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"My name is Fuma. I arrive with the wind of the galaxy!"

―Fuma's introduction, Requiem of the Wolves
Ultraman Fuma
Human Host/Form: Hiroyuki Kudo
Humanoid form of the same name
Height: 48 m
Weight: 25,000 t
Age: 5,000 years old
Home world: Planet O-50
Voice actor(s): Shota Hayama
Suit actor(s): Akira Okabe
First Appearance: Ultraman Taiga episode 1 "Buddy Go!" (Flashback)
Ultraman Taiga episode 4 "Requiem of the Wolves" (Debut)
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Appearances: TBA
Race: Ultra
Status: Alive
Family: TBA
Affiliation: Tri-Squad

Ultraman Fuma (ウルトラマンフーマ風真 Urutoraman Fūma) is one of the three Ultra Warriors in Ultraman Taiga. He debuts along with Ultraman Taiga and Ultraman Titas as the first Ultra Warriors in the Reiwa era. Ultraman Fuma is from Planet O-50, the planet where Ultraman Orb, Rosso and Blu acquired the power to become a Warrior of Light. He has quick reflexes and various techniques that make him strong in battles that require speed. He has a rough personality, but also a strong sense of duty.[1]


Fuma's name is most likely derived off of the real life ninja(s) known as Fūma Kotarō, which fits Ultraman Fuma's ninja theme. Additionally, fitting of his title, his name written in kanji is "風真", the first character of which translates to "wind".



Fuma was born to someone who tried to climb the Warrior's Peak, but gave up halfway. For that, he was called a "loser's son" throughout his entire life.

A long time ago, Fuma met a monstrous-looking alien named Gerg, who approached him to ask for directions to the Warrior's Peak. Fuma brought him along, but explained that most people don't make it to the Warrior's Peak due to them killing each other, despite supposedly having the noble intention of becoming a giant of light to fight for peace. Just at the bottom of the mountain, Fuma tricked Gerg into giving him money to "buy climbing gear", but he simply made his way down along with the money, knowing that at some point Gerg would realize that he was being scammed. A group of bandits stopped him in his tracks, but Gerg went to his defense without Fuma knowing, standing up for him when they called him a "loser's son". Gerg then grew to giant size, scaring off the bandits by throwing a shuriken made of energy from his hands. Gerg shrunk back down and encouraged Fuma, saying that he can become more than just a "loser's son". A Loser's Son - Part 1

Fuma met Taiga and Titas when they arrived at Planet O-50 to defend the Warrior’s Peak from aliens who wanted to destroy it. Thus, the Tri-Squad was formed. At some time, they went to Planet Dino to fight against a robot army, and were almost sucked into a black hole. The Return of Titas

Pre-Ultraman Taiga


The Tri-Squad attacks Tregear

Twelve years ago, Taiga and his team, the Tri-Squad, attempted to fight Ultraman Tregear after the other New Generation Ultras had been defeated. As a gift, the New Generation Ultras gave their light to the Tri-Squad, with Fuma receiving the lights of Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory. Taiga, Titas and Fuma ignored Taro's warning not to fight Tregear and attacked him. Despite being able to strike him a few times, their combined strength was not even close to enough to defeat their opponent. Titas and Fuma were reduced to particles, which enraged Taiga. He charged ahead, but soon shared the fate of his comrades. Buddy Go!

Ultraman Taiga


Fuma's first appearance on Earth

Fuma's light was bound to a crystal in a pendant, that had been traded around many times and somehow ended up in the possession of the Villain Guild, but was stolen by Volk. When the Deavorick (MB) was released, the building it was stored in collapsed in an explosion, injuring Volk, who decided to show the pendant over Homare Souya. Fuma's voice unexpectedly speaks to Taiga, and his light flies over to Hiroyuki Kudo, finally reuniting the Tri-Squad. Fuma defeated Deavorick easily but just as he was about to fly away, Tregear showed up to meddle with him, but he eventually left as well. Requiem of the Wolves

The Tri-Squad continues to protect the Earth along with Hiroyuki and EGIS.


