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Ultraman Gaia (ウルトラマンガイア Urutoraman Gaia) is the eponymous Ultra Hero of Ultraman Gaia. Gaia is the manifestation of the will of the Earth itself, bonding with Gamu Takayama to fight against the minions of the Radical Destruction Bringer and other monsters and invaders that threaten peace on Earth.



"Some people say that the Earth is a living being named Gaia..."
"What do you think of 'Ultraman Gaia' for the giant's name? Gaia's a cool name, right?

Gamu Takayama and Atsuko Sasaki, His Name is Gaia

Gaia's name comes from the Gaia hypothesis, named after the primordial Greek deity whose name means "Earth," it states the totality of the Earth constitutes a complex organism.


Ultraman Gaia

Battle Against Radical Destruction Bringer Part 1

"Ultraman! The Earth is in danger! I need to be like you! I need your power! Please, give it to me!"

―Gamu Takayama to Ultraman Gaia, Seize the Light!

Gaia's first appearance in the show.

During one of the virtual reality experiments, performed with the secret purpose of discovering the will of the Earth, science protege Gamu Takayama briefly encountered the mysterious glowing red giant, Ultraman Gaia, at the end of a tunnel of light.

When the Radical Destruction Bringer commenced its first wave of attacks on Earth with the C.O.V., XIG was too inexperienced to be effective. Frustrated on how to stop the monster, time stopped and Gamu fell through another light tunnel, where he encountered Gaia again. Because Gamu was so passionately concerned with the fate of Earth and humanity, Gaia accepted Gamu’s will and gave him the Light. Thus, Gamu transformed into Ultraman Gaia and fought and defeated the monster. Seize the Light!

From then on, more Radical Destruction Bringer-generated monsters were sent to Earth. Adding to the matter, Earth-based monsters were mysteriously awoken. Gamu joined XIG as an analyzer, and later created the Esplender to store the Light that was the essence of Gaia. A Hero Appears

While on a mission, Gamu had an unexpected reunion with the mysterious Hiroya Fujimiya, the foreboding youth who possessed the Light of Ultraman Agul. Fujimiya was responsible for developing the CRISIS computer array and its dire predictions, whom after many recalculations, learned that the only way to save the Earth from Radical Destruction Bringer was to eliminate humans from the equation. He left the Alchemy Stars in pursue of his own research, only accompanied by Professor Kyoko Inamori. During his attempt to find the will of the Earth, he discovered Agul. The Birth of Agul

Agul and Gaia both fought against the Radical Destruction Bringer and occasionally helped each other out, although Agul made it clear their alliances were based on his duty for the Earth and his own ambitions, not out of friendship or gratitude. Fujimiya grew more agitated and reckless, and had less and less regard for his fellow humans in his desperate mission to save the Earth. He pushed himself to the point of endangering his own health, and became feverish and irresponsible. After involving himself in a bar fight, he declared that humans must be purged from the Earth.

Gamu's vision of Gaia's fight ended up with both sides' death.

Gaia and Agul had a major clash and both were badly wounded. Incredible energy was released during the fight, which generated a giant wormhole. An immense serpent named Zoruim partially emerged to invade Earth. It turned out that Zoruim was anticipating this clash, and was able to influence CRISIS's computations. Gamu explained to Fujimiya that Crisis was sabotaged all along, and its analysis was fundamentally flawed. Fujimiya realized everything he believed in was based on this flaw, and became dejected, losing faith in himself. He gave Gamu the Light of Agul so that he could use it to defeat Zoruim. Fujimiya left the scene, seemingly killed by a blast from Zoruim. The Showdown for Tomorrow

First appearence of Gaia V2

To ensure his sacrifice wasn't in vain, Gamu accepted Agul's Light into his Esplender, and afterwards transformed into a new and improved Ultraman Gaia: Gaia V2. Gaia headed for Zoruim and attacked it with the Quantum Stream, but it did little than annoy him. Gaia switched into his new Supreme Version and went into Zoruim through its mouth, and used the Photon Stream to destroy the monster from the inside. The wormhole closed shortly afterwards. The Final Resolution

