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Ultraman Gaia (ウルトラマンガイア Urutoraman Gaia) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV show and is the 14th show in the Ultraman Series. It was created by Chiaki J. Konaka and produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Mainichi Broadcasting System.


Gamu Takayama is a 20 year old member of an organization called Alchemy Stars. After a monster known as C.O.V. attacked the Earth, Gamu falls through a portal of light and meets the giant: Ultraman Gaia, who gives him his powers. Later, when Gaia was in trouble in episode three, another Ultraman, Ultraman Agul appeared. Can they save the Earth? Who is Agul, is he friend or foe? Later in the series it is seen that Agul, too, is a being of justice, but only protects the Earth, not humanity. The conflict between the two later leads to a duel, opening a wormhole that allows a giant beast to reach Earth. What will happen then?


Ultraman Gaia takes place in yet another universe, one that is totally different from the world of the Showa-era Ultras (Ultraman to Ultraman 80), as well as the world of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna. In a departure from most of the other series, there are two Ultramen as the main characters. They have conflicting philosophies in regards to defending the Earth from a mysterious, malevolent and extremely intelligent cosmic entity.

The first half of the series explores the growing tension between them, and their eventual clash. The second half has them reconcile their differences so they can defeat their common enemy.

The show is also different from past Ultraman Series in that the support team, XIG, has more personnel than the defense teams in previous series.

In this series, Ultraman Gaia is the lead, but Ultraman Agul makes many appearances. They are often at odds with each other in the beginning of the series. Gamu Takayama, the human host of Ultraman Gaia, believes that Gaia is here to save Earth and humanity. On the other hand, Hiroya Fujimiya, the human host of Ultraman Agul, believes Agul to be Earth's natural defense mechanism. He is at first more interested in protecting just the planet itself, even at the expense of humanity (hence the occasional clashes with Gaia). But this was discontinued after Gaia and Agul would work together as one to face more powerful monsters.



Operation Crew

Team Lightning

Team Falcon

Team Crow

Team Hercules

Team Seagull

Team Marlin


  • Tatsumi Chiba (千葉 辰巳 Chiba Tatsumi)
  • Hiroyuki Hiiragi (柊 博之 Hiiragi Hiroyuki)
  • Kosuke Ranbashi (乱橋 巧介 Ranbashi Kōsuke)
  • Ryuichi Senuma (瀬沼 龍一 Senuma Ryūichi)
  • Chief Higuchi (樋口チーフ Higuchi Chīfu)
  • Doctor Hoshiyama (星山博士 Hoshiyama Hakase)
  • Alf Mckay (アルフ・マッケイ Arufu Makkei)
  • Jeremy Spinoza (ジェレミー・スピノザ Jeremī Supinoza)

Alchemy Stars

  • Hiroya Fujimiya (藤宮 博也 Fujimiya Hiroya)
  • Daniel Macffy (ダニエル・マクフィー Danieru Makufī)
  • Miku Asano (浅野 未来 Asano Miku)
  • Catherine Ryan (キャサリン・ライアン Kyasarin Raian)
  • Klaus Eckart (クラウス・エッカルト Kurausu Ekkaruto)
  • Alan (アラン Aran)
  • Al (アル Aru)
  • Natalie (ナタリー Natarī)
  • Michel (ミッシェル Missheru)
  • Melinda (メリンダ Merinda)
  • Azif (アジフ Ajifu)



  • Sato (サトウ Satō)
  • Makoto (マコト Makoto)
  • Nakaji (ナカジ Nakaji)
  • Shigemi Takayama (高山 重美 Takayama Shigemi)
  • Yuiichi Takayama (高山 唯一 Takayama Yuiichi)
  • Kyoko Inamori (稲森 京子 Inamori Kyōko)
  • Ritsuko Sasaki (佐々木 律子 Sasaki Ritsuko)
  • Megumi Kuroda (黒田 恵 Kuroda Megumi)
  • Yuki (ユキ)




Suit Actors


Opening Theme
  • Ultraman Gaia! (ウルトラマンガイア! Urutoraman Gaia!)
    • Lyrics: Yasushi Chinka
    • Composition: Miki Matsubara
    • Arrangement: Kazuya Daimon
    • Song: Masayuki Tanaka & Kazuya Daimon
Insert Themes
  • LOVE IS ALIVE (Episode 10)
    • Song: Hitomi Sudou
  • Power of Gaia (ガイア ノ チカラ Gaia no Chikara) (Episode 1, 27, 30, 34 & 35)
    • Lyrics: Kumiko Aoki
    • Composer: Yasuo Kosugi
    • Arrangement: Kazuya Daimon
    • Song: Masayuki TanakaKazuya Daimon
Ending Themes
  • Lovin' You Lovin' Me (Episode 1-26)
    • Lyrics: Watanabe Natsumi
    • Composer and arranger: P.KAWAI
    • Song: B.B.WAVES
  • Beat on Dream on (Episode 27-51 & Gaia Again)
    • Lyrics: Komuro Mitsuko
    • Composer: Daisuke Inoue
    • Arranger: Sudou Kenichi
    • Song: Kikuta Tomohiko

Home Media


  • While cleaning out his closet in 2020, star actor Takeshi Yoshioka found production plans for the series. This revealed that the working title of the series was simply "Ultraman '98" at the time, XIG was called DOG, Gamu Takayama was called Gamu Takama (高間我夢 Takama Gamu), and Hiroya Fujimiya was to act as a sort of "elder brother" figure to Gamu.[1]


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