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"My name is Fuma. I arrive with the wind of the galaxy!"

―Fuma's introduction, Requiem of the Wolves

"Let's see if you can keep up with my speed!"

―Fuma's catchphrase

Ultraman Fuma (ウルトラマンフーマ Urutoraman Fūma) is one of the three Ultra Warriors in Ultraman Taiga. He debuts along with Ultraman Taiga and Ultraman Titas as the first Ultra Warriors in the Reiwa era. Ultraman Fuma is from Planet O-50, the planet where Ultraman Orb, Rosso and Blu acquired the power to become a Warrior of Light. He has quick reflexes and various techniques that make him strong in battles that require speed. He has a rough personality, but also a strong sense of duty.[1]



Fuma's name is most likely derived off of the real life ninja(s) known as Fūma Kotarō, which fits Ultraman Fuma's ninja theme. Additionally, fitting of his title, his name written in kanji is "風真", the first character of which translates to "wind".


Fuma was designed to appear simple and orthodox overall. His head crest was designed to have the image of "wind" and was thus made longer than most others. Masayuki Gotoh initially thought it would get in the way of action sequences as the staff stated he would be rolling around a lot, but they managed to work it in without any disruption.

The outer ring of Fuma's Color Timer is based on the Color Timers of Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu, which were in turn taken from the R/B Crystals.[2]

Fuma had designs where he had no black coloring on him, being all silver and blue. He also had a scar/marking over his left eye.[3]

To add a common element among the Tri-Squad's designs, they were all given gloves, boots and chest armor.


Fuma is the most playful of the Tri-Squad, as he can be seen goading his enemies to attack him only to outrun them with his speed. Much like Taiga, he also gets enraged when he sees Tregear and will not hesitate to attack him, much to his comrades' dismay. He is also prone to arguing with Taiga, and they seem to have a friendly rivalry. Fuma believes people should be able to say what's on their mind, which is why he yells out the names of his attacks. He can also be manipulative, as shown by the fact that he previously made a living by robbing people who were searching for the Crusader's Peak.

Fuma has the tendency to refer to others as "bro" (兄ちゃん Nii-chan), whether they are friend or enemy. He also seems to have trouble admitting his feelings to others.



Becoming an Ultraman

Fuma was born to someone who tried to climb the Crusader's Peak, but gave up halfway. For that, he was called a "loser's son" throughout his entire life. However, his father told him that "All living beings are like containers. If you shove too many things into them, they will break. It is a talent to be able to see how much one can contain". Fuma interpreted this as "people who have no talents should just give up".

A long time ago, Fuma met a monstrous four-armed fish-like alien named Gerg, who approached him to ask for directions to the Crusader's Peak. Fuma brought him along, but explained that most people don't make it to the Crusader's Peak due to them killing each other, despite supposedly having the noble intention of becoming a giant of light to fight for peace. Just at the bottom of the mountain, Fuma tricked Gerg into giving him money to "buy climbing gear", but he simply made his way down along with the money, knowing that at some point Gerg would realize that he was being scammed. A group of bandits stopped him in his tracks, but Gerg went to his defense without Fuma knowing, standing up for him when they called him a "loser's son". Gerg then grew to giant size, scaring off the bandits by throwing a shuriken made of energy from his hands. Gerg shrunk back down and encouraged Fuma, saying that he can become more than just a "loser's son". A Loser's Son - Part 1

Inspired by Gerg, Fuma decided to learn from him, and adopted his ninja techniques, as well making as his "peace sign" gesture for the first time. The pair noticed that for previous warriors to have gained the power of light, they all had to have had something in common, which was their accumulated good deeds. They set up a place in the city where they would do jobs for people, hoping that it would be sufficient for them to be chosen by the Ring of Light. After a while, Gerg decided to climb the peak on his own, but never came back. Eventually, the Interstellar Alliance hired Fuma to track down a monster that was killing hikers. They informed him that the son of the Interstellar Alliance's highest ranking officer was one of the people who came in contact with the monster, and ran away as soon as he saw it. A Loser's Son - Part 2