Gaia vs Fake Gaia

The Crisis Ghost Virus infected GUARD Europe and the Aerial Base’s computer. GUARD Europe was forced to shutdown their computer, and the Aerial Base was nearly taken down. Although Atsuko and Georgie's joined efforts seemingly destroyed the virus, the Crisis Ghost escaped to Geo Base, where it invaded the storage containing the fragments of Apatee and Alguros. After melding the pieces together, it morphed into Imit-Ultraman Gaia. However, it misjudged Ultraman Gaia's power, and its imitation form was quickly revealed to its true face: Mimos, a combination of Apatee and Alguros from the past. Gaia quickly engaged in combat, but soon Mimos gained the upper hand with its new weapons. Mimos pinned Gaia with a fork while its four active boomerangs lashed his hands and feet. Thanks to XIG's air support, Gaia was soon freed and transformed into Supreme Version. Turning the tide, Gaia used the Photon Stream to defeat Mimos. A New Battle ~Version-up Fight!~

Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, & Ultraman Gaia: The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace

Gaia alongside with Tiga and Dyna.

In a world where Ultramen and kaiju were fictional, a young boy named Tsutomu was failing school due to his addiction to Ultraman Gaia. One night, while watching an episode of Gaia, he was brought to a hyperspace where he saw a girl. Behind the girl was a scene of mass destruction. The next day, a transfer student strongly resembling the girl, named Lisa, was introduced to his class. Later on, he found a mysterious glowing red ball that told him it could make any wish come true. The one thing Tsutomu wanted more than anything else was to meet Gamu Takayama, who was also Ultraman Gaia. His wish came true and Gamu appeared in his world, but a bully took the ball and made his own wish; for a kaiju, Satanbizor, to fight Gaia.

Gamu instructed PAL to land the Fighter EX on a safe location, then transformed into Ultraman Gaia. He was quick to realize that he was losing energy faster than usual, but managed to defeat the kaiju regardless. Afterwards, reverting back to Gamu, he was chased by children who were a fan of him. He managed to elude them by hiding in a toy shop. Inside, Gamu was fascinated to see toys and merchandise of various ultraman shows (and surprised the shop owner). Tsutomu and his friends found Gamu and explained how he was brought to their world. Tsutomu suggested hiding Gamu and his Fighter EX in his secret base, an abandoned hanger. During his stay, Gamu noticed that Tsutomu had a present for Lisa. It was a book called "Gulliver's Travels", which was a favorite of Gamu's as a child. While Gamu was scanning the red ball for answers, the local police had the hangar surrounded after trailing his aircraft. Gamu attempted to persuade them but was met with clashes. Suddenly, he vanished into thin air and found himself back in his own world, along with Tsutomu's story book. He was soon able to recall the events and checked the data he scanned from the ball, and received a vision telling him that Tsutomu's world would soon be destroyed.

Unfortunately, during the confusion, Tsutomu lost the ball and was recovered by the bully and his companions. The bullies wished for the existence of the strongest monster. This wish created the King of Mons, who immediately started destroying their neighborhood. Meanwhile, Gamu became determined to save Tsutomu's world. He soon found his way there with the aid of an experimental container mecha, the Adventure. The Adventure did little damage on the King of Mons and was destroyed. Gamu then transformed into Gaia to battle the giant kaiju. The King of Mons spawned two more kaiju; Basiliss and Sculla. Tsutomu, seeing Gaia struggling in battle, wished for help only to be thrown into the air by one of the Kaiju's stray beams. Just as all seemed lost he was rescued by Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna, who had appeared after his wishing. The three giants battled the Kaiju. Tiga and Dyna defeated the King of Mons' spawns while Gaia, now in Supreme Version, managed to obliterate the King of Mons with his Photon Stream. Later, Gamu revealed Lisa's secret to Tsutomu: she was the human-interface of the red ball. Although Lisa would disappear forever, she urged Tsutomu to wish for the ball to vanish forever, repairing all of the damage that had been caused by it to the world. Before leaving for his world, Gamu returned the story book to Tsutomu and thanked it for allowing him to meet Tsutomu again. Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, & Ultraman Gaia: The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace

Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia Novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace

TBA Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia Novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace

Battle Against Radical Destruction Bringer Part 2

Agul eventually returned, and he and Gaia set their differences aside to fight the common enemy. When Gamu's life was threatened by the robotic monster Σ-Zuigul, Fujimiya pleaded the Earth itself to let him fight one more time. The Earth accepted him and once again granted him the power of Agul, as Agul Version 2. The Resurrection of Agul

Later in the series, GUARD became more proactive in defending Earth. They tried to eliminate the dormant monster Tigris by sending a ground-penetrating nuclear bomb into the ground, a plan that backfired horribly. In another attempt, they created an artificial wormhole to send a planet-killer missile to the home planet of the monsters C.O.V. and Pazuzu, also suffering from disastrous consequences.

The Radical Destruction Bringer took this opportunity to send in enhanced versions of the C.O.V. and a Pazuzu through the wormhole. What became evident to Gamu was that monsters like Tigris, Mizunoeno Dragon, Syazac, and Izac were inhabitants of the Earth like humans were, and perhaps it was not fair to eradicate them when their only instinct was to survive. As for the creatures sent by the Radical Destruction Bringer, they were not inherently evil. When they were sent to Earth their first instinct was simply to survive in an alien environment. Thus, Gamu/Gaia confronted his morals and human motives. Gaia and Agul finally joined forces to defeat the monsters. The Attack of the Space Monsters

Blitz Blots, a black and white avian monster who had the ability to absorb and fire back energy attacks with the its chest, systematically destroyed GUARD's bases, and almost defeated Agul V2 in the process. Tigris II emerged to fight Blitz Blots and with the combined forces of GUARD and Gaia, defeated Blitz Blots. The Living Planet

The Radical Destruction Bringer commenced their final stages of assault on Earth by deploying the Deathbringer and his Mokian. Inside Mokian was a monopole, a theoretical object that had enough magnetic power to pull apart the Earth's crust and end civilization. It was revealed by the Deathbringer that the Radical Destruction Bringer considered humans as a threat to the entire universe and must be eradicated. XIG launched an all-out attack on Mokian but to no avail. When Commander Ishimuro was about to ram the now-evacuated Aerial Base into the monster, Gamu transformed into Gaia and tried to destroy it. Gaia inflicted moderate damage on Mokian, but was restrained and tortured by it. To destroy Mokian and save Gaia, the Commander rammed the Aerial Base as originally planned. The Commander was rescued by Gaia at the very last moment before the Aerial Base exploded along with Mokian. X.I.G. Destroyed!?

The Deathbringer then wrecked havoc on the cities in the form of Zebubu. Agul arrived to fight him, but he ended up getting his leg pierced with Zebubu's spear. Gaia (after Gamu had revealed his identity to XIG) soon came in to heal Agul and let him retreat. After a brutal fight Zebubu was defeated. The Revenge of the Death God

Final Battle Against Zog

The Radical Destruction Bringer sets into motion its ultimate plan, sending the Dobishi to Earth to blot out the Sun worldwide, leading the planet to a slow death while they cut off communications and destroyed GUARD's forces. The Earth started to weaken, and correspondingly, Gaia and Agul's light as well. Still, Gamu and Fujimiya transformed to fight off the Dobishis until they were overwhelmed. Suddenly, they were saved by Zog, a giant, white angel. An Angel Descends She kills the Kaiser Dobishis that the Ultramen are fighting, and replenishes Gaia and Agul's power, only to completely overpower the two and make their Life Gauges expire. The two Ultramen turn back into Gamu and Fujimiya, which is telecast by the two KCB cameramen, despite Reiko's protests to turn off the camera. The battle is broadcasted across the entire world. They survive, but can no longer transform into Gaia and Agul.

