighting against Galactron, Hikari delivers a set of Ultra Capsules and Riser for Zero to use and granting him Ultraman Zero Beyond. In the final episode, Geed's determination in resisting against Belial was sensed by Hikari from the Land of Light.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Cont.

While the Ultra League were busy dealing with the threat of Tartarus and Zett, the Land of Light was attacked by Genegarg, who proceeded to steal the Ultra Medals from them. Hikari sent an Ultra Sign message to inform the team on the situation, to which Ultraman Z left to deal with it, with Zero following close behind. The Appearance

Ultraman Z

According to Riku, Hikari gave Pega a Z Riser and three Ultra Medals of Ginga, Victory and Orb, that were given to him after his Riser was damaged from a revived Gillvalis' attack. This allowed Geed to access a new form; Galaxy Rising. Later on, Hikari was able to repair Riku's Geed Riser, and Riku entrusted his Ultra Medals to Haruki Natsukawa.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

During the meeting with the Ultra League and Tri-Squad after the skirmish on Planet Ebil, Hikari noted the need to identify the unknown constitution of the Absolute Particles before a rescue attempt could be made.

Now knowing of the Kingdom's location thanks to Astra's efforts, a rescue team was formed with its members being Astra, Xenon, Seven 21, Andro Melos, Hikari and Victory, guided by Sora from the Galaxy Rescue Force using technology and the Max Galaxy's powers to open a gate to the Kingdom. They were later joined by Justice, sent to them on the order of Delacion. The team infiltrated the Kingdom and split up to search for Yullian, agreeing to rendezvous back at the Eldora Tower later, but unfortunately came across some resistance.

While searching around, Hikari and Victory paired up but were attacked. Belial fought Victory in a clash between the Beliarok and the Shepherdon Sabre while Tregear battled Hikari wearing the Hero's Armor. Each of them fought rather evenly with their opponents until Astra managed to find and rescue both Yullian and Ultraman Regulos, with Victory and Hikari managing to escape from the duo when the former used his Ultlance to access the EX Red King Knuckle, blowing Belial and Tregear back. The team waited for Astra to arrive, delayed by an attack from Absolute Diavolo. With the Absolutians closing in and their way home shrinking by the second, things seemed grim until Astra arrived with both Yullian and Regulos with him. Despite all their hardships, the team managed to leave the Kingdom and their mission was a success.

After the rescue squad managed to escape, they arrived on Planet Blizzard pursued by the Absolutians and their forces, only for them to be met with a large gathering of Ultras. The rescue team escaped with Yullian, leaving Astra and Regulos on the planet to join the other warriors in their battle against the Absolutians. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Age: 22,000 years old
  • Home World: Land of Light, Nebula M78
  • Occupation: Scientist and Ultra Warrior

Body Features

  • Color Timer: Hikari has a Color Timer.
  • Star Marks: The badges on Hikari's body, similar to Zoffy's.
  • Ultra Armor: Like other Ultras, Hikari has an Ultra Armor that is resistant to fire and lasers.
  • Knight Brace: Given by Ultraman King, Hikari has a bracer on his hand. It is used for many of Hikari's techniques.
  • Eyes: Hikari also has the Ultra Eyes. He can see through the rainbow spectrum and perhaps the entire spectrum.


Hunter Knight Tsurugi/Hikari can transform into Ultra Form through Serizawa. Serizawa takes out the blade of the Knight Brace and slots it in, a light appears and transforms the Ultra into Hunter Knight Tsurugi/Hikari. The rises of Hunter Knight Tsurugi are different as Tsurugi rises from a background with broken crystals while Hikari rises with a background of green light. Serizawa can transform into Hikari via willpower when without the Knight Brace.