Having a bad feeling, Fuma found his target, Gerg. Gerg took off his protective gear and they began to fight each other, and Fuma finally understood his father's words, thinking to himself that people can find other ways to live. Suddenly, the Interstellar Alliance officers attacked them both to get rid of them, and Fuma was fatally struck, but he was saved by Gerg, who grew into a giant once more. Believing that the Ring of Light would save his life if he were chosen, Gerg brought the dying Fuma up the Crusader's Peak, telling the Ring of Light of Fuma's good nature and accomplishments. Fuma told Gerg he didn't care if they obtained the power, and that they should feel lucky to have lived their own lives. Just then, another blast was fired by an Interstellar Alliance ship. Fuma survived, having been turned into an Ultraman. He stood there alone, thinking about Gerg, who wanted to prove that even a monster can obtain the power of light. Believing his humanoid form to be an unfair reason for him to be chosen over Gerg, Fuma abandoned his previous form and remained as an Ultra for his life. A Loser's Son - Part 3

Wind and Flowers


The Ring of Light had Fuma perform various deeds as an Ultraman. In his travels, he had seen golden birds with blue eyes, fought against gigantic insects, helped white-haired lovers travel across space, and seen amusement park spaceships. After defeating a monster on one of his travels, he met a plant-like alien girl named Ilia, who was supposedly ill, and had never left the house. However, she had a dream of going into space based on the stories that people would tell her. One day, Fuma secretly brought her on a trip to another planet, implied to be Planet Juran. Wind and Flowers - Part 1 Much to their horror, the small animals around Ilia suddenly died of poisoning. When they returned, they learned the terrible truth from Ilia's father Balt. He told them that their species' natural scents turn into poisonous gas outside their home world's atmosphere. Feeling guilty for what he had done, Fuma left the planet.

A long time passes and Fuma stops counting the number of missions he has completed. By some chance, somewhere in the universe, he found a picture book titled "Ruler of Wind", telling the tale of a blue hero who was as fast as the wind. The book also depicted many things that Fuma talked to Ilia about, and his heart was touched, even though he was unsure whether or not Ilia was the author. From then on, he decided to call himself the Ruler of Wind, hoping that Ilia would hear of it one day. Wind and Flowers - Part 2

Other Events

At some point in time, presumably after completing his training, Ultraman Taro entrusted Ultraman Taiga with the Taiga Spark, advising him to form bonds with others and explore the worlds around him. Taro then told his son to go to Planet U40. He met and recruited Ultraman Titas on U40 after teaming up with him and Ultraman Joneus to defeat Zett and the Zetton Army, before going to Planet O-50.

Ultraman Fuma was defending O-50 by himself from the Planet Invasion Union who wanted to destroy the Crusader's Peak to prevent it from creating more Ultra Warriors, but he was almost shot by a sniper. Taiga noticed it and took down the sniper before helping Fuma against the other aliens, who escaped. Due to their hotheadedness, Taiga and Fuma argued when the latter said he could have done all the work by himself. Ultraman Orb then appeared and told Taiga and Titas not to think too badly of Fuma because he is actually a good person. After saving Fuma from aliens yet again, another argument broke out between Taiga and Fuma, and they started fighting. The aliens reappeared, taking the chance to finish them off while they were weakened. Titas lent the both of them some of his energy, and Orb joined the battle against the aliens, managing to defeat them. Fuma was still reluctant to team up with Taiga and Titas of them, until Orb advised him to go. Thus, the Tri-Squad was formed, and the two new members received their own Taiga Sparks as well. Ultra Heroes EXPO THE LIVE

At some time, they went to Planet Dino to fight against a robot army, and were almost sucked into a black hole. The Return of Titas

The Tri-Squad went to a jungle planet to fight against the Alien Gazariya (ガザリヤ星人 Gazariya Seijin), who sent their Dinosaur Tamer Dargen (恐竜調教師ダルゲン Kyōryū Chōkyōshi Darugen) and his Dinosaur Army. The Tri-Squad's Beginning!