At this point, all of Earth's monsters start emerging again all around the world to protect Earth from the Dobishis and Kaiser Dobishis. The Cry of the Earth

Everyone is brought back and united to participate together in the final battle against Zog. Gaia, Agul, XIG, the Earth monsters, the Alchemy Stars, the KCB TV crew, and even Gamu's parents show up to encourage him. Gamu hatches a final scheme, in which the Alchemy Stars network is used to assist the last of the XIG fighters, including a few planes modified by Alchemy Stars, to channel energy from the Earth monsters to give Gamu and Fujimiya the ability to transform back into Gaia and Agul.

Boosted with this huge supply of energy, Gaia and Agul wipe the Earth clean of the hordes of Dobishi. However, as Gaia finishes off the Dobishi, Zog reappears. She strikes down Gaia and Agul, but they fiercely counterattack. After being briefly staggered by the counterattack, Zog morphs from her angel form into a colossal demon-like monster.

Gaia and Agul then worked together and destroy Zog with their strongest attack, formed by combining their energy beams. Earth is Ultraman's Star

Ultraman Gaia: Once Again Gaia

Having lost the ability to transform into Gaia and Agul after their battles against Zog, Gamu and Fujimiya returned to their normal lives. Shortly after, the underwater civilization sought for humanity's help. They restored Gaia's Light to Gamu, allowing him to become Gaia again to battle the remnants of the Radical Destruction Bringer, Gakuzom. He was joined by Fujimiya, who had also regained his powers from the same source. After the battle, Gamu and Fujimiya parted ways as they continued living their normal lives. Ultraman Gaia: Gaia Again

Ultraman Ginga

Gaia participated in the Dark Spark War but this time he fought not only alongside with the Ultraman Agul but, with the other Ultras and their allies against the evil side. In the war, Ultraman faced Zetton while in their midst battle, Dark Lugiel appeared and turned every Ultra alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls with Gamu still as his human host. Just as the war was about to end, an unknown warrior appeared and faced Dark Lugiel but like the others he was also turned into a Spark Doll but he was kept within his Spark Device and fell alongside the other Spark Dolls to Earth.

After Ginga defeated Lugiel, Gaia is presumed to have returned to his original form and returned home in the form of a ball of light along with Agul and the other Spark Dolls. Your Future

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

"Hikaru, Shou. This is your Earth, so you must protect it yourselves!"

―Ultraman Gaia

The return of Gaia

Gaia was among the Heisei Ultras imprisoned by Etelgar and Arena in the Evil Mirror. After being freed, he regroups with Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna, facing the chimeric monster Five King that manifested from the combined form of their traumas against past monsters (in Gaia's case, Gan-Q and C.O.V.). Gaia turned into his Supreme Version while Tiga changed into Power Type and Dyna changed into Miracle Type. Eventually, the three managed to defeat the ferocious monster with their combined attacks of Tiga's Deracium Beam Torrent, Dyna's Revolium Wave Attack Type, and Gaia's Photon Stream. Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!



Ultraman Gaia appears in the second half of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA. He teams up with Ultraman Orb as he, alongside Ultraman Agul, Ultraman Dyna, and Ultraman Cosmos defend the Earth against the plans of Psychi and Queen Bezelb, who plan to erase all intelligence throughout the universe.


Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Main article: Ultraman Gaia (Superior Universe)

Ultraman Gaia appears as an alternate universe version of himself in this movie. Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers



  • Height: Micro ~ 50 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 42,000 t
  • Home World: Planet Earth
  • Activity Time: Undefined (Gaia's Life Gauge only begins to flash when he is damaged to a certain extent.)

