0. Ultraman Geed Retrospective Special (ウルトラマンジード直前スペシャル Urutoraman Jīdo Chokuzen Supesharu)

1. Welcome to the Secret Base (秘密基地へようこそ Himitsu Kichi e Yōkoso)

Synopsis: Riku's fate as the son of Ultraman Belial begins to unfold as he has to face off against his first opponent, Skull Gomora, as Ultraman Geed.

Kaiju: Skull Gomora

2. The Girl Who Cuts Monsters (怪獣を斬る少女 Kaijū wo Kiru Shōjo)

Synopsis: The resemblance between Ultraman Geed and Belial has the public afraid of their new protector, making Riku question whether or not to use his new powers. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman with a sword is hot on the trail of marauding aliens.

Kaiju: Skull Gomora, Dada

3. Salaryman Zero (サラリーマンゼロ! Sararīman Zero!)

Synopsis: Ultraman Geed runs into trouble when he is unable to defeat the mechanical menace, Darklops Zero. Help arrives in the form of Ultraman Zero, but is he willing to see the son of his arch-enemy Belial as an ally.

Kaiju: Darklops Zero

4. A Job Where You Investigate Aliens (星人を追う仕事 Seijin wo Ou Shigoto)

Synopsis: The AIB have a new target; an Alien Pitt named Tri Tip, who has a Little Star.

Kaiju: Eleking, Alien Hook, Alien Pitt Tri-Tip

5. Partners (あいかた Aikata)

Synopsis: A failing comedian meets a new partner named Moko, who is taken away by the AIB for being a unique specimen with healing powers.

Kaiju: Arstron, Thunder Killer, Moko

6. So That I Can Be Me (僕が僕であること Boku ga Boku dearu koto)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: Thunder Killer

7. Sacrifice (サクリファイス Sakurifaisu)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: Galactron

8. Going Beyond Fate (運命を越えて行け Unmei wo Koete Yuke)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: Galactron

9. The Sword of an Oath (誓いの剣 Chikai no Tsurugi)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: Tyrant

10. I Read Minds (ココロヨメマス Kokoro Yomemasu)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: Zandrias

11. The Geed Identity (ジードアイデンティティー Jīdo Aidentitī)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: Pedanium Zetton

12. My name (僕の名前 Boku no namae)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: Pedanium Zetton

13. Restore Memories (レストア・メモリーズ Resutoa Memorīzu)

Synopsis: TBA

Kaiju: TBA

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