Once, the Tri-Squad visited the Remote Planet Rashuwa (辺境の惑星・ラシュア Henkyō no Wakusei Rashua) after fighting a few monsters together. Seeing the winter-like scenery the planet, along with the people living in peace, Taiga proposed that the Tri-Squad should help them celebrate Christmas, which he learned about from his father. Taiga and Titas took on human forms, but Fuma refused to join in because of his beliefs, stating that he had given up his human form for a reason. Taiga and Titas make presents and were about to deliver them, but were attacked by a hornworm-like Kaiju that emerged from the ground in their imago form. They were hesitant to transform and fight as the presents were likely to be destroyed, but they saved by Fuma. Two more of the Kaiju appeared, and they had no choice but to transform and fight. After the battle was over, they were surprised to see a bright light shining upon them, with a real 'Santa Claus' appearing. By the time they were leaving the planet, the three of them saw lights on the surface forming a giant Christmas tree. The Miracle of Christmas Night

The Tri-Squad left for Planet Chrono (惑星クロノ Wakusei Kurono) when the Godmes Army was attacking there. They assisted the Koseidon Corps in repelling them. Defeat Godmes

Pre-Ultraman Taiga

The Tri-Squad attacks Tregear

Twelve years ago, Taiga and his team, the Tri-Squad, attempted to fight Ultraman Tregear after the other New Generation Ultras had been defeated. As a gift, the New Generation Ultras gave their light to the Tri-Squad, with Fuma receiving the lights of Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory. Taiga, Titas and Fuma ignored Taro's warning not to fight Tregear and attacked him. Despite being able to strike him a few times, their combined strength was not even close to enough to defeat their opponent. Titas and Fuma were reduced to particles, which enraged Taiga. He charged ahead, but soon shared the fate of his comrades. Buddy Go!

Ultraman Taiga

Fuma's first appearance on Earth

Fuma's light was bound to a crystal in a pendant, that had been traded around many times and somehow ended up in the possession of the Villain Guild, but was stolen by Volk. When the Darebolic (MB) was released, the building it was stored in collapsed in an explosion, injuring Volk, who decided to show the pendant over Homare Soya. Fuma's voice unexpectedly speaks to Taiga, and his light flies over to Hiroyuki Kudo, finally reuniting the Tri-Squad. Fuma defeated Darebolic easily but just as he was about to fly away, Tregear showed up to meddle with him, but he eventually left as well. Requiem of the Wolves

The Tri-Squad continues to protect the Earth along with Hiroyuki and EGIS.

As a side effect of Taiga using the Kaiju Rings, his soul starts to get flooded with darkness. As a result, some of it is carried over to Hiroyuki, who had been having sudden, violent outbursts. Titas and Fuma notice that Taiga had been getting far more aggressive in his battles. This was actually part of Tregear's plan to turn Taiga to the dark side. The Power to Protect and the Power to Fight Just after Taiga had fought against Skull Gomora, Tregear took the chance to release the darkness within Taiga, shutting out Hiroyuki, Titas and Fuma in the process. I Can't Hear Your Voice Kirisaki knocks Hiroyuki out using psychic powers. Hiroyuki sees Taiga in the darkness and tries to get him to snap out of it, but Tregear appears and guides him further down the path of darkness, leading him to banish Hiroyuki from inside him.

Hiroyuki, Titas and Fuma save Taiga from the darkness

The EGIS members synchronize their brainwaves using devices to reach out to Hiroyuki, who, with the encouragement from his friends, dispels the darkness within himself, while somehow creating the Tri-Squad-let. With Titas and Fuma, they make an attempt to rescue Taiga. Hiroyuki dives into Taiga's Color Timer and clears the darkness inside him. With the Tri-Squad now reunited, Taiga gains a new form, Tri-Strium. With this new power, he defeats Tregear for the first time. We Are One

Fuma continued to support the Tri-Squad and EGIS throughout their continuous battles against monster and alien forces. Following Woola's destruction, the Tri-Squad take turns in fighting Tregear as Hiroyuki activated the Quattro Squad Blaster, simultaneously having all members combine their attacks into Tregear and seemingly defeating him when the fallen Ultra rejects a chance of redemption. I'm Pirika Buddy, Steady, Go!