Body Features

  • Gaia Head (ガイアヘッド Gaia Heddo): Referring to the gold markings on Gaia's head, they gather light energy or mana from the Earth to power him, they are also required for the Photon Edge and similar beams fired from the head.
  • Gaia Eye (ガイアアイ Gaia Ai): His eyes can detect hidden enemies, even those that are invisible or hiding behind objects, can also see vast distances.
  • Life Gauge (ライフゲージ Raifu Gēji): The proper term for Gaia's Color Timer, he has no set time limit to how long he can be active. Instead it serves to show how much energy he has left, his energy is used up both by attacking and receiving blows.
  • Gaia Breaster (ガイアブレスター Gaia Buresutā): The gold (later gold and black) bands around his Life Gauge, they are pieces of armor and the sturdiest part of his body, being almost indestructible. Upon gaining V2, they gain a black lines in between them and in Supreme Version they spread to his upper arms.
  • Gaia Body (ガイアボディー Gaia Bodī): The red Ultra's body can withstand low temperatures and survive in the vacuum of space. He is also resistant to laser beams and fire.
  • Arms: Concentrates the energy for most of Gaia's ray attacks.
  • Feet: Able to generate anti-gravitational energy for flight. When landing, the energy discharge causes small eruptions underneath Gaia's feet.


Before constructing the Esplender, Gamu used a photoelectron tube. After making the Esplender, Gamu raises it to the sky or in front of him, it then activates and bathes Gamu in a beam of red light before Gamu transforms into Ultraman Gaia. After Gamu receives Agul's light, sometimes red and blue light appears around him. Gamu may also shout "Gaia!" while transforming.



Ultraman Gaia V1

V1ブイワン (Bui Wan) is Ultraman Gaia's first form.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 20
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,200 m
  • Grip Strength: 50,000 t (equivalent to 50 kg, for a human)
  • Photon Edge (フォトンエッジ Foton Ejji): Gaia can generate a large, pink whip-like beam from his crest using the Gaia Head bands on the back of his head. He clenches his fists, and bows his head before heaving backwards, generating the whip. He then thrusts his head forward, unleashing the attack. Can destroy monsters in one hit.
  • Quantum Stream (クァンタムストリーム Kuantamu Sutorīmu): The standard "L" style beam, but with the left fist in the crook of the right arm. His secondary finisher move, it can destroy monsters in one blow but is weaker than the Photon Edge. This attack is often blocked or reflected by enemies. Gaia can also fire it in the standard L style if he chooses to, though it seems weaker.
  • Gaia Slash (ガイアスラッシュ Gaia Surasshu): A red energy blast from Gaia's hand.
  • Gaia Healing (ガイアヒーリング Gaia Hīringu): Gaia can charge his arms with a rainbow colored energy and create a beam with them that calms down monsters and makes them peaceful for a while. Used on Zonnel.
  • Gaia Blizzard (ガイアブリザード Gaia Burizādo): A freezing light fired from both hands.
  • Gaia Punch: An intense straight punch, often deployed in a flury attack.
  • Gaia Kick: A basic combat technique, various kicking techniques, often comprising of a middle, high, flying and roundhouse kick.
    • Gaia Knee Kick: A knee strike while Gaia is holding a monster.
    • Revolve Succession Kick: A kick using both feet and centrifugul force from a back flip.
    • Gaia Diving Kick: A flying kick from the air to the ground.
  • Gaia Backdrop: Gaia grabs an enemy from behind, bending backwards, and slams them into the ground.
  • Gaia Lifting: A skill to lift an opponent with both arms.
  • Gaia Leg Whip: In a manner similar to the Monkey Flip, Gaia leans back while holding the enemy and uses his leg to throw them.
  • Gaia Headlock: A headlock to hold the opponent in places, squeezing their neck.
  • Astride Attack: Used against a pushing enemy, purpose is to stop the movement.
  • Gaia Charge Tactics: Gaia spins like a drill towards the enemy.
  • Arm Blocking: Gaia uses his arms to block incoming projectiles.
  • Photon Discharge (フォトンディスチャージ Foton Disuchāji): Gaia shines a bright white light from his entire body to free himself from a bind.
  • Ultra Barrier (ウルトラバリヤー Urutora Bariyā): Gaia creates a barrier to protect himself. He can also create a giant one to protect an entire city from an explosion in the upper atmosphere.
  • Holing Hoop (ホーリングフープ Hōringu Fūpu): An energy ball released from Gaia's hands. When it hits a wall, it creates a door to the other side of that wall. It will stay open until Gaia passes through.
  • Quantum Flash (クァンタムフラッシュ Kuantamu Furasshu): Gaia releases a light from his palms that seems to have repulsive properties, at least to monsters. Used on Candea.
  • Analysis Ball: Gaia can create an energy ball from his hands that can not only back enemies away, but also analyze any toxins they produce and convert them into that toxin's antithesis upon destruction.
  • Gaia Teleportation (ガイアテレポテーション Gaia Terepotēshon): A teleportation ability that allows Gaia to transport himself wherever he chooses.
  • Shrink Ray: Gaia shrinks the enemy and encases it.