Fuma is the most playful of the Tri-Squad, as he can be seen goading his enemies to attack him only to outrun them with his speed. Much like Taiga, he also gets enraged when he sees Tregear and will not hesitate to attack him, much to his comrades' dismay. He is also prone to arguing with Taiga, and they seem to have a friendly rivalry.

Fuma has the tendency to refer to others as "bro" (兄ちゃん Nii-chan), whether they are friend or enemy.




  • Height: 48 m
  • Weight: 25,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 15
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 6
  • Maximum Jumping Distance: 900 m
  • Underwater Traveling Speed: 200 knots
  • Underground Traveling Speed: Mach 3
  • Brute Strength: 40,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 28,000 t

Body Features


"Champion of Wind, Fuma!"

―Pre-transformation call
Hiroyuki slides down the block lever of the Taiga Spark to activate it, takes the Fuma Key Holder and scans it, then raises his hand while shouting his transformation call.


  • Flash Travel: Like other Ultras, Fuma can turn into a ball of light energy to travel long distances.
  • Acceleration: Fuma can accelerate so that his movements appear to be blurs.
    • God Speed Afterimage (神速残像 Shinsoku Zanzou): Fuma is capable of creating afterimages.
  • Holographic Projection: Fuma can create a projection of himself.
  • Teleportation: Fuma can teleport away in a puff of smoke.
  • Propulsion Gust: A gust of wind that Fuma blasts from his fingers, used to propel himself in the opposite direction.



  • Light Wave Shuriken (光波手裏剣 Kō Ha Shuriken): Fuma unleashes multiple energy shurikens.
  • Polar Star Light Wave Shuriken (極星光波手裏剣 Kyoku Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): Fuma's finisher attack, where he fires a giant energy shuriken. This attack can also split into more shuriken.
    • Seven Stars Light Wave Shuriken (七星光波手裏剣 Shichi Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): After scanning the Ginga-let, Fuma's Polar Star Light Wave Shuriken is enhanced in seven-colored energy.
    • Sharp Star Light Wave Shuriken (鋭星光波手裏剣 Ei Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): After scanning the Victory-let, Fuma fires a V-shaped arrowhead, capable of slicing an opponent in two.
  • Energy Arrows: Fuma can rapidly launch energy arrows from his hands. These can come in several shapes and sizes.
  • Energy Whip-Sword: Fuma conjures a flexible whip-sword made of energy, which can contract into a more solid form by having all the segments come together.


  • Cyclone Light Wave Leg (疾風光波脚 Shippu Kō Ha Kyaku): Fuma's energy kick.
  • Dashing Attack: Fuma can fly towards an enemy to attack them. This also somehow makes him immune to damage.


  • Designer: Masayuki Goto.
  • With Elek and Loto from the The☆Ultraman being debatable, Ultraman Fuma is the first tertiary main Ultra Warrior not to be a villain or to first appear in a movie, gaiden, or similar special.
  • Fuma is the first Ultra Warrior whose techniques' names are only written in Kanji.
  • Some of the sounds associated with Fuma's appearances include Orb's "dying" sound and the R/B Slugger's slashing sound effects.
  • Fuma finds Grigio cute. Who Is the Leader?
  • Fuma's possession of Ginga and Victory bracelets is ironic, since Taiga is the one who uses the powers of Fuma's predecessors from the same planet. However, this is also attributed to the fact that Fuma's title is the "champion of the wind", which parallels Ginga being the "champion of the galaxy" and Victory's name is used to denote someone winning in a competition.
  • If Fuma had gotten Photon Earth's power for himself, he would have named his hypothetical finisher Gold Star Light Wave Shuriken (金星光波手裏剣 Kin Sei Kōha Shuriken). On the Next Chance


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