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

After spending their time on Earth, the Tri-Squad's original bodies were fully repaired, allowing them to separate from Hiroyuki when the time was right. Taiga, Titas and Fuma fought against a Dada's customized Legionoid, after the alien's attempt to steal the Blue Stone of Baradhi was foiled by the EGIS members. Taiga used the Taiga Dynamite Shoot to destroy the robot.

On the way to confronting Kirisaki/Tregear, Taiga, Titas and Fuma suddenly appear and inform Hiroyuki that he no longer had to fight, since their bodies were repaired and could separate from him. Hiroyuki retorted by stating that they were a team and had to face their final battle together, touching Taiga's feelings. Taiga, Titas, Fuma and the New Generation Heroes face off against Taro, Tregear, and the monsters he summoned, with the Tri-Squad taking on Tregear before getting interrupted by Taro. The Tri-Squad fuse into Tri-Strium and clashed with Taro head-on with the Ultra Dynamite, attempting to force out Grimdo's darkness from within. Believing in their bonds, they succeeded at driving out Grimdo from Taro's body. Tregear offered himself to Grimdo, allowing it to devour him and reach its perfect form, and cover the Earth with its mass of chaos.

The Tri-Squad and Taro say goodbye to Hiroyuki and EGIS

After a futile attempt at fighting Grimdo, even with their greatest powers, the New Generation Heroes fused into Ultraman Reiga via Taiga's Ultra Horns, and managed to defeat Grimdo and Tregear along with it. The Tri-Squad and Taro thank Hiroyuki and EGIS before departing to space. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy


The Tri-Squad were training on Planet Maijii, due to its optimal gravitational pull for muscle development, when Zett appeared before them. Taiga and Titas recounted their previous encounter with the demon on Planet U40. The alternate version of Zett spawned an army of Zetton to take on the team. Fuma fought against the two Hyper Zettons, with even him being overwhelmed by the beasts' speed. With the three warriors struggling, they were aided by Andro Melos and Ultraman Ribut. Together, they managed to defeat the Zetton Army while Taiga went to face Zett, forcing him to retreat after firing the Aurum Strium at him. Receiving a message from Taro, they all went to the Land of Light to regroup, where Ribut briefed the three of them on the situation with Absolute Tartarus. Taro advised the Tri-Squad that they would soon have to help Zero on the front lines to deal with Tartarus, and Fuma went back to O-50 to train. There, he was approached by Ultrawoman Grigio, who had been sent there by Ultraman Zero.

Yullian and Ultraman 80 had crash landed on Planet Ebil on the way to a Galactic Federation Peace Conference on Planet Kanon and were soon attacked by Zett and his Zetton army. They sent a distress signal to the Land of Light. Responding to the message, Taiga, Mebius and Z immediately left the Land of Light and arrived on Planet Ebil to assist them. They were later joined by Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Joneus, Ultraman Titas, Ultraman Fuma, Ultrawoman Grigio, Ultraman Ribut and Andro Melos, and they all fought the Zetton army together. After fusing into Tri-Strium, Taiga handled Zett in place of 80 and Mebius, attacking him with a barrage of finishers while being helped by Ultraman Z, who fired the Zestium Beam at Zett just after Taiga had impaled him with the Taiga Blast Attack. In desperation, Zett treid to regenerate his Zetton army once more, but they were promptly finished off by Taiga Tri-Strium's new move, Rainbow Strium Burst.