Ultraman Gaia V2

V2ブイツー (Bui Tsū) is Ultraman Gaia's upgraded default form, gained after receiving Ultraman Agul's light from Fujimiya. The red line on his chest changed to black in resemblance to Agul's body pattern. His techniques and physical parameters are further enhanced and as well as receiving the use of Agul V1's powers.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 20
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.2
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,200 m
  • Arm Strength: 100,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 70,000 t
  • Photon Edge (フォトンエッジ Foton Ejji): Gaia can use a stronger version of the Photon Edge, which is now twice as powerful.
  • Quantum Stream (クァンタムストリーム Kuantamu Sutorīmu): A stronger version of the Quantum Stream, it is fired the same way but is still weaker than the Photon Edge and Crusher.
    • Powered Up Quantum Stream: A stronger version of the Quantum Stream. Used in Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!.
  • Gaia Slash (ガイアスラッシュ Gaia Surasshu): The same technique as before but now the power is two-fold, it is also now fired like a dart.
  • Rapid Fire Light Bullets (連射光弾 Rensha Kōdan): A continuous stream of light bullets fired from the hands.
  • Gaia Blizzard (ガイアブリザード Gaia Burizādo): Gaia can emit a intense gales of blizzard, in order to freeze enemies.
  • Photon Crusher (フォトンクラッシャー Foton Kurasshā): Gaia is able to perform Agul's Photon Crusher. It can be combined with the Photon Edge for a more powerful variation.
  • Liquidator (リキデイター Rikideitā): Gaia is able to perform Agul's Liquidator. On its first use, it is red instead of blue, though during his fight with Mimos, it is the normal blue color.
  • Gaia Healing (ガイアヒーリング Gaia Hīringu): Gaia can charge his arms with a rainbow colored energy and create a beam with them that calms down monsters and makes them peaceful for a while.
  • Spacium Beam: Gaia can fire a red-colored Spacium Beam from his crossed arms. Only used in New Century Ultraman Legend.
  • Gaia (V2) Punch: A glowing red hot right punch. Used on Gan-Q2.
  • Gaia (V2) Chop: A skill that can cut into the skin of the enemy using the forearm.
  • Gaia (V2) Elbow: Multiple Elbow strikes to pinpoint the enemy's weak spot.
  • Gaia (V2) Kick: A variety of kicks such as a roundhouse kick and hick kick. Used on Gan-Q2 with a combination of the Quantum Flash.
  • Gaia (V2) Whip: After lifting the enemy into the air, Gaia throws them into the ground with great force.
    • Gaia (V2) Backdrop: Having raised the enemy by one of their limbs, Gaia drives them into the ground.
    • Gaia (V2) Lifting: A skill where Gaia lifts the enemy over his head. It is possible to carry super-heavy opponents through the air effortlessly.
  • Photon Discharge (フォトン・ディスチャージ Foton Disuchāji): A full body emission of energy that knocks off enemies.
  • Version Up (ヴァージョンアップ Vājon Appu): Gaia can change from Version 2 to Supreme Version.
  • Agul Blade (アグルブレード Aguru Burēdo): Like Agul, Gaia can now create a blade from his hand made of energy.
    • Barrier: By spinning the Agul Blade at high speeds, Gaia forms a makeshift barrier.
  • Heal (ヒール Hīru): Gaia can heal wounds of another Ultramen or himself. Used in episode 48.
  • Ultra Barrier (ウルトラバリヤー Urutora Bariyā): A red round prismatic barrier emitted with both hands.
  • Capture Beam (キャプチャービーム Kyapuchā Bīmu): A beam used to rescue a girl held aloft by telekinesis.
  • Hyperspace Penetration Ability: Upon transforming, Gaia was able to enter Queen Mezard's dimension and later leave.
  • Teleportation: Gaia is able to teleport, at least a short distance.
  • Crossover Formation (クロスオーバーフォーメーション Kurosuōbā Fōmēshon): A momentary power boost that coats the user in a golden aura.
  • Power Transfer: Gaia can donate his powers to the Ultra Fusion Brace along with other Heisei Ultras to allow Ultraman Ginga Victory to use his powers.
  • Energy Flash: When entangled, Gaia can release energy flashes to break himself free.
  • Barrier Sphere: Gaia creates an orb of energy to protect a target.
  • Touch And Shot (タッチアンドショット Tatchi Ando Shotto): Gaia and Agul unite their hands and fire the Gaia Slash and Agul Slash. The resulting attack is ten times more powerful than either of them alone.
  • Stream Crusher (ストリーム・クラッシャー Sutorīmu Kurasshā): Gaia and Agul unleash their Quantum Stream and Agul Stream, respectively at their enemies. Used on a group of Kaiser Dobishi.
  • Double Photon Burst (ダブルフォトンバースト Daburu Foton Bāsuto): Gaia and Agul unleash their Photon Edge and Photon Crusher, respectively. Both beams collide with each other, creating a powerful photon beam.
  • Combination Ray: A combination Ray with Agul, Cosmos, Orb, and Dyna.
  • Combination Barrier: A combination barrier with Agul, Cosmos, Orb, and Dyna.