Ultraman Hikari

Ultraman Hikari

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 10
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.8
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 750 m
  • Arm Strength: 92,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 80,000 t
  • Arb Gear: Hikari can don the Arb Gear by calling on the power bestowed by Arb to conjure the Armor of the Hero. Although it looks like the Armor of Revenge, it does not affect his mind and empowers him the same way Mebius Burning Brave empowers Mebius.
  • Travel Sphere: Hikari can transform into a ball of blue light even in human form, when he didn't have the Knight Brace this was his method of transformation. The sphere is yellow colored in Geed.
  • Size Change: Hikari was able to switch between human size and his normal size at will, it is usually done in a travel sphere.
  • Energy Transfer: Hikari can transfer energy to allies, such as Ultraman Victory.
    • Spark Doll Bestowment: While transfering his energy, Hikari can grant his Spark Doll to Ultraman Victory.
  • Knight Brace Transfer: Hikari can transfer his Knight Brace to other Ultras to help them in battles.
  • Ultra Sign (ウルトラサイン Urutora Sain): Like other Ultras, Hikari is capable of erecting an Ultra Sign.
  • Ultra Willpower (ウルトラ念力 Urutora Nenriki): Hikari possess telekinesis abilities. With this he was able to temporarily immobilize the movements of Armored Darkness when he was trapped inside. He also used this to lift the Darkness Fear back into space.
  • Merge: Hikari can merge with Mebius to become Mebius Phoenix Brave. This can be done in human form when Ryu combine his Knight Brace and Mirai's Mebius Brace and other GUYS members to form Mebius Phoenix Brave.
  • Inner Light Transportation: By releasing a bright light from his hand, Hikari is able to transport others into his Inner Light.
Via Knight Brace
  • Knight Shoot (ナイトシュート Naito Shūto): Hikari can charge his Knight Brace with lightning and fire a blue beam with a crystal-like texture. This can also be fired by immediately placing his hand on the Knight Brace without the need to charge, used on Aribunta and Ultraman Belial.
  • Knight Beam Blade (ナイトビームブレード Naito Bīmu Burēdo): Hikari can summon the Knight Beam Blade from his Knight Brace. It is shown to be more powerful than the Mebium Blade when Hikari (as Hunter Knight Tsurugi) shattered it by force.
    • Blade Shot (ブレードショット Burēdo Shotto): Hikari can charge up the Knight Beam Blade and swing it, firing an energy beam that can destroy a monster.
  • Hot Load Flash (ホットロードフラッシュ Hotto Rōdo Furasshu): An energy beam fired by stretching his arms upwards. This is used to clear the sky off the bad weather as a test from Ultraman King.
    • Hot Load Shoot (ホットロードシュート Hotto Rōdo Shūto): A lethal variant of Hot Load Flash, where Hikari aims the beam towards the enemy. He used this to destroy a Bemstar as the latter exploded after withstanding it for a longer period.
  • Knight Kick: Hikari can kick from the sky with his leg.
  • Knight Punch (ナイトパンチ Naito Panchi): Hikari can punch the enemy with his fist.
  • Knight Chop (ナイトチョップ Naito Choppu): Hikari performs a chop with his hand.
  • Energy Restoration: A technique used via the Giga Battlenizer, Hikari can restore energy to any nearby Ultras.
  • Energy Reflector: Hikari can catch enemy bullets and fire it back to them. Used against Gromite in episode 15.
  • Double Shoot Attack (ダブルシュートアタック Daburu Shūto Atakku): A combination of Hikari's Knight Shoot and Mebius's Mebium Shoot, able to destroy an enemy in one shot.
  • Ultra Blocker (ウルトラブロッカー Urutora Burokkā): Used with Mebius, Ace, and Taro to revert the Giga Battlenizer to its neutral state.

Hunter Knight Tsurugi
Hunter Knight Tsurugi Render.png

Hikari takes up the alias Hunter Knight Tsurugi (ハンターナイトツルギ Hantā Naito Tsurugi) when he wears the Arb Gear. The armor was originally called the Armor of Revenge (復讐の鎧 Fukushū no Yoroi) when bestowed upon him after the destruction of Planet Arb, filling Tsurugi with hatred. It later became the Armor of the Hero (勇者の鎧 Yūsha no Yoroi) when Hikari had regained his heart as an Ultraman.

  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Assimilation: Hikari can merge with a human like many other Ultras. Thus reviving them but as stated in episode 9, he merged with Serizawa to use him as a vessel to act freely on Earth in order to defeat Bogarl.
Special (Via Knight Brace)
  • Knight Shoot (ナイトシュート Naito Shūto): Hikari first thrusts his right arm in the air, which crackles with blue electricity, then bringing it to his chest and covering it with his left palm. He then fires the beam with his arms in a "+" shape, but his left hand is behind the right one, instead of in front. Can destroy monsters in one blow. Hikari is also able to fire a stronger, rainbow-colored variant. In Hikari Saga 3, Hikari can utilize the said attack without the Knight Brace, meaning the Arb Gear acts as a placeholder.
  • K​night Beam Blade (ナイトビームブレード Naito Bīmu Burēdo): From the Knight Brace on his right hand, a yellow blade can form. Can slice through monsters with ease. It is more powerful the the Mebium Blade which it shattered.
    • Blade Shot (ブレードショット Burēdo Shotto): When the Knight Blade is formed, Hikari can fire a powerful energy blast from it.
  • Knight Punch (ナイトパンチ Naito Panchi): An enhanced punch attack.
  • Knight Chop (ナイトチョップ Naito Choppu): An enhanced karate chop attack.
  • Twin Stream Lancer (ツインストリームランサー Tsuin Sutorīmu Ransā): Both Mebius and Hikari can perform a flying tackle in an infinity loop pattern continuously.



  • Ultraman Hikari was the first known full blue bodied Ultra to join the Inter Galactic Defense Force.
  • Ultraman Hikari and his alter-ego, Hunter Knight Tsurugi, borrow designs from Dark Zagi's intended final form Dark Lucifer. This is due to the two having the same designer who worked on them at the same time. This makes him the first good Ultra designed after an evil one.
  • Ultraman Hikari is the second Ultra to fire his beam with his horizontal arm behind his vertical one, instead of in front - the first is Ultraman Gaia.
  • Due to the retcon that the Color Timer is surgically attached to Space Rangers going on deep space combat missions, it was stated that Hikari had one since his scientific expeditions were expected to take him to Earth-like planets.


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