Soon after defeating Ultimate Shining Zero in Narak, Absolute Tartarus appeared, taking Yullian hostage and informing the heroes of his true motives before getting Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear to fire their beams at them all. The group also received word from Ultraman Hikari that Genegarg had stolen a Z Riser and Ultra Medals from the Land of Light, causing Z to fly off in a hurry while Zero followed him. The Ultra League and the Tri-Squad prepare to recruit more heroes for the upcoming fight against The Kingdom. The Appearance

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

After returning to the Land of Light from Planet Ebil, the Father of Ultra tasked the Tri-Squad to assemble the Ultra League and strengthen their forces. With their new assignment, the trio split up to gather their New Generation comrades to join them. To do this they would track down Devil Splinters, as their fellow New Generation Heroes had been tasked with tracking them down, so the Tri-Squad would hopefully cross paths with them if they did so too. Fuma headed for Planet Liquitor, where he briefly fought a Devil Splinter infected Pestar. The Splinter it left behind was quickly snatched by Gina Spectre, who proved to be a challenge for the Ultra. In the nick of time, Fuma's fellow O-50 Ultras, Orb, Rosso and Blu arrived to help. Despite their efforts, Gina proved to much for all of them, escaping with the Devil Splinter in hand.

The New Generation Heroes regroup in the Monster Graveyard, where Absolute Tartarus, Alien Bat, Reibatos, Ultrawoman Grigio Darkness and Gina Spectre were attacking Ultrawoman Grigio, Ultraman Zearth, Ultraman Nice and Ultraman Boy to take the Devil Splinter they found there. The Tri Squad fuse into Tri-Strium and defeat Alien Bat. However, Tartarus uses the gathered Devil Splinters to empower Reibatos, who recreates the Giga Battlenizer, and fuses Gina with the souls of her brothers to create Gua Spectre before he dies of an overdose. Gua Spectre's new perfect form proved to be too powerful, forcing the New Generation Heroes to fuse into Ultraman Reiga, who easily defeats Gua before defusing into his components. Just after the battle, Geed and Taiga are struck by Belial and Tregear who retreat shortly after, stealing the Beliarok from Z in the process. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad


UTAIGA Hero fuma01 1.png


  • Height: 48 m
  • Weight: 25,000 t
  • Age: 5,000 years old
  • Home World: Planet O-50
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 15
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 6
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: 200 knots
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 900 m
  • Arm Strength: 40,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 28,000 t

Body Features

  • Ultra Armor: Like other Ultras, Fuma's skin is resistant to things such as explosions, lasers and fire.
  • Forehead Crystal: Fuma has a crystal on his forehead.
  • Protectors: Fuma has armor across his chest for protection.
  • Color Timer:
  • Taiga Spark (タイガスパーク Taiga Supāku): Like Taiga and Titas, Fuma wears the Taiga Spark on his right arm.


"Ruler of Wind, Fuma!"

―Pre-transformation call

Hiroyuki slides down the Taiga Spark's Ignition Lever to activate it, takes the Fuma Key Holder and scans it, then raises his hand while shouting his transformation call.


  • Travel Sphere: Like other Ultras, Fuma can turn into a ball of light energy to travel long distances.
  • Acceleration: Fuma can accelerate so that his movements appear to be blurs.
    • God Speed Afterimage (神速残像 Shinsoku Zanzou): Fuma is capable of creating afterimages.
  • Holographic Projection: Fuma can create a projection of himself.
  • Illusion Smoke Technique (幻煙の術 Gen'en no Jutsu): Fuma can teleport away in a puff of smoke.
  • Roaring Wave (轟波動 Gō Hadō): A gust of wind that Fuma blasts from his fingers, used to propel himself in the opposite direction.
  • Storming Tornado (嵐風竜巻 Ranpū Tatsumaki): Fuma surrounds himself in a tornado. He can use it to rush at the opponent to trick them into slicing it, only to attack them from somewhere else.
    • Barrier: Fuma spins very quickly and forms a tornado around himself, which can protect him from attacks. As a side effect, dust and dirt are thrown at the opponent, disorienting them momentarily.