Supreme Version

Gaia Supreme Version

Supreme Version (スプリーム・ヴァージョン Supurīmu Vājon often abbreviated as SV) is the form Gaia assumes when he uses Agul's power to the maximum. Black and blue lines align his body resembling Agul, and his physique increases dramatically. In this form, Gaia's fighting style changes to focus more on grappling, being able to at times effortlessly pick up, throw and suplex opponents with extreme ease. However, this form drains a lot of Gaia's energy and he cannot fight for long as a result.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 25
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,500 m
  • Grip Strength: 120,000 t
  • Photon Stream (フォトンストリーム Foton Sutorīmu): After gathering energy, Gaia will go into a crouching position, place his hands in front of his chest, as if he was in prayer. He will then slide one hand vertically up and one hands vertically down. A powerful energy beam will be fired from the space in between the hands. This is a very powerful attack and the strongest of all Gaia's techniques.
  • Photon Edge (フォトンエッジ Foton Ejji): Gaia can use a version of this technique that is stronger than V2's.
  • Quantum Stream (クァンタムストリーム Kuantamu Sutorīmu): A stronger version of Gaia's Quantum Stream.
  • Shining Blade (シャイニングブレード Shainingu Burēdo): Gaia can charge his arms with solar energy and then release it from his chest to create a boomerang cutter made of energy.
  • Gaia Blizzard (ガイアブリザード Gaia Burizādo): Gaia can emit a intense gales of blizzard, in order to freeze enemies.
  • Gaia Slash (ガイアスラッシュ Gaia Surasshu): The same technique used in V2.
  • Gaia Healing (ガイアヒーリング Gaia Hīringu): Gaia can charge his arms with a rainbow colored energy and create a beam with them that calms down monsters and makes them peaceful for a while. Used on Tsuchikera.
  • Photon Crusher (フォトンクラッシャー Foton Kurasshā): Gaia is able to perform Agul's Photon Crusher.[3]
  • Supreme Punch: A variety of punch techniques, each one is strong enough to stun foes.
    • Supreme Cross Counter: A cross conter punch using an energy covered arm. Used to defeat Bizorm.
  • Supreme Kick (スプリームキック Supurīmu Kikku): Gaia able to charge his right foot with energy while doing a midair attack.
  • Supreme Elbow: An elbow strike channeling all of Gaia's power. Mainly aimed at the opponent's head.
  • Supreme Chop: A variety of chop techniques, any of them can pierce the most robust of skin.
  • Supreme Whip (スプリームホイップ Supurīmu Hoippu): Lifts the enemy with Herculean Strength and throws them.
    • Supreme Leg Whip: A throw using the opponent's foot, flings them in a manner similar to the Monkey Flip.
    • Supreme Face Crusher: Grabs the opponent by the neck and ploughs them into the ground.
    • Supreme Lifting (スプリームリフティング Supurīmu Rifutingu): Holds an enemy overhead and then throws them.
