0. Ultraman Geed Retrospective Special (ウルトラマンジード直前スペシャル Urutoraman Jīdo Chokuzen Supesharu)

1. Welcome to the Secret Base (秘密基地へようこそ Himitsu Kichi e Yōkoso)

Synopsis: Riku's fate as the son of Ultraman Belial begins to unfold as he has to face off against his first opponent, Skull Gomora, as Ultraman Geed.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Skull Gomora

2. The Girl Who Cuts Monsters (怪獣を斬る少女 Kaijū wo Kiru Shōjo)

Synopsis: The resemblance between Ultraman Geed and Belial has the public afraid of their new protector, making Riku question whether or not to use his new powers. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman with a sword is hot on the trail of marauding aliens.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Skull Gomora, Dada

3. Salaryman Zero (サラリーマンゼロ Sararīman Zero)

Synopsis: Ultraman Geed runs into trouble when he is unable to defeat the mechanical menace, Darklops Zero. Help arrives in the form of Ultraman Zero, but is he willing to see the son of his arch-enemy Belial as an ally.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Darklops Zero

4. A Job Where You Investigate Aliens (星人を追う仕事 Seijin wo Ou Shigoto)

Synopsis: The AIB have a new target; an Alien Pitt named Tri Tip, who has a Little Star.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Alien Shadow Zena, Eleking, Alien Hook, Alien Pitt Tri-Tip

5. Partners (あいかた Aikata)

Synopsis: A failing comedian meets a new partner named Moko, who is taken away by the AIB for being a unique specimen with healing powers.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Arstron, Thunder Killer, Moko

6. So That I Can Be Me (僕が僕であること Boku ga Boku dearu koto)

Synopsis: Geed is unable to defeat Kei's new Fusion Rise, Thunder Killer, until Zero shows up. Riku learns about what it takes to be an Ultraman, and gains his new weapon, the Geed Claw.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Thunder Killer

7. Sacrifice (サクリファイス Sakurifaisu)

Synopsis: Riku and Leito find themselves in a trap set up by Kei in order to get rid of Zero, and threaten the safety of Leito's family. Zero must come up with a resolve to save everyone, even if it means sacrificing himself.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Galactron

8. Going Beyond Fate (運命を越えて行け Unmei wo Koete Yuke)

Synopsis: Leito has to fight against fate while Riku fruitlessly battles Galactron. Leito's renewed hope revives Zero, and the New Generation Capsules are granted to them, revealing Zero's newest powerup, Ultraman Zero Beyond.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Galactron

9. The Sword of an Oath (誓いの剣 Chikai no Tsurugi)

Synopsis: Leito's daughter Mayu is affected by a Little Star that lets her teleport. It's up to Geed and Zero to protect her, while Laiha confronts Fukuide Kei.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Tyrant, Skull Gomora

10. I Read Minds (ココロヨメマス Kokoro Yomemasu)

Synopsis: A troubled Zandrias lands on Earth so Nabia, an Alien Zobetai who has telepathic abilities, is sent to help the AIB. Moa learns of Riku's identity as Ultraman Geed.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Alien Shadow Zena, Zandrias, Alien Zobetai Nabia

11. The Geed Identity (ジードアイデンティティー Jīdo Aidentitī)

Synopsis: Riku confronts Kei directly as he is told of his true origins, and fights a futile battle against the most powerful belial Fusion Beast so far, Pedanium Zetton.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Alien Shadow Zena, Alien Bado, Pedanium Zetton

12. My Name (僕の名前 Boku no namae)

Synopsis: After coming to know the secret behind his birth & after getting defeated by Kei Fukuide who had Fusion Rise into Belial Fusion Monster Pedanium Zetton, Riku loses the meaning to live. He breaks down. Riku gets a Letter from a person called Sui Asakura. Riku visits to meet him and comes to know that he was the one who had named him "Riku".

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Pedanium Zetton

13. Restore Memories (レストア・メモリーズ Resutoa Memorīzu)

Synopsis: Riku Asakura and Pega were goofing around & playing Baseball inside the Nebula House. RE.M. had warned them to be pessimistic but during their game, the ball hits Rem, causing her to malfunction and the result from the hit had also cause RE.M. to loses all of her memories.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega

14. Shadows of Shadows (シャドーの影 Shadō no Kage)

Synopsis: Alien Shadow Zena had left Earth for a Special Mission so Moa Aizaki partners up with another Alien Shadow named Kuruto. Moa Aizaki tries to tigthen up the partnership with Kuruto but behind the scenes, Kuruto begins doing something strange....

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Zegan, Alien Shadow Zena, Alien Shadow Kuruto, Alien Kukaratch

15. Child of Battle (戦いの子 Tatakai no Ko)

Synopsis: Riku Asakura and the others begin their search of Moa Aizaki who had been sucked into Space Time. In the alternate dimension, Moa Aizaki was with the exhausted Alien Shadow Kuruto.

Kaiju: Alien Pegassa Pega, Zegan, Alien Shadow Zena, Alien Shadow Kuruto

16. The First Day of the End of the World (世界の終わりが始まる日 Sekai no Owari ga Hajimaru Hi)

Synopsis: Laiha has once again in possession of a Little Star. However, an Alien Godola attempts to kidnap her, and all of the other Little Star carriers, but Ultraman Geed appears to protect them. Meanwhile, Belial finally returns to Earth.

Kaiju: Alien Godola, Chimeraberos

17. The King's Miracle! Time to Change Fate!! (キングの奇跡! 変えるぜ! 運命!! Kingu no Kiseki! Kaeru ze! Unmei!)

Synopsis: Ultraman Geed gets trapped by Chimeraberos. His father's words slowly begin to drown Geed's mind in darkness.

Kaiju: Chimeraberos

18. Inheritor of the Dream (夢を継ぐ者 Yume o tsugu Mono)

Synopsis: Ultraman Belial was destroyed by one raid with Riku, which also caused Kei Fukuide's memories to be lost. However, An Alien seeks to kill Kei.

Kaiju: Thunder Killer, Zaigorg, Dada, Legionoids (Dada Customization)

19. The Deprived Nebula House (奪われた星雲荘 Ubawareta Seiun Sō)

Synopsis: The Nebula House has been robbed and taken over by the Single-handed Kei Fukuide. Riku and the others managed to escape, but at the same time, RE.M.'s program has destroyed by Kei himself. However, RE.M. had created a secret Artificial Body.

Kaiju: Mecha Gomora

20. A Monster at 10 AM (午前10時の怪鳥 Gozen 10-ji no Kechō)

Synopsis: Even if the attack stops, the Monster reappears again for every 10 AM in the next day. Can Riku defeated the Monster that keeps appearing many times?

Kaiju: Star Bem Gyeron

21. Run Away, Pega (ぺガ, 家出する Pega, Iede Suru)

Synopsis: Pega accidentally breaks Riku's Clock which he referred it as his "Treasure" and because of it, they start to fight each other. Until then, Pega ran away from the Nebula House.

Kaiju: Pedanium Zetton

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