  • Light Wave Shuriken (光波手裏剣 Kō Ha Shuriken): Fuma throws energy shurikens.
    • Light Wave Shuriken: Slashing Wave Type (光波手裏剣・斬波の型 Kō Ha Shuriken Zanba no Kata): Fuma can rapidly launch energy arrows from his hands. These can come in several shapes and sizes.
  • Polar-Star Light Wave Shuriken[5][6] (極星光波手裏剣 Kyoku Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): Fuma's finisher attack, where he fires a giant energy shuriken. It can also act as a shield to protect bystanders and split into more shuriken.
    • Seven-Stars Light Wave Shuriken (七星光波手裏剣 Shichi Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): After scanning the Ginga-let, Fuma's Polar-Star Light Wave Shuriken is enhanced in seven-colored light energy.
    • Trenchant-Star Light Wave Shuriken (鋭星光波手裏剣 Ei Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): After scanning the Victory-let, Fuma fires a V-shaped arrowhead, capable of slicing an opponent in two. As used against Alien Babarue, it can also be used for a melee attack.
  • Light Wave Sword, PythonSlash Sword (光波剣スラッシュ大蛇ソード Kōha-ken OrochiSurasshu Sōdo)[7]: Fuma conjures a flexible whip-sword made of energy, which can contract into a more solid form by having all the segments come together. He sometimes announces the ability by its Kanji name.
  • Ultra Sonar (超波動探知ウルトラソナー Urutora Sonā): Fuma can use sonar waves to detect enemies, even if they are invisible.


  • Cyclone Kick (疾風蹴撃 Shippū Shūgeki): A fast, rotating kick attack.
    • Cyclone Light Wave Leg (疾風光波脚 Shippu Kō Ha Kyaku) (Unused): A kick attack that unleashes an energy wave at the point of impact.
    • Strike Smash (烈蹴撃ストライクスマッシュ Sutoraiku Sumasshu lit. Fierce Kick Attack): A rotating kick charged from the Taiga Spark. This attack was the winning entry in Ultraman Festival 2019's move creation contest, and was used during the stage show event before making its way into the TV series.
  • Raging Fire Kick (烈火蹴撃 Rekka Shūgeki) (Unused): An extremely fast straight kick.
  • Thunderclap Kick (迅雷蹴撃 Jinrai Shūgeki): A powerful flying kick attack.
  • Vertical Dropping Bullet Fist (垂直落下式弾丸拳 Suichoku Rakka-shiki Dangan Ken): Fuma can fly towards an enemy to attack them. This also somehow makes him immune to damage.


  • Strium Light Wave Shuriken (ストリウム光波手裏剣 Sutoriumu Kō Ha Shuriken): Taiga fires his Strium Blaster at Fuma's Polar-Star Light Wave Shuriken, enhancing the abilities of both attacks.


  • With Elek and Loto from the The☆Ultraman being debatable, Ultraman Fuma is the first tertiary main Ultra Warrior not to be a villain or to first appear in a movie, Gaiden, or similar special.
  • Fuma is the first Ultra who has most of his techniques' names written only in Kanji. He is also the first to have a name that can be written in Kanji. Along with other O-50 Ultras being associated with Kanji words in their motif (Orb Calibur, R/B Crystals), Masayuki Gotoh said it was done because "it's cool".[8]
  • Some of the sounds associated with Fuma's appearances include Orb's "dying" sound and the R/B Slugger's slashing sound effects.
  • Fuma finds Grigio cute. Who Is the Leader?
  • Fuma said that if he had obtained Photon-Earth's power for himself, he would have named his hypothetical finisher Gold-Star Light Wave Shuriken (金星光波手裏剣 Kin Sei Kōha Shuriken). On the Next Chance
  • According to scrapped concept art, Seven-Stars Light Wave Shuriken was supposed to release seven shuriken, one for each color.[9][10]
  • Fuma is the third Ultra to rise with his left hand raised, after Ultraman Blu and Ultraman Ruebe.


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