  • Ultra Barrier (ウルトラバリヤー Urutora Bariyā): The same barrier used in V2. It is now even more powerful.
  • Water Stream: A spray of water from Gaia's fingers that extinguishes fires.
  • Flying Attack Tactics (フライングアタック戦法Furaingu Atakku Senpō): Gaia kicks the opponent in the manner of a monkey flip and Agul's body hits the opponent.
  • Double Guard Tactics (ダブルガード戦法 Daburu Gādo Senpō): Gaia and Agul use their Ultra Barrier at the same time to prevent enemies’ attacks.
  • Double Barrier (ダブルバリヤー Daburu Bariyā): Gaia and Agul use their barriers together to form a more powerful barrier.
  • Double Swing (ダブルスイング Daburu Suingu): Gaia and Agul grab enemies' tail, swing them and then throw them.
  • Double Attack (ダブルアタック Daburu Atakku): Gaia and Agul fly at high speeds, fast enough to burst through Zog's neck.
  • Double Kick: Gaia and Agul use their flying kick attacks at the same time.
  • Double Photon Burst (ダブルフォトンバースト Daburu Foton Bāsuto): Gaia and Agul unleash their Photon Edge and Photon Crusher, respectively. Both beams collide with each other, creating a more powerful beam.
  • Double Slash Buster (ダブルスラッシュバスター Daburu Surasshu Basutā): Gaia and Agul shoot their Gaia Slash and Agul Slash at their opponent at the same time.
  • Photon Square (フォトンスクエア Foton Sukuea): Gaia and Agul unleash their Photon Stream and Photon Screw at the opponent.
  • Burst Stream (バーストストリーム Bāsuto Sutorīmu): Gaia unleashes the Photon Stream while Agul fires the Agul Stream. The energy rays collide and produce a far more powerful attack.
    • Stream Explosion (ストリーム・エクスプロージョン Sutorīmu Ekusupurōjon): Gaia and Agul unleash their Photon Stream and Agul Stream, respectively at different heights, creating an enormous beam that even defeated Zog.
  • Beam Barrage: Gaia and Agul fire all their beam attacks at the enemy, rapidly and successively.
  • TDG Special (TDGてぃーでぃーじースペシャル Tī Dī Jī Supesharu): Tiga, Dyna and Gaia fire their Zeperion Beam, Empowered Solgent Beam and Photon Stream simultaneously towards a single target. This attack is first demonstrated in Ultraman Z through the titular Ultra's Gamma Illusion duplicates in against Destrudos, but is officially acknowledged in the 2021 instalment of Ultraman Fusion Fight!.[4]

Other Media

New Century Ultraman Legend


PD Ultraman Battle Collection 64



  • Ultraman Gaia is the first Ultra to fire his beam with his horizontal arm behind his vertical one, instead of in front.
  • In the movie New Century Ultraman Legend, Gaia's and Agul's grunts were reused from Ultraman Zearth's.
  • Gaia's Color Timer sound is a higher pitched version of Tiga's.
  • The change of color in his Gaia Breaster in V2 is due to designer Hiroshi Maruyama's wish for a black coloration in a titular Ultra Warrior. Said color is inspired by the black tea.


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